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Eric Andersen - Avalanche (1968) 

Artist: Eric Andersen
Album: Avalanche
Label: Warner Bros./Seven Arts Records
Catalog#: WS 1748
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1968
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 00:41:34

Eric Andersen has maintained a career as a folk-based singer/songwriter since the 1960s. In contrast to such peers as Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs, Andersen's writing has had a romantic/philosophical/poetic bent for the most part, rather than a socially conscious one, though one of his best-known songs, "Thirsty Boots," has as its background the Freedom Rides of the early '60s. (The song has been recorded by Judy Collins and others.) 

Avalanche was Andersen's first album for Warner Bros. after a fairly long stint at Vanguard. It was consistent with his prior efforts in that, while it found him operating at a respectable level, it couldn't break him into the upper echelon of singer/songwriters, in terms of either sales or art. It's diverse and diffuse, qualities which neither work strongly for or against him on this particular effort. If he was worried about the constant new Dylan comparisons, he did himself no favors with the opening "It's Comin' and It Won't Be Long," a fair but derivative sounding Dylan-esque cut in both its composition and vocal phrasing. Yet, it's not typical of the record, which largely examines romantic ups and downs -- a timeworn subject of popular music, true -- in intelligent, reflective fashion that admits some humor, and goes into some good-time vaudevillian and country-rock music besides the expected folk-rock-influenced singer/songwriting. Major session dudes Chuck Rainey, Bruce Langhorne, J.D. Maness, Eric Gale, and Lee Crabtree were on hand to provide a professional yet reserved sound. He broached pop territory on "Think About It" and "So Hard to Fall," which really wouldn't have sounded bad on AM radio, female vocals and orchestration included. "(We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers" and the son-lost-to-war lament "For What Was Gained" were more in line with what listeners usually expected from Andersen: gentle, almost fragile, introspective mild folk-rock. - Richie Unterberger

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  Side One:
A1. It's Comin' And It Won't Be Long 05:15
A2. An Old Song 04:30
A3. Louise 03:50
A4. Think About It 03:40
A5. So Hard To Fall 03:18
  Side Two:
B1. Good To Be With You 03:08
B2. (We Were) Foolish Like The Flowers 05:35
B3. Avalanche 03:53
B4. For What Was Gained 08:07

    Mixing Engineer – Stan "Cracker" Weiss*
    Recording Engineer – Chris Huston
    Producer – Eric Andersen, Jerry Goldstein 

Bass – Steven Anander
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine –
Bruce Langhorn
Drums –
Nick Gefroh
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar –
Andy Johnson
Piano –
Debby Green, Lee Crabtree
Steel Guitar –
Jaydee Manness

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