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Ben Bogaardt - S/T 1970 (Private Pressing)
Ben Bogaardt - S/T  1970 (Private Pressing, Canada)

Performer: Ben Bogaardt (Canada)
Album: SelfTitled
© 1970 CAN-AUSSIE Distributors Inc.
Kamloops, B.C.
Catalog#: VP002
Produced in Canada
Genre: Pop-Rock, Folk Psych
Format: FLAC (img,+.cue)
BiTrate: lossless
Cover: PNG/300dpi - Full Scan
Duration: 00:30:37

Редкое издание, вышедшее ограниченным тиражом на Канадском лейбле. Бен родился в Индонезии - его мать голландка, отец индонезиец. Бен переехал в Голландию из Индонезии, а оттуда эмигрировал в Канаду в 1958 году. К сожалению Бен скончался в 2010 году.

This LP was only released in very limited quantities on the west coast of Canada.
A dreamy blue country pop harmony sound echos through this LP. Ben is a serious signer songwriter. So serious, and talented he has a vocal range people envy. He has the assuredness in his tone and output that is online of Scott Walker I hear it all over this LP. The songs he writes, are the standouts to point out. When these guys harmonize, it's simply amazing and the laid back production of the instrumentation is a gem.
When the organ player throws in the fingers for a solo, it's straight out the Band-meets-Dylan Hudson/Kooper playing. They sing about Loss, Love, Girls, Environmental issues, traditional folk songs are incorporated. A song they made for a movie is included and is a standout track "River you must flow" They produce a song called "U.F.O." and is stunning in it's imagination running and, yep is about life from beyond our planet. My favorite track, is the first song on side 1. "Adalee" goes on and on in a syrupy echoey harmonizing loop that transfixes on very Sad Love story. The guitar playing is excellent all through, playing many styles with acid overtones on some tracks, and dobro / slide then rockabilly . Definitly I feel this to be a better than average "private"pressing A great LP all around. It was issued on the West Coast Canada in 1970. I found my copy in excellent shape. It's one of my current favorites. This is really a private press collector dream album ! It's not overly pricey yet (from what I've seen one sell for haha) and has something for serious music lovers, who may just love Scott Walker.
                                                                                                       • Many thanks of freQaZoidiacl!.

                      ♪ Tracklist:

                     01. Adalee  (4:30)
                     02. City Of New Orleans  (3:45)
                     03. Bengawen Solo  (2:40)
                     04. UFO  (2:45)
                     05. Soon  (2:44)
                     06. River You Must Flow  (2:32)
                     07. Ketjil Ketjil  (2:43)
                     08. One More Load  (2:00)
                     09. Unchained Melody  (3:46)
                     10. So Much Yet So Little  (2:34)

Rick Bogaardt - Bass Guitar Bill Bogaardt - Vocal Archie Bogaardt - Drums
Cal Poole - Lead Guitar Tom Paprosky - Organ
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Oasis (UK) - Oasis (Mary Hopkin & Peter Skellern) Ⓟ & © 1984 WEA Records

Performer: Oasis (U.K.)
Album: SelfTitled
Ⓟ & © 1984 WEA Records Ltd.
A Warner Communications Company
Catalog#: 240 372-2
Printed in West Germany
Genre: Pop-Rock, Soft Rock
Cover: JPG/300dpi - Full Scan
Duration: 00:46:44

Английская супер-группа образована в 1983 году, в которую входили: Peter Skellern (March 14, 1947, Bury, Lancashire; vocals, piano, также участник MARCH HARE), Mary Hopkin (May 03, 1950, Pontardawe, Glamorgan; vocals, участница в том числе SELBY SET & MARY, HOBBY HORSE, SUNDANCE), Julian Lloyd Webber (April 14, 1951, Greater London; cello) - вrother of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bill Lovelady (guitar) и гитарист Mitch Dalton, с их единственным альбомом в стиле soft rock/adult contemporary была весьма хорошо принята на родине, а релиз даже попал в британский Top 30. В записи альбома так же приняли участие ещё несколько музыкантов: Haydn Bendall (synthesizer), Charlie Morgan (drums), Andy Pask (bass), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Mike Timoney (synthesizer). 
В столь обширном составе компания создала действительно приятную гармонию звуков (в написании ряда песен поучаствовал Skellern), но дальше этого совместного труда дело почему-то не пошло, группа распалась через год - в 1985 году. Peter Skellern и Mary Hopkin продолжили работать в других коллективах, а также сольно. Да, была ещё парочка синглов в том же, 1984-м (Hold Me / Oasis и I Wonder Why / Who Knows), содержимое которых исправно перекочевало в альбом.

Oasis was an English music group which formed in 1984. The group consisted of Peter Skellern, Julian Lloyd Webber, Mitch Dalton, Bill Lovelady and Mary Hopkin.
Their debut album, Oasis, was released on the WEA label, along with two singles. The album reached #23 on the UK Albums Chart after first charting in April 1984 and remained in charts for 15 weeks. A tour of the United Kingdom was planned for September 1984 and a new cellist, Audrey Riley, was brought in to replace Lloyd-Webber, whose solo commitments forced him to leave. The tour, however, was brought to an abrupt end, because Hopkin became ill and the group disbanded shortly afterwards.

When conceived, executed and then unveiled to the public, the group behind this LP were heavily touted as being a 'super group'. Indeed, each member had their own previous recording careers and brought a wealth of experience and talent to this project. Whether this was meant to continue beyond this, their one and only LP is uncertain, but the intervening years seem to suggest that a follow up LP is extremely unlikely. If so, then that's a shame because although this LP is certainly not to everyone's taste, it is well crafted and beautifully exectued by all those invovled. If you're looking for the perfect summer evening 'chill out' beyond the realms of the plethora of 'Ibiza' and 'Ministry of Sound' compilations, then look no further! One thing of interest is the HIGH value placed upon the CD release of this. It was available on WEA as a 'Target' release (240 372-2) then as a British Pickwick Records reissue in 1989 (PWKS 557) and then again on European WEA in 1995 (2292-40372-2). The Japanese CD issue hails from 1997 (WPCR-1459). All copies seem to get snapped up quickly (and rarely cheaply either)! Expect to pay well over ?100 for the Japanese CD...

                      ♪ Tracklist:

                     01. Prelude 2:14
                     02. If This Be The Last Time 4:18
                     03. I Wonder Why 3:51
                     04. Hold Me 4:10
                     05. Oasis 5:39
                     06. Sirocco 6:17
                     07. Who Knows 4:55
                     08. Weavers Of Moonbeams 5:01
                     09. Loved And Lost 5:13
                     10. True Love 4:23

VocalsMary Hopkin & Peter Skellern
BassAndy Pask
CelloJulian Lloyd Webber
DrumsCharlie Morgan
KeyboardsPeter Skellern
PercussionFrank Ricotti 

Lyrics By – Marita Phillips (tracks: 3, 6)
Music By – Bill Lovelady(tracks: 3, 6), Mitch Dalton(track: B1), Peter Skellern(tracks: 1, 3, 9)
Written-By – Cole Porter (tracks: 10), Peter Skellern (tracks: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8)

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The Glass Bottle - Glass Bottle (1970 Avco Embassy Revords)

Ⓟ & © 1970 Avco Embassy Revords
Catalog#: AVE-33012
The Glass Bottle was an American pop band fronted by Gary Criss, whose song about bitterness and heartbreak, "I Ain't Got Time Anymore," was recorded in 1970, and reached #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 1971. The band was co-produced by Dickie Goodman. Goodman had an advertising deal with a PR firm that was trying to save the glass industry from losing soda pop clients to plastic bottles, so Goodman and partner Bill Ramal formed a group, called them "The Glass Bottle," and produced their album. The group produced two hits, "I Ain't Got Time Anymore" and "The Girl Who Loved Me When," before breaking up and drifing into obscurity.

This LP is worth owning simply for the hysterical cover showing six happenin' folks decked out in their hippest threads. Love the hippy beads two of the guys are wearing and the scarf the more conservative geek is sporting.
Co-produced by Bill Ramal and the late Dickie Goodman, musically 1970's "The Glass Bottle" is kind of a disappointment. Apparently a studio outfit, the album doesn't even provide full performance credits. Gary Criss is credited with handling most of the lead vocals, with Dennis Dees (I'm guessing the black guy) and Carol Denmark (I'm guessing she's the black lady) handling a couple of tracks. No idea who the three other folks were. In spite of their young and cool look, this largely anonymous outfit are in fact a pretty conventional pop outfit - exemplified by material such as 'Sorry Suzanne' if you think along the lines of England's Brotherhood of Man you'll be in the right area. Sure, there are a couple of nice moments, including the bubblegum-ish 'Honey Do' and the atypically rocking 'Red River Sal'. Unfortunately, too much of the set is given over to insipid over-orchestrated ballads such as 'Pretty Thing', 'Love for Living' and 'Velvet'. Elsewhere the track 'Wonderwheel' was featured in an AVCO Embassy movie entitled "The People Next Door".
               • Side 1
              1. Sorry Suzanne (Macauley - Stephens) 2:44
              2.  Pretty Thing (Jeff Barry - Ellie Greenwich) 2:52
              3.  Honey Do (Jeff Barry - Sanders) 2:15
              4. Red River Sal (Levitt - Raisin) 3:42
              5. Velvet (Appel - Cretecos) 3:15
               • Side 2
              1. Love for Living (C. Terry) 3:01
              2. Wonderwheel (English - Weiss) 2:56
              3. The First Time (Dayton Callie) 2 :49
              4. Make Me a Woman (Chuck Gordon) 2:58
              5. Boys In the Band (Leiber - Stoller) 2:54

A follow-up single 'I Ain't Got Time Anymore' b/w 'Things'
(AVCO Embassy catalog number AVE-4574) went top-40.
There may also be a sophomore LP with the same title, but I've never seen or heard it.
In case anyone cares, Criss recorded a couple of pre-Glass Bottle solo efforts.
 He also briefly reappeared in the mid-1970s on the disco-oriented
Salsoul label, enjoying a couple of dance hits with material
such as 'Rio De Janeiro' and 'Brazilian Nights'.

Band members:
Gary Criss - lead vocals
Dennis Dees - vocals
Carol Demark - vocals

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Mickey Finn • Selftitled 1980 (Aus. / Eureka Records)

Performer: Mickey Finn (Aus)
Album: Selftitled
Label: Eureka Records
& © 1980 Barking Dog Promotions ltd.
Catalog#: E112
Made in Australia
Format: FLAC (.cue+log)
BiTrate: lossless
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Blues
Cover: JPG, 300dpi - Full Scan
Total Time: 00:34:30

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mickey Finn formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1976, evolving from the popular band Fraternity, which is best known for its association with Bon Scott and also the Levi Clefs. By late 1975, Fraternity had been renamed to Some Dream. In 1978, the band was eventually renamed as Mickey Finn, comprising of Bruce Howe (ex Levi Clefs), John Eyers (ex No Sweat), Mauri Berg and Joff Bateman (both ex Headband).
This bluesy rock band was led by Eyres - alias 'Uncle' John Eyers and created a large following in Adelaide's pub scene etc.
By 1980, John Freeman had rejoined as their new drummer and a second guitarist, Stan Koritini, had also been added. It was this lineup that cut the selftitled album for the Eureka label, featured in this post.
Mickey Finn released two Singles in 1980 and 1981 before fading from the rock scene, although they reunited in 1990 for a brief period.
There is not really much information documented about this short lived band other than snippets of information that I managed to find on each of the band members.

 • Mauri Berg
A member of HOY-HOY! , this band started out as a trio based on the early blues of the Texas band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, who were themselves fans of earlier artist's including Slim Harpo.
Now as a trio with Mauri Berg at the helm, the music is tougher, so the, "we're not loud, you're soft", catch phrase applies.
Whyalla boy, Mauri Berg, makes good.''1968" W.G.Berg, "1970" Headband, The Mount Lofty Rangers, with Bonn Scott. "1971" Fraternity MkII, with Jimmy Barnes and John Swan. "1976" Mickey Finn, mark one and two. Mauri has recorded at Alberts Studios, toured the country on the strength of some no.1 singles and inspires and awes music lovers with soaring guitar playing, and definitive guitar licks.
(For more information about HOY-HOY, see hoyhoymusic.com)
 • John Eyers
Fraternity recorded a single entitled "Seasons of Change" in April of 1971, then welcomed harmonica player "Uncle" John Eyers, who, in the true spirit of the Age of Aquarius, stopped by for a visit and simply never left. John Eyers joined on harmonica and vocals in May that same year.
 • John Freeman
There are plenty of fine drummers and percussionists around these days, but few have a true personality and personal style. Those of the old school invariably have some trademark fill, a unique placement of the beat and a sense of belonging within the music, and not just part of it. Adelaide's John Freeman is a case in point. His history includes classic Australian bands like The Levi Clefs, Fraternity, Mickey Finn and a later stint with Jimmy Barnes. In between times he's played with everybody who's anybody in Adelaide and also performs authentic and passionate country blues guitar and song when the gig arises. These days he holds down the rhythm section in a fine swinging R&B outfit called 'Rhumboogie' which also features Adelaide guitar legend Chris Finnen.
 • Bruce Howe
He is an Australian bass player born in Adelaide, South Australia. Bruce has played with many good bands and certainly has stuck it out through the early years of the sixties through to the turn of the century. He spent most of his playing days with Barrie McAskill and The Levi Smiths Clefs and moved on to play with Jimmy Barnes in 1984, and then the Mega Boys and the Dalai Lama in 1986.

             ♪  Track Listing:

            01. Too Much Rigmorole (3:05)
            02. Well Oiled Millionaire (3:41)
            03. So Many Lies (4:08)
            04. Neon Tube Kid (4:39)
            05. I'm A Man (2:28)
            06. DT's (2:54)
            07. Quick Release (3:19)
            08. Eat Your Heart Out (4:02)
            09. Baby Please Don't Go (3:13)
            10. Animal (3:21)

Band Members:
(Uncle) John Eyers - Vocals, Harp
Mauri Berg - Lead guitar
Stan Koritni - Rhythm guitar
Bruce Howe - Bass
John Freeman - Drums
Special Guest: John Swan - Backing Vocals

Produced by Les Siramonds for Barking Dog Promotions Ltd.
Recorded at Studio 301, July 1980
Manufactured and Distributed by RCA Limited.
Sydney. Australia and Auckland. New Zealand.

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Biography by Richie Unterberger (www.allmusic.com)
Those that remember the Hudson Brothers usually think of them as a bubblegum act of sorts, due to the fact that they hosted some comedy-variety TV shows in the mid-'70s. But they were in fact a real group, extremely Anglophile in orientation, with heavy debts to the Beatles and Beach Boys, and occasional hints of the Kinks. In these respects, as well as their harmonies and superficial vocal resemblances to Lennon and McCartney, they echoed other players in the sub-Beatle game, like Badfinger, the Move, and ELO. That might be raising your expectations too high: they weren't nearly as deep or clever as the Move, as infectious or energetic as Badfinger, or even as ambitious as ELO. During their brief mid-'70s vogue, they recorded a few albums for Elton John's Rocket label (some of which were produced by Elton's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin), and managed a few small hits, "So You Are a Star," "Lonely School Year," and "Rendezvous."

The Hudson Brothers - Hudson (1972 Playboy Records)

Artist: The Hudson Brothers
Album: Hudson
Ⓟ & © 1972 Playboy Records, ink.
Catalog#: PB-102
Format: Vinyl LP
Genre: Pop/Rock, Power Pop
Thanks by James Paul
Duration: 00:26:54

The Hudson Brothers are an American music group formed in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s and consisting of Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson and Mark Hudson (birth name Salerno).

Вначале Хадсоны выступали на школьных праздниках и мероприятиях, а через несколько лет им повезло: они выиграли музыкальный конкурс, проводимый (как это Вам нравится?!) автоконцерном "Крайслер", что сразу же сделало их местными знаменитостями.
Вдохновлённые удачей, парни отправились в концертное турне, перименовав своё трио в The New Yorkers (в надежде осесть в этом Вечном Городе; но что-то не хватало им фантазии для нормального названия трио...). На волне успеха братьям Хадсон удалось также заполучить контракт с лейблом "Scepter Records" и записать парочку синглов. Но с Нью-Йорком по каким-то причинам дело не выгорело, блудные сыновья Портленда вернулись в родную обитель и снова принялись за концерты и сессионные записи. Может быть дело было в неудачном названии? И они меняют его на незатейливое The Hudson Brothers. Но и это на первых порах не помогло. Первый альбом, выпущенный в 1972 г., фактически провалился. Спас братьев... мистер Элтон Джон, пригласивший их для работы в студию собственного лейбла, где они записали и затем выпустили в 1974 г. два лонгплея, песни из которых стали хитами и поднялись на высокие позиции в чартах страны.
Став героями прессы, братья заимели своё собственное шоу на телевидении "The Show Hudson Brothers", что, однако, сыграло с ними злую шутку. В одном из интервью Марк Хадсон позднее сетовал на то, что одни зрители не воспринимали их как музыкальный коллектив, считая неплохими актёрами, а другие, поклонники поп-рока, уже не считали их серьёзными музыкантами, воспринимая как простых актёров. Таким образом, на протяжении всей истории трио его чаще посещали неудачи, чем успех. Поэтому в 1982 г. они решили поставить точку.
---------- ☆☆☆☆☆ ----------
Releasing a handful of singles as The New Yorkers and Everyday Hudson in the late 60's, this Portland, Oregon trio of talented brothers finally found fame and fortune in the early to mid-70's both musically and with their own television show in the United States. I'll be the first to admit, I think I watched 'The Hudson Brothers Show' once or twice and never thought much of it. Maybe I was too young and variety shows were never my thing, but who knows? It wasn't until the early 1980's that I started picking up their albums in discount bins and was pleasantly surprised with their unique brand of power pop. Eventually the Hudson's would sign to Elton John's Rocket Records and under the direction of Bernie Taupin would find greater success with a string of hit singles, but their debut as 'Hudson' on the Playboy label while not as immediate as their later masterworks, is worth every effort and penny to track down.

The Songs 
This is classic made for AM radio early 70's pop. Every tune here is catchy as hell dovetailing nicely into the Three Dog Night, Bobby Sherman, and The Osmonds school of pop as well as the UK sound of early Badfinger, The Bee Gees and naturally The Beatles. Why none of these songs charted significantly is incredible to me and side one is a sheer delight opening with 'Lovely Lady', a ballad of the highest order very reminiscent of Three Dog Night at their best, but it's clear the Hudson Brothers were followers of The Bee Gees with cuts like the stunning 'If I Needed You' and the out-of-this-world 'Someday' both complimented with beautiful orchestration. 'Woe Is Me' and 'What's A Fella Sposta Do' both capture The Beatles sound and the direction Klaatu would take just a few short years later and I'm in magical mystery heaven. Side two's 'Leavin' It's Over' sounds like an out take from the Thunderclap Newman album and inexplicably as a single failed to get no higher than #110 on the Billboard charts. 'Little Old Man' another heavily orchestrated and dramatic ballad reminds a bit of pop master Scott Walker without his at times oppressive moodiness. 'I've Been Told', 'Help Me' and 'Everybody Sing' close out the record with three solid tracks all very much influenced by The Beatles and all uniformly excellent.
In Summary 
It's a shame none of the Hudson Brothers albums have been released on CD, although Varse Sarabande released 'So You Are A Star - Best of the Hudson Brothers' in the mid 1990's. As you can imagine it's now long out of print and now goes for obscene money whenever and wherever you can find it. Let's hope this situation changes with proper reissues sooner rather than later. A bit of trivia - Bill Hudson would go on to work with Ringo Starr and marry Goldie Hawn, a union which produced their daughter and actress Kate Hudson.
             ♪ Tracklist:

            01. Lovely Lady 2:58
            02. If I Needed You 2:15
            03. Woe Is Me 2:36
            04. Someday 2:46
            05. What's A Fella Sposta Do 2:40
            06. Leavin' It's Over 2:43
            07. Little Old Man 3:29
            08. I've Been Told 2:51
            09. Help Me 2:33
            10. Everybody Sing 2:03

Bill Hudson - guitar, vocals
Mark Hudson - drums, vocals
Brett Hudson - bass, vocals
Danny Hunt - piano

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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The Hudson Brothers - Hudson (1972 Playboy Records)

Artist: The Plimsouls
Album: Zero Hour
Ⓟ & © 1980 BEAT Records
Catalog#: BE-1001
Original Record on U.S.
Format: FLAC (track+.cue)
BiTrate: lossless
Cover: JPG, 400 dpi & PDF
Total Time: 00:14:41

The Plimsouls - американская группа из неприметного городка Парамаунт в штате Калифорния (США), образовавшаяся в 1978 г. Создателем и лидером этой команды был Питер Кейс (Peter Case), бывший фронтмен группы под названием The Nerves, сочетавший функции гитариста, вокалиста и автора песен. Когда с Нервами было покончено, Питер образовал трио, в которое помимо него вошли бас-гитарист Дэйв Пахуа (Dave Pahoa) и ударник Луи Рамирез (Louie Ramírez.), и назвал его "Лёгкими парусиновыми туфельками", изменив в слове одну букву (как это сделали The Beatles, его кумиры). Получилось что-то весьма загадочное, перекликающееся с битловскими "резиновыми душами", но теперь они были парусиновыми, хотя и с резиновой подошвой...
После двух-трёх живых выступлений коллектив быстро стал фаворитом лосанджелесской клубной сцены. В числе первых, кто заинтересовался музыкой The Plimsouls, был известный местный промоутер и владелец лейбла "Beat Records" Stephen Zepeda, заключивший контракт с группой на запись EP (пробный "extended play" с пятью треками). Продюсером и менеджером Парусиновых Туфель стал Danny Holloway. При записи грампластинки под названием "Zero Hour" к группе присоединился гитарист Eddie Muñoz, т.е. трио превратилось в квартет.
Заглавная песня грампластинки получила ежедневную ротацию в эфире на радиостанции "KROQ-FM", что вывело группу на ведущие позиции в музыкальной жизни города. Пресса также положительно отозвалась по поводу сочинительских способностей Кейса. Закрепить этот успех удалось контрактом с лейблом "Planet Records" (с дистрибьюцией через компанию "Elektra") и в 1981 г. был готов дебютный альбом (без названия). Причём Danny Holloway продолжил сотрудничество с коллективом. Большим успехом у местных радиостанций теперь стал пользоваться сингл "Now", который оценили и в профессиональных музыкальных кругах. В частности, кавер-версию этой песни исполнил известный исполнитель музыки в стиле power-pop, легендарный Phil Seymour (её можно найти на его втором сольном альбоме, перизданном в 2011 г. на CD). Интересно, что Фил в конце 70-х годов принимал участие и в концертных турне Тhe Plimsouls в качестве гостя (приглашённого вокалиста) и имя его красовалось на афишах рядом с именем коллектива.
Что касается национальной популярности, то группа её обрела в 1983 г., когда был реализован сингл "A Million Miles Away", вошедший в саундтрек романтической комедии "Valley Girl" c молодым Николасом Кейджем в главной роли. Тhe Plimsouls тоже снялись в этом фильме, трижды появляясь в кадрах картины в момент исполнения своих песен (две из них звучали в коротких отрывках). Разумеется, после этого они поторопились с записью и выпуском следующего альбома "Everywhere At Once", куда вошёл и прославленный трек. К продюсированию этого релиза был привлечён Jeff Eyrich, покинувший, однако, группу после появления пластинки на прилавках страны. Через несколько лет кавер-версию "A Million Miles Away" исполнили Goo Goo Dolls на своём альбоме "Hold Me Up".
В середине 80-х годов коллектив распался. Питер Кейс начал сольную карьеру, не добавившую ему особой славы. Наконец, в 1996 г. The Plimsouls воссоединились, но без Рамиреза, дали несколько концертов и поучаствовали в немногих сессионных выступлениях, результатом чего стал реюнион-альбом "Kool Trash". К записи диска был привлечён новый член команды - ударник Clem Burke, некоторое время, как известно, игравший в составе знаменитых Blondie. В наше время The Plimsouls время от времени вновь собираются вместе и дают концерты, но ударник у них уже другой - Bryan Head.
                                                                                                                                     - VaTAga
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Formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter Case (who had previously fronted power pop band The Nerves), the Plimsouls began as a trio in 1978 which included Case, bassist Dave Pahoa and drummer Louie Ramirez. From inception, the band quickly became a crowd favorite in the Los Angeles club scene. Long Beach promoter Stephen Zepeda signed the group to his Beat Records label for a five-song EP called Zero Hour. Guitarist Eddie Munoz joined the group during the recording of the EP. Danny Holloway produced the Zero Hour EP and managed the group.
Special note: This vinyl rip was made in 24 bit/96khz then dithered and resampled to 16bit/44.1khz with iZotope RX2. It is now available in lossless versions and comes with all the scans of the original 12" EP.
The promo release includes the press kit (six parts) that was included within the LP sleeve.


1. Great Big World (2:55)
2. Zero Hour (2:30)
3. Hypnotized (2:53)
4. How Long Will it Take? (2:49)
5. I Can't Turn You Loose (3:15)

EDDIE MUNOZ - guitar
PETER CASE - vocals / guitar
DAVE PAHOA - bass /raca /s


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The Plimsouls • Zero Hour (Promo EP) 1980 BEAT Records

Artist: Promise
Album: Promise!
Ⓟ & © 1980 Comulus Records
Catalogue#: C180SG
Country: USA

Genre: Mersey beat, Power-pop
Total Time: 00:30:27

В 1980г. в Лонгмонте (штат Колорадо) четыре парня Danny Mey, Curt Mangan, Randy Jones и Gary York, влюбленные в музыку The Beatles, решили, что им суждено продолжить дело великой ливерпульской четверки.
Название для своей команды они выбрали своеобразное - Promise, надеясь, что смогут хоть каким-то образом оправдать десятилетнее ожидание битломанов. В итоге этой компанией лонгмонтцев в строжайшей конфиденциальности на фирме "Cumulus Records" был записан всего один альбом с очень скромной (я бы даже сказал, страшненькой с художественной стороны и ужасной с точки зрения последовавшего после этого трагического события - убийства Джона, т.е. какое-то предчувствие?...) обложкой. Об этой пластинке, о песнях Promise почти никто не знает. А Дэнни Мэй с друзьями очень старались и кое-что у них как буд-то бы получалось.
---------- ☆☆☆☆☆ ----------

"Born 1951 in Longmont, Colorado. Lived in Berthoud, Colorado for first 17 years with parents. My mother played piano and sang very well. My father was an auctioneer and had a fondnest for Ernest Tubbs, Leroy Van Dyke, Hank WIlliams and Chuck Berry. My earlist influense were Gene Autrey, Roy Rogers, Chet Atkins.
Starter playing at age 10 and everything changed at age twelve when I was ill with sleeping sickness and the Beatles happened. Began playing professionally at age 13, had first label interest at age 17.
Started Mangatube records at age 21, had local Denver area hit with a "A Song for Casey" with a band called Joe Cool (that is still playing today) which lead to a brief recording experince with 20th Century Fox records in 1976.
Since age 17, I i also worked at music stores and taught guitar lessons, plus learned how to repair guitars. in 1977, after three years of non-stop performing, recording etc, I return to retail music store so I could focus on writing.
Promise was form with two childhood friends Randy jones (bass) and Gary York (drums) and new friend Dan Dachel (Dan Mae guitar). we decide to to have some fun and do a project which ended up being the Promise project.
This band never played live until the record was finished and we began receiving major label and management interest because some of the Denver stations were playing the record and a song was added to Billboard's "new releases charts." We began to play live but immediately had some divisions in the band as too not wanting to play live and a change in direction of music.
Randy Jones is playing bass in Las Vegas, i hear that Gary York is still living in Colorado, Dan Dachel is living in Ft Collins, Colorado and is a fine luthier.
After Promise I went back to playing with Joe Cool and released an ep with several new songs that were produced by Mark Harmon (credits include the Band, Snuff Garrett, Leon Russell, Neil young). i left Colorado in 1984 and began writing jingles in San Diego while still persuing my writing. While in San Diego I wrote songs with Wayne Nelson, lead singer for the Littel River Band. I left San Diego in 1986 and moved to Morro Bay California, and began working for Ernie Ball. I stayed with Ernie Ball until 2003 and launched my own string company in in 2004. i have hundreds of unfinished songs and have started to organize them for a new recording project."
                                                                                                                         - Curt Mangan

            ♪ Tracklist:

           01. Say All Right - 02:09
           02. Back in My Heart - 02:32
           03. Guitar - 04:36
           04. Later On Tonite - 03:38
           05. Main Street Lanes - 02:42
           06. Hands of Luck - 02:39
           07. Lucky Star - 02:14
           08. The Find - 02:37
           09. Captain Domino - 04:13
           10. Putman's Ranc - 03:02

Curt Mangan - Guitar, Voice
Danny Mey - Guitar, Voice
Randy Jones - Bass
Gary York - Drums

Recordet At: Bart's Barn, Studio G, Longmont Co.
Engineers: George Walck & Tony Pompili

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