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Flying Circus - Beaut & Boom Boom Boom (1971 EMI/Harvest) 

Artist: Flying Circus
Album: Beaut & Boom Boom Boom
Label: EMI / Harvest
Catalog#: SHVL 604
Country: Australia
Released: 1971
Genre: Pop/Rock, Prog
Duration: 00:47:18

A wistful, harmony-drenched folk-rock/soft psych gem from one of Australia's most criminally underrated bands, The Flying Circus, taken from their 3rd album - Bonza, Beaut & Boom Boom Boom. The album was released in 1971 in Australia on the legendary 'Harvest' label and seems to be their rarest album out of the 5 albums they released in their brief career.
The album sees Oz veteran journeyman Sam See (Sherbet, Fraternity, Stockley See Mason, Farnham band, Goanna, now with Glyn Mason in Pardners)replacing the more overt country leanings of Red McKelvie. Sam brings a tougher rock edge to the pioneering country band's sound. But still with those brilliant songs by Doug Rowe, Sam & Co, and their trademark superb harmonies.

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  Side One:
A1. Turn Away (Rowe) 03:39
A2. Kempsey Mail (Wynne) 04:21
A3. Somerville (Howe-See) 02:51
A4. Song for Celia (Rowe) 04:12
A5. A Long Long Time Ago (Rowe) 07:47
  Side Two:
B1. The Longest Day (Wilkins) 03:20
B2. Back at You (Wilkins-Rowe) 02:14
B3. Despair (Rowe) 02:00
B4. Ten (See-Wilkins-Rowe) 04:12
B5. Farewell to My Childhood (Rowe) 03:57
B6. It Couldn't Happen Here (Wilkins-Rowe) 05:02
B7. Bonza, Beaut & Boom Boom Boom (See-Wilkins) 03:14

    Produced by Mike Perjanik
    Recorded in the E.M.I. Studios, Sydney
    Manufacturers of WORLD-FAMOUS "His Master's Voice"
    Record Players, Radio & Television Receivers.
    Sound Engineer: Ross Linton
    Cover Originaled in Australia by E.M.I.
    Cover design & Art: Rogers/Galbraith
    Front Cover Photo: Ian Morgan.

James Wynne - Vocals
Doug Rowe - Guitar and Vocals
Sam See - Piano, Organ, Guitar and Vocals
Terry Wilkins - Bass and Vocals
Colin Walker - Drums

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