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Jake Jones - Jake Jones (1971 Kapp Records) 

Artist: Jake Jones
Album: Jake Jones
Label: Kapp Records
Catalog#: KS 3648
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Folk, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 00:37:09

This album has conspicuously little cache for a record as good as it is. Known primarily only among collectors, it has been a delightful little secret that really deserves to be spread around. I call it progressive flavored A.O.R., with a mix of soft and hard material, good guitar, organ, and great vocal harmony. To me, fully 8 of the 10 tracks presented rate pretty good or better, with “Breath Deep” my personal fave. Grab this one while reasonably priced copies aren’t too hard to find. (tymeshifter RYM)

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  Side One:
A1. Ill-Mo Junction 03:34
A2. Trippin' Down A Country Road 04:25
A3. Mirrored Door 02:02
A4. She Must Be Free 04:19
A5. In All My Dreams 04:22
 • Side Two:
B1. Breathe Deep 04:04
B2. Lost In My Own Backyard 03:30
B3. Feather Bed 03:00
B4. Catch The Wind 03:05
B5. I'll Be Seeing You (Frogs In The Moonlight) 04:48

L.A. Phil Jost - Keyboards
Chuck Sabatino - Flute, Vocals
Joey Marshall - Guitar
James Ovid Bilderback - Drums
Mike Krenski - Bass

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