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Heaven Bound With Tony Scotti - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1972) 

Artist: Heaven Bound
Album: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Label: MGM Records
Catalog#: SE-4856
Released: 1972
Country: US
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:41:39

It’s from 1972 but it totally sounds like a 1967-68 job, starring this girl: http:ann_marshall0.tripod.com as well as Tony Scotti from Valley Of The Dolls, a couple of guys from the Love Generation, Eddie Medora from the Sunrays, ubiquitous 1960s and 1970s producer Tommy Oliver, and last but not least Michael Lloyd of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Smoke, October Country, Friends, Osmonds producer, etc. fame!
This album is just a little sunshine pop LP, not a masterpiece or
        anything, but when I thought I’d had about enough of average sunshine pop
        (and there’s a lot of it around even if it’s still enjoyable), it grew on me and I
        began to appreciate its various subtleties
The material is actually first rate, with two Buffalo Springfield covers (? harmony pop style? in 1972?), Bluebird and an excellent version of On The Way Home, the Beatles’ I Will, Dick Holler’s great Reaching Out For Someone, the classic Five Hundred Miles, and other credits by Roger Nichols & Paul Williams, Mike Curb and Cashman & West, so very much the kind of soft pop record that’s all the rage on the Spectropop list, for its quality as much as for the players

Not a classic by any means, but a very well-done record that I was just surprised to enjoy that much. Note: a repressing of the album entitled Breaking Up Is Hard To Do exists which sports a different cover, adds Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and subtracts the cover of the Beatles’ I Will.

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  Side One:
A1. Five Hundred Miles 2:47
A2. I Kept on Loving You 3:19
A3. (Everything is) Love and Sunshine 3:10
A4. Open Up Your Heart 3:00
A5. Bluebird 3:23
  Side Two:
B1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 02:15
B2. Come Run With Me 2:42
B3. On The Way Home 2:48
B4. Reaching Out for Someone 3:00
B5. He's Rather Have The Rain 2:44
Bonus Track:
01. I Will 02:25
02. We'll Make Music 02:41
03. Mother Country 03:03
04. Heaven Bound 02:12
05. I Just Haven't Got What It Takes 02:15

Sang Lead - Ann Marshall
Backing Vocals - Eddie Medora
Engineer - Jack Hunt, Steve Hodge
Lead Vocals - Joan Medora
Producer, Arranged By, Backing Vocals - Tommy Oliver, Tony Scotti
Producer, Backing Vocals - Michael Lloyd

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Ratchell - Ratchell (1971) 

Artist: Ratchell
Album: Ratchell
Label: MCA/Decca
Catalog#: MAPS 5725, DL-75330
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Classic Rock
Duration: 00:37:43

Ratchell was an American rock band formed by former Steppenwolf guitarist Larry Byrom. Also in the band were bassist Howard Messer, guitarist Pat Couchois, and drummer Chris Couchois, who had previously performed with Byrom in T.I.M.E. The band released two albums for Decca Records: Ratchell in 1971 and Ratchell II in 1972. After the band's dissolution, Messer and the Couchois brothers went on to release an album on Warner Bros. Records in 1979 under the "Couchois" banner, while Byrom went on to work as a songwriter and session musician..

From that hotbed of rock n' roll Huntsville, Alabama let me introduce you to Ratchell. Never heard of them eh? Oh, I think you have. Any self respecting AOR fan that owns the two Couchois albums will recognize three names in this group's line-up. That's right; Chris and Pat Couchois and Howard Messer released two albums as Ratchell which was founded by former Steppenwolf and Huntsville native guitarist Larry Byrom. What happened between the last album 'Ratchell II' and the first Couchois record is a mystery, but both Ratchell albums in particular, the self-titled debut are worth checking out for fans of early 70's pop.
I am not going to start off by telling you this is the most original album I've ever heard because it's not, but it is very good. A product of its time, I hear bits and pieces of Three Dog Night, Bread, Blues Image, Grand Funk Railroad, Sugarloaf and more, but Ratchell put these obvious influences together in such a way that it's hard not to like the LP. Highlights include the opener 'Problems' and 'Julie My Woman' with their hard-to-miss Santana vibes and the Eric Clapton styled ballad 'And If I Will'. Special mention for drummer Chris Couchois whose percussion work here is very impressive throughout the record. The Mersey influenced 'My My' and the classical instrumental 'Saycus' which segues nicely into the Badfinger-ish 'Peace Of Mind' are the best of side two's offerings, but the album as a whole is a wonderful package worthy of any serious pop collection.
I'm not sure what happened to the Couchois brothers or Howard Messer, but Larry Byrom went on to a successful career as a Nashville session man. Like Couchois, I would be surprised if the Ratchell albums ever see the light of day on compact disc, but as we all know, there is always a chance...

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  Side One:
A1. Problems 03:38
A2. Lazy Lady 02:59
A3. Here On My Face 03:52
A4. And If I Will 03:29
A5. Julie My Woman 02:19
A6. Warm And Tender Love 02:48
  Side Two:
B1. Home 02:48
B2. My My 02:10
B3. Out Of Hand 03:47
B4. How Many Times 03:34
B5. Saycus 02:28
B6. Peace Of Mind 04:25

    Copyright © MCA Records, Inc.
    Manufactured By – MCA Records Canada
    Distributed By – MCA Records Canada
    Photography – Ed Caraeff
    Producer, Engineer – Larry Cox
    Producer, Written-By – Ratchell
    Design – Wayne Kimbell

Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals – Howard Messer
Drums, Vocals, Congas, Percussion – Chris Couchois
Guitar, Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Mandolin, Vocals – Larry Byrom
Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals – Pat Couchois

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Teaser - Teaser (1978) 2005 FRUIT GUM Records 

Artist: Teaser
Album: Teaser
Label: FRUITGUM Corp.

Catalog#: FCCD 05045
Format: CD, Album, Reissue

Made in Australia
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2005
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Format: FLAC (img+.cue+log)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:53:51

Teaser в 1978 году выпустила единственный альбом. Они играли хард-блюз рок с великолепной гитарной работой Adrian Vandenberg и отличным голосом Jos Veldhuizen, напоминавший ранние работы Пола Роджерса. Сочетание этих двух музыкальных сил, опираясь на такие таланты, как бас-гитарист Peter van Eyk и ударник Nico de Gooyer, привело к написанию отличного материала. Adrian Vandenberg участвовал в записи альбома Whitesnake 1987.
Teaser возникли в Энсхеде, крупном промышленном городе на востоке Нидерландов. В ней начал свою карьеру известный гитарист Adrian Vandenberg. Он начинал играть в таких группах, как Pearl, Darling (группа, с которой он записал свой первый сингл), The Jaap Dekker Boogie Set and Magic Box.
При каждом удобном случае Adrian Vandenberg пытался контактировать с группой Maddogs имевшую в своих рядах Jos Veldhuizen - певца с невероятным голосом. Однако они его не замечали так как он был на несколько лет моложе их. Однако, когда Maddogs обьявили о вакантном месте гитариста Адриан понял, что ему придется действовать быстро: "Я должен действовать сейчас, в противном случае они могут найти гитариста и разрушить все мои мечты (золотые альбомы, мировые турне, красивые женщины, быстрые автомобили, икра и шампанское). Реальность конечно, было несколько иначе - в группу его не приняли, но он ухитрился увести у них певца!
В конце концов, связи Adrian Vandenberg в музыкальном бизнесе были вознаграждены. Его группа Teaser в 1978 году получила контракт c Vertigo Records, результатом которого был одноименный (и единственный альбом). Они играли хард-блюз рок с великолепной гитарной работой Adrian Vandenberg и отличным голосом Jos Veldhuizen, напоминавший ранние работы Пола Роджерса. Сочетание этих двух музыкальных сил, опираясь на такие таланты, как бас-гитарист Peter van Eyk и ударник Nico de Gooyer, привело к написанию отличного материала. Adrian затем создал группу Vandenberg, а потом получил приглашение от Whitesnake для работы над альбомом "1987". Позже заручившись помощью Jos Zoomer, бас-гитариста Дика Кемпера и певца Берта Heerink начали создавать свой собственный бренд, ориентированный на мелодичный рок-блюз. Jos Veldhuizen стал ведущим певцом в отличной голландской блюзовой команде Flavium.

Teaser originated from Enschede, a major industrial town in the East of the Netherlands. Having moved there in his teens, Adrian began by playing in bands like Mother of Pearl (with Jos Zoomer, later to become the drummer in a later version of Teaser and Vandenberg). Darling (the group with whom Adrian recorded his first single), the Jaap Dekker Boogie Set and Magic Box, both bands featuring well-known Dutch pianists.
At every opportunity, Adrian tried to go and see a band called Maddogs who had in their ranks a singer with an incredible voice; Jos Veldhuizen. Adrian was several years younger than Jos, whose band even owned their own , making him slightly reluctant to approach him. However, when Maddogs recruited a new bass player Adrian realized that he'd have to act fast: "I've got to act now otherwise they may find an amazing guitarist and ruin all my plans". His imagination and aspirations were endless; gold albums, world tours, beautiful women, fast cars, caviars and champagne, to name but a few. To cut a long story short, it was an offer no one would have dared refuse. The reality of course was slightly different: long car drives through Germany to play at some military bases in the middle of nowhere, and not enough cash to go round.
Eventually, Adrian's connections in the music business rewarded Teaser with a recording contract, the result was a self-titled first (and only album); a self-produced, rough edged blues rock album featuring Adrian's melodic, direct approach to guitar playing, his own sleeve art-work and Veldhuizen's soulful rock 'n' roll voice, a voice reminiscent of Paul Rodgers' early work. The combination of these two musical forces, backed by such talents as bass player Peter van Eyk and drummer Nico de Gooyer, resulted in the writing of songs which are as memorable as they are accessible. However, it's very unlikely that anyone outside The Netherlands, except for a few old soldiers, has ever heard of Teaser. Mention the name Vandenberg and you'll get a different reaction of course. Rumour has it that around this time Adrian auditioned for a guitarist-spot in Thin Lizzy, but that never worked out. Adrian instigated a number of changes in Teaser's line-up. Enlisting the help of Jos Zoomer, former Turbo (another Dutch rock-band) bass-player Dick Kemper, and singer Bert Heerink. The new band rallied together and started creating their own brand of classically orientated melodic blues Jos Veldhuizen opted for a bluesier approach and became the lead singer in Flavium, an excellent Dutch blues band.
Teaser's very first demo out-takes got them an American recording deal, and the band's name was changed to Vandenberg. Their first album was recorded at Jimmy Page's Sol studios in England. It was at the end of 1982 that the band went nervously to a Whitesnake concert to present David Coverdale with a copy of their album. Although Coverdale later claimed that it was Adrian's girlfriend who he was interested in, he told them at that time that he was impressed by them, and asked for Adrian's phone number. The Dutch Windmill would be the first guitarist Coverdale phoned after the firing of Micky Moody. Due to the massive chart success of Vandenberg's single "Burning Heart", the timing wasn't exactly perfect. A number of years later the perfect opportunity presented itself when Coverdale needed musicians to help promote the Whitesnake "1987" album. Joining Whitesnake gave Adrian an opportunity to work with one of his all time heroes and to meet many other idols on the way. The Teaser album started it all..

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01. What You Need Is Love 04:13
02. I've Sold My Soul To Rock 'n' Roll 03:00
03. Ride On A Train 04:31
04. Don't Break My Heart 03:57
05. Don't Try To Change Me 03:56
06. I Need Love 05:19
07. Leave Me If You Want To 03:52
08. I'm A Bad Man 04:04
09. It's Gonna Be Allright 04:18
10. Do It To Me 03:40
   Bonus Tracks:
11. Don't Tease Me 03:35
12. Oh Theresa (Single Mix) 03:32
13. Oh Theresa (Old Mix) 04:04

Bass – Peter Van Eyk
Drums – Nico De Gooijer
Engineer – Pieter Nieboer
Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Adje Van Den Berg*
Lead Vocals – Jos Veldhuizen
Producer – Teaser
Written-By – A. v.d. Berg

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Sunshine - Same (1972 Warner Bros. Records) 

Artist: Sunshine
Album: Sunshine
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#: K 46169
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1972
Genre: Funk / Soul, Rock
Style: Rhythm & Blues, Funk
Duration: 00:40:53

Sunshine - недолго просуществовавшая Psychedelic Pop Rock группа, которая была сформирована в начале 70-х годов. Joanne White/Wight и Ethel Coley вместе с Edwards и Green познакомились в Лондоне на кастинге для участия в американском мюзикле "Hair!". Ещё раньше, в 1969 году, Peter Oliver присоединился к актёрскому составу "Hair!" в качестве дублёра и 18 месяцев играл ведущую роль Клода. Oliver и Slade не были в оригинальном составе группы, они заменили первоначальных барабанщика и гитариста на ранней стадии развития коллектива. Группа играла на разогреве концертов Geno Washington в середине 1972 года, но всё-таки распалась в начале 1973-го.
Басист Jack Green был участником The Pretty Things, Rainbow Ричи Блэкмора, а ранее - T'Rex, в 80-х годах также работал сольно, выпустив четыре альбома. Гитарист Peter Oliver продолжал играть с группой Succubu, которую сам сформировал, а также в The New Seekers и Paper Lace. Барабанщик Terry Slade, который выступал сначала с The Nashville Teens, George Hatcher Band и Renaissance, позже состоял даже в австралийской группе Atlas и сотрудничал с Kevin Coyne. Клавишник Gordon Edwards тоже периодически присоединялся к The Pretty Things, умер в 2002 году. Девицы ещё появились в нескольких сборниках с другими артистами, Joanne White в 80-х годах была участницей кратковременного дуэта Sylk. У группы Sunshine, помимо одноимённого альбома, вышло ещё три сингла.

A lively hard prog rock band originally issued on Warner Brothers in 1972. Joanne White/Wight and Ethel Coley were with Edwards and Green in the London cast of 'Hair'. Oliver and Slade weren't in the original line-up, but replaced the original drummer and lead guitarist at an early stage. They backed Geno Washington in mid-1972 at gigs, but broke up in early 1973.
Jack Green was also a member of The Pretty Things and later in T Rex. Peter Oliver went on to play with Succubu, The New Seekers and Paper Lace. Terry Slade, who'd played with The Nashville Teens and Rennaissance, was later with Kevin Coyne. Gordon Edwards was an occasional member of The Pretty Things. Joanne White and Ethel Coley also appeared in cult 1970’s drama series ‘Gangsters’ starring Maurice Colbourne who later went on to find fame in Howards Way and died tragically young.

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  Side One:
A1. Sing Your Song - 05:50
A2. Long Haired Lady - 04:15
A3. Landscape And Return - 03:08
A4. Advert - 03:08
A5. If You'll Be My Lady - 04:05
  Side Two:
B1. When Will I See The Light - 05:00
B2. It's Over - 05:08
B3. Relics - 04:09
B4. Leeds - Ever So Lightly - If You'll Be My Lady - 06:15

    Recorded at Olympic Studios

Terry Slade - Drums, Percussion
Gordon Edwards - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ethel Coley, Joanne White - Vocals, Percussion
Jack Green, Peter Oliver - Guitar, Vocals
Producer – Asa Jones

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Cathy Young - Travel Stained (1973) 2009 Big Pink 

Artist: Cathy Young
Album: Travel Stained
Label: Big Pink/Vivid Sound Corporation
Catalog#: BIG PINK 14 / VSCD-2172
Format: CD, Album, Reissue

Made in Korea
Country: Canada
Released: 15 Jul 2009
Genre: Rock
Duration: 00:43:55

A world widely renowned album 'A Spoonful of Cathy Young' has immediately earned Cathy fame and attention from public. As a result her 2nd album 'Travel Stained' was released on a Canadian label GRT in 1973 and this is the one that she was awarded Best Female Artist of Juno Award in 1974. 'Travel Stained' is well polished and even it is sweeter than the first one. All the tracks are nicely arranged and her voice is fully-developed as she sings blues, R&B, folk and swampy rock everywhere in this album. The album reissued with 3 unreleased materials. First Time on CD. LP Miniature with Promo Strip (OBI). Ritchie Yorke's Liner Notes & Lyrics. Original Master Tape Digital Remastering with 3 bonus tracks.

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01. Intro - 00:14
02. Cocaine - 02:34
03. I'm Happy - 02:01
04. Life In The City - 03:03
05. Set Me Free - 03:24
06. I Really Needed Me - 03:03
07. Eagle - 04:20
08. Maggie May - 05:03
09. Coming Home - 04:33
10. Midnight Hour - 04:52
Bonus Tracks: 
11. Love Is A Feeling - 02:59
12. Set Me Free (Single Mix) - 02:39
13. Maggie Mey (Alt. Version) - 05:04

      Originally released by GRT, Canada, 1973

Cathy Young - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Dianne Brooks, Zeke Sheppard - Vocals
Brenda Gordon (Brenda Russell) - Vocals
Gord Waszek, Danny McBride - Electric Guitar
Greg Fitzpatrick - Acoustic Guitar
Mike Brewes - Piano and Organ
Pete Csanky - Mellotron and Piano
Gord Neave - Drums and Percussion
Mike Harrison - Bass and Arrangements
Produced by Shel Safran

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The Tropics - As Time's Gone (2013 Guerssen Records) 

Artist: The Tropics
Album: As Time's Gone
Label: Guerssen Records
Catalog#: GUESS 120LP
Released: Nov. 26, 2013
Original: Tampa, Florida, US
Country: USA
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Garage Rock, Psychedelic
Duration: 00:34:52

Родом из Флориды, The Tropics были одной из лучших гаражных групп 60-х. Их памятные концерты до сих пор помнят сегодня счастливчики, которые видели их в то время. В 1966 г. The Tropics выиграли музыкальное состязание "The International Battle of the Bands". В этом шоу участвовало до тысячи команд, в числе которых были выдающиеся коллективы, но первое место оказалось у The Tropics... Совсем уж невероятная информация: оказывается их продюсером был Teo Macero, прославившийся своей работой с Дэйвом Брубеком, Телониусом Монком и Майлзом Дэвисом... Между 1965 и 1969, они записали несколько взрывных и теперь легендарные 45s, которые являются яркими примерами гараж-рок, подростков-такт, фолк-рока и прото-психологически звуков. Здесь Вы найдете большинство из этих 45x сторон, наряду с некоторыми редкими, ранее не издававшимися на винилах дорожек.

Beginning in the summer of '65, the Tropics dominated the state of Florida's music scene opening shows for The Who in Miami, The Young Rascals in Tampa and Herman's Hermits in Jacksonville, at the Diplomat Hotel in Miami opening the show for Heinz Heinz & Dad. In 1966 The Tropics won The International Battle of the Bands at McCormick Place in Chicago. The Band took first place over more than 1000 bands, which included names like Chicago and Tommy James & The Shondells. Out of that came a recording contract with Columbia Records and the single "Time," produced by Teo Macero, which made it to the top of the charts and got a "92" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand! The group was also on the American Bandstand tour along with The Young Rascals. The Tropics became one of the most popular Pop Rock- Showbands in the Southeastern United States between 1965 and 1969.

               •  Biography (en.wiki)
               •  www.charliesouza.com
               •  www.facebook.com
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01. As Time's Gone - 02:15
02. You Better Move - 02:40
03. For a Long Time - 02:05
04. Time (Take the Time) - 02:39
05. I Want More - 02:32
06. It's You I Miss - 02:39
07. Black Jacket Woman - 02:31
08. This Must Be the Place  - 01:55
09. Talking 'Bout Love - 02:15
10. Laughing Again - 02:44
11. Goodbye My Love - 02:46
12. Hey Little Girl  - 02:26
13. The Prism  - 02:28
14. Toy Soldier - 02:49 

Buddy Pendergrass - Guitar & Keys
Eric Turner - Guitar & Vocals
Mel Dryer - Lead Vocals
Bobby Shea - Drums
Charlie Souza - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Gary Kopco - Drums
Mack Willis - Keys & Vocals

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The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know (3CD Box-Set) (2007) 

Artist: The Rubinoos
Album: Everything You Always Wanted to Know
Label: Sanctuary/Castle Music Ltd.
Catalog#: CMETD 1431
Release Info: 3 CD Compilation Studio & Live
Released: March 27, 2007
Country Origin: Berkeley, California, US
Genre: Pop/Rock, Power Pop, New Wave
Format: FLAC (track+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 03:19:51

Just in time to capitalize on an unexpected bit of potential career luck -- Avril Lavigne's spring 2007 single "Girlfriend" blatantly (and without credit) plagiarizes the chorus from the Rubinoos' 1978 power pop classic "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" -- Castle Records has resurrected the Bay Area popsters' key work, most of which has been basically unavailable for years. The exhaustive three-disc set is the first career-long anthology for the group, from its pioneering early work for the great Berserkley label through its collaborations with Todd Rundgren and Utopia, all the way up to its most recent album, Crimes Against Music. There's even a complete live concert, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1978. As with most power pop bands, the early work is the best, from a stonking cover of "I Think We're Alone Now" through "Boyfriend" to, improbably, the theme song to the quintessential '80s dumb comedy Revenge of the Nerds. The title is pretty much right on: this may well be all the Rubinoos most people will ever need. - Stewart Mason (www.allmusic.com)

            •  en.wikipedia.org
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Tommy Dunbar and Jon Rubin Formed the Rubinoos While Still in Junior High School.The Rubinoos Made their Recording Debut with the Song "Gorilla", on the Beserkley Chartbusters LP. Continuing the Trend of Bands Such as the Raspberries with their Engaging Blend of Innocent Bubblegum and Power Pop, their Cover of Tommy James’ ‘i Think We’re Alone Now’ Made an Appearance in the Lower Reaches of the USA Charts which Gave the Label Its First Hit.


01. Gorilla 03:00
02. I Think We're Alone Now 02:55
03. Leave My Heart Alone 02:39
04. Hard to Get 03:03
05. Peek-A-Boo 02:11
06. Rock and Roll Is Dead 02:53
07. Memories 05:33
08. Nothing a Little Love Won't Cure 02:41
09. Wouldn't It Be Nice 03:25
10. Make It Easy 03:06
11. I Never Thought It Would Happen 02:35
12. Fallin' in Love 02:49
13. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 03:19
14. Promise Me 03:24
15. Hold Me 03:02
16. Ronnie 02:40
17. Drivin' Music 03:15
18. Operator 03:00
19. Jennifer 02:35
20. Arcade Queen 02:28
21. Lightning Love Affair 02:48
22. 1, 2, 3 Forever 02:46
23. As Long as I'm with You 02:11
24. Rhythm of Love 01:55
25. Rendezvous 03:34
26. Rock and Roll Is Dead 02:56

Disc two adds additional rarities from "Garage Sale" (including a great cover of The Raspberries "Cruisin' Music") and tracks that were demoed for a never-completed third group album. These latter tracks, including "Hurts Too Much" and "Hit the Nerve," are a truer continuation of the earlier albums than the Rundgren-produced "Party of Two" (which was credited as a Rubinoos release, but only included Rubin and Dunbar). Also on the second disc are selections from the group's more recent releases, "Paleophonic," "Crimes Against Music," and "Twist Pop Sin." The all-covers "Crimes" offers up moving versions of The Eurythmics "Thorn in My Side" and Todd Rundgren's "There Goes My Inspiration," and a superb Four Seasons styled take on the obscure Lou Christie tune, "If My Car Could Only Talk."


01. Hurts Too Much 02:53
02. Hit the Nerve 02:56
03. I Love the Way You Touch 02:38
04. Never Too Late 03:28
05. Troubled Heart 03:03
06. Alright Without You 01:55
07. If I Had You Back 03:17
08. Handle with Care 03:05
09. Too Up to Feel Down 02:35
10. Revenge of the Nerds 03:18
11. Cruisin' Music 03:22
12. Amnesia 03:42
13. Early Winter 03:15
14. You Don't Know Her 02:39
15. Thorn in My Side 03:13
16. There Goes My Inspiration 0 3:37
17. If My Car Could Only Talk 03:27
18. Heroes and Villains 04:03
19. You Started It 02:51
20. Too Sweet 00:55
21. In the Worst Way 03:41
22. Someday 02:54
23. I Think We're Alone Now (Live) 03:49
24. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Live) 03:29

Disc three features an entire vintage concert, recorded in 1978 at London's Hammersmith Odeon. In addition to Rubinoos originals (including the otherwise unavailable "Hey Royse"), the band reaches back to their roots as a cover band, singing a cappella on "Rockin' in the Jungle," and jamming on bubblegum's national anthem, "Sugar Sugar." The latter even manages to quote "Smoke on the Water" and "Downtown" before invoking an audience sing-along! The show closes with a 6-minute cover of The Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard," and the disc ends with a a cover of "96 Tears." As tightly controlled as the Rubinoos were on disc, they were equally exhilarating on stage, able to reproduce their harmonies in concert and summon up great rock 'n' roll energy.


01. Intro/Rockin' in the Jungle 03:22
02. Wouldn't It Be Nice 03:41
03. Peek-A-Boo 02:06
04. Hard to Get 02:57
05. Hey Royse 02:07
06. I Never Thought It Would Happen 02:40
07. Fallin' in Love 02:39
08. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 03:21
09. I Think We're Alone Now 03:23
10. Rock and Roll Is Dead 05:00
11. Sugar Sugar 07:33
12. Pushin' Too Hard 10:14

Royse Ader - Bass, Vocals
Michael Boyd - Keyboards
Al Chan - Bass, Vocals
Tommy Dunbar - Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Vocals
Jon Rubin - Guitar, Vocals
Donn Spindt - Drums, Vocals

Kit Potamkin - Keyboards
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums, Vocals (Background)
Charlie Davis, Susan Anders - Vocals (Background)
Steve Douglas & the Rebel Rousers - Saxophone
Robert Ferris - Washtub Bass
James Gangwer - Slide Guitar
Kevin Gilbert, Charles Judge, Ervin Kramer, Scott Wilk - Keyboards
Greg Keranen, Robin Sylvester, Eric Clevin - Bass
Larry Lynch, Jon Otis - Congas
Scott Mathews, Toss Panos - Drums
Gary Phillips - Guitar (Acoustic), Back Vocals
Mark Naftalin - Piano
Russ Parrish - Banjo
Steve Stizzo - Accordion

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Tommy Broman (Sweden) - Efter Midnatt (1976) 

Artist: Tommy Broman
Album: Efter Midnatt
Label: YTF Records
Catalog#: 50310
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Sweden
Released: 1976
Genre: Blues, Jazz, Rock
Style: Fusion, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 00:35:49

Томми Броман - шведский гитарист, возможно более известный общественности своей работой с такими исполнителями как Bellinda и Sogmusobil. Его имя значится на обложках их альбомов. В 1976 г. Томми решился на выпуск собственной грампластинки. Его "Efter Мidnatt" включает весьма добротные образцы психоделического фолка и прогрессивного фанка. Девять инструментальных пьес Бромана выполнены и в чудесной технике великих времён. Великолепна игра флейты (Bjorn J-Son Lindh), электрического пианино, конгас и т.д.

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Morning Dew 04:17
A2. Delilah 03:18
A3. Nar Jag Vaknade I Morse 03:49
A4. Chacha A La Broman 03:12
A5. Nattjamaren 02:53
  Side Two:
B1. Mullvadspolska 04:03
B2. Skottland 03:50
B3. I2-I2 Blues 05:03
B4. Sailing 05:19

    Recorded in summer 1976
    (C) YTF Grammofon AB

Electric & Acoustic Guitars - Tommy Broman
Moog, Flute, Piano, Organ, Producer - Bjorn J:Son Lindh
Bass Guitar - Peter Sahlin
Drums - Rolf Alex
Congas - Malando Gassama
Violin, Tabla - Janne Bandel
Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar - Peter Lundblad
Harmonica, Foto, Cover Design - Georg Trolin
Recorder - Anders Oredson
Mixing, Producer - Bo Anders Larsson

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


суббота, 23 ноября 2013 г.

The Flying Circus - Last Laugh (1974 Capitol) 

Artist: Flying Circus
Album: Last Laugh
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog#: ST-6400
Country: Australia
Released: 1974
Genre: Pop/Rock, Prog. folk
Duration: 00:37:17

The Flying Circus went on to put out one more rock album, the ironically titled, Last Laugh in 1974. The lineup on this LP was Doug Rowe, Terry Wilkins, Sam See and Colin Walker. However by the end of 1974 the group had run its course. Sam See and Terry Wilkins toured and recorded with Canadian band Lighthouse. Doug Rowe remained in Toronto, where he set up his own studio and lived for some years before eventually returning to Australia. By 1982 he had returned to Australia where he joined the country-rock band, Grand Junction, which went on to win a Golden Guitar at Australia's annual Tamworth Country Music Festival for "Married Women", although the track was recorded using Peter Johnson on vocals, who left the band prior to it winning the Golden Guitar.

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Turn Away (Doug Rowe) 3:40
A2. Morning Sets You Free (Doug Rowe) 3:07
A3. Rock & Roll Woman (Steven Stills) 2:50
A4. Jabber Jabber (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 4:36
A5. Wake Up Wake Up (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 4:37
  Side Two:
B1. Round and Round (Doug Rowe) 3:19
B2. Requiem (S.A.R. See) 4:24
B3. You're Not To Blame (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 3:54
B4. Ontario Spring (Doug Rowe) 3:17
B5. Hemmings Farm (S.A.R. See) 3:06
B6. Last Laugh (C. Bernard Walker) 0:11

Doug Rowe - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Terry Wilkins - Bass, Harp, Vocals
Sam See - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Colin Walker - Percussion, Vocals

-----  ☆☆☆ -----