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Steven Grossman - Caravan Tonight (1974)

Artist: Steven Grossman
Album: Caravan Tonight
Label: Mercury
Catalog#: SRM-1-702
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 25 Feb 1974
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Pop
Duration: 00:45:58

Folk-rock Singer/Songwriter Steven Grossman's only album, Caravan Tonight (1974), was hailed by Stephen Holden in Rolling Stone as "one of the most auspicious singer/songwriter debuts of the seventies." The record is widely regarded as a landmark because it was the first recording for a major label by an openly gay artist to openly address the concerns and sensibilities of gay life. Grossman's simple and heartfelt message and persona stood out in sharp contrast to the hypersexual posturings of bigger rock stars of the era.
"Steve isn't cute about his sexuality like David Bowie; nor does he see sexuality as a spice for an innocent's view of decadence, as does Alice Cooper; nor does he invent a never-never land to exploit as do the New York Dolls. Steve sings of a gay world that is familiar to most of us." (William Lang, review in unidentified publication)
"His voice is great and his songs personal and beautiful. He is going to be the one to bridge the gap between straight and gay audiences." (Vito Russo, Gay Magazine)
Steven Grossman died of AIDS in San Francisco on June 23, 1991.
Two months prior to Grossman's death, his lifelong friend Judith Casselberry, of the group Casselberry-Dupree, persuaded Grossman to enter a recording studio again. The resulting dozen tracks of original material remain unreleased. Casselberry and musician/producer Richard Dworkin are adding new vocal and instrumental arrangements in advance of a release on Significant Other Records. —Joseph Dalton

 • Side One:
A1. Caravan Tonight 03:34
A2. Out 03:27
A3. Five O'Clock Song 02:27
A4. Christopher's Blues 04:08
A5. Song To Bonnie 03:33
A6. Song To That M&M Man 05:37
  Side Two:
B1. You Don't Have To Be Ashamed 03:48
B2. Many Kinds Of Love 03:51
B3. Can't ... Papa Blues 03:32
B4. Circle Nine Times 03:22
B5. Dry Dock Dreaming 06:08

      All songs by Steven Grossman
      Recorded December 1973 and January 1974 at Sound Ideas Studios, N.Y.C.
      Engineer: Rick Rowe, Assistant: David Stone
      Mastered at Sterling Sound by Gilbert Kong
      Producer by Bobby Flax, Lanny Lambert

A & R - Paul Nelson
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals - Steven Grossman
Acoustic Lead & Electric Guitar - Vinny Fiiccella
Bass - Andy Muson
Drums - Jimmy Young
Keyboards and Recorder - Chris Dedrick
Congas and Percussion - George Devens
Mandolin, Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar - Eric Weissberg
Background Vocals: Steven, Bobby, Lanny, and The Free Design
Horns, Strings arranged & conducted by Chris Dedriek

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