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Aut'chose - Prends Une Chance Avec Mot (1975) 

Artist: Aut'Chose
Album: Prends Une Chance Avec Moe
Label: CBS Records Canada Ltd.
Catalog#: FS 90289
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 14 Feb 1975
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Punk
Duration: 00:32:46

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  Side One:
A1. Prends Une Chance Avec Moe 03:25
A2. Ch't'aime Pi Ch't'en Veux 02:26
A3. Pousse Pas Ta Luck Ok Bebe 03:28
A4. Le Theme Du Godfather 03:01
A5. Interlude 00:22
A6. Le Freak De Montreal 03:40
Side Two:
B1. Prends Une Chance Avec Moe 01:36
B2. Tu T'en Rappelles-Tu 00:28
B3. Hey You Woman 04:10
B4. Devant Le Miroir 02:35
B5. La Vie Weston 02:50
B6. Bar-B-Q Lady 05:02

First LP from one of the earliest punk (and post punk, new wave) band from Quebec.
Lucien Francoeur was already rapping over the music in 1973, not singing.
Pierre Gauthier was known later for his work on the disco-space band Eclipse.

Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Percussion – Jacques Racine
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Moog, Percussion – Pierre Gauthier De Laverendrye
Bass, Percussion – Mick Gauthier
Drums – Jean Dumontier
Drums, Percussion – Jacques Lalumiere
Executive Producer – John Williams
Lyrics By – Lucien Francoeur
Percussion – Bob Gallo
Photography – Normand Jacob
Piano, Synthesizer, Organ – Paul Hana
Producer – Bob Gallo
Vocals, Percussion – Lucien Francoeur
Written-By – Pierre Gauthier De Laverendrye

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  1. Hello
    Thanks for your incredible blog. I'am a great collector and i discover many many things. Some was very great. Is it possible to re-up the Aut' Chose (only one is avaible and it's great)?
    Friendly from France

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is a pleasure to read.
      Reference updated. You can download for free.

  2. Thanks much for your speed. It is unfortunately the same problem with the 3rd 'Aut' Chose : "Le cauchemare Americain". Otherwise your blog is very varied with albums that I would not have bought (certains too country/folk/pop) but it's always interesting to throw an ear. I remember when I was Young and I spent afternoons in the vinyl shop of my little town.
    Thanks you very much for your blog because I know that is a lot of work.
    Friendly from France

    1. New Link to Album Aut' Chose: "Le cauchemare Americain"
      Alex from Russia

  3. Hello Alex
    Thanks again for the 'Aut 'Chose'. I took 4 Lp whose links are dead. Aston, Driftwood, Heywoods and Mendelson Joe. Of the group Mainline I love the "Stink" which is one of the 500 Lp (100 it is not enough) I banished on an island deserted.
    I was really happy to find on your blog of the rare albums such as Dionysos, Kashmir, First Light, Coley (very good), Bertus Borger (that I knew with Mr. Albert Show).
    Good continuation. Best regards from France.

  4. дайте новый линк на даунлод