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Clover Leaf: Single Collection

Performen: Clover Leaf
Single Collection 1969-1973
1969 Time Will Show / Girl Where Are You Going (Polydor S 1323)
Grey Clouds / Love Really Changed Me (Polydor S 1333)
What Kind Of Man / Time Of Troubles (Polydor 2050 028)
Don't Spoil My Day / Sweeter Better (Polydor 2050 045) (UK: Decca F 23101)
Oh What A Day / Such A Good Place (Polydor 2050 086)
Tell The World / Come Home (Imperial 5C 006-24431)
Makin' Believe / Mister Lonesome (Imperial 5C 006-24493)
Woman / If You Meet Her (Imperial 5C 006-24695)
Pop Rock 

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 В конце шестидесятых годов в городе Roosendaal появилась группа под названием Clover Leaf Trio. Её организовали уже достаточно опытные музыканты-Eugеne den Hoed (solo guitar) ex- The Sparks,Jack Verburgt (bass) ex- The Sparks и Roy Stubbs (drums) ex- The Halcons.В их репертуаре были каверы Jimi Hendrix и Cream,а также они начали активно выпускать синглы,которые регулярно бомбардировали местный Top-40.Затем в конце 1968 года музыканты временно прекратили свою деятельность,чтобы уже через несколько месяцев снова возродиться.Они решили расширить и обновить состав.Приняли вокалиста ex- Take Five,Achmad Albar (родом из Джакарты.Отец египтянин и мать индонезийка),который обладал прерасным певческим талантом и отличной причёской в стиле афро.Пришёл новый барабанщик Adrie Voorheijen (Ex-Take Five ).Появившийся у них менеджер Jacq van Loon,привёл с собой органиста Marcel Lahaye (ex- Lotusland (Tilburg)) и заключил контракт с Polydor.Название группы было сокращено до Clover Leaf и на вооружение был принят красивый поп-рок в стиле The Cats и Bee Gees.Во время работы в студии широко использовались услуги бэк-вокалистов,струнных и духовых музыкантов.Их концертное звучание было гораздо проще.Выпустив кучу синглов,музыканты так и не дошли до записи полноценного альбома.Одновременно группа занялась активной поддержкой других голландских музыкантов,организовав для этого JR Studio.В середине 1971 года в группу Road уходит гитарист Eugеne den Hoed.Вместо него из группы Road,приходит Ludwig (Loetje) Leemans.В 1972 году группу покинул Achmed Albar,который прихватил с собой Ludwig (Loetje) Leemans.Они перебрались в Джакарту и организовали там God Bless.После этих ударов Clover Leaf развалились в 1973 году.В настоящее время Achmad Albar является популярнейшим музыкантом Индонезии.После God Bless он пел в GONG 2000,а затем занялся сольной работой.Eugene den Hoed преподаёт по классу гитары в "Centrum voor de Kunsten" in Bergen и регулярно играет в rhythm & blues команде The Treble Shooters. Jacques Verburgt скончался в возрасте 61 года 10 ноября 2009 года.

At the end of the sixties came under the name Clover Leaf a formation, which is often a top-40 listing was able to achieve. Started as klavertje three in 1968 played the ex-Sparks group Eugene den Hoed, Jacques Verburgt and drummer Roy Stubbs initially as poptrio under the name Clover Leaf Trio the repertoire of Jimi Hendrix and Cream. In the course of 1968 melted together with the group temporarily Reborn from London. After a month of what went Reborn itself started and only drummer Roy Stubbs moved back Roosendaal. After strengthening with the talented Achmad Albar and drummer Adrie Voorheijen from Roosendaalse band Take Five knew the group fairly quickly a solid reputation to build. Singer Achmad Albar (he was an Egyptian father and an Indonesiche mother), with its beautiful afro-hairstyle and excellent zangtalent had everything in it to pop star to grow. Manager Jacq van Loon retrieves the organist Marcel Lahaye Tilburg in the band and Jack de Nijs provides a record deal with Polydor.
 The singles of the klavertje five were in the style of The Bee Gees Cats and produced. So after the studio of the band were strings, copperware and achtergrondkoortjes into the end. On the stage was the band a piece ruiger than their commercially produced singles. If huisorkest of JR studio is the band at a later stage also very active in helping other artists (mainly English) from the stable of Jack de Nijs. In mid-1971 traded guitarist Eugene den Hoed place with Ludwig (Loetje) Leemans at Road. After the departure of Ahmed Albar and Loedje Leemans Jakarta to the band fell apart.
Achmad Albar is currently a topartiest in Indonesia. After his departure together with Ludwig (Loetje) Leemans end of 1972 to Indonesia, they were both active in the hard rock band GOD BLESS in Jakarta. In the 90-years Saturday temporarily in popband GONG 2000 and also made solo albums.

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              • Tracklist:

          01. Time will show 03:02
          02. Girl where are you going to 03:10
          03. Grey clouds 03:16
          04. Love really changed me 02:57
          05. What kind of man 03:07
          06. Time of troubles 02:34
          07. Don't spoil my day 03:48
          08. Sweeter better 02:49
          09. Oh what a day  03:32
          10. Such a good place 03:52
          11. Tell the world 03:16
          12. Come home 03:22
          13. Makin' believe 03:05
          14. Mister lonesome 03:07
          15. Woman 03:00
          16. If you meet her 02:28

Band Members:
Achmad Albar - Vocal (ex Take Five; in 1972 to God Bless / jakarta) 
Ludwig - Loetje, Leemans - guitar (1971-1972; ex Road; in 1972 to God Bless/jakarta)
Eugene den Hoed - guitar (in 1971 naar Road), Jacques Verburgt - bass guitar
Adrie Voorheijen - drums (ex- Take Five), Marcel Lahaye - organ (ex Lotusland/Tilburg)

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Artist: Richard  Orange
Album: Big Orange Sun
© Copyright-Orange Pop Shop Songs Ltd.
Record Label: OrangeStoneRecordings Ltd.
Genre: Rock, Modern Rock
Release Date: 2005

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Big Orange Sun
From the very start of this CD you know that you will be listening to something a bit different.The vibrance of the music gives you the feeling that you're at a live venue and when the band 'Come on stage' and instantly break into the crazy sounds of "Mental dentist " you're left feeling breathless after just one track! it's an instant hit that'll leave you in eager anticipation for what's to come.
The tongue in cheek lyrics on tracks such as Mental dentist do not mean that the band are not serious about their music. The instruments played are all played with great skill and invention with a scattering of every day sounds, most noticeably on Yuppie Pie/No.5
The music varies from the rock and roll inspired Mental dentist to the more modern sound of Fall off the world (my personal favourite). This conspires to take you on a wonderful musical journey, a journey missing from many modern pop bands.
The boys manage to cross-pollinate a beatlesque tunefullness with something that is Richard Orange
and I for one, just can't stop playing it.
                                                                                                                        - Marc Duggan

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           ♪ Tracks:

        01. Mental Dentist 4:10
02. All The Way To China (Hole In My Heart) 3:49
03. Fall Off THe World (Mimi's Song) 5:16
04. Absolutely Positively 5:07
05. Big Orange Sun 5:32
06. Ballad Of Captain Morgan 4:37
07. Corduroy (Vivian's Song) 4:17
08. Someday Darkness 5:01
09. Subterranean Sea/Fromage (This Is A Hidden Mystery Song) 7:26
10. Yuppie Pie/No.5 9:01
11. Beatlesque 7:25
12. Girls Dance With Girls 5:25
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Artist: Zuider Zee
Album: Zuider Zee
Ⓟ 1975 CBS ink., Columbia

Catalog#: PC 33816
Printed in U.S.A.
Rock, Blues Rock
Total Time: 00:43:31

Из всех подражателей голосу Пола Маккартни, когда-либо слышимых, которых немало, вокалист группы 
"Zuider Lee" Richard Orange явно их всех побеждает. Даже Emitt Rhodes
не звучал так близко. 

Родом из Мемфиса, менеджер и продюсер - Leland Russell (бывший басист sunshine-pop группы GORDIAN KNOT и автор их одной из лучших мелодий "Carraway Stream"), группа ZUIDER LEE, образовавшись в 1970 году, явила миру единственный альбом, состоящий из композиций энергичного поп-пауэра, фанк-рока и нежных баллад в стиле всё того же Маккартни. Массив из приличных гитарных звуков, ярких звуковых эффектов и некоторых, одних из лучших использований синтезатора Moog в поп-записи (послушайте соло в "Magic Fingers") в совокупности делает каждую песню на альбоме интересной и привлекательной. Существует, безусловно, здесь и некое заимствование у других. В целом, звучание альбома можно охарактеризовать как недостающее звено между "Band On The Run" от WINGS и "Deceptive Bends" а-ля 10CC.
Альбом, после его выпуска получил довольно положительные отзывы критиков, но имел критически плохие продажи, что возможно, связано с тем, что лейбл Columbia решил не выпускать сопутствующий сингл, несмотря на наличие более чем выделяющихся треков на альбоме. Если бы альбом вышел два года спустя, когда влиянение пауэр-попа было в полном разгаре, успех у группы был бы огромным.
Вскоре после выхода альбома, басист John Bonar получил ножевое ранение, отбиваясь от воров, пытавшихся украсть имущество группы после одного из концертов. Группа распалась вскоре после этого инцидента в декабре 1976 года, но Richard Orange продолжал сочинять песни, хотя уже для других артистов. Его самым большим хитом стала композиция "Hole In My Heart" для Cyndi Lauper в 1988 году. Orange в конце концов выпустил свой дебютный сольный альбом "Big Orange Sun" в 2005 году.7

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                                                                                                                • Background
 According to 'Wikipedia', Zuider Lee is a land locked inlet on the north coast of The Netherlands. An unusual moniker for a band originally formed in Louisiana and based out of Memphis, Tennessee; a city that gave us Elvis and some of the best Barbeque east of the Mississippi. Zuider Zee formed in 1969 and primarily was a vehicle for singer songwriter Richard Orange - an artist we covered here a while back and his superb 'Big Orange Sun' CD. Zuider Zee didn't get much promotion from CBS and scattered support slots with totally incompatible groups like Caravan and The Tubes didn't help their cause. Adding insult to injury, bassist John Bonar was nearly stabbed to death during a break-in on the group's tour van which sealed the fate of this criminally overlooked band. 
The Songs
 Richard Orange is not only a dead-ringer for Paul McCartney vocally, but knew the Wings catalog like the back of his hand. 'Listen To the Words' could have been lifted off a 'Red Rose Speedway' demo and the same goes for 'Rubber Men'. Of course, this kind of music always sets this reviewer off in a tizzy and I'm trying hard to be objective, but it's time to break out the drool cup after playing the epic ballad 'The Last Song Of It's Kind' for the umpteenth time, orchestrated as if Sir George Martin had popped in the studio to help out a bit. Oh yeah, I'd be amiss if I didn't mention a 10cc influence on cuts like 'Zeebra', 'Thank You' and 'Magic Fingers'. We can also name check Badfinger here and there, but Orange and band are clever enough to add their own flavor to these very British influences and while the shadow of Macca hovers over Zuider Zee, this is far from a clone band.
In Summary
 I'd love to have Zuider Lee on CD at some point and the Richard Orange web site has a link to Sony, or someone at the company to push such an endeavor. I won't hold my breath since I have more confidence in the Japanese getting to it due to their voracious appetite and track record for American pop reissues. Hope springs eternal.


01. Listen To The Words 3:29
       02. Rubber Man 2:55
       03. The Last Song Of Its Kind 3:47
       04. Zebra 5:18
       05. Youre Not Thinking 3:06
       06. Haunter Of The Darkness 3:49
       07. She Swing 2:40
       08. Thank You 3:23
       09. The Breaks 2:53
       10. Magic Fingers 4:45
       11. All That Is 7:34

Line Up:
Richard Orange - guitar, lead vocals
John Bonar - bass, backing vocals
Robert Hall - drums, backing vocals, 1974-76
Kim Foreman - keyboards, backing vocals

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Gas Mask - Their First Album 1970
Musicians From left to right

     • Ray Brooks
 Ray is the only bass player who was born in Queens in 1943. Most bands don't demand much of their bass players. It's a shame, because if they did, more of them would play like Ray. Next time you go to see the "Odd Couple" watch for Ray. He's in it for about 35 seconds. 
     • Bill Davidson
 Bill was born in Scotland and came to the United States before they tightened the immigration laws. He screwed around with Broadway plays and did a lot of recording. He plays guitar. Some call it funky. Some call it great. Some call it pure Bill Davidson.
     • Nick Olivia
 Everybody knew Nick would amount to nothing since his early teens. (That's when he began composing music instead of getting out there and playing ball with the rest of the kids.) In the Army, he was a trained killer who played piano and organ on many posts. Nick composes most of Gas Mask's stuff.
     • Richard Grando
 Richard is the richest member of the band, but he never springs for anything. He plays millions of record sessions every year and gets paid for all of them. He used to play with Earth Opera but he's all right now. For Gas Mask he plays tenor sax. And all the other needs. And bagpipes and flute. But not all at once.
     • Bobby Osborne
 Bobby Osborne has several hundred friends and about 3 enemies. He plays several instruments but would rather sing. He does all the wailing on this album. These are the songs that made Bobby famous. (And we hope they make you famous too.)
     • James Strassburg
 Drummers die young. James is 26 and in fading health. But the gets up early and remains in control of his craft. The baddest thing for a drummer to do is to pick up time. The only thing worse is to lose time. James doesn't do either. He keeps time. And supports everybody else.
     • David Gross
 David is 25. Or 'only 25' as he prefers it. He is the leader. That means he works his ass off. Writing and arranging. Just his luck, he's stuck with a group where everybody else is a real musician, too. So he can't schlock things through. David plays sax. And very well.
     •  Enrico Rava
 Enrico pisses off a lot of trumpet players. He's good. Very good. He does things on trumpet that nobody else can do even if they put their minds to it. He is 27, and was born in Italy. He joined Gas Mask one month after he got to America. We still can't quite believe him.

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  Группа ''Chicago'' в начале 70-х годов прошлого столетия породила множество подражателей, в том числе и среди соотечественников. Таковым оказалась и Gas Mask - группа из Нью-Йорка, игравшая в подобном стиле, равно как ''Lighthouse'' и ''Ten Wheel Drive'' с того же северо-американского континента. В общем, вполне приятные рок-песни с характерным звучанием духовых - флейты и тому подобных. Правда Gas Mask всё-же, в качестве примера для подражания в своём собственном творчестве избрали европейских представителей жанра - 'Blood, Sweat & Tears''.
 ♪ Подписав контракт с небольшой нью-йоркской студией Tonsil Records, в 1970 году группа записала свой дебютный и, как оказалось, единственный Their First Album.
 ♪ Не сравнивать музыку альбома с творениями ''Blood, Sweat & Tears'' просто невозможно. В полном соответствии с манерой исполнения BST действует духовая секция (Richard Grando, David Gross и Enrico Raja), вокалист Bobby Osborne с его хрипловатым голосом - не более чем подражатель Дэвида Клейтона-Томаса. Клавишник Nick Olivia ответственен за написание большинства материала на альбоме (за исключением двух инструментальных композиций), в особенности его талант композитора и песенника заметен на треках If You Just Think Оf Me, Light Тhe Road и Just Like That (опять же в духе раннего BST).
 ♪ С другой стороны, зачем всё это, когда оригинал, т.е. собственно творческое наследие 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'' было и так легко доступно? И, как следствие, широкие продажи альбома заведомо отсутствовали, этому помогло также его слишком простое название и одна из уродливых обложек года (автор - Jack Dominilla), к тому же первоначально изготовленная из обычного картона.

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Gas Mask Their First Album 1970
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Label: Tonsil Records
Catalog#: T-4001
Recorded at The Hit Factory. N.Y.
Recording Engineer Edison Youngblood
Produced by Teo Macero
Genre: Jazz Rock
Released: 1970
Country: USA

A debut with many "promises" but that takes us half way to business as usual, ie: a sound, its typical formulation and a typical performance in terms of "Brass" refers, however, and EYE with this, the work deserves every opportunity, because in the deeper veins are decanted very nice album, with great potential and charisma, therefore, give credit to the efforts of the band, they do a commendable job, here you can see a Rock Jazz-hardened bronze credited some progressive wave and a certain naturalness of eclecticism, a work certainly very "salvageable" within the period. In my opinion I would say it's an album with great dedication, passion and dedication, each song comes to a good climax despite having limitations, I would say it's an album well-intentioned, painstaking, but always stayed away from their powers, ie did not 100%, the band could have given a little delivery, fatal mistake from my point of view, it had everything you need to excel in the circle, as I was an album with many promises since its debut not bad, shame there was never another album to his credit, very sad indeed, because if things had been more "professionalism" would be talking about a legendary band, well, their First album will be a very popular album has many elements that make ANEMO and is composed of sane and wind instruments, so nothing is lost with this unique piece of the Gas Mask, OUT, ??do not mourn for it is a work with the soul, details are a thing of each, you understand that.

----- ☆☆☆ ------ 


       01. If You Just Think of Me (Nick Olivia) (4:14)
       02. Light the Road (Nick Olivia) (2:42)
       03. The Immigrant (instrumental) (David Gross) (5:34)
       04. Just Like That (Nick Olivia) (4:35)
       05. Thank You My Dear (Nick Olivia) (3:35)
       06. I'll Go Blind (Nick Olivia) (4:43)
       07. The I Ching Thing (David Gross) (5:31)
       08. Watch Myself Grow Tall (Nick Olivia) (3:21)
       09. Nothing To Do Today (Nick Olivia) (3:15)
       10. Young Man (Nick Olivia) (4:02)

Bobby Osborne - Vocals, Ray Brooks - Bass, James Strassburg - Drums, Percussion,
Bill Davidson - Lead Guitar, Nick Olivia - Keyboards, Richard Grando - Reeds,
David Gross - Saxophone, Enrico Rava - Trumpet 
'The Immigrant' and 'The I Ching Thing' were written by David Gross.
All oter Songs were written by Nick Olivia.

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Shaw, Allen & Shaw - This Side That Side & South Fork Crow River

   A dorky - looking early 1970s trio with acoustic guitars, electric bass, and drums.
The band (using an expanded setting) played local ballrooms and lounges which explains the odd cover selection, ranging from acoustic folk to things like "Long Tall Texan" and "Games People Play". In 1971 the band recorded their debut album "This Side That Side". The "This Side , That Side " lp hasn't something special except the "High Flyin Bird " and 2-3 more songs..
   There are also Dylan And Beatles covers, along with two band originals. The albums rarity may be more noteworthy than any overt musical qualities. The band was known as The defiants During the teenbeat era, and in 1972 recorded a second album , "South Fork Crow River".

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1971  This Side That Side
Label: Sound 80, inc. Minneapolis USA
Catalog#: S80S-40-1425


      01. Games People Play - 03:09
      02. I'll be your Baby Tonight - 02:38
      03. Do You know Your Brother's Name - 02:04
      04. High Flyin bird - 03:33
      05. What goes On - 03:03
      06. Jambalaya - 02:03
      07. My Gal - 02:47
      08. Long Gone - 02:42
      09. Blue Bayou Backroads baby & home - 02:34
      10. Down in the Boondocks - 03:36
      11. Cinnamon - 02:26
      12. Long Tall Texan - 03:19

 Mike Shaw - Bass and Vocals; Terry Shaw - Drums and Vocals
JIm Allen - Guitar and Vocals

1972  South Fork Crow River
Label: Phonograph Records Co.
Catalog#: SAS1001
Printed in U.States


      01. Shouth Fork crow River - 02:15
      02. I'm Goin Home - 02:46
      03. When I Fell In Love With Yo - 02:29
      04. Didn't We Love - 03:28
      05. Allways - 02:06
      06. Blue Bayou Backroads Ba... - 03:12
      07. Love is Gone - 02:38
      08. Why Should I - 02:56
      09. Misty Morning sun - 04:01
      10. Eat At Joe's - 02:45
      11. Hot Rocks & Cool Rolls - 03:04

 "South Fork Crow River" lp for me it's much better .
Same line-up plus
Dewey Larson on keyboards, harmonica and vocals.
"Love is Gone"
was written by Dennis Shaw, yet another Shaw brother.

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Paul Butterfield -Rock Rare Collection 1969
Tivoli Concentral Copenhagen, Denmark

   Performen: Paul Butterfield
   Album: Tivoli Concentral 1969
   Rock Rare Collection Fetish
   Digitized from the tape in 2006.
   Genre: Rock, Blues-Rock
   Format: FLAC (track, .cue)
   BiTrate: lossless
   T.Time: 00:48:49

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ни словами сказать, ни пером написать..) Концертная запись блюзмена Поль Баттерфилда (Paul Butterfield) записанная в 1969 году в Копенгагене. На CD этого издания не выходило. Оцифровано с кассеты в 2006 году. Красивые блюзовые композиции, соло на губной гармошке.
Как не искал по разным сайтам, форумам и блогам, информации об этой записи нет. В дискографии даже на официальном сайте Paul Butterfield, так же ни одного словечка про этот концерт. Ну да ладно, не в инфе дело. Это для всех кто любит красивый блюз. Слушайте, комментируйте.

No words to say, no pen to write ..) live recording bluesman Paul Butterfield (Paul Butterfield) recorded in 1969 in Copenhagen. On the CD of this publication does not go. Digitized with the tapes in 2006. Beautiful blues, solo on the harmonica.
How to avoid looking at different sites, forums and blogs, information about this record does not. The discography on the official site, even Paul Butterfield, just a single word about this concert. Oh well, not infe case. This is for anyone who loves beautiful blues. Listen and comment.

       • Track List:

       1. One More Heartache 07:41
       2. Everything Going To Be Alright 08:28
       3. Driftin' and Driftin' 08:59
       4. I Want To Be With You 11:59
       5. Drowin In My Own Tears 07:29
       6. Knock On Wood (jump in) 04:13

Band Members:
Paul Butterfield - vocal, harmonica, Gene Dinwiddie - tenor sax
David Sanborn - alto sax, Keith Johnson - trumpet
Buzzy Feiten - guitar, Fred Beckmeier - bass
Phillip Wilson - drums

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