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Biography by Richie Unterberger (www.allmusic.com)
Those that remember the Hudson Brothers usually think of them as a bubblegum act of sorts, due to the fact that they hosted some comedy-variety TV shows in the mid-'70s. But they were in fact a real group, extremely Anglophile in orientation, with heavy debts to the Beatles and Beach Boys, and occasional hints of the Kinks. In these respects, as well as their harmonies and superficial vocal resemblances to Lennon and McCartney, they echoed other players in the sub-Beatle game, like Badfinger, the Move, and ELO. That might be raising your expectations too high: they weren't nearly as deep or clever as the Move, as infectious or energetic as Badfinger, or even as ambitious as ELO. During their brief mid-'70s vogue, they recorded a few albums for Elton John's Rocket label (some of which were produced by Elton's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin), and managed a few small hits, "So You Are a Star," "Lonely School Year," and "Rendezvous."

The Hudson Brothers - Hudson (1972 Playboy Records)

Artist: The Hudson Brothers
Album: Hudson
Ⓟ & © 1972 Playboy Records, ink.
Catalog#: PB-102
Format: Vinyl LP
Genre: Pop/Rock, Power Pop
Thanks by James Paul
Duration: 00:26:54

The Hudson Brothers are an American music group formed in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s and consisting of Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson and Mark Hudson (birth name Salerno).

Вначале Хадсоны выступали на школьных праздниках и мероприятиях, а через несколько лет им повезло: они выиграли музыкальный конкурс, проводимый (как это Вам нравится?!) автоконцерном "Крайслер", что сразу же сделало их местными знаменитостями.
Вдохновлённые удачей, парни отправились в концертное турне, перименовав своё трио в The New Yorkers (в надежде осесть в этом Вечном Городе; но что-то не хватало им фантазии для нормального названия трио...). На волне успеха братьям Хадсон удалось также заполучить контракт с лейблом "Scepter Records" и записать парочку синглов. Но с Нью-Йорком по каким-то причинам дело не выгорело, блудные сыновья Портленда вернулись в родную обитель и снова принялись за концерты и сессионные записи. Может быть дело было в неудачном названии? И они меняют его на незатейливое The Hudson Brothers. Но и это на первых порах не помогло. Первый альбом, выпущенный в 1972 г., фактически провалился. Спас братьев... мистер Элтон Джон, пригласивший их для работы в студию собственного лейбла, где они записали и затем выпустили в 1974 г. два лонгплея, песни из которых стали хитами и поднялись на высокие позиции в чартах страны.
Став героями прессы, братья заимели своё собственное шоу на телевидении "The Show Hudson Brothers", что, однако, сыграло с ними злую шутку. В одном из интервью Марк Хадсон позднее сетовал на то, что одни зрители не воспринимали их как музыкальный коллектив, считая неплохими актёрами, а другие, поклонники поп-рока, уже не считали их серьёзными музыкантами, воспринимая как простых актёров. Таким образом, на протяжении всей истории трио его чаще посещали неудачи, чем успех. Поэтому в 1982 г. они решили поставить точку.
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Releasing a handful of singles as The New Yorkers and Everyday Hudson in the late 60's, this Portland, Oregon trio of talented brothers finally found fame and fortune in the early to mid-70's both musically and with their own television show in the United States. I'll be the first to admit, I think I watched 'The Hudson Brothers Show' once or twice and never thought much of it. Maybe I was too young and variety shows were never my thing, but who knows? It wasn't until the early 1980's that I started picking up their albums in discount bins and was pleasantly surprised with their unique brand of power pop. Eventually the Hudson's would sign to Elton John's Rocket Records and under the direction of Bernie Taupin would find greater success with a string of hit singles, but their debut as 'Hudson' on the Playboy label while not as immediate as their later masterworks, is worth every effort and penny to track down.

The Songs 
This is classic made for AM radio early 70's pop. Every tune here is catchy as hell dovetailing nicely into the Three Dog Night, Bobby Sherman, and The Osmonds school of pop as well as the UK sound of early Badfinger, The Bee Gees and naturally The Beatles. Why none of these songs charted significantly is incredible to me and side one is a sheer delight opening with 'Lovely Lady', a ballad of the highest order very reminiscent of Three Dog Night at their best, but it's clear the Hudson Brothers were followers of The Bee Gees with cuts like the stunning 'If I Needed You' and the out-of-this-world 'Someday' both complimented with beautiful orchestration. 'Woe Is Me' and 'What's A Fella Sposta Do' both capture The Beatles sound and the direction Klaatu would take just a few short years later and I'm in magical mystery heaven. Side two's 'Leavin' It's Over' sounds like an out take from the Thunderclap Newman album and inexplicably as a single failed to get no higher than #110 on the Billboard charts. 'Little Old Man' another heavily orchestrated and dramatic ballad reminds a bit of pop master Scott Walker without his at times oppressive moodiness. 'I've Been Told', 'Help Me' and 'Everybody Sing' close out the record with three solid tracks all very much influenced by The Beatles and all uniformly excellent.
In Summary 
It's a shame none of the Hudson Brothers albums have been released on CD, although Varse Sarabande released 'So You Are A Star - Best of the Hudson Brothers' in the mid 1990's. As you can imagine it's now long out of print and now goes for obscene money whenever and wherever you can find it. Let's hope this situation changes with proper reissues sooner rather than later. A bit of trivia - Bill Hudson would go on to work with Ringo Starr and marry Goldie Hawn, a union which produced their daughter and actress Kate Hudson.
             ♪ Tracklist:

            01. Lovely Lady 2:58
            02. If I Needed You 2:15
            03. Woe Is Me 2:36
            04. Someday 2:46
            05. What's A Fella Sposta Do 2:40
            06. Leavin' It's Over 2:43
            07. Little Old Man 3:29
            08. I've Been Told 2:51
            09. Help Me 2:33
            10. Everybody Sing 2:03

Bill Hudson - guitar, vocals
Mark Hudson - drums, vocals
Brett Hudson - bass, vocals
Danny Hunt - piano

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