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The Five Bells - Dimensions (1969 Polydor) 

Artist: The Five Bells
Album: Dimensions
Label: Polydor
Catalog#: 542-004
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Canada
Released: 1969
Genre: Pop Rock
Duration: 00:31:58

As the Five Bells, this Montreal band formed in 1965 with sisters Ann and Jacki Ralph, Cliff Edwards, Doug Gravelle and Gordie McLeod. The band's rock-of-all-ages appeal took them from dates in Canadian small towns to 11 weeks at New York City's Copacabana night club, and then to multi-million dollar resort hotels throughought the US and world-famous vacation spots in Bermuda and the Bahamas. Adding keyboardist Mickey Ottier, they cut their first single in 1969, "Moody Manitoba Morning". written by Rick Neufeld. The song earned them two Moffatt Awards that year. This was followed by a full-blown album called Dimensions on Polydor Records. With the departure of Ann Ralph (then married to Cliff Edwards) in 1970 to become a full-time Mom, the band adjusted its line-up and renamed themselves The Bells.

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  Side One:
A1. Big City - 02:19
A2. Where I'm Bound - 02:29
A3. Red Balloon - 02:04
A4. What Did I Do Wrong - 02:05
A5. Little Children - 03:22
A6. Time - 02:02
  Side Two:
B1. Dimensions - 03:17
B2. Moody Manitoba Morning - 02:53
B3. Darktown Strutter's Ball - 02:26
B4. Cloudy - 02:35
B5. I'm A Man - 02:12
B6. Follow The Sun - 02:20

     Executive Producer: Bob Hahn
     Producer: Cliff Edwards

Ann and Jacki Ralph - Lead vocals
Cliff Edwards - Guitar, Vocals
Doug Gravelle - Drums, Vocals
Gordie McLeod - Organ, Vocals

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