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Heaven Bound With Tony Scotti - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1972) 

Artist: Heaven Bound
Album: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Label: MGM Records
Catalog#: SE-4856
Released: 1972
Country: US
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:41:39

It’s from 1972 but it totally sounds like a 1967-68 job, starring this girl: http:ann_marshall0.tripod.com as well as Tony Scotti from Valley Of The Dolls, a couple of guys from the Love Generation, Eddie Medora from the Sunrays, ubiquitous 1960s and 1970s producer Tommy Oliver, and last but not least Michael Lloyd of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Smoke, October Country, Friends, Osmonds producer, etc. fame!
This album is just a little sunshine pop LP, not a masterpiece or
        anything, but when I thought I’d had about enough of average sunshine pop
        (and there’s a lot of it around even if it’s still enjoyable), it grew on me and I
        began to appreciate its various subtleties
The material is actually first rate, with two Buffalo Springfield covers (? harmony pop style? in 1972?), Bluebird and an excellent version of On The Way Home, the Beatles’ I Will, Dick Holler’s great Reaching Out For Someone, the classic Five Hundred Miles, and other credits by Roger Nichols & Paul Williams, Mike Curb and Cashman & West, so very much the kind of soft pop record that’s all the rage on the Spectropop list, for its quality as much as for the players

Not a classic by any means, but a very well-done record that I was just surprised to enjoy that much. Note: a repressing of the album entitled Breaking Up Is Hard To Do exists which sports a different cover, adds Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and subtracts the cover of the Beatles’ I Will.

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  Side One:
A1. Five Hundred Miles 2:47
A2. I Kept on Loving You 3:19
A3. (Everything is) Love and Sunshine 3:10
A4. Open Up Your Heart 3:00
A5. Bluebird 3:23
  Side Two:
B1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 02:15
B2. Come Run With Me 2:42
B3. On The Way Home 2:48
B4. Reaching Out for Someone 3:00
B5. He's Rather Have The Rain 2:44
Bonus Track:
01. I Will 02:25
02. We'll Make Music 02:41
03. Mother Country 03:03
04. Heaven Bound 02:12
05. I Just Haven't Got What It Takes 02:15

Sang Lead - Ann Marshall
Backing Vocals - Eddie Medora
Engineer - Jack Hunt, Steve Hodge
Lead Vocals - Joan Medora
Producer, Arranged By, Backing Vocals - Tommy Oliver, Tony Scotti
Producer, Backing Vocals - Michael Lloyd

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