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Home Groan - Home Groan (1997 Me)

Artist: Home Groan
Album: Home Groan
Label: ME Records
© Copyright -Home Groan Productions/ncb
Catalog#: ME 001

Country: Oslo, Norway
Release: 1997
Genre: Pop-Rock, Alt-Country, Indie Rock
Duration: 00:50:12

Scandinavia’s premier alt-country / organic-rock outfit have released their tenth album. American born singer-songwriter Martin Hagfors has honed his eclectic, catchy and lyrically unique skills to the point of perfection. Home Groan’s Hey Revolution Now! showcases a mature full fledged band that can rival anyone in creative power and musical sensibility. Hey Revolution Now! is produced by Motorpsycho’s Hakon Gebhardt and is augmented by one of Europe’s finest guitar players: Lars Havard Haugen.
H.G. is an exceptional live band and Martin Hagfors’ solo incarnation Groan Alone has been a favorite opening act for the likes of, Richard Thompson, Lucinda Williams, Ani Di Franco and the late Elliot Smith.
Home Groan’s Martin Hagfors is a prolific song writer and his skills have been utilized by numerous artists. His recent collaboration with the Jaga Jazzist/Thomas Dybdahl off-shot: The National Bank proved to be both commercially and artistically successful cumulating in a Norwegian Grammy and the song, “Tolerate” being honoured as song of the year by BMI/ASCAP affiliate: TONO.

 • Tracklist:

01. The Eastern Line 2:50
02. Hope 3:09
03. Freeze Frame 2:54
04. Anniversary Day 2:38
05. Breath of a Whisper 3:41
06. Tropical Storm 3:29
07. Separation 2:49
08. Leave My Guitar Alone 3:07
09. Northern Wind 3:11
10. River of Blight 3:17
11. Cheyenne 4:33
12. Roller Coaster Baby 3:05
13. Marlene 3:33
14. Rock'n Roll 4:36
15. Sweet Little Mamma 3:20

Martin Hagfors - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Odd Eirik Fleischer - bass guitar
Per Ivar Strete, Even Finsrud - drums
Terje Johannesen, Lars Havard Haugen - guitar
Mona Varpe - vocals, theremin, keyboards
Vidar Ersfjord - keyboards, trombone

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The Sunshine Company - Selftitled (2002 Rev-Ola Records)

Artist: The Sunshine Company
Album: Selftitled (Compilation)
© 2002 Rev-Ola Records
Produced by CD Joe Foster
Catalog #: CRREV 13
Country: USA
Genre: Pop/Rock, Folk, Sunshine Pop
Format: FLAC (track,.cue+log)
Cover: JPG, 400dpi - Full Scan
Duration: 01:14:06

Southern California soft pop quintet the Sunshine Company comprised singer Mary Nance, singer/guitarist Maury Manseau, guitarist/violinist Douglas Mark, bassist Larry Sims, and drummer Merel Bregante. Signing to Imperial Records in the fall of 1967, the group issued its debut LP Happy Is the Sunshine Company, scoring their lone Top 40 hit with the single "Back on the Street Again." The album also generated the minor hit "Happy," although with their self-titled sophomore effort, the Sunshine Company's commercial momentum dissipated, and in the wake of their third LP, 1968's Sunshine and Shadows, the group disbanded (although rumors of a completed but unreleased fourth effort, supposedly titled Think, continue to circulate). Sims and Bregante later recorded with the duo of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina.


01. Up, Up And Away 02:14
02. I Need You 03:16
03. Just Beyond Your Smile 02:18
04. Rain 02:42
05. Happy 01:58
06. I Just Want to Be Your Friend 02:25
07. A Year In Jaine Time 02:39
08. Back On The Street Again 02:29
09. Look, Here Comes The Sun 02:56
10. I Can't Help But Wonder 02:14
11. It's Sunday 02:15
12. I, To, We And Back Again 03:49
13. If You Only Knew 02:54
14. Darcey Farrow 02:39
15. Without Really Thinking 03:41
16. On A Beautiful Day 02:17
17. Let's Get Together 03:16
18. Willy Jean 04:26
19. Springtime Meadows 04:31
20. A Stitch in Time Saves None 02:50
21. Ways & Means 02:31
22. Bolero 02:32
23. I Hate Pigeons 01:14

Mary Nance - Vocals
Maury Manseau - Vocals, Guitar
Douglas Mark - Violin, Guitar
Larry Sims - Bass Guitar
Merle Bregante - Drums
(usually referred to as Merel Brigante)
Dave Hodgkins - Acoustic Guitar

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Jimmie Spheeris - Spheeris 1984 (2000 K-Tel Records)

Artist: Jimmie Spheeris
Album: Spheeris
Label: K-Tel Records
Catalog#: 1591
Release Date: 2000
Genre: AOR, Melodic Rock
Total Time: 00:40:21

Jimmie Spheeris певец и автор песен, грек по рождению, появился на свет 5 ноября 1949 года. Jimmie двоюродный брат Криса Сфириса (Chris Spheeris), родной брат киноактриссы Пенелопы Сфирис (Penelope Spheeris). Крис Сфирис признавался, что до сих пор не знает лучшего музыканта, чем его брат. Дебютная пластинка была достаточно успешной, чуть ли не стала предметом культа. Записал в 70е четыре альбома меланхоличных красивых поэтичных песен. В 80х начались некоторые проблемки, к 1984 году Spheeris возвращается в студию и начинает работу над новым диском. После окончания записи нового альбома, Джимми погиб под колесами грузовика с пьяным водителем...

Jimmie Spheeris wasn't a huge name in pop rock, but he did enjoy a small cult following. While the singer/songwriter never headlined Madison Square Garden, the people who believed in his music really believed in it, and they were sorry to see him without a record deal in the late 1970s and early '80s. After recording no albums from 1977-1982, Spheeris made a long overdue return to the studio in 1983 and 1984 and recorded the excellent material heard on Spheeris. Tragically, he didn't live long enough to see the material released, Spheeris was killed by a drunken driver in 1984, and Spheeris wasn't released commercially until 2000. This CD points to the fact that Spheeris was quite willing to forge ahead in 1983 and 1984--"You Got," "Afternoon: Forever Afternoon," "You Will Be Coming Back," and other selections underscore his interest in the popular new wave sounds of the time. No, Spheeris wasn't trying to be Thomas Dolby, Duran Duran, or Soft Cell; rather, he updates his sound by incorporating new wave elements and does so in an organic, unpretentious fashion. The album never sounds forced or contrived, and Spheeris gives the impression that he really believes in the songs. Had Spheeris been released commercially in 1984 and had the singer/songwriter not met an untimely death at the age of 34, perhaps he would have been become better known. But that's only speculation; what we know for certain is that Spheeris is a pop rock jewel.
- Alex Henderson


01. Adam (4:16)
02. Jungle Sweep (3:47)
03. Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (4:31)
04. Eyes (4:21)
05. You Will Be Coming Back (3:00)
06. You Got (3:57)
07. You Must Be Laughing Somewhere (3:02)
08. Decatur Street (4:30)
09. Three in Venice (5:07)
10. Hear It (3:47)

Jimmie Spheeris - Piano, Vocals
Richard Burmer - Emulator
Charlotte Crossley,  Vida Vierra - Background Vocals
Rick Parnell - Drums, Background Vocals
Paul Delph - Vocals 
Paul Lani - Acoustic Guitar
Douglas Lunn - Bass

Technical Credits:
Paul Delph - Producer
Tony Braithwaite, Paul Lani - Engineer
Andy Markley - Liner Notes, Art Direction
Johnny Pierce - Executive Producer

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David Sinclair - Take My Hand 1973 SGM Records

Artist: David Sinclair
Title: Take My Hand
Label: SGM Records ltd. CA
Catalog#: LPS 102
Country: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Psich, Folk rock
Total Time: 00:41:18

Growing up in Vancouver, David was first was exposed to the world of professional music at the age of twelve. As a teenager, he was part of many bands and played locally regularly, moving from one playing situation to another, refining his guitar skills and performance. At the expense of his academic courses at the University of British Columbia's School of Music (Canada), he would often spend hours in the music library listening to a wide variety of guitar music from delta blues, to Django and to classical. During that period he was also introduced to the recording studio namely, Vancouver Recording (with legendary Vancouver engineer/producer Robin Spurgin), one of the very few professional studios in town at the time, which he frequented for days at a time, observing sessions and doing everything and anything he could to gain studio experience.

Take My Hand is the ultimate Canadian Private Pressing LP from 1973, West Coast Folk-Rock-Psych sytlings with sudden tempo shifts from mellow dreamy acoustic with occasional female backing vocals to sudden bursts of electric guitar wailing. The album also has a couple of great downer tracks with sparse arrangements. Highlights include: “A Tale Of Raven” “To Know You” “Three Hour Ride” and “This Time Around”. Canadian Singer-singwriter style music with some psych direction, and a strong and very pleasant West Coast feel. Fans of David Wiffen and Vernon Wray would greatly enjoy.
Originally recorded in 1973 by Stan Cayer for SGM Records, David Sinclair's psych/folk release Take My Hand has been re-mastered from the original 2 track mix with seven added rare bonus tracks. David learned the studio game by hanging out while Stan worked his genius and soon found himself playing on sessions. He went on to be a top studio guitarist and singer in the Vancouver scene, opening on tour for The Poppy Family. He was a member of Sunshyne, the group that went on to become Prism and later had hits with Straight Lines and Body Electric. Much in demand as a guitarist, he played K.D. Lang's live shows and for years travelled with Sara Mclachlan during the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and Lilith Fair tours.

Side One:
1. Take My Hand 03:58
2. Livin' in the Country 04:02
3. Baby You Do 03:45
4. Hello There 01:50
5. This Time Around 02:58
Side Two:
1. A Tale of Raven 05:30
2. Three Hour Ride 02:52
3. Lord It's All Around 03:41
4. Ridin' Home 03:10
5. To Know You 03:12

                          Produced by David Sinclair & Stan Cayer

David Sinclair - Guitar, Vocals
Edwin Copperd - Piano
Derek Norris - Bass
Brian Tohnstone - Drums
Ronn Zinko - Drums on This Time Around &
Three Hour Ride

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Secret Society - The Cafe Society (Compilation) 2003

Artist: Cafe Society
Album: Secret Society (Compilation)
Label: Secret Society
Release Date: Jan 01, 2003
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock
Total Time: 01:12:28

Secret Society album by Cafe Society was released Jan 01, 2003 on the Secret Society label. Cafe Society's debut, SECRET SOCIETY, features Tom Robinson and includes tracks "Maybe It's Me," "Felicity," and 16 others. Secret Society CD music contains a single disc with 19 songs.
The Tom Robinson Band produced some of the most radical political anthems of the "Punk" era, achieving huge hits with "2 - 4 - 6 - 8 Motorway" and "Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay" Secret Society songs Like his contemporaries Costello and Strummer, Robinson had a struggling past, before he found fame. In 1973, Tom joined Cafe Society who were often to be found playing their folk - rock (Crosby, Stills and Nash crossed with Three Dog Night) songs throughout the pubs and clubs of London. Ray Davies soon signed them to his new Konk label, the band released their self titled debut album in 1974. Smash Hits declared "Cafe Society", album of the month and the band went on the road with Barclay James Harvest. However, the album sold poorly and Davies dumped the band. They continued, with Sounds naming them Most Promising Band Of 1976, but by this time Tom had seen the Sex Pistols and departed to form his own band and Cafй Society ground to a halt. This is their debut album.

 ♪ Tracklist:

01. Maybe It's Me 03:53
02. Felt Like a Kid 02:49
03. Felicity 05:35
04. Sweet Black Angel 03:44
05. You Turn Me On 04:40
06. Golden Mile 04:07
07. Whitby 2 Step 01:59
08. Give Us a Break 02:58
09. The Creed 04:15
10. When I Set Eyes 02:37
11. Family Song 04:16
12. Lap of Luxury 02:55
13. Old Man & Child 04:00
14. Sailor 03:57
15. Love Rules 03:45
16. You Are the Fire 03:52
17. Good Time Music 03:09
18. Fly 04:48
19. Glad To Be Gay (Original) 05:01

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OST: Jack Good - Catch My Soul (1973 Metromedia Records)

Artist: Various Artist
Title: Soundtrack Catch My Soul LP
Label: Metromedia Records, 1973
Manufactured by RCA Record Division,
RCA House, Curzon Street, London W.1
Printed in England by Clout & Baker
Catalog#: BML1-0176
Genre: Stage & Screen
Stile: Funk, Soul, Soul Blues, Country Rock
Total Time: 00:45:51

Саундтрэк к экранизации забытой рок-постановки шекспировского Отелло. Рабочим названием спектакля (а после и картины) было "Black Othello", что в купе с тем что в роли Отелло снялся чернокожий фолк певец Richie Havens недвусмысленно намекает на близость blaxploitation жанра! Фильм вышел в 1974 году, вслед за экранной версией рок-оперы "Jesus Christ Superstar", но провалился в прокате и был нещадно опущен критиками. Создатели фильма долго слез не лили, а пустили кинцо в свободное плавание по трешевым драйв-инам с измененным заголовком "Santa Fe Satan".
Впрочем, хватит о фильме и вспомним о музыке, которая заслуживает внимания соул-публики! Джек Гуд совместил соул-блюз и фанки соул с примесью кантри-рока и госпела. Особо выделю песни в исполнении Tony Joe White - запойный блюз "Catch My Soul" (который разбросан аж по пяти частям на пластинке) и проникновенный соул-блюз "Looking Back". Для фанкеров - горячий систа фанк "Chug-A-Lug (The Drinking Song)", госпел-Фанк "Working on a Building", соул-рок "Backwoods Preacher Man". И троица мощных грувовых фанки соул-госпелов "Eat the Bread-Drink the Wine", "That's What God Said", "Run Shaker Life".

Another one from the 'musicals' bin, and it's damn good! Completely unexpected from the cover and insert, this album features several wicked swamp funk numbers, including the excellent Chug-A-Lug and Looking Back. You must have seen this a thousand times in the record bins, and now we're giving you justification to buy it - you'll be very (pleasantly) surprised!

Side I:
A1. Tony Joe White – Othello (Part 1) 1:30
A2. Tony Joe White And Chorus* – Wash Us Clean 0:43
A3. Lance Le Gault* – Catch My Soul (Part 1) 2:49
A4. Richie Havens – Working On A Building 2:52
A5. Tony Joe White – Othello (Part 2) 0:32
A6. Lance Le Gault* – Catch My Soul (Part 2) 2:02
A7. Richie Havens – Open Your Eyes 2:40
A8. Tony Joe White – Backwoods Preacherman 2:47
A9. Tony Joe White – Looking Back 1:40
A10. Lance Le Gault* – Eat The Bread-Drink The Wine 2:05
A11. Delaney Bramlett – That's What God Said 2:47
Side II:
B1. Bonnie Bramlett – Chug A Lug (The Drinking Song) 1:44
B2. Delaney Bramlett – I Found Jesus 2:22
B3. Richie Havens – Run Shaker Life 2:30
B4. Tony Joe White – Catch My Soul (Part 3) 0:36
B5. Richie Havens – Book Of Prophecy 2:37
B6. Tony Joe White – Othello (Part 3) 0:51
B7. Lance Le Gault* – Lust Of The Blood 1:21
B8. Susan Tyrrell – Tickle His Fancy 1:34
B9. Richie Havens – Why 3:19
B10. Tony Joe White – Othello (Part 4) 1:39
B11. Lance Le Gault* – Catch My Soul (Part 4) 0:26
B12. Richie Havens – Put Out The Light 3:34
B13. Tony Joe White – Othello (Part 5) 0:44

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Quasimodogeniti (Germany) - "Quazz" 1975 Ravenstein Records, TR 700

Artist: Quasimodogeniti
Album: Quazz
Label: Ravenstein Records, DE
Catalog#: TR 700
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Genre: Jazz, Bop & Hard Bop
Total Time: 00:44:35

"Quazz" - единственный альбом немецкой группы "Quasimodogeniti", изданный на лейбле Ravenstein, назван в честь малоизвестного христианского праздника и является удивительной находкой винилокопателей. Мелодичная джазовая пластинка, где одним из основных инструментов является флейта. Простенько, но невероятно как со вкусом. Несколько чужих вещей, обыгранных довольно неожиданно. Никакой это не немецкий джаз, хотя группа вроде как из Вупперталя. Просто уж очень приятственно сделан альбом - фоно, флейта, гитара, саксофон, труба. Назвать это чистым джаз-роком даже как-то язык не поворачивается, ибо собственно рок тут сильно снивелирован на нет. О роке лишь немного напоминает барабанщик, который опять же более тяготеет к джазу. В любом случае, отличная работа, которую обязательно стоило найти и, тем более, всем рекомендуется послушать. Состав музыкантов, к сожалению, остаётся неизвестным...

Side One:
A1. Softly As In A Morning Rise 04:07
A2. If 04:09
A3. Autumm Leaves 05:42
A4. Manha De Carneval 05:17
A5. Wupper Groove 03:17
Side Two:
B1. Silhouettes 04:08
B2. Take Five 08:34
B3. What Is This Thing Called Love 04:49
B4. Marching Almut 04:25

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Tax - Same 1980 Jupiter Records - 6.24819

Artist: TAX
Album: Selftitled
Label: Jupiter Records
Catalog#: 6.24819
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1980
Genre: AOR, Rock, Blues Rock
Total Time: 00:48:19

По некоторым оценкам, фантастическая немецкая поп-рок группа, вокальные партии в которой исполнял парень с чёрным цветом кожи - басист Wally Warning, уроженец голландских Антильских островов. Выпустив в один год единственный альбом и сингл с него, троица распалась, а Wally Warning, вероятно, следуя зову предков, резко ударился в рэггей, фанк и соул, выпустив пять сольных альбомов (последний в 2011 году). К слову, и на единственном альбоме TAX тоже встречаются целые куски под влиянием данных стилей музыки, а заглавная композиция "Idiot" была хитом дискотек в южных районах Германии.
Барабанщик Eberhard Wilhelm (не путать с полным джазовым тёзкой), а к тому же ещё певец, автор песен и продюсер, тоже, как до, так и после вволю поиграл в других немецких командах: Atlantis 2000, Cherubin, Die Blutsbruder, Munich, Zara-Thustra.
Гитарист Wesley Pass, дабы не отставать от других, вскоре перебрался в Мюнхен, где вошёл в состав джаз-роковой группы Oktagon и записал с ней два альбома. Сейчас он тоже продюсер, живёт в Австрии.

            Fantastic German band with the famous Wally Warning!
            A tidbit for every Rock Music fan!

  • Side I:
A1. Idiot 3:33
A2. Justice 3:11
A3. Live For Love 5:30
A4. My Love Is Gone 3:35
A5. Jump 4:05
A6. Stoned Junkey 3:00
  • Side II:
B1. Motor 3:33
B2. Hard Life 3:07
B3. Illusion 3:19
B4. Happiness 3:52
B5. You Abused Me 3:58
B6. You Move My Life 3:46

Wally Warning - Bass, Vocals
Wesley Pass - Guitar
Eberhard Wilhelm - Drums

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Highwind - Same 1980 Forum Records - FR 1001

Artist: Highwind
Album: Self Titled
1980 Forum Records
Catalog#: FR 1001
Country: USA
Genre: AOR, Progressive Hard Rock
Total time: 00:40:39

"Highwind" - Kentucky private pressing LP with that classic progressive Hard Rock /AOR sound that reminds me of Kansas in every way. Other people have put the 'pomp' tag on it but personally I didn't find that to be so accurate. I didn't know this band, at first glance I thought it might be a Christian band but apparently isn't, or not much (in that regard also like Kansas). All songs written by Guitarist Rick Fox, joined by bass, drums and dual keyboards. Original USA pressing LP on Forum Records, 1980.

I first heard about this band via a review in Sounds magazine way back in 1982. The review compared the Kentucky based Highwind favourably to Le Roux circa their 'Up' period. This comparison was enough to prompt an extensive foray into countless bargain bins, in what I thought would ultimately be a fruitless search. Finally, after two decades of searching on a quest of almost 'Holy Grail' style proportions, I managed to secure the purchase of this elusive gem via the Internet for the princely sum of $10! 'Well was it worth it?!' I hear you cry. In a word 'yes!' Whilst not quite in the same league as 'Up' (and let's face it not many AOR albums are) it is still a fine example of late seventies Pomp. This can largely be attributed to the able song-writing talents of guitarist/mainman Rick Fox, who curiously enough was to find a career in L.A playing in bands such as Sin and Steeler!. The album itself is characterized by crisp, tight arrangements, and some fantastic guitar keyboard interplay. Considering it's an independent release the production isn't bad either ( Chameleon take note!).
The Songs:
Highlights? Where do I begin? Well firstly there's 'One By One' with its chorus punctuated by stabbing piano keys and Rick Fox's snarling guitar (wonderfully rough and ready throughout). Then of course there's my personal favourite 'Wild In The Streets' with its pumping bass line and soaring keyboard solo. Essential ingredients for a Pomp classic as any self-respecting student of the genre will tell you. Over on side two, you have 'Hardened Crime' with a killer Hammond organ solo (I kid you not!) and as a fine closer there's the majestic Pomp of 'I Only Want To Know You'. Hell, even my girlfriend was tapping her foot to this one. glorydazemusic.

Side One:
A1. Who Has Your Love 04:05
A2. Feel the Fire 03:19
A3. One By One 04:22
A4. Wild in the Streets 04:11
A5. Highwinds Flyer 04:20
Side Two:
B1. 1999 03:47
B2. Dead or Alive 03:54
B3. How Did You Know 04:20
B4. Hardened Crime 04:53
B5. I Only Want to Know You 03:25

Rick Fox - Guitars, Lead vocals
Ray Yancey - Bass, Vocals
Greg Schaffer - Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Bruce Stull - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Steve Besedick - Piano, Vocals

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Cooper Brothers - Learning To Live With It (1981 Salt Records -SR-104)

Artist: Cooper Brothers
Album: Learning To Live With It
Label: Salt Records
Catalog#: SR-104
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock, Southern Rock
Total Time: 00:31:58

Группа была создана в 1973 году в Оттаве братьями Ричардом и Брайаном Куперами и их старым приятелем Терри Кингом. Под руководством Леса Эммерсона (лидера группы Five Man Electrical Band), парни выпустили на Polydor несколько синглов, имевших небольшой региональный успех. Все изменилось, когда они летом 1978 года подписали контракт с легендарным "южнороковым" лейблом Capricorn Records. В течении двух лет группа записала два альбома, которые продюсировал Gary Cape. Альбомы хорошо продавались, а три сингла попали в The Billboard Hot 100. Кроме этого, Canadian Contemporary Music Programmers признавали группу Best New Group в 1978, Best MOR Group в 1979 и Best Overall Group в 1980. Это был пик музыкальной карьеры Cooper Brothers, последовавшее в 1980 году признание Capricorn Records банкротом, отразилось и на судьбе группы. Записанный в 1981 году в при участии Леса Эммерсона альбом Learning to Live with It успеха не имел, а следующий - Reach for the Sky, не был даже выпущен. В 1983 году группа распалась. В 1990 году на некоторое время появилось трио Cooper (Brian), King & Emmerson, а в 2006 году состоялся реюнион группы.

Canada’s premiere country-rock band from the seventies through to the mid 80?s, the Cooper Brothers first gained international attention when they signed a major recording contract with Capricorn Records (famous for several of the most popular southern-rock acts of the time including: The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Delbert McClinton and Elvin Bishop). The Cooper Brothers, Brian and Richard, released two albums under the Capricorn label, the self-titled, Cooper Brothers and Pitfalls of the Ballroom. Both albums sold extremely well and the singles “The Dream Never Dies”, “Rock and Roll Cowboys” “Show Some Emotion” and “I’ll Know Her When I See Her” all charted on The Billboard Hot 100... - here

 • Side One:
A1. If My Heart Only Knew 4:28
A2. Come Back Baby 3:02
A3. You Live Just A Little 3:56
A4. Poor Little Rich Girl 3:24
A5. Dangerous Moon 3:31
 • Side Two:
B1. What's In Your Heart That Matters 3:18
B2. Trouble Written All Over You 3:41
B3. Learning To Live With It 4:39
B4. Rules Of The Road 3:06

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                          Percussion by Glenn Bell

Guitar – Les Emmerson, Richard Cooper
Keyboards, Saxophone – Frank Fontyn
Bass, Vocals – Brian Cooper
Drums, Vocals – Glenn Bell
Vocals – Les Emmerson
Guitar, Vocals - Terry King

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Stillwater - I Reserve The Right! (1978 Capricorn Records)

Artist: Stillwater
I Reserve The Right!
Ⓟ 1978
Capricorn Records
© 2007
PolyGram Records, inc.
314 542 182 - 2
Made in EU
Rock, Southern Rock
FLAC (track+.cue)
Total Time:

Группа ''Stillwater'' просуществовала с 1973
по 1983-й и базировалась в Warner Robins, Georgia. Stillwater выпустили два альбома на Capricorn Records и прекратили свою деятельность после ухода с лейбла. В активе группы также много гастрольных туров, в том числе с Atlanta Rhythm Section и Тhe Charlie Daniels Band. В 1998 году материал, так и не выпущенного в 1983 году альбома был доработан и выпущен под названием Runnin' Free. Это не те выдуманные Stillwater, история которых изображена в фильме "Почти знаменит"(Almost Famous) Камерона Кроу 2000 го года .

Best Track: "Fair Warning." This song is exactly what bands like the Drive-By Truckers are going for these days. It's a brand of rock that reeks of swamp gas and stale beer. Stillwater even uses three guitarists, just like the Truckers.
This song features a bluesy piano and a snappy bassline to go with its noodling guitar solos. The lyrics tell a story about a girl named Foxy Lucy who likes to cheat on her boyfriend, Jo Bob Jenkins (See what I mean about the Lynyrd Skynyrd?). The "Fair Warning" is that while Foxy Lucy's "Short shorts and halter tops" are enticing, it's best to stay away because Jo Bob "totes a switchblade knife."
It ends with this clever little twist: "Jo Bob will catch you by surprise/and cut you down to size/he's fool enough to do it/I know it for a fact/there ain't no maybe to it/I've got the scars to prove it."

Worst Track: "I Reserve the Right." Equal parts Foreigner and Van Halen, this is something the boys in Detroit Rock City would get down to. It has an endless, soaring guitar solo and cheesy rebellious lyrics like this: "Last night I got loose as a goose/got high/got tacky/drank all they had, broke all the rules/blew by cool/acted wacky."

        More Info from Wikipedia and All Music.

 • Sracklist:
01. I Reserve The Right 6:30
02. Women (Beautiful Woman) 4:24
03. Keeping Myself Alive 2:57
04. Kalifornia Kool 3:30
05. Sometimes Sunshine 4:06
06. Fair Warning 4:30
07. Alone On A Saturday Night 2:05
08. Ain't We A Pair 4:30

                       Producer by Stillwater and Tad Bush
                       Executive Producer by Buddy Buie

Allison Scarborough - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Causey, Rob Walker - Guitar
Bobby Golden - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob Spearman - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Hall (4) - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Rob Walker (4) - Lead Vocals
Sebie Lacey - Lead Vocals, Drums
Steve Hulse - Strings

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Coldwater Army - Peace (1971 Agape Records)

Artist: Coldwater Army
Album: Peace
Label: Agape Records
Catalog#: AS-2600
Producer: Bobby Smith
Country: USA
Year: 1971
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Total Time: 00:41:15

Очень редкий альбом группы, основанной как "Golden Boys", далее сменившей название на "Golden Arcade". "Coldwater Army" была сформирована примерно в 1969 году (не путать с группой 90-х из Флориды с одноименным названием). Группа много выступала по южным штатам. Альбом "Peace" не стал хитовым, хотя у членов группы была масса времени для работы в студии. Во многих песнях звучат духовые в стиле группы "Чикаго" . Группа распалась вскоре после выхода альбома, поскольку многие участники на тот момент учились в колледже и хотели продолжить образование. Новый состав "Coldwater Army" работал над вторым альбомом, уже без дудок, который так никогда и не вышел в свет. Ряд участников группы впоследствии влились в известную команду "Stillwater", исполнявшую southern rock. Некоторым членам этой команды было по 17 лет - звучит весьма убедительно.

An inauspicious start in first song I Just Can’t See You Anymore with the opening lyrics As I was walking down the road today/I found the answer to my problem - and immediately into a Spinners-like folk lilt – Coldwater Army flashes the warning lights of 60s/70s lyrically earnest self-introspection and conscious discovery. But second track Away launches from another place and pad with its slow blues and brass riff, then powerful vocal and sax solo into a Chicago-aped horn repeat of the pulsing riff. Tease and tear-it-up stuff in this starting dichotomy.
Third track Dreams continues the heavier, funky sound and the opener seems a strange anomaly until fourth To Pamela returns to the folkish, rather dated lyrical and harmonising combinations of the time. It’s an uneven album, unless you like both, and this uncertainty indicates a band in search of an identity, one some found strongly when emerging after this to help form Stillwater. Fifth Hey, People is a classic Felix Cavaliere Rascals sound, and sixth Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday presents a complex rhythmic mix to mirror the portentous ponderings of its title.
Eighth By Your Side is all Canned Heat boogie - and I’ll stop plotting the variations and verisimilitudes now – it is clear the album advances, morphs and digresses in its entertaining journey through thirteen folk’n’rock tracks, or as band member Bobby Golden has stated, the music he and his brothers played in the lead up to this band was anything heard on the radio, from the Bee Gees to The Doors (Bobby Golden and Bob Spearman were two CA band members to move on to form Stillwater).

  • Tracklist:

01. I Just Can't See You Anymore 2:02
02. Away 3:41
03. Dreams 4:59
04. To Pamela 3:06
05. Hey, People 2:29
06. Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday 2:50
07. Smiling Faces 2:39
08. By Your Side 4:03
09. Time Is Lost 2:55
10. In Thought 4:53
11. Get It Together 3:39
12. Time For Reason 3:52

Calvin Arnold, Kenny Golden - Bass
Bob Garrett - Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Bobby Golden - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Spearman - Keyboards, Vocals
Richard Hughes - Drums
Nic Jones - Trumpet, Vocals
Stanley Kimbal - Guitar
Dale Miller - Saxophone

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