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Creepy Lane (Germany) - Let The Rebels Rock ℗ 1978 Zyx Records

Performer: Creepy Lane
Album: Let The Rebels Rock
℗ 1978 Zyx Records 
Catalog#: 20 070
Country: Germany
Genre: Southern Rock
Total Time: 00:37:49

It was the end of the 70ties and we just had dealt with the Sex Pistols, when there came a small band from Munich-Pasing and played almost exactly the same sound which was on the first two Molly Hatchet albums. And this band had its own songs!
I don't know anymore how any times I've seen them live. Five, maybe ten times, but oh man, this band raised hell. Guitar duels, boogie and classic southern rock, all the songs played as hard as the hardest songs of their American idols.
Creepy Lane is the name of this band and a couple of thousands of fans from the Munich area gave everything (even their last mark for a train ticket to the next gig), but the band split before the expected break through.
The LP was titled 'Let the rebels rock', released on the Zyx Records label and was even mixed in Jacksonville (Fl) and with hindsight the record had only one weak point : the vocals were too thin. Anyway, Robert Stragalinos may be as old as I am, which means that his voice hadn't broken at the time. For the rest, the record contains some great double leads and fine rock songs.
Songs like 'black friend', 'Dixie talkin' or 'round up' haven't found in Germany - nor elsewhere - their match. Even the obligatory Free bird plagiarism as in the song 'The dirty deal' sounds extraordinarily unsentimental since there are extremely beautiful, hard rocking guitar riffs and solo's that you wish never to end.  
                                                                                                                    - www.rtjwebzine.fr 
               ♪ Side 1
             A1. Dixie Talking 03:05
             A2. Hot 'n' Nasty 04:46
             A3. Joe Blow 04:34
             A4. Round Up 03:56
             A5. Wait Until Tomorrow 02:39
               Side 2
             B1. Born To Move 04:19
             B2. Southbound Ride 04:40
             B3. Black Friend 03:21
             B4. The Dirty Deal 06:30

Robert M.Stragalinos - lead vocals, lead guitar
Marie "Halt" Fandanga - lead guitar, slide guitar
Ludwig Seuls - keyboards
Bernhael Hurbi - bass
Stephan Geise - drums, percussion

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Cameron - First (Usa ℗ 1975 Home groan)

Artist: Cameron
Album: First
℗ 1975 Home Groan Records
Catalog#: AR 2710B
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Genre: Rock , Prog Rock, Folk, Country
Total Time: 00:37:37

This Florida bar band was popular enough locally that they made this record just for their fans.
The liner notes say that the songs are demos, but they sound complete. Their style is good-time
rock and roll with a few twists.There are a few ballads and some weak boogie, but about half of the songs rock pretty well and have some nice guitar playing.

We really appreciate all our friends who have given us so much support over the past few years.
Since so many of you have asked for some recorded material, we've put some of our demos together in this album.

We love you very much and hope you'll get as much enjoyment listening to this as we had recording it.
Private pressing. Recorded at New London Recording, Birmingham, Ala, & Alantis, Tampa, Florida.
Album Design by Charles Bennett, Richmond Graphics.

             ♪ Side 1
            A1.  Illusions (G. Dunne) 4:05
            A2. Hurricane (G. Dunne) 3:05
            A3. Empty Bed (D. Gallaher) 6:31
            A4. Sunshine Parkway (G. Dunne) 5:10
             ♪ Side 2
            B1. Good Feelin's For You (L. Cameron) 3:28
            B2. The Road To (Damascus) (G. Dunne) 6:18
            B3. Mule Skinner Blues (J. Rodgers) 2:11
            B4. Mystery Wind (D. Gallaher) 5:43

Lane Cameron - Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Bass & Vocals
Dave Gallagher - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Trumpet & Vocals
Charles Sherrill - Synthesizers? Sax, Flute & Vocal
Gary Dunne - Vocal, Bass
Mike Idarola - Drums & Vocals
Denny Oberstar & Tom Gallagher - Sound, Lights & Maintenanse
Edited By – Charles Sherrill

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Lisa Mills - I'm Changing 2005

Performer: Lisa Mills
Album: I'm Changing
CD Baby records
Catalog#: 182250
Country: USA
Genre: Blues, Vocal jazz
Total Time: 00:46:05

It’s a long way from south Mississippi, where she was born, to Glastonbury, in southwestern England. But Lisa Mills has played Glastonbury and many more European festivals enough to feel comfortable on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the artistic connections she formed as she gained international fans are counted as her musical next-of-kin; they just happen to be in the UK, while she now makes her home on Mobile Bay.
High praise from Wade Wellborn of Currents Magazine. “These dynamic and inspiring performances help prove that Lisa Mills is the real deal; no studio tricks needed, no airbrushing required. By Invitation Only is a wonderful listen—soothing, bluesy, rocking, and sexy.”

             ♪ Track List:

            01. Shake It (04:51)
            02. The Truth (04:08)
            03. Better Than This (I don't need you anymore) (03:38)
            04. I'm Changing (03:59)
            05. Tell Me (02:27)
            06. Take My Troubles (04:09)
            07. I Need a Little Sunshine (03:43)
            08. Whish I was in Heaven (sittin' down) (04:47)
            09. Little Wing (06:29)
             Bonus Track:
            10. Unchain My Heart (07:41)

Lisa Mills - Vocal, Guitar
Ian Jennings - Co-producer, Double Bass
Andy Fairweather - Guitar
Eric Heigle - Drums

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Professor Longhair - Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo (1974) © 1985 Dancing Cat Records

Artist: Professor Longhair
Album: Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo
℗ 1985 Disques Barclay
© 1985 Dancing Cat Records
Catalog#: DC-3006
Printed in USA
Genre: Blues, Funk, Soul
Format: FLAC (img,+.cue)
BiTrate: lossless
Cover: JPG, 300dpi - Full Scan
Total Time: 00:42:53

Любите звуки фортепьяно? - Здесь они очень душевные не громкие не убийственые, как у Killer. Игра, Звуки трогуешее струны души, звучащий в унисон с Professor'om Longhair. Как то очень уютно, по домашнему от этой игры. И всем непримено принимать запойными дозами *Rum and Coca Cola*.)) 
Professor Longhair (Генри Роланд Бёрд, Henry Roeland Byrd; род.19.12.1918—30.01.1980)
Легендарный американский блюзовый исполнитель и пианист, один из родоначальников новоорлеанского ритм-энд-блюза. Разработал свой оригинальный стиль игры на фортепиано, который сочетал элементы буги-вуги, румбы, мамбо и блюза. Следует также отметить его оригинальную манеру пения. В середине 1950-х годов его карьера на время прервалась, но в 60-е он вернулся к активной деятельности. В 1991 его имя было посмертно внесено в списки Зала славы рок-н-ролла.

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo (1985 US gold promotional stamped issue of the 1974 14-track vinyl LP album from The highly influential 'Fess' aka Henry Roeland Byrd, founder of New Orleans R&B Piano, including the singles Meet Me TomorrowNight, Hey Now Baby and Mardi Gras In New Orleans, glossy song-hype stickered picture sleeve featuring detailed liner notes on the reverse with 3-page bio, DC discography and introductory letter by George Winston, the sleeve is showing somesings of storage wear but otherwise is intact while the vinyl remains excellent DC-3006).

           ♪  Tracklist:

          01. Hey Now Baby (Byrd, Byrd) 3:34
          02. Junco Partner (Shad) 3:24
          03. Meet Me Tomorrow Night (Byrd) 3:13
          04. Doin' It (Byrd) 4:00
          05. How Long Has That Train Been Gone (Byrd) 3:27
          06. Mean Old World (Little Walter) 3:31
          07. Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Smith, Vincent) 2:33
          08. Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Byrd) 2:52
          09. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (Williams) 3:08
          10. Tipitina (Byrd, Byrd) 3:33
          11. Mess Around (Ertegun) 2:33
          12. Stagger Lee (Traditional) 2:56
          13. Rum and Coca-Cola (Amsterdam, Baron, Sullavan) 3:08
          14. (They Call Me) Dr. Professor Longhair (Byrd) 4:13

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Guitar, Violin
Henry Roeland Byrd "Professor Longhair" - Piano, Vocals
Julius Farmer - Bass
Jerry Jumonville - Arranger, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Edwin Kimbraugh - Drums
Steve Madaio - Trumpet
Alfred "Uganda" Roberts - Conga

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Sweet Toothe - Testing 1975 ℗ Dominion Records

Artist: Sweet Toothe
Album: Testing
℗ 1975 Dominion Records
Catalogue#: NR 7360-2
Produced by Benny Quinn & Patrick Glossop
Nashville -based
Printed in US
Genre: Heavy, Fuzz, Psychedelic Rock
Total Time: 00:36:06

"Testing" - очень редкий альбом. В 1975  его записала совершенно неизвестная американская группа Sweet Toothe из небольшого города Блуфилд в Вирджинии. В середине 70-х провинциальная группа пережила несколько минут славы, разогревая публику перед концертным выступлением воссоединившихся Iron Butterfly. Ожидавший своих любимцев переполненный зал рукоплескал и Sweet Toothe. Знатоки ценят альбом как раритет, но справедливо считают его крайне неровным. Есть ещё одно издание альбома с немного другой обложкой, вероятно бутлег, а также небольшой, но вполне законный тираж лейбла "Void". Опус Sweet Toothe может нравиться или нет, но он фигурирует в каталоге Ганса Покоры "1001 Record Collector Dreams". Лучшими треками альбома считаются "All The Way Home" (психоделия) и "Karen" (образец мелодичного поп-рока). Известно, что Эмерсон Конли в 1992 г. издал сольный альбом "The Power of Love".

Produced by Benny Quinn and Patrick Glossop, 1975's "Testing" was \ released by the small Nashville-based Dominion Records. Interestingly, on those rare occasions it shows up on sales lists, the LP is frequently billed as psychedelic. It isn't. Sure, thanks in large measure of Conley's fuzz guitar, there were occasional psych touches, the most notable being the lyric to 'All the Way Home', but the majority of the album offered up more conventional hard rock structures. Propelled by Hopkins' attractive voice and Conley's nifty fuzz guitar, tracks such as 'Karen', 'Music's Gotta Stay', 'You Know How To Love Me and 'E.R.' sported great melodies and a sense of enthusiasm that must have made these guys a great live act. Even their isolated stab at country bar band material ('Wind and Water') was likeable. True, there wasn't anything particularly original, or earth shattering across these ten tracks, but the performances were uniformly energetic and enjoyable with some roaring lead guitar. Even more impressive, for a small private pressing, credit producers Quinn and Glossop with giving the album a wonderful, deep and full sound. Played loud on a quality stereo system, this LP rocks !!!

Opening up with some of the prettiest fuzz guitar you've ever heard (not a description you normally associate with the effect), 'Karen' was a breezy, bluesy ballad with some highly eccentric sci-fi-ish lyrics. I've listened to the song dozens of times and don't have a clue what it's about ... The song was also tapped as the 'A' side for a promo single.
       - Rating: ★★★★ stars
More cowbell please ... 'Music's Gotta Stay' found the band taking a step toward being funky ! No you weren't going to mistake them for The Ohio Players, but the song actually had a enjoyable slinky feel. Conley and David Leedy turned in some fantastic dual lead guitar work.
      - Rating: ★★★★ stars
Kicked along by some great harmonica (and I'm not a big fan of the instrument), 'Wind and Water' found the band switching musical gears, offering up a likeable slice of country-rock. Great melody that I unexpectedly find myself humming on a regular basis.
      - Rating: ★★★ stars
Like most mid-1970s bands, I have absolutely no doubt that these guys got screwed over royally by everyone they dealt with in the music business. Those experiences seem to be the basis for 'Live In Concert' and it's dark and cynical the-music-business-sucks narrative. Kudos to the band for including an anti-drug stance in the lyric when it wasn't a very popular thing to do, and to P.D. Bratton who turned in some amazing bass work.
      - Rating: ★★★★ stars
Not exactly a pop tune, but buoyed by some surprisingly attractive harmony vocals (and killer lead guitar), 'You Know How To Love Me' was definitely one of the album's more commercial numbers.
      - Rating: ★★★★ stars
'Just Loved Look' opened side two with a hard core blues-rock number ... very Allman Brothers sounding. Great if you liked Duane and Greg, but may have been a bit too pedestrian for others.
      - Rating: ★★ stars
Another change of pace, the mid-tempo ballad 'In the Beginning' was the most conventional and radio-friendly number. Pretty melody, uplifting lyrics, and it closed out with some of Conley's most energetic playing. What wasn't there to like on this one ?
      - Rating: ★★★★ stars
I have no idea who 'E.R.' was, but powered by Bratton's bass, this was one killer rock track. In fact my only complaint was the song's abrupt ending.
      - Rating: ★★★★ stars
'All the Way Home' offered up a likeable slice of Foghat-styled boogie rock. Another personal favorite with Conley and Leedy just tearing the studio apart and the band again demonstrating some surprisingly sweet harmony vocals.
      - Rating: ★★ stars
'Swamp Fox;' was another boogie track with a slinky edge.
Fun, though the falsetto harmonies were a bit shrill.
      - Rating: ★★ stars.

There was also a limited edition promo single. According to one of the band members, only 200 copies were pressed: 1975's 'Karen' b/w 'Music's Gotta Stay' (Dominion catalog number NR7224-1)
Reportedly only 1,000 copies were pressed, going a long way to explaining the high prices original copies fetch.
-------  ☆☆☆ -------

             ♪ Side 1
            1.) Karen - 4:47
            2.) Music's Gotta Stay - 3:21
            3.) Wind and Water - 3:04
            4.) Live In Concert - 5:06
            5.) You Know How To Love Me - 3:28

             ♪ Side 2
            1.) Just Loved Look - 3:55
            2.) In the Beginning - 4:23
            3.) E.R. - 4:00
            4.) All the Way Home - 3:11
            5.) Swamp Fox - 3:14

Bass Guitar – P.D. Bratton
Drums – Michel Chilco
Guitar – David "Blue Eyes" M. Leedy
Lead Guitar – Emerson R. Conley
Vocals – Michael Hopkins

Also, Album a legitimate 400 pressing run by the small Void label (with altered cover art and pressed in white, red, and green vinyl). Guitarist Emerson apparently remastered the tape for the reissue project.  
Conley apparently remained active in music, and reappearing under the name 'Emerson' with a 1992 album on the small LGM label ("The Power of Love" catalog number 2222).
The band has a small website at: http://www.sweettoothetesting.com

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Pawnshop Roses - Let It Roll (2007) Earvolution Records

Performer: Pawnshop Roses
Album: Let It Roll
Relise: July 10, 2007
LabelEarvolution Records

Site:  www.myspace.com
Catalog No: 3451
Genre: Rock & Pop
Playing Time: 00:41:07

The Pawnshop Roses, if you didn't know yet, are the first act on Earvolution Records (which is more artist development company then traditional record label), and are continuing to build buzz from their first full length record Let it Roll. Pop Matters is the latest to recognize the Pawnshop Roses as a praise worthy act, writing "on other standouts like opening track "Here We Go", the band proves it can keep time with contemporaries like Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin." Good company indeed. The band is in the midst of a southern swing that will include a recording session at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis on Halloween night and stops in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and West Virginia. But, before hitting the road to what is quickly becoming their new second home (the south) the Roses were graced with some special studio guests in Philadelphia. Lenesha Randolph and Jason Crosby from Robert Randolph's Family Band stopped in to help out on some new tracks that I can't wait for everyone to hear and will be unveiled in January at a special show at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live.

Pawnshop Roses are Paul Keen, Kevin Bentley, Justin Monteleone, Mike Walsh and Zil. Their sound is comprised of well crafted songs in the singer/songwriter vein, laced with Saturday night guitars and swagger, played by guys with nothing to lose and everything to prove.
  In 2004 the band released its first EP “Dead Man’s Radio” taken from a line in Keen’s song “Here We Go,” and sold out its first few pressings rather quickly due to a solid following and grass roots marketing.
  In 2005 they were selected out of hundreds of bands by legendary Philly radio station WMMR to open for Velvet Revolver and Hoobastank. WMMR (heard in PA, NJ and DE) has graciously helped the band by frequently playing their song “Fading Out” having them perform on-air and promoting their shows.
  In 2006 the band won the YouTube Underground Video contest for Best Live Video for their video of “Gets so Hard”.
TV appearances: As a result of winning the You Tube award, the band appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America. They have also played live on the local NBC and CBS morning shows. Their song “All the Way Down” was recently featured on MTV’s the Real World XX.
Live accomplishments Opened for: Velvet Revolver, Hoobastank, Robert Randolph and Molly Hatchet. This summer they played with Radio Head, Jack Johnson and slew of others at the All Points West festival.

-----  ☆☆☆ -----
               • Tracklist:

             01. Here We Go 3:16
             02. The Life We Lead 2:48
             03. You Got Me 3:02
             04. Seasons Blues 4:59
             05. All The Way Down 4:33
             06. Planning Out Your Heart 3:29
             07. Gets So Hard 3:59
             08. Let It Roll 4:41
             09. Brown Eyes 4:14
             10. Everything That Blew Away 6:11

Kevin Bentley - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Pete Donnelly - Engineer, Guitar (Bass), Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Rich Fogg - Drums, Percussion
Randi Fox - Vocals
Paul Keen - Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
Cory Monteleone - Vocals
Justin Monteleone - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
John Savannah - Piano

Audio Mixer: Pete Donnelly.
Recording information: Philadelphia, PA.
Photographer: David Hartley

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Zoo (NL) - Zoo (LP, 1973) CNR Records

Artist: Zoo
Album: Selftitle
1973 CNR Records
Catalog#: 541645
Produced by Richard du Bois
Country: Netherland
Genre: Dutch Progressive Rock
Cover: JPG, 200dpi
Total Time: 00:46:58

The music that Zoo plays is melodic rock, with hints of progressive rock. The music is not complex. At best it sounds like Argent, but at it worst they sound like your average seventies band. An example of the first is "Zoo music", an example of the latter is "Everybody knows". Another enjoying track is the Beatle medley. It all sounds very professional, melodic, but also a bit dull. No adventure or any risk in the music, so not a recommendation for a truly progressive album.

Despite releasing four singles and an album over a several-year period, early Dutch progressive outfit Zoo are pretty obscure, almost certainly due to their inability/unwillingness to fully commit themselves to playing full-blown prog. Their choice, obviously, but history has proven their short-termism unwise. Their first single, 1971's Change My World b/w Holiday, is a late-period psych effort, both sides vaguely comparable to Procol Harum, albeit, er, nowhere near as good, the flip being the superior track. Keys man Eddy Meyer plays an orchestral-ish Mellotron strings/brass mix on the 'A' to passable effect, although he didn't record with one again for another two years.
Their lone album, 1973's Zoo, is pleasant enough, yet simultaneously highly undemanding, being more of a typical mainstream rock album of the era with progressive overtones than a prog album per se. Better tracks include opener Cold Night and Zoo Music (despite the drum solo), although Everybody Knows' rock'n'roll-lite and inexplicable Beatles medley Dedicated To You All are pretty inessential, frankly. Meyer adds Mellotron to a handful of tracks, with strings on Cold Night, I'm Here and the Baby, You're A Rich Man segment of Dedicated To You All, only to any great effect on the first-named.
Zoo's final single from late '73 ('74?) was a re-recording of the album's Cold Night, its new, funkier arrangement doing it no favours, although oddly-titled instrumental flip Naugh Moo is almost certainly the best thing the band ever wrote, sounding slightly like Trace before that outfit formerly existed. Meyer adds Mellotron to both sides, with nicely upfront string parts that improve even the otherwise dodgy 'A'. Zoo split in '74, bassist Bert Veldkamp going on to play with Kayak, other members forming the equally-obscure Kangaroo; none of their small catalogue is currently available, although downloads can be found. Are they worth hearing? A handful of tracks (principally Naugh Moo) are worth the effort, but, that track aside, we're not exactly talking 'lost classic' here, musically or Mellotronically.
Zoo was a melodic progressive rockband from the town of Groningen. They are formed in 1970 when the band Spring changed its name. In 1974 Zoo ends. Bass player Bert Veldkamp joins Kayak, a few other start the new group Kangaroo. During their existence they release four singles: "Be free / All my life" (Injection 134.555) in 1971, "Change my world / Holiday" (Philips 6075 114) in 1972. And "Walkings / Love love" (CNR 141 198) and "Cold night / Naugh moo" (CNR 141 228) in 1974. In 1973 an album is released, Zoo (CNR 541 645).

             ♪  Tracklist:

            01. Cold night (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 4:15
            02. Summerday (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 5:15
            03. Everybody knows (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 3:55
            04. I'm here (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 6:34
            05. Dedicated to you all (medley) (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) 6:42
            06. Zoo music (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 7:23
            07. Feelings (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) 4:37
             Bonus Track:
            08. Change My World (Single) 03:31
            09. Holiday (Single) 03:25
            10. Walking (Single) 02:52

Robby Pwa - Guitar
Bert Veldkamp - Bass guitar, vocals
Eddy Meyer - Keyboards, vocals
Gerhard Jeltes - Drums

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 

Will Ray - Invisible Birds 1996 ℗ & © Round Tower Records

Artist: Will Ray
Album: Invisible Birds
℗ & © 1996 Round Tower Records
Catalog#: RTMCD 84
Country: UK
Genre: Blues Rock, Country Rock
Duration: 00:58:54

It's almost impossible to describe Will's first solo album. In 14 songs you get the complete repertoire of Farm Jazz, Cow Thrash, Range Rock, Prairie Metal and Nuke-A-Billy. Will sings and plays through songs about U-Hauls, prisons, Catholicism and murdering birds.

Will Ray is a stalwart of the West Coast country/roots music scene. A long-time member of the infamous Hellecasters, Ray is also a much in-demand guitarist. Like peers Dwight Yoakam, Rosie Flores and Jim Lauderdale, Ray makes music that can't be mistaken for anything, but his own brand. Of the 14 cuts here, all self-produced to perfection, standouts include "That's History," "Bless Me Father" and the very original "Nagged to Death." Also good is "Flame Thrower" and Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues." All tunes either rock or shuffle and twang with raw energy. Lyrically, Ray is just as interesting with influences including Ray Charles, Sons of the Pioneers and Cash. Demanding that his audience think for themselves, Ray places himself beyond the reach of the pop schlock currently passing for country music on radio. Given support by some of the West Coast's finest players, including Jay Dee Maness, Ray comes across as a bright intense meteor firing up the night sky and leaving everything in its wake forever changed. Accomplished and skilled, this is an eclectic romp through music created by an outstanding artist of integrity.
                                                                                                                        - Jana Pendragon
            • Will Ray Bio: www.willray.biz

             ♪  Tracklist:

            01. When The U-Haul Pulled Away 4:29
            02. That's History 3:13
            03. Folsom Prison Blues 4:05
            04. Invisible Birds 4:25
            05. Lucky Man 5:31
            06. Bless Me Father 3:47
            07. Gaylord's Dock 5:00
            08. Nagged To Death 3:17
            09. East Of Jesus 3:54
            10. Changes 3:45
            11. Wishful Thinking 3:54
            12. Flamethrower 4:33
            13. Come Dance With Me 4:05
            14. Slippery When Wet 4:56

Byron Berline - Fiddle
Billy Block, Steve Duncan - Drums
John Davis, Dave Hall, Ritt Henn - Bass
Lemmy Ottohare, Barbara Shopp - Tambourine
Will Ray - Arranger, Composer, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Producer, Vocals
David Bolger, Randy Crenshaw, Susie St. Logan - Back.Vocals
Tim Gorman - Organ, Piano
John "Juke" Logan - Harmonica
Jay Dee Maness - Steel Guitar
Marty Rifkin - Dobro
Ben Thar, Don Thatt - Cowbell
Lee Allen - Art Direction

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Charlie & The Wide Boys - St (EP, Anchor, 1974)

Artist: Charlie & The Wideboys
Album: Self Title
℗ 1974 Anchor Records, Ltd.
Catalog#: ANCE 1007
Made in U.K.
Genre: Art-Rock

Недолгосрочный, но своеобразный арт-роковый, типично английский проект Интересен еще тем, что здесь впервые опробовал свои композиторские способности один из самых талантливых ударников в арт-роке Гай Эванс (Van Der Graaf/Рeter Наammill), составив "дядюшке Чарли" компанию в сочинении наиболее психоделических моментов с громоподобными соло барабанов..
Группа обладала характерным собственным почерком, и для интересующихся арт-роковыми экспериментами придется по душе. Удачны оба альбома, но финансовый крах маленькой фирмы ANCHOR Records, приютившей группу, и невозможность подписания контракта с более крупной компанией привели к скорому и окончательному финалу.

A hugely underrated good ol' time rock & roll band, by the pioneers of the British pub rock movement and deeply rooted in the dipole of the Stones and the Faces tradition, formed in 1973 and quite quickly sacked from the face of the earth. "Never known to stray beyond three or four chords, like Dr. Feelgood, were hip to the beat group look when it mattered". Skinny ties, tight trousers and a bunch of good songs were a lot though for this little space on the net to point out to you the importance of Charlie & the Wide Boys. That's the only release those boys had during their lifetime (an album appeared in the shops two years after group's demise) and it's a damn fine piece of vinyl. An undiscovered by many gem that absolutely defining the term 'guitar based rock & roll'!
Charlie & The Wide Boys would become well known on the London pub rock circuit.
Formed by vocalist and songwriter Charlie Ainley the band also came through the foots barn theatre, which also produced Touch The Earth amongst others.
The band were formed by Charlie and Guy Evans, who formally played as saxophonist with Van Der Graaf Generator. After building up a solid repuation in Cornwall in the summer of 1973 they hit the London club scene where their brand of rock and roll drew them to the attention of Anchor Records who signed them up in Early 1974.
They went on to cut an LP's worth of tracks and Anchor put out a promotional EP of material. Despite their success in London they remained loyal to Cornwall and maintained their base in the county. Bands of course needed to remain active in the thriving London scene and generate a solid fan base in the capitol.
Anchor soon lost interest in the band and the proposed album was left in the can. Not long after, around November 1974 the band split up. The material recorded for Anchor would see the light of day two years later when Music For Pleasure released the sessions as Great Country Rockers in 1976. Charlie would go on to released a solo LP, Bang You Door, for EMI in 1978 as well as putting out a couple of singles on the label.
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               ♪  Tracklist:

              A1. Gilly I Do 03:18
              A2. Oh Sweet Annie 02:40
              B1. Wahtutsi (You're The Only One I Need) 03:03
              B2. Love Me Real 02:30

Band Members:
Charlie Ainley - Vocals and songwriting
Richard Worthy - Guitar
Greg Phillips - Vocals, Percussion
Simon Fraser - Guitar
Nigel Chappell - Bass

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