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Brenda Patterson - Keep On Keepin' On (1970) 

Artist: Brenda Patterson
Album: Keep On Keepin' On
Label: Epic Records
Catalog#: BN 26501
Format: Vinyl, LP
Released: 1970
Country: US
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Duration: 00:37:55

The debut album by BRENDA PATTERSON, one of Rock's unheralded great female vocalists is a must to hear. Brenda has a powerful voice, with the influences being not only blues & R&B, but gospel, which is rare for a white female singer. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON was released in early 1970 on Epic, and it's also noteworthy that the band playing on the album is REDBONE, who would soon have hits on their own. Brenda Patterson is one fantastic singer, able to wail with abandon, and hold a note into the stratosphere. Her voice is deep, as well as the songs. The influence is gospel, no doubt, with Brenda having sung in the fields in her home state of Arkansas. But it's this mix of rock, blues, gospel and country that differentiates Brenda say from other belters like Janis Joplin , Maggie Bell or Genya Ravan, who didn't have a gospel type sound. Having a real band such as REDBONE makes the music even more an organic, cohesive experience. There's no lack of power and passion in her voice. Some of the best songs on here have a surreal, healing, gospelish sound like the opening track WEST WINDOW SONG. SUN COMES UP has a mystical Native American influence. 2 of the highlights have a heavier blues/gospel sound - WHO'S GOING TO COME TO MY CROSS and AIN'T NO GRAVE CAN HOLD MY BODY DOWN. I've never heard a white female singer who has a major influence like Mahalia Jackson. Other songs have more of a rock/R&B/funk mix like I CAN'T KEEP FROM CRYIN' SOMETIMES and WHY DO YOU DO ME LIKE YOU DO ME, with wah-wah guitars, bass & drums keepin' Brenda keepin' on. There are 2 spirited rockin' covers of Hank Snow's I'M MOVIN' ON and Bob Dylan's THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE.
How Brenda Patterson has been a well kept secret for all these decades is a shame. This album is definitely one of the best female rock albums ever made. It needs to be heard for all the great music on here. In the early 70's, except for Janis, album oriented female rockers did not get airplay or much promotion. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON has recently been reissued on vinyl again, on the same Epic label BN 26501 in limited quantities. Brenda then did 2 more albums , BRENDA PATTERSON , for Playboy Records in 1973, and LIKE GOOD WINE for Discreet Records in 1974. Then she was part of THE COON ELDER BAND in 1977, a roots Rock/Country band who did one album for Mercury in 1977. She is still singing and in this decade is the vocalist for the Memphis based band COOLEY'S HOUSE, who have released a self-titled CD that will bring you up to date with Brenda Patterson today. Brenda also backed up Bob Dylan on the magnificent KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR classic in 1973 and more recently the NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL STARS. She certainly has the track record of great music in her history. This album needs to be elevated from cult classic to one of THE great female rock vocalist albums ever made. - gassy goon

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  Side One:
A1. West Window Song 4:27
A2. I'm Movin' On 2:35
A3. Sun Comes Up 3:14
A4. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes 3:26
A5. Who's Going To Come To My Cross? 4:27
  Side Two:
B1. Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down 6:48
B2. Keep On Keepin' On 2:50
B3. Why Do You Do Me Like You Do Me? 3:33
B4. This Wheel's On Fire 4:12
B5. Red And Blue 2:23

    Produced By Larry Cohn
    Acompaniment By Redbone

Tony Bellamy - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Peter De Poe - Drums, Tambourine
Brenda Patterson - Vocals
Redbone - Vocals (Background)
Lolly Vegas - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Tambourine
Pat & Lolly Vegas - Bass

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