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Ray Materick - Life And Times (2003 Linus Entertainment Inc) 

Artist: Ray Materick
Album: Life And Times (2 CD Set)
Label: Linus Entertainment Inc.
Catalog#: Linus 2 70015
Distributor: Warner Bros
Release Year: May 27, 2003
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock & Pop, Folk Rock
Duration: 01:20:33

When I was scuffling around, playing coffeehouses for bus fare and coffee, back before I even drank coffee, there were some models for me to emulate, or not. One of them was Stan Rogers, and my experiences with Stan will be told some day; another was Ray Materick. He had a book of poetry out, and a record, both with the same picture on the front, a bearded guy ambling down the street with a guitar. Then Ray Materick signed to Asylum, and had a hit single. You could not escape hearing "Linda Put the Coffee On" anywhere that season. Canadian radio played it almost hourly as I recall. The Asylum album had better songs, but the powers that be knew that "Linda..." was the hit. And on disc two (entitled '70s Stuff) of this two disc set "Linda Put the Coffee On" is the lead track, and the only song from that first Asylum album.

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  Disc 1: New Stuff
01. Emily 02:54
02. Ashes And Dust 02:53
03. Fish In The Ocean 02:49
04. Talkin' About You 02:53
05. You Babe 03:25
06. Fleshpot 04:32
07. Listen To Your Heart 03:07
08. Wild World 04:12
09. Sister Ruth 02:43
10. Nothin' At All 04:35
11. Never Shoulda Done It 02:58
12. Red Hot Momma 03:16
  Disc 2: '70s Stuff
13. Linda Put The Coffee On 03:17
14. Feelin' Kinda Lucky Tonight 02:55
15. Northbound Plane 03:10
16. I'd Be Your Man 03:01
17. Holiday Bar And Grill Cafa© 03:32
18. Waiting So Long 03:22
19. Again 03:27
20. Like A Midnight Rider 03:42
21. Carnival Knowledge 03:37
22. Long Thin Highway Line 03:10
23. Lonely Hearts Hotel 03:04
24. Ride Away 04:00

     Audio Mixer: Keith Mariash
     Recording information: Manta Sound, Toronto, ON.
     Phase One Studios, Toronto, ON.
     Photographers: Gary Muth, Jennifer Inch,
     The Dragon, Bob Lanois

Bruce Cockburn - Electric guitar
Gene Falbo - Bass
Barry Keane - Drums
Ray Materick - Vocals

Tim Drummond - Bass.
Eric Maher, Rob Lamothe, and Materick - Guitars.
Steve Smith - Steel guitar
Michael Fonfara - Hammond Organ
Mark Mariash - Percussion

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