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The Flying Circus - Last Laugh (1974 Capitol) 

Artist: Flying Circus
Album: Last Laugh
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog#: ST-6400
Country: Australia
Released: 1974
Genre: Pop/Rock, Prog. folk
Duration: 00:37:17

The Flying Circus went on to put out one more rock album, the ironically titled, Last Laugh in 1974. The lineup on this LP was Doug Rowe, Terry Wilkins, Sam See and Colin Walker. However by the end of 1974 the group had run its course. Sam See and Terry Wilkins toured and recorded with Canadian band Lighthouse. Doug Rowe remained in Toronto, where he set up his own studio and lived for some years before eventually returning to Australia. By 1982 he had returned to Australia where he joined the country-rock band, Grand Junction, which went on to win a Golden Guitar at Australia's annual Tamworth Country Music Festival for "Married Women", although the track was recorded using Peter Johnson on vocals, who left the band prior to it winning the Golden Guitar.

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  Side One:
A1. Turn Away (Doug Rowe) 3:40
A2. Morning Sets You Free (Doug Rowe) 3:07
A3. Rock & Roll Woman (Steven Stills) 2:50
A4. Jabber Jabber (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 4:36
A5. Wake Up Wake Up (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 4:37
  Side Two:
B1. Round and Round (Doug Rowe) 3:19
B2. Requiem (S.A.R. See) 4:24
B3. You're Not To Blame (S.A.R. See/L.J. Reid) 3:54
B4. Ontario Spring (Doug Rowe) 3:17
B5. Hemmings Farm (S.A.R. See) 3:06
B6. Last Laugh (C. Bernard Walker) 0:11

Doug Rowe - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Terry Wilkins - Bass, Harp, Vocals
Sam See - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Colin Walker - Percussion, Vocals

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