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Megan McDonough - In The Megan Manner (1972)

Artist: Megan McDonough
Album: In The Megan Manner
Label: Wooden Nickel Records
Catalog#: WNS-1004
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:38:08

The packaging of Megan McDonough's first album was guilefully artless. A faded sepia photograph depicted a forlorn Ms McDonough strumming her guitar in the shade of a tree, face half-obscured by a curtain of center-parted hair. If that wasn't enough to indicate to the public that McDonough was an oh-so deeply sensitive singer/songwriter type, then the tactic of printing the lyrics over the image surely was. The actual music does live up to the styling, though. In The Megan Manner spotlights McDonough's beautifully fluid, supple soprano, and her songwriting - by no means staggering at this point - is listenable and competitive, weaving together elements of folk and gospel-tinged rock. The lyrics are mainly typical mellow-speak fluff: "Pocketful" is characteristic: "With hot summer days/ cold autumn haze/ Moon shine winter ways/ in all this time won't you stay". Er, yeah. Her ballads, "On the Shores of Your Tomorrow" and "Song Without A Story" in particular, have a tendency to go on too long, without hooks strong enough to support such an indulgence. "Kevin Jane" - a lovely tribute to a dead sibling - is an exception. Other cuts are notable for their peculiarity: the greasy, rocking "Guitar Picker" sounds like it's stumbled in from someone else's album, while "Room and Board" is moderately rousing Jesus rock. Throughout, McDonough accompanies herself on piano (not guitar, as implied by the cover), supported by Larry Carlton and "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow amongst others.- Charles Donovan

 • Side One:
A1. Pocketful - 3:53
A2. Vintage - 4:03
A3. Part I - 0:18
A4. Kevin Jane - 3:52
A5. Guitar Picker - 2:51
A6. Part II - 0:18
A7. Peacmakers - 3:14
  Side Two:
B1. Room And Board - 2:36
B2. Part III - 0:18
B3. Stay In Touch - 2:33
B4. Comin' Down Easy - 2:39
B5. On The Shores Of Your Tomorrow - 4:09
B6. Don't Worry Mama - 3:36
B7. Song WIthout A Story - 3:23
B8. Next - 0:25

      Producer by Barry Fasman, Bob Monaco, Jim Golden
      Engineer, Mixed by Don Sciarotta
      Mastered by Doug Sax
      Arranged by Barry Fasman  

Megon McDonough - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Bill Perry - Bass
Larry Brown - Drums
"Sneaky" Pete Kleinow - Steel Guitar
Larry Carlton - Guitar
Tom Hensley - Keyboards

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Paris Pilot – Paris Pilot (1969 Hip Records)

Artist: Paris Pilot
Album: Paris Pilot
Label: Hip Records
Catalog#: HIS 7004
Format: Vinyl, LP, Promo
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 00:30:36

Psych-rock combo Paris Pilot formed in Memphis under the name Load of Mischief, bringing together vocalist David Mayo, guitarist Jimmy Tarbutton, bassist Ray Sanders, keyboardist Ken Woodley and drummer Larry Wall. Signing to the Stax label’s HIP subsidiary, the group began work on its debut LP when ex-Mar-Kay Don Nix commandeered the project, signing on as songwriter, producer and engineer and insisting Load of Mischief change its name to Paris Pilot; somewhat amazingly, Nix is the only musician even credited on the resulting album, an eponymously-titled effort issued in 1969. The members of Paris Pilot disassociated themselves from the finished product, sales were dismal, and the group dissolved soon after. (Jason Ankeny)

 • Side One:
A1. The Beat Goes On - 05:54
A2. Winters Child - 02:58
A3. Shades Of Doubt - 02:42
A4. Temptations 'Bout To Get Me - 03:14
A5. Long Way To Go - 02:55
  Side Two:
B1. Overton Park Flip - 03:50
B2. Miss Rita Famous - 02:43
B3. Roses And Rainbows - 03:21
B4. Don't Let It - 03:45

      Recorded at Ardent Studios
      Arranged, Engineer, Photography, Producer – Don Nix
      Art Direction – Beverly Parker
      Remix Engineer – John Fry 

David Mayo - vocals
Jimmy Tarbutton - guitar
Ray Sanders - bass
Ken Woodley - keyboards
Larry Wall - drums

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Taffy McElroy - The Heartbreak Kid (1981)

Artist: Taffy McElroy
Album: The Heartbreak Kid
Label: MCA Records
Catalog#: MCA-5191
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1981
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues, Soul
Duration: 00:36:21

 • Side One:
A1. Who's That Look In Your Eye - 03:40
A2. The Heartbreak Kid - 04:18
A3. When It's Gone - 04:45
A4. I Want You To Be The First - 03:06
A5. If I Hadn't Met You - 02:34
  Side Two:
B1. You Can Always Count Me - 03:23
B2. That Didn't Hurt Too Bad - 03:26
B3. What's On Your Mind - 04:07
B4. Out Of My Mind - 03:30
B5. Then You Can Tell Me Good-Bye - 03:12

      Recorded at Creative Workshop
      Manufactured By MCA Records(Canada)
      Recorded by Billy Puett
      Mastered by Mike Reese
      Assistant Mastered By Fred Molin
      Mixed By – Brent Maher, Todd Cernan
      Engineer – Brent Maher 

Backing Vocals – Bruce Dees, Donna McElroy, Lea Jane Berinati,
Marcia Routh, Rob Galbraith, Steve Brantley
Bass – Warren Gowers
Bass, Drums – Steve Brantley
Drums – David Accorso, Kenny Malone, Larrie Londin
Electric Guitar – Larry Byr, Reggie Young
Electric and Acoustic Guitar – Bruce Dees
Electric Piano – Rob Galbraith
Acoustic Guitar – Don Roth
Harmony Vocals – Taffy McElroy
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Acoustic & Electric Piano – Bobby Ogdin
Saxophone – Denis Solee
Steel Guitar – Sonny Garrish
Strings – Shelly Kurland
Trombone – Wayne Harrison
Trumpet – George Tidwell

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Gene Cotton - Save The Dancer (1978)

Artist: Gene Cotton
Album: Save The Dancer
Label: Ariola
Catalog#: SW 50031
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Folk Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:36:04

 • Side One:
A1. Before My Heart Finds Out - 02:30
A2. You're A Part Of Me - 03:58
A3. Like A Sunday In Salem - 04:11
A4. Going Through The Motions Of Love - 03:41
A5. Save The Dancer - 04:10
  Side Two:
B1. Only The Lucky - 02:44
B2. She's Sweet, She's Somebody - 03:13
B3. Shine On - 04:05
B4. You Were Right - 03:37
B5. As Long As There's Laughter - 03:40

      Recorded and Mixed at Creative Workshop
      Producer by Steve Gibson
      Engineered by Brent Maher
      Mastering by Glen Meadows

Randy Boudrum - Moog Synthesizer, Back Vocals
Kenny Buttrey, Jerry Carrigan - Drums
Johnny Christopher - Acoustic Guitar
Gene Cotton - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Andrae Crouch & His Disciples - Vocals
Steve Gibson - Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Back Vocals
Shane Keister - Moog Synthesizer, Piano
Sheri Kramer, Lisa Silver, Shane Tidwell - Back Vocals
Larrie Londin - Drums
Farrell Morris - Percussion
Bobby Ogden - Organ
Jack Williams, Jim Osborne, Tommy Cagbil - Bass
Buddy Skipper - Horn and String Arrangements

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Alan David - Alan David (1981 EMI Records)

Artist: Alan David
Album: Alan David
Label: EMI Records
Catalog#: EMC 3365
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:40:19

 • Side One:
A1. Get Your Love Right - 04:02
A2. Take It Easy - 03:19
A3. Feel So Good - 04:27
A4. Mainstreet - 03:48
A5. Life's A Long Way To Run - 04:38
  Side Two:
B1. Hold On To What Ya Got - 03:58
B2. Dreaming - 03:56
B3. One And Only Love - 04:14
B4. Heartache - 03:42
B5. Angeline - 04:09

      Producer by Bruce Welch
      Engineer – Geoff Emerick
      Assistant Engineer – Jon Jacobs, Tony George

Strings Arranged – Richard Hewson, Steve Gray
Backing Vocals – Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange
Bass – Alan Jones, Mo Foster
Drums – Barry Morgan
Bass – Billy Kristian (tracks: B2)
Lead Vocals – Stevie Lange (track: B2)
Guitar – Chris Thompson (track: B2)
Guitar – Paul Keogh, Ricky Hitchcock, Robbie McIntosh
Keyboards – Mike Moran
Percussion – Frank Ricotti
Written By – Lionel Martin
Lead Vocals – Alan David

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Peter Pringle - Rain Upon The Sea (1981)

Artist: Peter Pringle
Album: Rain Upon The Sea
Label: A&M Records
Catalog#: SP-9051
Format: Vinyl LP
Released: 1981
Country: Canada
Genre: Pop Rock
Duration: 00:32:17

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Pringle first played the piano. He also enjoyed singing, and joined the children's chorus of The Canadian Opera Company in 1954 and began to sing professionally. In the 1960's Pringle moved from Toronto to New York City where, among my other activites, he began studying the classical lute with theremin cellist Leonid Bolotine. He quickly discovered that he could finance his exotic musical interests through mainstream popular songwriting. Pringle then went to India to study the surbahar.
Pringle resided in several different countries over the next few years, financing his travels through songwriting and filmscoring. Because of his love/hate relationship with the spotlight, he would often work under assumed names. At that time, he collaborated with some of the most famous and successful songwriters in the business. He moved to L.A. in 1975, signed a deal with Warner Records and released his self-titled debut album in 1976.
Pringle remained in L.A. for five years but felt creatively stifled so in 1980 he moved to Montreal, signed a deal with A & M RECORDS and continued putting out LP's. He also signed to a television deal for several specials while in Quebec.
After singing with everyone from (a young) Celine Dion to Nana Mouskouri to Petula Clark, Pringle By grew tired of singing pop music, so he changed direction by writing a one-man show based on the life and work of the late British playwright, actor and singer Sir Noel Coward. This play, starring Pringle, called NOEL COWARD: A PORTRAIT occupied the next few years of his life. He performed hundreds of shows all over the world including an exclusive engagement at the White House for US President George Bush Sr. and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as well as a Royal Engagement for the Royal Family in England.
Next Pringle did another one-man show, this time in French based on the "Song Of Songs" (Le Cantique Des Cantiques or "Shir haShirim") of the Old Testament. The work was based on the interpretations of the late Alexandrian-born French cabalist Carlo Suares. The texts were by the French lyricist Laurence Musy. Pringle accompanied myself on a variety of different instruments including lute and the harp.
In 1996 Pringle decided to retire from public performing, but after taking up the Theramin, found himself back on the concert stage many times accompanied by symphony orchestras. - Eva Johnson.

 • Side One:
A1. Stranger - 03:21
A2. Hold On - 03:27
A3. Running Scared - 02:04
A4. Lead Me Home - 02:41
A5. It Just Occured to Me - 02:39
  Side Two:
B1. You Don't Want to Lose That Girl - 02:17
B2. Sweet Lightning - 02:47
B3. I Could Have Been a Sailor - 02:52
B4. Closing Time - 02:53
B5. Merlin's Dance - 05:41

      Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto by John Naslin,
      Assisted by David Taylor.
      Mixed at Rudy Sound, Los Angeles by Don Gooch,
      Assisted by Jay Parti.
      Prodeced by Harry Hinde for Bindu Productions.

Vocals, Keyboards - Peter Pringle
Guitars - Bob Mann, Jim Perry, Paul Sanu (Courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.)
Bass - Bob Babbit, Trey Thompson ''Hold On To the Night''
Drums - Barry Keane
Keyboards - Eric Robertson
Percussion - Paulinho Da Costa (Bablo Recording Artist)
Back Vocals - Julia Waters Tillman, Maxine Waters Willard (Courtesy Arista Records)
Rhythm Arrangements - Eric Robertson
String Arrangements - David Van Pitte

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The Upset - Sunshine (1977 Guinness Records)

Artist: The Upset
Album: Sunshine
Label: Guinness Records
Catalog#: GNS 36057
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1977
Genre: Pop Rock, Funk / Soul
Duration: 00:27:03

Another 'Tax Scam' label release, the first of two albums from The Upset on the shady but often excellent Guinness label. This has been one of the easier albums to find on the imprint although I can't say the same for the follow-up 'Midsummer Night' which I rarely see for sale and when I do it's often well out of my limited price range. Again as with the majority of Guinness product, credits are minimal to non-existent although producer Lou Guarino pops up on numerous late 1950s-early 1960s singles including The Skyliners moldy oldie 'Since I Don't Have You' and early hits from Chad & Jeremy. Not exactly AOR material but everyone has to start somewhere right? Song writing credits are given to one Peter Allen, although it's hard to say if it's the same cat that put out a couple decent west coast/pop offerings on A&M.
What we have with The Upset is good to fair early '70s pop that could very well be a collection of demos which I'll get to in a minute. Now I suppose an appreciation of what was coming out of American AM radio early in the decade might be a prerequisite for enjoyment. You know, stuff like Dawn, Mark Lindsay, Gallery and the orange and brown musical netherworld between the overwrought psychedelic peace and love upheaval of the late 1960s and the glitzy self-serving latter half of the decade. There are some good tunes and 'Brother' opens the record with some light orchestration going the Bobby Goldsboro route. Never a fan, but it works and while 'Riding High' features a vocalist akin to Nick Gilder I can't help but think 'Sunshine' is the work of two or even three very different bands. 'Tell Me Why' is actually quite serviceable, a nice pop rocker with a breezy infectious chorus, more of this would have been very cool. That said, the funky 'Jump Back' is horrific, sounding like a lost Rufus outtake while 'Man On The Flying Trapeze' reminds me of the 1973 Vicki Lawrence hit 'The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia'; another 'artist' I've never been very enthused about. Side two's 'It's Getting' Better' is tasty, with the feel of a good late-period Monkees track and the title cut is deliciously sweet and bubble gummy although as you can already tell perhaps too much of the record verges on light weight MOR and those looking for something with a little more substance should check out other Guinness gems such as Free Will, Sweet Rush's 'Living On Giving' or Lift's progressive rock classic 'Caverns Of Your Brain'.
Me? I like this sort of thing. Easy going pop before punk and disco mucked it up and while Guinness and other tax shelter label's shuffled some horrendous product to the unsuspecting masses, The Upset's 'Sunshine' is one of the better releases to come my way. (glorydaze music)

 • Side One:
A1. Brother - 2:32
A2. Riding High - 2:48
A3. Tell Me Why - 2:47
A4. Jump Back - 3:10
A5. Man On The Flying Trapeze - 2:44
  Side Two:
B1. It's Gettin' Better Together - 2:50
B2. Sunshine - 3:20
B3. In Reach - 3:30
B4. All I See You - 3:10

      Produced By Lou Guarino
      All songs written by Peter Allen

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Efendi's Garden (feat. Members of Jane) (1979)

Artist: Efendi's Garden
Album: Efendi's Garden
Label: Sireena
Catalog#: SIREENA 2056
Format: CD Album
Released: June 21, 2010
Country: Germany
Genre: Pop/Rock, Kraut Rock
Duration: 01:12:15

EFENDI'S GARDEN, несмотря на экзотическое музыкальное звучание, группа из немецкого Ганновера. Её основатель - гитарист и клавишник Wolfgang Krantz раньше играл с группами JANE и HARLIS, а потом взял отпуск, чтобы совершить потрясающее возвращение в 1979 году с EFENDI'S GARDEN. Активировав в качестве сопровождения бывшего гитариста JANE Клауса Хесса (Klaus Hess), а также басиста Фрэнка Майера (Frank Meier), барабанщика Вольфганга Шрайнера (Wolfgang Schreiner), саксофониста Хайнца Альбердинга (Heinz Alberding) и певца с редким тембром Томаса Стендера (Thomas Stender, он же - Curtis Efendi, давший название проекту), Кранц представил публике коллектив, который должен был искать свою собственную нишу на музыкальной сцене Западной Германии. Пение в арабском стиле, усиленное мегафоном, создаёт звучание между пронзительным и гипнотическим, но всегда очень интенсивное, создающее приятные аранжировки. Частично представляющие собой софт-баллады с хард-роковым звуком в лучших традициях JANE и даже содержащие элементы диско (вероятно, в угоду бушевавшей в то время дискотечной лихорадке) должны быть обязательно услышаны и интегрированы в музыкальную концепцию каждого поклонника жанра. Казалось бы, для этой группы после успеха альбома должны были быть открыты все двери для будущего прибыльного шоу-бизнеса, удачных живых концертов, построенных на экзотических выступлениях вокалиста Томаса Стендера под псевдонимом Кёртис Эфенди, но жили они в Западном Берлине, где тогда не нашлось возможностей для постоянных репетиций и масштабных гастрольных туров. И всё-же в 1989 году EFENDI'S GARDEN снова собрались вместе, причиной чему было их появление на концерте в зале Capitol в родном Ганновере. На следующий год они уже оказались в студии Peppermint с новыми певческими идеями, где записали ещё 10 треков, которые, правда, тогда не увидели свет. (Этот пробел теперь устранён и CD с ними у вас в руках, все песни добавлены в качестве бонус-треков к оригинальному винилу, поскольку они действительно являются прекрасным примером великолепной рок-музыки). После того сеанса записи группа EFENDI'S GARDEN, к сожалению, растворяется. Клаус Хесс ещё предпринял гастрольный тур с MOTHER JANE, Вольфганг Кранц присоединился в качестве гостя к возрождённой JANE Питера Панка.

EFENDI'S GARDEN was - despite of their exotic musical sound - a band from Hannover. Founder Wolfgang Krantz formerly played with the bands called JANE and HARLIS, then he took a year off, to make a terrific return in 1979 with EFENDI'S GARDEN. Activated by the former bandmember of JANE, Klaus Hess, as well as bassplayer Frank Meier, drummer Wolfgang Schreiner, Saxophone player Heinz Alberding and the uncommon singer Thomas Stender, Krantz presented a collective which had to search one's own kind in former musical aera of West Germany. Arabian singing, amplified by a megaphone, between shrill and hypnotic but always very intensive joining the slick arranged music. Partly like a soft ballade then again hardrock sound a la best JANE-tradition - even disco elements (it was the big disco fever at that time) are to be heard and are integrated into the musical concept. Pure relief - for this band normally all doors would have been open for future business - allthemore the live gigs built real hightlights, due to the optical appearance of singer Thomas Stender alias Curtis Efendi. But he lived in West Berlin thus no constant tours/rehearsals could take place. 1989 EFENDI'S GARDEN came together again, reason was an appearance in the Capitol, Hannover. 1990 they entered the Peppermint studios with new song-ideas where finally 10 titles have been recorded but never appeared on a sound carrier. (This changed with the cd you have in hand, all songs have been added as bonus tracks because they really are perfect examples for great rockmusic). After the recording session the band unfortunately dissolved. Klaus Hess still is on tour with MOTHER JANE, Wolfgang Krantz belongs to the actual cast of Peter Panka's JANE. Both vinyls of HARLIS "Harlis" and "Night Meets The Day" have been re-released in 2010 by Sireena Records.

 • Tracklist:

01. Lazy Man Crazy - 02:35
02. The Garden - 06:18
03. Doom's Day - 03:34
04. Oh Boy - 05:20
05. Whip Of Roses - 02:53
06. The King - 02:57
07. Mary - 03:35
08. The Sirens - 03:34
09. Lemmie Go Hanging - 04:07
10. Fisherman - 02:46
   Unreleased 2. Album:
11. Do It (Bonus Track) - 02:33
12. Struck By Love (Bonus Track) - 02:50
13. U Gimmie Nights (Bonus Track) - 03:11
14. One Wrong Step (Bonus Track) - 02:24
15. Easy To Forget You (Bonus Track) - 04:21
16. Al-Hubb (Bonus Track) - 04:01
17. Late In The Night (Bonus Track) - 04:47
18. And The Wind Was Blowing (Bonus Track) - 03:11
19. Sailor (Bonus Track) - 04:22
20. Rich Girls (Bonus Track) - 02:26

      Producer and Arranger by Efendi's Garden
      Engineer, Mixing by Jens Krause and Rene Tinner
      Liner Notes, Release Production - Tom Redecker
      Mastering - Marlon Klein

Thomas Stender (alias Curtis Efendi) - Megaphone, Vocals
Erwin Giebelhausen, Frank Meier - Bass
Klaus Hess - Guitar, Keyboards
Heinz Alberding - Drums, Saxophone
Wolfgang Krantz - Guitars, Keyboards
Wolfgang Schreiner - Drums, Percussion

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Bridge - Bridge (1981 WEA Records)

Artist: Bridge
Album: Bridge
Label: WEA Records
Catalog#: WEAN 58267
Format: Vinyl LP

Released: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:31:37

 • Side One:
A1. Little Darlin' - 4:41
A2. I Never Thought - 3:03
A3. Prisoner Of A Woman - 3:48
A4. Dreamin' - 3:47
  Side Two:
B1. Charades - 3:37
B2. Open Your Heart - 3:19
B3. Answer Me - 3:08
B4. Do The Hostile - 0:47
B5. The Masquerade Is Over - 4:24

      Produced by Tom Patrick Salisbury, Chris Michie & Hans Tonino
      Arranged by Tom Patrick Salisbury & Chris Michie
      Recorded at the Morgan Studios - Brussels
      Mixed at he Air Studios - London
      The Dureco Studios - Weesp-Holland*
      & The Automatt - San Tfancisco*

Guitars & Vocals - Chris Mlchie
Keyboards & Vocals - Tom Salisbury
Bass & Background Vocals - Gene Santini
Drums - Bruno Castelucci
Background Vocals - Corrie Hekker Patricia Maessen & Jody Pijper

On little Darling:
Keyboards & Vocal - Tom Salisbury
Vocals - Corrie Hekker
Bottleneck Guitar - Chris Michie
Guitars - Lex Bolderdijk
Bass - Jan Hollestelle
Drums - Ton op 't Hof
Congas - Steve Mitchell
Saxaphone - Pietro Lacirignola
Synthesizer Programming - Peter Schon
Produced & Arranged by - Tom Salisbury

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Leviathan - S/T (Forgotten Jewels FJ LP 004) 1990

Artist/Band: Leviathan
Album: Self-titled
Label: Forgotten Jewels

Catalog#: FJ-004
Type: Bootleg / Unauthorized
Release: 1990
Printed in Germany
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 00:55:59

A band with a confusing name and a confusing history, the Mike Stuart Span did manage to record a classic British psychedelic single in 1967, "Children of Tomorrow." With its driving power chords, squealing guitar leads, and haunting harmonies, the song struck a classic midpoint between hard mod-pop and the early psychedelia of UK groups like the Pink Floyd and Tomorrow. The problem was that hardly anyone actually heard the record, as it was pressed in a run of 500 copies on a small independent label.
The Brighton group had been around since the mid-'60s, and recorded a few other singles for Columbia and Fontana with a much more conventional pop approach. There was actually no one named Mike Stuart in the act, which began to rely much more upon self-penned psychedelic material in 1967. Most of this never got beyond the demo/Peel session stage, though. The band was pressured by management to make an out-and-out pop single in 1968 that flopped, helping to squelch any prospects of the musicians asserting themselves as a significant presence in the British psych/prog scene.
In the late '60s, the Mike Stuart Span were actually featured in a BBC TV documentary entitled A Year in the Life (Big Deal Group), which charted the band's successes and (more commonly) failures over the course of a year. By the time it aired in September 1969, however, the group had changed their name to Leviathan, signed with Elektra, released a few singles, completed an unreleased album, and broken up. Nothing else they recorded matched the brilliance of "Children of Tomorrow," though most of their original material was infused with the same yearning for some sort of just-past-the-horizon utopia. But they left behind a number of demos that demonstrated a promising ability to wed hard psychedelic guitars with a fair knack for melody and harmony. Interest in the band increased in the '80s when "Children of Tomorrow" was featured on a few psychedelic compilations. An entire album's worth of tracks, culled from singles, demos, and a BBC session, finally saw the light of day in the mid-'90s. ~ Richie Unterberger

Time (John Peel session version) 04:08
Children of Tomorrow (John Peel version) 03:15
My White Bicycle (again from the Peel session) 03:16
Remember The Times 02:48
Second Production 03:41
World In My Head 04:28
Flames 05:01
Shades of Autumn (Peel version) 05:42
Blue Day 06:12
Time (Alternate version) 04:06
The War Machine 05:24
Evil Woman 07:52
  Bonus Track:
Concerto Of Thoughts 03:04
14. Through The Looking Glass 05:43
15. Rescue Me 03:39
16. Children Of Tomorrow (alternate version) 03:18
17. Through The Looking Glass (alternate version) 04:52

Stuart Hobday - Vocals
Brian Bennett - Guitar
Gary 'Roscoe' Murphy - Drums
Roger McCabe - Bass

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суббота, 19 июля 2014 г.

Peter Covent Band - 55 Hits a GoGo (2 LP, 1971 Philips)

Artist: Peter Covent Band
Album: 55 Hits a GoGo
Label: Philips
Catalog#: 6623013
Format: 2 x LP, Vinyl Album
Country: Germany
Genre: Jazz, Pop
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 01:19:08

 • Platte 1/1:
A1. Up Around The Bend (J. C. Fogerty)
(H. Hildebrandt-Winhauer/T. Oberdorffer)
Mademoiselle Ninette
(H. Hildebrandt-Winhauer) - 4:37
A2. In The Year 2525 (Exerdium & Terminus/Evans)
Dynamite Woman
(D. Sahm) Mendocino (D. Sahm) - 3:38
A3. Sorry Suzanne (Stephens/Macauley) People World (J. Glover)
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
(J. Levins/R. Cordeil) - 4:05
A4. Jumpin' Jack Flash (M. Jagger/K. Richard)
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
(A. Resnick/J. Levine) - 3:05
A5. Get Back (P. McCartney)
Let The Sunshine In
(J. Rado/G. Ragni/G. McDermont) - 2:49
  Platte 1/2:
B1. El condor pasa (Trad./Bcarb. P. Auer/Ch. Effel)
American Woman
(Bachmann/Cummings/Petersen) Cecilia (P. Simon) - 4:51
B2. Suspicious Minds (M. James)
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
(B. Bacharach/H. David)
(Call Me) Number One
(Blakley/Hawkes) - 4:00
B3. All Kinds Of Everything (D. Lindsay/J. Smith)
Sha La La, l Love You
(N. Hillmann/B. Goldwyn/G. Loose)
Wunder gibt es immer wieder
(C. Bruhn/G. Loose) - 3:50
B4. l Can Hear Music (J. Barry) Snake In The Grass (H. Blaikley)
Ragamuffin Man
(M. Murray/P. Callander) - 4:26
B5. Question (Hayward) Ma belle amie (van Eijck/Tetteroo) - 3:01
  Platte 2/1:
C1. House Of The Rising Sun (Trad./Bearb. B. Jojic/Ch. Effel)
(J. Cliff) Spirit In The Sky (N. Greenbaum) - 4:40
C2. Mah-na, Mah-na (Umiliani) ComeTogether (J. Lennon/P. McCartney) - 3:05
C3. Wand'rin Star (Lerner/Loewe) Bridge Over Troubled Water (P. Simon)
Let It Be
(J. Lennon/P. McCartney) - 4:04
C4. Je t'aime .. .moi non plus (S. Gainsbourg) Nie mehr allein (J. Heider/J. Relin)
Dein schonstes Geschenk
(W. Twardy/Lilibert) - 3:47
C5. Oh Happy Day (Trad./Bearb. P. Auer/F. Daniel)
(R. van Leeuwen) Sugar, Sugar (Barry/Kim) - 4:53
  Platte 2/2:
D1. The Seeker (P. Townshend) In The Summertime (R. Dorset)
Nuevo Laredo (O. Sahm) - 3:03
D2. First Of May (B., R. & M. Gibb) Proud Mary (J. C. Fogerty)
Something s Happening
(R. del Turcu/Bigazzi/J. Fishman) - 4:02
D3. Daughter Of Darkness (L. Recd/Stcphens)
I.O.I. O.
(B. & M. Gibb) Yellow River (Chris t ie) - 4:28
D4. Jesamine (Manston/Gellar) Son-Of-A Preacher Man (Hurley/Wilkins)
Fox On The Run
(Hazzard) - 3:49
D5. Down On The Corner (J. C. Fogerty)
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Hirn Goodbye
(G. de Carlo/D. Frashuer/P. Leka) - 3:03

Musikalische Leitung: Peter Covent
Arrangements: Boris Jojic, Pepsi Auer. Peter Covent
Tontechnik: Willy Schmidt, Gottfried Koenen; Trixi-Tonstudio, Munchen
Produktion und Gesamtleitung: Egon L. Frauenberger
Fotos: Dietrich Schafer - Grafik: Heide Feustel

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