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Carly Simon Clouds In My Coffee (3CD Box Set)

Исполнитель: Carly Simon
Альбом: Clouds in My Coffee (3CD Box Set)
Ⓟ & © 1995 Arista Records, Inс., 
a unit of BMG Entertainment.
Printed in US.A.
Формат: FLAC (track, .cue + log)
Качество: lossless
Жанр: Pop, Folk
Cover: JPG, 300 dpi, Full Scan
All Time: 03:38:29

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Карли Саймон начала выступать в фолк-дуэте со своей сестрой Люси под названием Simon Sisters. После того, как Люси вышла замуж, Карли продолжала выступать соло. В 1970 году сингл с ее дебютного альбома "That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be" вышел на десятую строчку в хит-параде, альбом 1972 года "No Secrets" стал "золотым". В 70-х певица записала несколько альбомов, синглы из которых становились хитами, в 80-х обратилась к мэйнстриму поп-музыки и записала два альбома довоенных бродвейских стандартов.
Писала музыку для кино, ее песня "Let The River Run" к фильму "Работающая девушка" получила в 1989 году "Оскара". В фильме о Джеймсе Бонде "Шпион, который меня любил" Карли исполнила песню "Nobody Does It Better".
Начиная еще с 80-х годов, Карли Саймон периодически выпускает сборники известных поп-песен, перемежая эти релизы с выходом альбомов собственного сочинения. Будучи талантливой исполнительницей, Карли Саймон всегда превносила новые краски в мелодии, которые, казалось бы, уже давно стали классикой музыки XX века.

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Reviews / Amazon.com
 One of the most popular artists of the early-'70s singer-songwriter explosion, Carly Simon made her reputation by combining radio-friendly musical values with lyrics that tackled issues of romance and family with a frankness that's still disarming. In the time since, she's explored a variety of styles, all of which are represented on this nicely packaged 3 CD, 58-song set, which offers a good overview of her catalog, with a disc of her best-known hits (including "You're So Vain," "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be," "Anticipation," "You Belong to Me," and "Let the River Run"), a disc of ballads, and a disc of rare and previously-unreleased material.       - Scott Schinder

CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE 1965-1995 is a career retrospective that includes her greatest hits, new material, live tracks and previously unreleased recordings.
Named after a key lyric in her career-defining song "You're So Vain," the three-disc CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE offers an excellent summation of the first three decades of Carly Simon's career. Interestingly, it doesn't engage in the usual historical revisionism concerning said career, and includes a few tracks from her pre-Elektra early years.
Foregoing chronological order, the set includes one solid greatest hits disc, another of previously unreleased tracks and rarities, and a third of key album tracks. Some of the choices are a bit odd--nothing from the fine late-'70s album PLAYING POSSUM, for example--but the sequencing does the songs justice and the remastering job is outstanding. The highlight of the new material is a heartbreaking version of John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery" that's among Simon's best and most sensitive covers. Casual listeners might want to stick with one of the single-disc anthologies, but CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE is essential for fans.

  CD 1: The Hits Time: 01:15:08  

01. Let The River Run (3:42)
02. You Belong To Me (3:51)
03. Nobody Does It Better (3:43)
04. Coming Around Again (3:41)
05. Jesse (4:18)
06. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (4:58)
07. You're So Vain (4:20)
08. Touched By The Sun (5:30)
09. Haven't Got Time For The Pain (3:56)
10. Better Not Tell Her (5:14)
11. Legend In Your Own Time (3:46)
12. Mockingbird (4:13)
13. That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be (4:19)
14. All I Want Is You (4:01)
15. The Right Thing To Do (3:00)
16. Like A River (4:48)
17. Anticipation (3:23)
18. Give Me All Night (4:25)

CD 2: Miscellaneous & Unreleased Time: 01:15:03

01. Angel From Montgomery (4:31)
02. Raining (3:13)
03. I'm All It Takes To Make You Happy (3:37)
04. Easy On The Eyes (4:44)
05. Turn Of The Tide (4:06)
06. Libby (4:59)
07. Have You Seen Me Lately? (4:16)
08. My New Boyfriend (4:21)
09. Voulez Vous Danser (3:13)
10. The Night Before Christmas (3:43)
11. Halfway 'Round The World (4:36)
12. Life Is Eternal (5:26)
13. We Have No Secrets (3:58)
14. Why (4:08)
15. Take Me Out To The Ball Game (2:05)
16. Back The Way (4:53)
17. Itsy Bitsy Spider (3:45)
18. Play With Me (2:30)
19. My Luv Is Like A Red, Red Rose (2:58)

CD 3: Cry Yourself  To Sleep Time: 01:13:01

01. It Happens Everyday (2:47)
02. Boys In The Trees (3:14)
03. Julie Through The Glass (3:25)
04. Orpheus (3:54)
05. Never Been Gone (3:36)
06. Happy Birthday (4:53)
07. Devoted To You (2:30)
08. Davy (3:43)
09. Do The Walls Come Down (3:49)
10. Danny Boy (3:23)
11. Dink's Blues (3:50)
12. We're So Close (5:11)
13. Someone Waits For You (3:00)
14. Born To Break My Heart (4:45)
15. Time After Time (2:06)
16. What Shall We Do With The Child? (2:47)
17. I've Got A Crush On You (3:37)
18. Something Wonderful (2:15)
19. You're The Love Of My Life (3:37)
20. I Get Along Without You Very Well (3:26)
21. By Myself / I See Your Face Before Me (3:13)

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Executive Producers: Frank Filipetti and Carly Simon 
Production Goordinator: Jill Dell'Abate
Mixed at: Right Track Recording, N.Y.C.
Mix Assistant: Joe Lizzi
Management: Brian Doyle, All Access entertainment Management Group, Inc.
Legal representation: Howard Siegel
Executive project coordinator: Roy Lott
Project assistance: Carol Fenelon, Rani Hancock, Zoe Markwalter and Susanne Savage
Design: Louise Fili. Mary Jane Call ister/ Louise Pili Ltd.
All recordings remastered especially for this release by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. N.Y.C. 

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Headband: Happen Out & Rock Garden 

Artist: Headband
Albums: Happen Out / Rock Garden
Ⓟ & © 1971 Polydor Records
Ⓟ & © 1975 Key Records
Country: New Zealand
Style: Rock, blues Rock 
Format/Bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps

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  Два редких альбома банды из Новой Зеландии.Сформирована в 1970, в Окленде . Дебютировала в ночном клубе" Molly Hatchetts" в феврале 1971. Вскоре клуб закрылся . Adderley купил другое помещение , " old Bo-Peep club" в Переулке Дарема в Окленде. Отреставрированый, он получил новое название "Grannys" .Здесь происходили постоянные встречи и сейшоны. ( В этом же клубе дебютировали такие отличные группы как "Dragon" и "Ragnarok". У себя на Родине группа имела большой успех. Её ещё неофициально называли Новозеландской "Bluesbreakers" ( так как вокалист Tommy Adderley был вдохновлен творчеством Великого Джона Майелса и к своему вокалу "прикручивал" Гармошку) Вдобавок, ребята ввели в инструментал Электро -скрипку. (новация для тех времён )... 

        Tommy Adderley - harmonica, vocals
        Alan Quinnell - guitar
        Ronnie Craig - guitar
        Jack Stradwick - bass
        Dick Hopp - electric violin, flute
        Jimmy Hill - drums
        Billy Kristian - bass

 Formerly called "The Bluesbreakers", this New Zealand outfit "Headband" were heavily influenced by John Mayall. They are not to be confused with the Australian band called "Headband" who did "A Song For Tooley" album. However that is a very good album also. So if you fancy a real very cool blues rock album, I suggest this one folks. This is, well was, on request from Roddus a while back and did test my patience in tracking it down. But I got there in the end. Hope y'all enjoy "Happen Out". And for any of you fellow music collector's have this bands second album "Rock Garden", I would love to hear from ya.

1971 Happen Out


01. Mood One - Time To Kill (7:08)
02. Lisa Listen To Me (1:47)
03. Dip Tank (3:07)
04. The Ballad Of Jacques Lamere (3:41)
05. Headband Grooving (4:10)
06. Good Morning Mr Rock 'N' Roll (2:45)
07. Love Is Bigger Than The Whole... (3:45)
08. Mood 2 - The Laws Must Change (15:12)

  Total Time: 00:41:45

  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1975 Rock Garden


01. Hey Little Schoolgirl - 4:06
02. Ungrateful Madonna - 4:55
03. Goodtime Feeling - 3:27
04. Mood 3 - 0:28
05. Blue Berry Pie - 4:48
06. (I Get High) Olena - 4:40
07. Raving Richard - 3:52
08. The Drummer's Lament - 5:17
09. Mood 4 - 0:19
10. Brother Mendez - 9:54

   Total Time: 00:41:47


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City Boy: 5 Albums 
(Japan Mini LP 24 Bit Remaster) 2011

1976 City Boy (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1632)
1976 Dinner At The Ritz (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1633)
1977 Young Men Gone West (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1634)
1978 Book Early (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1635)
1979 The Day The Earth Caught Fire (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1636)
British Legend Collection Vol. 78; Air Mail Recordings: Air Mail Archive
Vertigo Records / Air Mail Recordings. 24 Bit Remaster 2011 / Reissue / CD
Comes in a CD-sized papersleeve album replica

Made in Japan
Genre / Style: Rock / AOR
Released Year: 2011
Format: FLAC / Level 8 (img + *cue + log, AccurateRip)
BitRate: lossless
Covers: format PNG 300dpi, full scans
Total Time: 03:32:49

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  

Cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue from City Boy featuring 2011 24-bit remastering. The cardboard sleeve faithfully replicates the UK first press LP design. Includes an original inner bag. Part of a five-album City Boy cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring albums "City Boy," "Dinner At The Ritz," "Young Men Gone West," "Book Early," and "The Day The Earth Caught Fire."

Стиль "City Boy" по большому счету можно определить как AOR (adult-oriented rock), хотя в их музыке встречались также фанковые и прогрессивные элементы. История этой бирмингемской группы уходит корнями в 60-е годы, когда впервые судьба свела Лола Мэйсона и Стива Бротона. Позже к этим парням присоединились гитаристы Макс Томас и Майк Слэймер, и таким образом возник акустическо-фолковый квартет "Back in the band". Музыканты долгое время выступали в окрестностях Бирмингема, но все эти концерты носили любительский характер. Лишь к концу 1975 года было решено поставить дело на профессиональную основу. Переименовавшись в "City Boy", группа начала подыскивать себе пристанище на каком-нибудь лейбле. Согласие принять команду под свою опеку выразил "Phonogram records". Правда, представители фирмы выдвинули условие, что в состав должны быть введены бас-гитарист и ударник. Таким образом, в коллективе появились Крис Данн и Роджер Кент. Первые два альбома не произвели большого впечатления на публику, хотя некоторые критики хорошо отозвались о "City Boy" и "Dinner at the Ritz". В 1978 году вместо Роджера Кента за ударные уселся Рой Уорд. Появление Уорда совпало с первым значительным успехом группы, обусловленным выходом хит-сингла "5-7-0-5" (первоначально песня называлась "Turn on to Jesus", но по настоянию лейбла была переименована). Композиция угодила в британскую горячую десятку и помогла альбому "Book Early" попасть в национальный Топ 30. В том же году "City Boy" посетили с гастролями Северную Америку, где выступали на разогреве у "Hall & Oates". В 1979-м команда записала второй альбом с продюсером Мэттом Ланджем, "The Day the Earth Caught Fire". Благодаря своей заглавной композиции эта пластинка также имела успех. Однако бороться с засильем панка и новой волны бирмингемским аорщикам было тяжело и уже их следующее творение "Heads are rolling" вызвало неоднозначную реакцию критиков. Дальше дела "City Boy" пошли еще хуже. Диск 1981 года "It's Personal" вышел только в Скандинавии, а мажорный контракт с американским представительством "Atlantic Records" был утрачен. Записывающие компании уже не привлекало творчество "городских мальчиков", и в 1982 году коллектив выпустил сингл "In Love" собственными силами. Но эта последняя попытка пробиться наверх не увенчалась успехом, и группа вскоре распалась. Лол Мэйсон впоследствии добился некоторой известности в рядах своей новой банды "Masonettes", Стив Бротон взялся сочинять песни для Синди Лаупер, а Майк Слэймер скооперировался с вокалистом "Kansas" Стивом Уолшем в проекте "Streets".

       • Lol Mason - lead vocals
       • Steve Broughton - guitar, lead vocals
       • Max Thomas - keyboards, guitar
       • Chris Dunn - bass, guitar
       • Roger Kent - drums
       • Mike Slamer - guitar, bass
       • Roy Ward - drums, vocals

         Fan site: cityboy.org

Allmusic / Biography by Craig Harris
At a time when punk rock and new wave were sweeping the music charts, Birmingham, England-based quintet, City Boy, produced melodic, hook-laden, progressive rock tunes. Despite placing two songs, "5-7-0-5," and "The Day the Earth Caught Fire," the title track of their 1979 album, in the British Top Ten, the band failed to capitalize on their commercial success and disbanded in 1981. According to The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock, City Boy is remembered for their "strong identification with progressive rock and funk-oriented tracks." The inspiration for City Boy was sparked in the early '60s when lead vocalists Steve Broughton and Lol Mason met in prep school. In 1964, Mason befriended 12-string guitarist and bongo player Max Thomas. Two years later, Broughton, Mason, and Thomas recorded an acoustic album. left school and began writing songs together. When Thomas left to attend Suffolk University shortly afterwards, he lost touch with Broughton and Mason. By the time they reestablished their relationship, in 1969, Thomas had suffered several nervous breakdowns and was confined to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Broughton, Mason, and acoustic guitarist Chris would pick him up each evening to spend the night jamming together. As an acoustic group, "Back-in-the-Band," the musicians began playing semi-regularly in a folk club, The Cherry Trees. In 1973, the group, renamed City Boy, was signed by the Vertigo label with the stipulation that they add an electric guitarist (Mike Slamer) and a drummer (Roger Kent). Their debut album, Mark I, was released three years later. Their first single, "Hap-Ki-Do," reached number 32 on the British charts. Kent was replaced by Roy Ward in 1978, shortly before the band embarked on a four-month tour of the United States as opening act for Hall and Oates. Although they signed with Atlantic for U.S. and Canada distribution, the days of City Boy were practically over. Despite moving to New York State, the band began to splinter with the departure of Broughton and Chris. Shortly after releasing a single on their own City Boy label in 1982, the group disbanded.

1976 City Boy
Original Release: UK Vertigo 6360 126

Allmusic / Review by Gina Boldman
City Boy's self-titled debut ranges from blues/funk tunes to mellow AOR songs to progressive, melodic tracks -- there's something on the album for most everyone to like. From the Sweet-ish anthem "The Greatest Story Ever Told" to the quirky "Oddball Dance," City Boy is an eclectic, interesting and notable introduction.

01. Moonlight (Shake My Head And Leave)
02. Deadly Delicious
03. Surgery Hours (Doctor Doctor)
04. Sunset Boulevard
05. Oddball Dance
06. 5000 Years / Don't Know Can't Tell
07. The Hap-Ki-Do Kid
08. The Greatest Story Ever Told
09. Haymaking Time

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1976 Dinner At The Ritz
Original Release: UK Vertigo 6360 136


Allmusic / Review by Gina Boldman
Experimenting with their already mosaic sound, City Boy's second album, Dinner at the Ritz, relies heavily on guitars and harmonies, giving their songs a Yes or Queen quality. Their three-part "State Secrets - A Thriller" works quite well with the rest of the album's progressive, rock feel.

01. Momma's Boy
02. Walk On The Water
03. Narcissus
04. Dinner At The Ritz
05. Goodbye Blue Monday
The Violin
State Secrets - A Thriller
State Secrets
Heavy Breathing
Spring In Peking

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 1977 Young Men Gone West

Original Release: UK Vertigo 6360 151

Allmusic / Review by Gina Boldman
On this album, the band focuses on the glam rock sound of the mid- to late-'70s (swirling guitars, high-pitched harmonies) on tracks like "Dear Jean (I'm Nervous)" and "The Man Who Ate His Car," but City Boy maintains its soft rock sound with light keyboard touches and soft vocals on songs such as "One After Two" and the title track. Young Men Gone West has an interesting, albeit uneven, mix of songs that doesn't have the same quirky, eclectic feel of the first two albums - but it is a worthy effort nonetheless.

01. Dear Jean (I'm Nervous)
Bordello Night
She's Got Style
Bad For Business
Young Men Gone West
I've Been Spun
One After Two
The Runaround
The Man Who Ate His Car

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1978 Book Early
Original Release: UK Vertigo 9102 028

Allmusic / Review by Gina Boldman
Book Early starts with "," a Queen / ELO hybrid, and the rest of the album follows suit pretty closely - but this time City Boy adds more pop elements to their sound and drops the soft rock feel that was prevalent on much of Young Men Gone West. The result is quite enjoyable, especially on tracks like "Raise Your Glass (To Foolish Me)," "Cigarettes" and "Dangerous Ground." Book Early is City Boy's most energetic, if not their best.

01. 5-7-0-5
Summer In The School Yard
Goodbye Laurelie
Raise Your Glass (To Foolish Me)
What A Night
Do What You Do, Do Well
The World Loves A Dancer
Moving In Circles
Dangerous Ground

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 1979 The Day The Earth Caught Fire
Original Release: UK Vertigo 9102 036


Allmusic / Review by Gina Boldman
Album, 1979's The Day The Earth Caught Fire, produced a minor UK hit with the title song. This album marked an early recording appearance by Huey Lewis, who played harmonica on the second track "It's Only the End of the World."

01. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
It's Only The End Of The World
Interrupted Melody
Modern Love Affairs
New York Times
Up In The Eighties
Me And My Tarot
The End

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