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Mickey Finn • Selftitled 1980 (Aus. / Eureka Records)

Performer: Mickey Finn (Aus)
Album: Selftitled
Label: Eureka Records
& © 1980 Barking Dog Promotions ltd.
Catalog#: E112
Made in Australia
Format: FLAC (.cue+log)
BiTrate: lossless
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Blues
Cover: JPG, 300dpi - Full Scan
Total Time: 00:34:30

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Mickey Finn formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1976, evolving from the popular band Fraternity, which is best known for its association with Bon Scott and also the Levi Clefs. By late 1975, Fraternity had been renamed to Some Dream. In 1978, the band was eventually renamed as Mickey Finn, comprising of Bruce Howe (ex Levi Clefs), John Eyers (ex No Sweat), Mauri Berg and Joff Bateman (both ex Headband).
This bluesy rock band was led by Eyres - alias 'Uncle' John Eyers and created a large following in Adelaide's pub scene etc.
By 1980, John Freeman had rejoined as their new drummer and a second guitarist, Stan Koritini, had also been added. It was this lineup that cut the selftitled album for the Eureka label, featured in this post.
Mickey Finn released two Singles in 1980 and 1981 before fading from the rock scene, although they reunited in 1990 for a brief period.
There is not really much information documented about this short lived band other than snippets of information that I managed to find on each of the band members.

 • Mauri Berg
A member of HOY-HOY! , this band started out as a trio based on the early blues of the Texas band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, who were themselves fans of earlier artist's including Slim Harpo.
Now as a trio with Mauri Berg at the helm, the music is tougher, so the, "we're not loud, you're soft", catch phrase applies.
Whyalla boy, Mauri Berg, makes good.''1968" W.G.Berg, "1970" Headband, The Mount Lofty Rangers, with Bonn Scott. "1971" Fraternity MkII, with Jimmy Barnes and John Swan. "1976" Mickey Finn, mark one and two. Mauri has recorded at Alberts Studios, toured the country on the strength of some no.1 singles and inspires and awes music lovers with soaring guitar playing, and definitive guitar licks.
(For more information about HOY-HOY, see hoyhoymusic.com)
 • John Eyers
Fraternity recorded a single entitled "Seasons of Change" in April of 1971, then welcomed harmonica player "Uncle" John Eyers, who, in the true spirit of the Age of Aquarius, stopped by for a visit and simply never left. John Eyers joined on harmonica and vocals in May that same year.
 • John Freeman
There are plenty of fine drummers and percussionists around these days, but few have a true personality and personal style. Those of the old school invariably have some trademark fill, a unique placement of the beat and a sense of belonging within the music, and not just part of it. Adelaide's John Freeman is a case in point. His history includes classic Australian bands like The Levi Clefs, Fraternity, Mickey Finn and a later stint with Jimmy Barnes. In between times he's played with everybody who's anybody in Adelaide and also performs authentic and passionate country blues guitar and song when the gig arises. These days he holds down the rhythm section in a fine swinging R&B outfit called 'Rhumboogie' which also features Adelaide guitar legend Chris Finnen.
 • Bruce Howe
He is an Australian bass player born in Adelaide, South Australia. Bruce has played with many good bands and certainly has stuck it out through the early years of the sixties through to the turn of the century. He spent most of his playing days with Barrie McAskill and The Levi Smiths Clefs and moved on to play with Jimmy Barnes in 1984, and then the Mega Boys and the Dalai Lama in 1986.

             ♪  Track Listing:

            01. Too Much Rigmorole (3:05)
            02. Well Oiled Millionaire (3:41)
            03. So Many Lies (4:08)
            04. Neon Tube Kid (4:39)
            05. I'm A Man (2:28)
            06. DT's (2:54)
            07. Quick Release (3:19)
            08. Eat Your Heart Out (4:02)
            09. Baby Please Don't Go (3:13)
            10. Animal (3:21)

Band Members:
(Uncle) John Eyers - Vocals, Harp
Mauri Berg - Lead guitar
Stan Koritni - Rhythm guitar
Bruce Howe - Bass
John Freeman - Drums
Special Guest: John Swan - Backing Vocals

Produced by Les Siramonds for Barking Dog Promotions Ltd.
Recorded at Studio 301, July 1980
Manufactured and Distributed by RCA Limited.
Sydney. Australia and Auckland. New Zealand.

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