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Natural Gas - ST (1970 Firebird) 

Artist: Natural Gas
Album: Natural Gas
Label: Firebird
Catalog#: FB 18
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: Canada
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Jazz Rock/Fusion
Duration: 00:39:31

Natural Gas were a Canadian horn rock group consisting of Carl Watral (trumpet-fleugelhorn-vocal), Dave Berman (alto soprano baritone tenor saxes-vocal), Dave Classic (trombone-bass trombone-vocal), Dave Tamblin (guitar-vocal), Brian Wray (organ-piano-flute-vocal), Graham Lear (percussion), Leon Feigenbaum (bass-string bass), and George Olliver (lead vocal-organ).
Olliver had been with the Canadian group Mandala prior to forming Natural Gas, “I put together Natural Gas, which was one of the best recording groups I had together. We did an album which George Goldner produced for Firebird Records. We had a lot of notoriety with that group. We had big hits in all the major trades in the late ‘60s, and we sold quite a few records and really got out front with that. We had some great musicians in that group. We had Graham Lear, who was the original drummer for Gino Vanelli. We had Dave Tamblyn, who went on to play with Ocean… they did “Put Your Hand in the Hand.” We were together for three years, and I really enjoyed that group”.

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  Side 1:
A1. The All Powerful Man 06:04
A2. What Do You Want From My Life 03:12
A3. Live And Learn 06:29
A4. Tribute To Rubber Boots 04:50
  Side 2:
B1. Eleanor Rigby 03:56
B2. Leaders Of The World 04:45
B3. I Don't Want To Be Left Outside 03:20
B4. Rameses I 09:09

     Recorded at RCA-Montreal, Canada
     Broadway Recording Studios - New York, New York

Carl Watral - Trumpet, Fleugelhorn, Vocals
Dave Berman - Saxes, Vocals
Dave Classic - Trombone, Vocals
Dave Tamblin - Guitar, Vocal
Brian Wray - Organ, Piano, Flute, Vocals
Graham Lear - Percussion
Leon Feigenbaum - Bass
George Olliver - Vocals, Organ

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                                                  Many thank to Pete Cost

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