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Lodi - Lodi (1972 MoWest Records) 

Artist: Lodi
Album: Lodi
Label: MoWest Records
Catalog#: MW 101 L
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Melodic, Hippie-Psyhedelic
Duration: 00:34:48

Lodi consisted of Beau Charles (guitar, vocals), John Charles (bass, vocals), Ritchie Constanza (guitar, vocals), Eric Swanson (drums). Originally formed in 1964 as The Knickerbockers, the band was later signed to Motown Records subsidiary Mowest in 1971 and subsequently changed their name to Lodi. They recorded this self-titled album (that received a postponed release later in 1972) before breaking up for good in 1971. (Prairie Prince Minsky)

Американская группа Lodi была образована братьями Beau и John Charles из Бергенфилда, Нью Джерси (по всей видимости, сценическая фамилия "Charles" братьями был взята для придания большей схожести с "британским происхождением", в действительности от рождения они носили очень веселую латинскую фамилию Cecchino, что мешало реализации их творческих планов). Первоначально их группа называлась The Knickerbockers, играла поп, бит, рок-н-ролл и была неплохой американской копией ранних The Beatles. Навыпускав кучу синглов и три альбома на протяжении 1964 - 1966 годов, имея один крутой хит "Lies", который некоторые критики считали "сыгранным в стиле Битлс но лучше Битлс" (Styx переиграли его на альбоме "Man Of Miracles" в 1974), братья завязывают с гаражным звучанием и пытаются найти себя в другом стиле. В 1971 году они приглашают в группу поющего гитариста Ritchie Constanza и ударника Eric Swanson и меняют название группы на Lodi (что, по их мнению, должно было звучать более хиппистски и кантри-роково). Группа заключает контракт с Motown Records и на их дочернем лейбле Mowest в 1972 выпускает свой первый и единственный альбом. Обложка альбома в кантри-джинсовом стиле тоже должна была заявить о стилистическом направлении Lodi*.
Альбом, по мнению критиков заслуживал большего внимания, чем просто проходящий. Музыка представляла собой смесь созвучную с творчеством America, Three Dog Night, Joe Cocker и The Beatles (образца 1969 года), с небольшим налетом психоделии и даже прога. Но, как гласит история, лейбл Mowest вложил много денег в запись и в саму группу, но почти ничего не сделал для ее дальнейшей раскрутки, продвижения и продажи альбома и Lodi "исчезли в лучах заходящего солнца". (beardedhead/raritetno.com)
-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. I Hope I See It In My Own Lifetime 04:06
A2. Most Of All 03:07
A3. Here To Stay 02:47
A4. Decisions 03:26
A5. I Like What You Take 03:30
 • Side Two:
B1. Happiness 02:32
B2. Spinning 02:49
B3. 2,000 Miles From Home 04:45
B4. My Dorene 07:00
B5. Follow The Wind 04:45
B6. Colors In The Sky 00:26

Beau Charles - Lead Guitar, Vocals
John Charles - Bass, Vocals
Ritchie Constanza - Guitars, Vocals
Eric Swanson - Drums

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Michael McGinnis - Welcome To My Mind (1969) 

Artist: Michael McGinnis
Album: Welcome To My Mind
Label: Forward Records
Catalog#: ST-F-1008
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:28:29

Here’s an album by Michael McGinnis, released in 1969 on the West Coast Forward label that also released the WCPAEB’s Bob Markley’s off-shoot “Markley A Group”. (I figured i throw that in, though that’s the only thing these two releases have in common).
The album could be classified folk/pop with some nice mellow cuts and features Larry Brown and David Jackson of the sixties group Moon, (a group that also featured Beach Boy David Marks) and Chuck Blackwell and Robbie Edwards of the group Colours (with Carl Radle). Jim Keltner and Keith Barbour also appear on this record. All these guys appeared on Buzz Clifford’s “See Your Way Clear” around the same time.
“I have another song titled “October Country” by an artist named Michael McGinnis. It appears on his LP “Welcome To My Mind” on the Forward label from 1969. If anyone has any info regarding this LP please let me know, I haven’t been able to turn up much on it other than an entry on a Japanese website that is only partially in English.
The “October Country” song on this album is an outstanding track with an extremely melancholy, mournful, almost apocalyptic feel. I especially like the horns on the song, which are reminiscent of the horns used on Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man”. Several years after finding this LP I found that the song’s lyrics are actually a poem by Ray Bradbury from his book “The October Country”. However, this is not acknowledged in the songwriters credits.
Another noteworthy song on the LP, called “Orange Ice”, is the most upbeat, psychedelic track and is another superb tune. This song has a childlike, whimsical atmosphere that still manages to sound slightly sinister, and clocks in at less than two minutes.
For the most part the album is what I would call country rock, not as psychedelic as the title “Welcome To My Mind” would lead one to believe… the backing musicians are former members of The Moon and Colours. ” (Art Longmire)

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Welcome To My Mind - 01:37
A2. Lock Myself Inside My Head - 02:28
A3. October Country - 02:18
A4. The Great Kansas Hymn - 03:07
A5. Sea of Love - 02:09
A6. You Don't Need a Reason For Love - 03:16
 • Side Two:
B1. Orange Ice - 00:40
B2. Key Gardens - 02:48
B3. Didn't You Know - 02:43
B4. You Don't Have To Tell Me - 01:57
B5. Love Doesn't Happen That Way - 02:54
B6. October Girl - 02:27

Jim Keltner, Chuck Blackwell - drums
Michael McGinnis - vocals, rhythm guitar
David Jackson - bass
Robbie Edwards - lead guitar
Dan Moore - organ, rhythm guitar, back vocals, producer
Bobby Doyle - piano
Pat Webb - acoustic & lead guitar
Larry Brown - organ, cello, tamburine, producer
Rodney Dillard - dobro
Bob Klimes - strings & horns
Dave Roberts - horns
Keith Barbour - bells
Gloria Jones, Carolyn Willis - back vocals
Julia Tilman, Peter Morse - back vocals

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Cymbal and Clinger - Cybmal and Clinger (1972) 

Artist: Cymbal And Clinger
Album: Cymbal And Clinger
Label: Chelsea Records
Catalog#: CHE-1002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:30:58

Johnny Cymbal (born John Hendry Blair) (February 3, 1945 - March 16, 1993) was a Scottish born American songwriter, singer, and record producer who had numerous hit records, including his signature song, "Mr. Bass Man".
"...In 1969 John acrimoniously ended his partnership with George Tobin, met and fell in love with Catherine (Peggy) Clinger, and became active with the Wes Farrell Organization and their label, Chelsea Records.
Cymbal and Clinger forged a complete relationship; writing and recording together as well as becoming romantic partners. This was a watershed period for Cymbal. Johnny had a 1973 solo release on Chelsea, "Boulder, Colorado" (Chelsea 158), which garnered attention but did not hit. On his own and with Clinger as co-writer, Johnny had songs recorded by Wes Farrell-produced artists including the Cattanooga Cats and the Partridge Family, as well as solo recordings by Partridge lead singer, David Cassidy.
By 1972, Cymbal and Clinger's writing success led Farrell to produce Cymbal and Clinger on an eponymous LP of their own material using the cream of studio musicians in the Los Angeles area, including: Hal Blaine, Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Michael Omartian, Joe Osborn and the rest of the "A" team players. Singles from that effort failed to chart, and though John and Peggy toured to support the release, including one gig at the Hollywood Bowl opening for Sly and the Family Stone, the LP did little to enhance the career of either Cymbal or Clinger. But David Cassidy's recording of the Clinger/Cymbal song "Rock Me Baby" (featured on the Cymbal & Clinger LP) which failed to make much noise in the US went #1 in the UK and then Top 5 in Australia for another artist, John Farnham.
Subsequently, according to newspaper reports, Peggy Clinger died of a drug overdose at her home in Boulder, Colorado. Of Clinger, Austin Roberts said, "...she was a beautiful person and she and Johnny were just totally in love with each other." Although Johnny and Peggy had broken up as a couple before her death, his discouragement at their LP's failure and his depression at the news of Clinger's passing sent Cymbal into an emotional and physical decline for several years during which he drifted into the Hollywood drug culture ultimately hitting bottom. Fortunately, he went into rehab, and with the assistance of his former wife, Carol, he rediscovered his Christianity, obtained professional help, and over the next few years was able to overcome his addictions and make a complete recovery. ..." - wikipedia.org
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  Side One:
A1. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody 03:05
A2. You Can't Always Get What You Want 04:10
A3. Dreams Of You 02:33
A4. Rock Me Baby 02:54
A5. The Pool Shooter 02:44
 • Side Two:
B1. Nobody Knows 03:39
B2. God Bless You Rock 'N' Roll 03:07
B3. A Little Bit No, A Little Bit Yes 02:28
B4. For Ever And Ever 02:29
B5. The Dying River 03:05

     Recorded at Western Recorders, Studio 2 and The Record Plant
     © 1972 Chelsea Records Corp.
     Manufactured And Distributed By RCA Records,
     New York, NY. Printed In U.S.A.

     Engineer – Bob Kovach, Gary Kelgren
     Photography – Lorrie Sullivan
     Design – Jimmy Wachtel
     Producer – Wes Farrell

Peggy Clinger & Johnny Cymbal - Vocals
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon - Drums
Max Bennett, Joe Osborne - Bass
Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Louie Shelton - Guitar
Mike Melvoin, Mike Omartian - Keyboards
Gary Coleman, Alan Estes - Percussion
Jim Horn, Bob Hardaway, Tom Scott - Wind (Woodwinds)
Jim Getzoff - Strings
Lew McCreary, Slyde Hyde - Trombone
Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell -
Arranged By (Rhythm Tracks) – Wes Farrell
Arranged By (Strings, Horns) – Mike Melvoin

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Randy Richards - Randy Richards (1978 A&M Records) 

Artist: Randy Richards
Album: Randy Richards
Label: A&M Records
Catalog: SP-4678
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Pop/Rock
Duration: 00:37:30

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. There’s Always A Goodbye 03:51
A2. Just Be You 02:27
A3. I Can’t Stop Loving You 03:57
A4. Money Doesn’t Make You Nice 02:53
A5. Spaceman 06:22
 • Side Two:
B1. Any Way That You Want Me 04:00
B2. Inside Of Me 02:59
B3. Ride 03:44
B4. Sweet Sympathy 03:52
B5. Silver Bullets 03:20

     Executive Producers: Shep Gordon and Denny Vosburgh
     Recorded and Mixed at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood
     Mastered by Bernie Grundman at A&.M Recording Studios, Hollywood
     Production Coordinators: Jim Moon and Porche Lottermoser
     Management and Direction: Alive Enterprises
     Art Direction: Roland Young

Jim Keltner - percussion
Randy Richards - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Rhodes Piano, Clavinet, Back Vocal
Leland Sklar, Jerry Scheff, Dee Murray, David Hungate - Bass
Russell Kunkel, Paul Leim, Mike Baird, Richard Hayward - Drums
Danny Kortchmar - Electric Guitar
Dean Parks - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Fred Tackett - Guitar
Steve Hunter - Electric Guitar
Bruce Marien - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Davey Johnstone - Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Back Vocal
Steve Cropper - Electric Guitar
Rick Vito - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Lowell George - Slide Guitar
Craig Doerge, Eric Carmen - Piano
James Newton Howard - Piano, Electric Piano
Tom Hensley - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Michael Boddicker - Moog Effects
Jim Price, Jerry Jumonville - Horns
Chuck Findley - Trumpet, Trombone, Horns
Gary Coleman - Bells, Shaker, Tambourine, Castanets, Bongos
Jim Moon - Tambourine
Kathy Collier, Carmen Twillie, Kiki Dee, Gary Osborne - Back Vocal
Robert Appere - Producer
Jimmie Haskell - String Arrangements
Sid Sharp - Concert Master

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Sympathy - As Long As We Can See (1974) 

Artist: Sympathy
Album: As Long As We Can See

Label: BASF
Catalog#: 17-25480-1
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1974
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock

Format: FLAC (img+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:37:35

Sympathy очень хорошее рок образование из Голландии. Играют драйвовый, но не грязный, а изящный, рафинированный хард-рок с четко распределенными и выписанными гитарой и органом. Пара-тройка вещей вполне имеет отношение к протопрогу. По саунду - самое начало 70-х. Отличный мелодизм и приличная игра музыкантов.
-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Rock & Roll Man 03:49
A2. Scattered Dreams & Flowers 05:37
A3. If Music Be The Flood Of Love 03:48
A4. Thinking Only Leads To Drinking 02:58
A5. We Can Make A Date 05:04
Side Two:
B1. Back By Fall 02:45
B2. Better View 04:37
B3. Don't Press Your Nails In My Eyes 03:37
B4. As Long As I Can See 05:39

     Recorded At GTB Studios, The Hague.
     Comes in a Gatefold cover and has a lyric sheet.

     Producer by Hans Vermeulen, Sympathy
     Engineer by Eric Bakker, Henri Bentzon

Bass, Guitar – Andre Reijnen
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Will Matla
Keyboards –
Jan Pieter Boekhoorn
Percussion –
Simon Matla
Vocals –
George Dijkhuis

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Clockwork - Clockwork (1973) 

Artist: Clockwork
Album: Clockwork
Label: Greene Bottle Records, Inc.
Catalog#: GBS 1013
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1973
Genre: Funk / Soul, Rhythm & Blues
Duration: 00:35:55

Jimmy and The Soulblazers (also known as Change and Clockwork) are an American soul and funk band from Alliance, Ohio. Since 1966 they have played for audiences across the East Coast and Midwest of the United States.
Signed with Kapp Records (a division of MCA Records, now Universal Music Group) in 1970 as Change, they released two singles. In 1972, they called themselves The Joneses, and combined their Motown and R&B with more rock songs and their own compositions. Although they were still performing as The Joneses, in 1973 they released a supposedly self-titled album of original songs and covers, Clockwork on Greene Bottle Records, a division of Famous Music. Clockwork was re-released in 2010, on the Homespun Records label.
Their vocals and musicianship have kept them a regional favorite for many years. In 2002, a new album, It's About Time, was released. A mixture of Motown hits with a few lesser known soul tunes, it also featured the Soulblazers' longtime cover of "Goin' Out of My Head" a Little Anthony tune , "With A Little Help From My Friends", a Joe Cocker cover, and a cover of "Grazin' In The Grass." They also have added a horn section to their lineup. The band has spawned other groups such as Copperfield...Avenue...Agatha Brooke....PW Blues Band ...Sorge Brothers Band...and Groove Warehaus. - en.wikipedia
-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Music Box (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 04:09
A2. Hazy Shade of Winter (P. Simon) - 02:30
A3. Nothing Left For Me (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 02:50
A4. Hitchcock Railway (D.L. Dunn / T.L. McCashew) - 03:41
A5. After Today (J. Korleski) - 04:48
 • Side Two:
B1. Now That You Know (M. Duruttya) - 04:41
B2. Bye Bye Lady (M. Duruttya / J. Korleski) - 05:15
B3. Country Side Woman (M. Bugara / B. McCrea) - 04:20
B4. Rock "N" Roll Woman (S. Stills) - 03:36

Gary Zeigler - Bass
Dave Sorge - Guitar
Mike Bugara - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Duruttya - Horn, Vocals
Jim Korleski - Vocals, Keybdoard
Bill McCrea - Vocals, Percussion
Jim Miller - Harmonica
John Sineri - Drums

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First Light - First Light (1978 M.F.S. Records) 

Artist: First Light
Album: First Light
Label: M.F.S. (Music Farm Studios)
Catalog#: MFS 0002
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Australia
Released: 1978
Genre: Rock, jazz-rock, Prog Rock
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:40:35

Australian band First Light's rare self-titled album from 1978 is a concoction of mid-70's jazz-rock, jazz-fusion and progressive rock with prominent and proficient interplay between the sax, electric piano and the electric guitar with the occasional moog lead; one online reviewer comparing them to Aussie bands Mackenzie Theory and Crossfire. The music is predominantly instrumental with the exception of three tracks which feature female vocals - the standouts are the dreamy flute, mellotron and classical guitar driven prog of 'Zenith' (the sound on this track is quite different to the rest of jazz-oriented material on the album) and the frantic jazz-rock track 'Earthwave', which features some Linda Hoyle-esque vocals courtesy of Marian Henderson.
The album was privately released on the M.F.S. label, which had been based out of the Music Farm Studios in Coorabell, Northern NSW. The only other album on this label is the 1977 'Just Playing' Compilation', used to promote the newly-created studios and the many artists and bands based in the Byron Bay area; this release seems to be much more difficult to track down than the First Light album, which is quite rare itself. First Light consisted of John Gray on Guitars, Harry Freeman on pianos and keyboards, Graham Jesse on saxophones and flute, Allan Freeman on bass and most notably, Ron Carpenter on drums and mellotron, who was the main composer for Australian prog-rock band Aleph, and drummed for AC/DC at one point in time. Moreover, John Gray and Harry Freeman were also in the progressive rock band Aeon, who are featured on the aforementioned 'Just Playing' compilation; although the musicianship on that song is nowhere near the standard on this album. Overall, the First Light album will certainly appeal to collectors of the jazz-rock and jazz-fusion variety and I am sure prog collectors will find the album enjoyable as well.
-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Firat Light 04:00
A2. Emerald Tide 04:04
A3. Sonidos Negros 02:55
A4. Duologue 05:15
A5. Zenith 04:02
Side Two:
B1. Earth Wave 04:40
B2. Tropical Inequation 05:03
B3. Azure Azimuth 03:27
B4. Solar Illusion 04:48
B5. Fire In The West 02:16

     Recorded at Music Farm Studios, Coolamon Scenic Drive,
     Coorabell, NSW, 2482, Australia.  

John Gray - Electric, Classical and Acoustic Guitars
Harry Freeman - Electric and Acoustic Pianos, SH 5 and Moog synthesisers, string ensemble
Graham Jesse - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes, Flute
Allan Freeman - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ron Carpenter - Drums, Mellotron, Vocals
Marion Henderson, Beth Freeman, Jeanette Freeman - Vocals
Gerald Frape - Percussion

-----  ☆☆☆ -----


Mark Ashton - Mark Ashton (1976 20th Century) 

Artist: Mark Ashton
Album: Mark Ashton
Label: 20th Century
Catalog: T 520
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Country: US
Released: 1976
Genre: Rock, Art Rock, Power Pop
Duration: 00:36:27

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Bizarre In L. A. 03:18
A2. You 03:28
A3. It Can Get You 02:59
A4. Catch On 02:26
A5. Satisfaction 04:57
Side Two:
B1. Talkin' About It 02:41
B2. Let Your Hair Down 03:05
B3. Cruisin' 02:49
B4. Hold On 03:20
B5. Take What You Want 03:34
B6. Set My Soul On Fire 03:05

     All songwriting credits except "Satisfaction" (Jagger/Richards)
     and "You" (Christopher Bond)

Mark Ashton - Guitars, Vocals
Christopher Bond - Lead Guitar & ARP Moog
Tom Scott - Saxophone, Lyricon
Lee Sklar & Scotty Edwards - Bass Guitar
Jim Gordon, Ed Green & Jim Helmer - Drums
Jim Helmer & Gary Coleman - Percussion
Thom Rotella & Rick Littlefield - Acoustic Guitar
David Paich & Tom Hensley - Piano
Mike Jackobson - Cello
Marc Piscipelli & Nicolas Uhrig - Back Vocals

-----  ☆☆☆ -----


Aut'Chose - Le Cauchemar Americain (1976) 

Artist: Aut'Chose
Album: Le Cauchemar Americain
Label: CBS Records
Catalog#: PFS 90379
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 15 Oct 1976
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Prog, Stoner Rock, Punk, New Wave
Duration: 00:32:32

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Les Pays D'En Haut 02:30
A2. En Arriere Du Micro 04:14
A3. 24 Heures Par Jour 03:58
A4. Hollywood En Plywood 05:14
Side Two:
B1. Le P'tit Gros 05:05
B2. Beau Bummage 04:18
B3. Belle Grande Blanche 6:13

Bass – Guy Racine
Drums –
Jean-Paul Harnois
Guitar –
Jacques Racine
Keyboards –
Jean-Francois St-Georges
Vocals –
Lucien Francoeur

-----  ☆☆☆ -----


Aut'Chose - Une Nuit Comme Une Autre (1975) 

Artist: Aut'Chose
Album: Une Nuit Comme Une Autre
Label: CBS Records Canada Ltd.
Catalog#: FS 90309
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1975
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Punk
Duration: 00:37:46

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Nancy Beaudoin 04:34
A2. Vancouver, Une Nuit Comme Une Autre 03:36
A3. Ambulance Francoeur 03:18
A4. Blue Jeans Sur La Plage 03:17
A5. Sexe-Fiction 03:14
Side Two:
B1. Comme A Radio 08:22
B2. Hit And Run 03:50
B3. Une Saison En Enfer 07:23

     2nd LP from one of the first Punk Band from Quebec, Lucien Francoeur
     was already rapping over the music in 1974, no singing.
     Pierre Gauthier was well known later
     for his work on the Disco-Space band Eclipse.

Bass – Mick Gauthier
Drums –
Chris Castle, Richard Tate
Engineer –
Nick Blagona
Executive Producer –
John Williams
Electric & Acoustic Guitar –
Jacques Racine
Electric Guitar, Synthesizer –
Pierre Gauthier De La Verendrye
Keyboards –
Jean-Francois St-Georges
Photography –
Daniel Poulin
Producer –
John Williams, Louis Parizeau
Vocals [Choir] –
Patricia Dahlquist
Vocals, Lyrics By –
Lucien Francoeur

-----  ☆☆☆ -----


Aut'chose - Prends Une Chance Avec Mot (1975) 

Artist: Aut'Chose
Album: Prends Une Chance Avec Moe
Label: CBS Records Canada Ltd.
Catalog#: FS 90289
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 14 Feb 1975
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Punk
Duration: 00:32:46

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Prends Une Chance Avec Moe 03:25
A2. Ch't'aime Pi Ch't'en Veux 02:26
A3. Pousse Pas Ta Luck Ok Bebe 03:28
A4. Le Theme Du Godfather 03:01
A5. Interlude 00:22
A6. Le Freak De Montreal 03:40
Side Two:
B1. Prends Une Chance Avec Moe 01:36
B2. Tu T'en Rappelles-Tu 00:28
B3. Hey You Woman 04:10
B4. Devant Le Miroir 02:35
B5. La Vie Weston 02:50
B6. Bar-B-Q Lady 05:02

First LP from one of the earliest punk (and post punk, new wave) band from Quebec.
Lucien Francoeur was already rapping over the music in 1973, not singing.
Pierre Gauthier was known later for his work on the disco-space band Eclipse.

Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Percussion – Jacques Racine
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Moog, Percussion – Pierre Gauthier De Laverendrye
Bass, Percussion – Mick Gauthier
Drums – Jean Dumontier
Drums, Percussion – Jacques Lalumiere
Executive Producer – John Williams
Lyrics By – Lucien Francoeur
Percussion – Bob Gallo
Photography – Normand Jacob
Piano, Synthesizer, Organ – Paul Hana
Producer – Bob Gallo
Vocals, Percussion – Lucien Francoeur
Written-By – Pierre Gauthier De Laverendrye

-----  ☆☆☆ -----