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Gas Mask - Their First Album 1970
Musicians From left to right

     • Ray Brooks
 Ray is the only bass player who was born in Queens in 1943. Most bands don't demand much of their bass players. It's a shame, because if they did, more of them would play like Ray. Next time you go to see the "Odd Couple" watch for Ray. He's in it for about 35 seconds. 
     • Bill Davidson
 Bill was born in Scotland and came to the United States before they tightened the immigration laws. He screwed around with Broadway plays and did a lot of recording. He plays guitar. Some call it funky. Some call it great. Some call it pure Bill Davidson.
     • Nick Olivia
 Everybody knew Nick would amount to nothing since his early teens. (That's when he began composing music instead of getting out there and playing ball with the rest of the kids.) In the Army, he was a trained killer who played piano and organ on many posts. Nick composes most of Gas Mask's stuff.
     • Richard Grando
 Richard is the richest member of the band, but he never springs for anything. He plays millions of record sessions every year and gets paid for all of them. He used to play with Earth Opera but he's all right now. For Gas Mask he plays tenor sax. And all the other needs. And bagpipes and flute. But not all at once.
     • Bobby Osborne
 Bobby Osborne has several hundred friends and about 3 enemies. He plays several instruments but would rather sing. He does all the wailing on this album. These are the songs that made Bobby famous. (And we hope they make you famous too.)
     • James Strassburg
 Drummers die young. James is 26 and in fading health. But the gets up early and remains in control of his craft. The baddest thing for a drummer to do is to pick up time. The only thing worse is to lose time. James doesn't do either. He keeps time. And supports everybody else.
     • David Gross
 David is 25. Or 'only 25' as he prefers it. He is the leader. That means he works his ass off. Writing and arranging. Just his luck, he's stuck with a group where everybody else is a real musician, too. So he can't schlock things through. David plays sax. And very well.
     •  Enrico Rava
 Enrico pisses off a lot of trumpet players. He's good. Very good. He does things on trumpet that nobody else can do even if they put their minds to it. He is 27, and was born in Italy. He joined Gas Mask one month after he got to America. We still can't quite believe him.

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  Группа ''Chicago'' в начале 70-х годов прошлого столетия породила множество подражателей, в том числе и среди соотечественников. Таковым оказалась и Gas Mask - группа из Нью-Йорка, игравшая в подобном стиле, равно как ''Lighthouse'' и ''Ten Wheel Drive'' с того же северо-американского континента. В общем, вполне приятные рок-песни с характерным звучанием духовых - флейты и тому подобных. Правда Gas Mask всё-же, в качестве примера для подражания в своём собственном творчестве избрали европейских представителей жанра - 'Blood, Sweat & Tears''.
 ♪ Подписав контракт с небольшой нью-йоркской студией Tonsil Records, в 1970 году группа записала свой дебютный и, как оказалось, единственный Their First Album.
 ♪ Не сравнивать музыку альбома с творениями ''Blood, Sweat & Tears'' просто невозможно. В полном соответствии с манерой исполнения BST действует духовая секция (Richard Grando, David Gross и Enrico Raja), вокалист Bobby Osborne с его хрипловатым голосом - не более чем подражатель Дэвида Клейтона-Томаса. Клавишник Nick Olivia ответственен за написание большинства материала на альбоме (за исключением двух инструментальных композиций), в особенности его талант композитора и песенника заметен на треках If You Just Think Оf Me, Light Тhe Road и Just Like That (опять же в духе раннего BST).
 ♪ С другой стороны, зачем всё это, когда оригинал, т.е. собственно творческое наследие 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'' было и так легко доступно? И, как следствие, широкие продажи альбома заведомо отсутствовали, этому помогло также его слишком простое название и одна из уродливых обложек года (автор - Jack Dominilla), к тому же первоначально изготовленная из обычного картона.

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Gas Mask Their First Album 1970
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Label: Tonsil Records
Catalog#: T-4001
Recorded at The Hit Factory. N.Y.
Recording Engineer Edison Youngblood
Produced by Teo Macero
Genre: Jazz Rock
Released: 1970
Country: USA

A debut with many "promises" but that takes us half way to business as usual, ie: a sound, its typical formulation and a typical performance in terms of "Brass" refers, however, and EYE with this, the work deserves every opportunity, because in the deeper veins are decanted very nice album, with great potential and charisma, therefore, give credit to the efforts of the band, they do a commendable job, here you can see a Rock Jazz-hardened bronze credited some progressive wave and a certain naturalness of eclecticism, a work certainly very "salvageable" within the period. In my opinion I would say it's an album with great dedication, passion and dedication, each song comes to a good climax despite having limitations, I would say it's an album well-intentioned, painstaking, but always stayed away from their powers, ie did not 100%, the band could have given a little delivery, fatal mistake from my point of view, it had everything you need to excel in the circle, as I was an album with many promises since its debut not bad, shame there was never another album to his credit, very sad indeed, because if things had been more "professionalism" would be talking about a legendary band, well, their First album will be a very popular album has many elements that make ANEMO and is composed of sane and wind instruments, so nothing is lost with this unique piece of the Gas Mask, OUT, ??do not mourn for it is a work with the soul, details are a thing of each, you understand that.

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       01. If You Just Think of Me (Nick Olivia) (4:14)
       02. Light the Road (Nick Olivia) (2:42)
       03. The Immigrant (instrumental) (David Gross) (5:34)
       04. Just Like That (Nick Olivia) (4:35)
       05. Thank You My Dear (Nick Olivia) (3:35)
       06. I'll Go Blind (Nick Olivia) (4:43)
       07. The I Ching Thing (David Gross) (5:31)
       08. Watch Myself Grow Tall (Nick Olivia) (3:21)
       09. Nothing To Do Today (Nick Olivia) (3:15)
       10. Young Man (Nick Olivia) (4:02)

Bobby Osborne - Vocals, Ray Brooks - Bass, James Strassburg - Drums, Percussion,
Bill Davidson - Lead Guitar, Nick Olivia - Keyboards, Richard Grando - Reeds,
David Gross - Saxophone, Enrico Rava - Trumpet 
'The Immigrant' and 'The I Ching Thing' were written by David Gross.
All oter Songs were written by Nick Olivia.

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