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Home Groan - Home Groan (1997 Me)

Artist: Home Groan
Album: Home Groan
Label: ME Records
© Copyright -Home Groan Productions/ncb
Catalog#: ME 001

Country: Oslo, Norway
Release: 1997
Genre: Pop-Rock, Alt-Country, Indie Rock
Duration: 00:50:12

Scandinavia’s premier alt-country / organic-rock outfit have released their tenth album. American born singer-songwriter Martin Hagfors has honed his eclectic, catchy and lyrically unique skills to the point of perfection. Home Groan’s Hey Revolution Now! showcases a mature full fledged band that can rival anyone in creative power and musical sensibility. Hey Revolution Now! is produced by Motorpsycho’s Hakon Gebhardt and is augmented by one of Europe’s finest guitar players: Lars Havard Haugen.
H.G. is an exceptional live band and Martin Hagfors’ solo incarnation Groan Alone has been a favorite opening act for the likes of, Richard Thompson, Lucinda Williams, Ani Di Franco and the late Elliot Smith.
Home Groan’s Martin Hagfors is a prolific song writer and his skills have been utilized by numerous artists. His recent collaboration with the Jaga Jazzist/Thomas Dybdahl off-shot: The National Bank proved to be both commercially and artistically successful cumulating in a Norwegian Grammy and the song, “Tolerate” being honoured as song of the year by BMI/ASCAP affiliate: TONO.

 • Tracklist:

01. The Eastern Line 2:50
02. Hope 3:09
03. Freeze Frame 2:54
04. Anniversary Day 2:38
05. Breath of a Whisper 3:41
06. Tropical Storm 3:29
07. Separation 2:49
08. Leave My Guitar Alone 3:07
09. Northern Wind 3:11
10. River of Blight 3:17
11. Cheyenne 4:33
12. Roller Coaster Baby 3:05
13. Marlene 3:33
14. Rock'n Roll 4:36
15. Sweet Little Mamma 3:20

Martin Hagfors - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Odd Eirik Fleischer - bass guitar
Per Ivar Strete, Even Finsrud - drums
Terje Johannesen, Lars Havard Haugen - guitar
Mona Varpe - vocals, theremin, keyboards
Vidar Ersfjord - keyboards, trombone

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