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Crowbar - Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been) 1972 

Artist: Crowbar
Album: Larger Than Life
(And Live'r Than You've Ever Been)
Label: Daffodil Records
Catalog#: SBBX-16007
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Live Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, Rock & Roll
Duration: 00:59:08

Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been), the second album by Crowbar, was originally released on the now defunct Canadian independent label Daffodil Records in 1971 as a two record set and achieved gold record status upon its original release. Repackaged on a single CD by the Unidisc label, this recording represents the best performances by Crowbar taken from a live radio broadcast of a concert held at Massey Hall in Toronto on 23rd September, 1971. This high energy performance by Kelly (Captain Canada) Jay and company features the band in top form with renditions of some of the band's best known songs from their debut album Bad Manors, some rock and roll and blues cover songs and a rousing ending with the band's biggest hit "Oh What a Feeling." Along with Crowbar, this recording features support performances by members of Lighthouse, Dr. Music, Everyday People and King Biscuit Boy. One of the best live albums to come out of Canada in the early 70's, Larger Than Life (And Live'r Than You've Ever Been) is a testament to the popularity and prowess of one of Canada's top blues rock bands and an essential addition any rock fans music library despite the recording flaws in the recording.Unfortunately this reissue by Unidisc does not contain any extra tracks or additional liner notes but the sound quality is considerably improved over the original vinyl format. - Keith Pettipas

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  Side 1:
A1. Introduction 00:33
A2. Prince Of Peace 03:37
A3. Murder In The First Degree 03:36
A4. Newspaper Song 02:36
A5. Corinna Corinna 04:40
  Side 2:
B1. Fly Away 03:41
B2. Tits Up On The Pavement 07:47
B3. Mummy And Daddy 01:39 
  Side 3:
C1. Ask Me No Questions 05:46
C2. Over The Mountain 05:18
C3. Cane On The Brazos 05:15
  Side 4:
D1. a). Rock Around The Clock 02:05  
D1. b). Shake, Rattle And Roll  
D2. In The Dancing Hold 03:45
D3. Oh What A Feeling 08:50

Sonnie Bernardi - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Bruce Cassidy, Bruce Flynn, Larry Green, Larry "Ghost" Grenn - Horn
Josef Chirowski - Harmonica, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Ray Fennell - Percussion
Ghetto - Guitar, Vocals
Roland Greenway - Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Kelly Jay - Bass, Harmonica, Liner Notes, Piano, Vocals
Steve Kennedy, Brian LaBlanc, Keith Jollimore, Greg Mudry - Horn
Howard Shore, Pete Simpson, Larry Smith - Horn
Rheal Lanthier - Guitar, Vocals
Skip Prokop, Leighton Robinson - Percussion

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