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Jake With The Family Jewels - The Big Moose Calls His Baby Sweet Lorraine (1972) 

Artist: Jake With The Family Jewels
Title: The Big Moose Calls  -
His Baby Sweet Lorraine
Label: Polydor
Catalog#: PD 5024
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US/Canada
Released: 1972
Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:27:05

This album from Jake and the Family Jewels, the pride of Now York's West Village and tho music keeps on rollin', bringing with it good times, rippling rhythms and tunes that make you wanna dance. Jake has gotten his new band together and he's been produced by Ed Freeman, who produced Don McLean's album American Pic, whence came the incredible million-selling single of tho same name. Now, we're not claiming that lightning can atrike twice, but on the other hand, why the hell not?
Jake and the Jewels come through with a brand of rock that has one foot in the street (dig the breath-bass ol one of the background singers) and the othor foot planted in the soil of country. So what comer, up ia bright muaic that is tight, yot cusuol. Music that makes you want to laugh out loud, music that's as clear as a sunny country morning. Jake and the Family Jewels. Back with the tenderly-tilled The Big Moose Cells His Baby Sweet Lorraine. Well, all right.

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1 Sunshine Joe 03:35
A2. Don't Look Back ( I Heard Somebody Say) 02:30
A3. Lake Louise 02:50
A4. Water Makes Me Sing 03:12
A5. Penthouse 02:34
 • Side Two:
B1 Minstrel Boy 03:30
B2. Down On My Knees 02:31
B3. When Will I Be Loved 02:04
B4. When You Were Just A Mad 03:14
B5. Motorcar (Oh What A Dream ) 03:39

Don Brooks - Harmonica
Tom Flye - Engineer, Percussion
Rob Rothstein - Bass, Guitar (Bass), Back Vocals
Danny Schauffler - Drums, Keyboards, Back Vocals
Erik Frandsen - Harp
Ed Freeman - Producer
Bob Gurland - Trumpet
Allan "Jake" Jacobs - Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Ben Beckley, Garry Bonner, Jeremiah Bornman, Susan Collins,
Kathleen Whelen, Raun MacKinnon -
Vocals (Background)
Jake - Guitar, Vocals
Arthur Kaplan - Sax (Baritone)
Willie Kirchoffer - Guitar
Earl McIntyre - Horn
Larry Packer - Mandolin, Viola, Violin, Back Vocals
Dan Turbeville - Percussion
Daniel Ben Zebulon - Congas
Ken Pin - Guitar
Rhythm & Noise Choir - Percussion
Mike Rosa - Drums

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Ken Tobias - Every Bit Of Love (1975) 

Artist: Ken Tobias
Album: Every Bit Of Love
Label: Attic Records
Catalog#: LAT 1006
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1975
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock
Duration: 00:38:16

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Every Bit Of Love 03:55
A2. What A Wonderful Story 04:16
A3. Run Away With Me 02:29
A4. Lay Me Down Again 05:01
A5. Dance On The Water 03:01
 • Side Two:
B1. If I Could Talk To You 04:37
B2. Give A Little Love 03:03
B3. Lady Luck 03:29
B4. Save The Forest (An Ecology Suite) 08:20

Drums – Wedge Munroe
Electric Guitar – Davey Murrell
Engineer – Don Geppert
Engineer (Assistant) – Dave Balan, Kevin Fuller
Guitar (Electric Acoustic), Harmonica, Percussion – Ken Tobias
Keyboards, Synthesizer – John Capek
Producer – John Capek, Ken Tobias
Written By, Vocals – Ken Tobias

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Ken Tobias - The Magic's In The Music (1973 MGM) 

Artist: Ken Tobias
Album: The Magic's In The Music
Label: MGM Records
Catalog#: SE 4917
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1973
Country: Canada
Genre: Pop/Rock
Length: 00:38:37

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. On The Other Side 03:45
A2. Good To Be Alive In The Country 04:12
A3. My My 02:50
A4. Clouded Blue 05:00
A5. Fly Me High 02:44
 • Side Two:
B1. Darlin' Butterfly 03:59
B2. Lover Come Quickly 03:05
B3. Keep On Changing 04:43
B4. I Wish I Was A River 03:44
B5. My Songs Are Sleeping 04:35

    Recorded at George Martin's Air Studio in London, England.
    Produced by Jon Miller, Rod Edwards and
    Roger Hand for Triumvirate Productions
    Engineer: Bill Price
    Assistant Engineer: Steve Nye.

Bruce Lynch - Bass
Bob Wilson - Electric Guitar
Tony Car and Andy Fuller - Percussion
Graham Smith - Mouth Harps
Graham Prescott - Violin
Rod Edwards - Keyboards/Synthesizer
Ken Tobias - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Rod Edwards, Roger Hand, Ken Tobias - Backing Vocals
B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel
Mike Giles - Drums

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Ken Tobias - Street Ballet (1977) 

Artist: Ken Tobias
Album: Street Ballet

Label: Attic Records
Catalog#: LAT-1033
Release: 1977
Country: Canada
Genre: Pop/Rock
Duration: 00:43:27

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Love Can Last Forever 02:58
A2. Downtown 03:29
A3. New York City 03:39
A4. Hats Off 03:46
A5. I Don't Want To Be Alone 03:14
A6. Whistle These Old Blues 04:22
 • Side Two:
B1. Writing Down This Song 02:56
B2. Simple Song 05:33
B3. Old Timer 02:58
B4. Lady Craves Love 02:52
B5. Blackbird 02:44
B6. Dream No.2 05:40
Bill Seullion - Bass
D. Michael Mooney - Multiple, Key boards
Ken Tobias - Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Elaine Overhott - Background Vocals
Davey Murrell - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Paul Greco - Drums & Percussion

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Ken Tobias - Siren Spell (1976) 

Artist: Ken Tobias
Album: Siren Spell
Label: Attic
Catalog#: LAT 1013
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1976
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duracion: 00:40:37

Originally from St John, New Brunswick, Ken Tobias group up in a music-filled home and even performed on stage in several tap dancing productions. He wrote songs and played guitar as a means of escape while in school, but initially had aspirations of making a career out of being a draftsman. He worked in that field when he first finished high school in the early '60s, and formed the folk group The Ramblers with his brother Tony, with himself playing guitar, gigging around town to help pay the bills.
By 1965, he'd moved to Halifax and become a regular performer on CBC TV's afternoon program, "Music Hop." This opened the door for him to appear a couple of years later on "Singalong Jubilee" along with Anne Murray, where he was allowed to sing his own compositions, as were fellow cast members Gene MacLellan ("Snowbird," "Put Your Hand In The Hand") and John Allan Cameron.
He joined The Badd Cedes as their drummer, and were eventually signed to Verve Records. After recording some demos at Halifax's CBC studio, they moved to Toronto and changed their name to Chapter V to avoid confusion with another group called Bad Seeds. After he switched from drummer to vocalist, their only single, "Dolly's Magic" was released in '67 to lukewarm response. Sporadic tours throughout Ontario and the east coast followed for the next couple of years. But as the decade drew to a close, Tobias decided to go solo, and as the '70s came, also moonlighted for awhile in the Montreal based group Crystal Staircase.
He moved to LA a couple of years later, where he wound up as a writer for Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers). Ironically, it was Medley who wrote Tobias' first solo single shortly thereafter, "You're Not Even Going To The Fair" b/w "This Kind of Feeling" on Bell Records, which boosted his market value with his first BMI Award for "Outstanding Airplay in Canada." The connections with Medley led to his songs ending up in the hands of the likes of Ricky Nelson and The Everly Brothers, Anne Murray, The Beach Boys, and The King Sisters, among others. During this period he'd also wrote his first million seller - "Stay Awhile" for The Bells, peaking at #7 on Billboard's chart and #1 in several Canadian markets. Although he initially wrote it as a country flavoured piece, the reworked version eventually sold over 2 million copies worldwide.
His success as a songwriter earned him a solo deal with MGM/Verve. He recorded his debut album, DREAM #2 at MGM's LA studios in 1972 with producer Michael Lloyd, and the title track was followed into the Canadian top 10 by "I Just Want To Make Music" later that year. A North American tour ensued after its release, which kept him on the road for the next year. Also included were his own version of "Stay Awhile" (re-worked as a pop song), the tender "Lonely Man," and "My Lady of Harlem."
He spent several months travelling back and forth between LA and Montreal and formed a short-lived group called Glooscap Music with his brother. But returning to a solo career, his follow-up album, 1973's THE MAGIC'S IN THE MUSIC, was recorded in London, England at George Martin's Air Studios, comprised partially of material he'd written while hanging out at Neil Young's California ranch, and included the top 20 hit "Fly Me High" (released as a single twice - with "My My" and "Clouded Blue" as the b-sides), "Good To Be Alive In The Country" (used a few years later in the TV series "The Bionic Woman" where Lindsay Wagner sang the song in an episode), and "On The Other Side."
He moved to Toronto and also switched to Attic Records a year later. The change produced over a dozen hit singles, beginning with the four singles from the first album for his new label, EVERY BIT OF LOVE in 1975 - the top 20 title track, "Give A Little Love," "Run Away With Me," and "Lady Luck." For the record, he assembled a touring band that also appeared on the album, including co-producer John Capek and also featured Shirley Eikhard on background vocals.
His next two albums featured his brother Tony producing - '76's SIREN SPELL, and STREET BALLET a year later, both recorded at Manta Sound and Kensington Studios in Toronto. The singles "Lovin' Fever," "Dancer," and "Siren Spell," and "New York City" and "I Don't Want To Be Alone" kept him in the top 40 for the better part of those two years.
Looking for new challenges, he travelled to Rome in 1978 to work on the soundtrack of the spaghetti western "Sella Argento" ("Silver Saddle"), with Lucio Fulci, one of the industry's top directors of the genre. In an effort to help promote the movie, the song "Silver Saddle" was released as a European single and was also included in Attic's compilation album later that year, THE KEN TOBIAS COLLECTION - SO FAR... SO GOOD. Although the album contained hits from both his Attic and MGM catalogues, it also included a new version of his "Dream #2" single from his MGM days.


-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Lovin' Fever 03:10  
A2. Before The Party's Over 03:00
A3. Oh Lynda 03:10
A4. Siren Spell (Da Do) 04:56
A5. Already Gone 04:34
 • Side Two:
B1. Lovelight 03:43  
B2. Nature's Song 03:05
B3. Dancer 03:45
B4. Pirates And Kings 09:08
B5. Dream #1 01:48
Bill Seullion - Bass
D. Michael Mooney - Multiple, Key boards
Ken Tobias - Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Elaine Overhott - Background Vocals
Davey Murrell - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Paul Greco - Drums & Percussion

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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Lazarus - Lazarus (1970 Amazon Records)

Artist: Lazarus
Album: Self-titled
Label: Amazon Records
Catalog#: AM-1001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic
Duracion: 00:31:40

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. You've Got To Go Ahead 03:00
A2. Faces Of Tomorrow 03:15
A3. Desire 02:20
A4. Once Again 03:15
Written-By – Ronald Stablini, Thomas Bombaci
A5. Stay With Me 02:50
Written-By – Steve McNicol
 • Side Two:
B1. Back In The City 02:05
B2. Shades Of Winter 02:35
B3. I'll Get To You 02:40
B4. In The Beginning 02:55
B5. Message To The People 03:50
B6. Molly 02:55

All songs composed by Raymond Cichon
Produced by Joe Venneri for Shelby Singleton
Internatioal Productions Inc.
Recorded At – Singleton Sound Studio

Design – Boyd Pryor
Engineer, Producer – Joe Venneri
Written-By – Raymond Cichon

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Clive Sarstedt - Freeway Getaway (1971) 

Artist: Clive Sarstedt
Album: Freeway Getaway
Label: RCA Victor
Catalog#: LSP-4509
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:37:21

Clive Sarstedt (born Clive Robin Sarstedt, 21 January 1944, Ajmer, Rajastan, Northern India) is a British pop music singer and instrumentalist. Sarstedt appeared on many many music live shows including Top of The Pops. He made his recording debut as Wes Sands (recorded by Joe Meek, who also was his manager), and later continued to record under the name of Clive Sands. He joined The Deejays in Sweden in 1966/1967. They had two big hits on "Tio i Topp" in Sweden: "Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends)" and "Baby Talk". He finally had a hit in 1976, with a cover version of the Hoagy Carmichael penned song, My Resistance Is Low, using his middle name and billed as Robin Sarstedt. It reached Number 3 in the UK Singles Chart. Without tangible other chart success, he remains a British one-hit wonder. In the Benelux countries however he hit the charts later in 1976 with his cover version of "Let's Fall In Love", a song written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler and published in 1933. (en.wikipedia)

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1 Last Day Of My Life 02:42
A2. Glad You Could Come Along 03:36
A3. Into Your Station 02:57
A4. Joey Friendship 02:31
A5. Six Feet Under 03:12
A6. I'll Play My Guitar 02:35
 • Side Two:
B1 Law Of The Gun 02:51
B2. Freeway Getaway 02:22
B3. Thanks Anyway 02:36
B4. Shelby Farm 04:01
B5. I Can Hear Something 03:01
Alan Gorrie - Guitar (Bass)
Clive Robin Sarstedt - Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Peter Sarstedt - Guitar
Mike Storey - Harmonica, Harmonium, Organ, Piano
Mike Woods - Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
Stewart Francis - Drums

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Derek Gallant - Pink Lady’s Slipper (1979 Sky Hooks Records)

Artist: Derek Gallant
Title: Pink Lady's Slipper
Label: Sky Hooks Records
Catalog#: PSLP-001
Format: Vinyl LP, Album
Country: Canada
Releasd: 1979
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:36:36

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Good Times Song 03:56
A2. Arms Of Circumstance 03:05
A3. Wonder Where You Are 02:22
A4. Long Gone Guitar Picker 02:42
A5. Ballad Of Frankie Chase 03:15
A6. Mile After Mile 03:58
 • Side Two:
B1. Round And Round 03:40
B2. Love Was Here 03:10
B3. Blow Up The World 07:08
B4. Mexico 02:37

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Terry Boylan - Alias Boona (1969) 

Artist: Terry Boylan
Album: Alias Boona
Label: Verve Forecast
Catalog#: FTS-3070
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Pop/Rock, Folk
Duration: 00:31:41

Brought up in Buffalo, New York, Terry Boylan first appeared on local radio in the late 1950s performing a song he had written at the age of 11. While still in his mid teens, in the early 1960s, he performed in Greenwich Village and, following a chance meeting with Bob Dylan, was encouraged to pursue a solo music career in upstate New York. He attended Bard College in New York, and with his older brother John formed a band, the Ginger Men. By 1967, they had both signed with Verve Records, for whom they then recorded an experimental concept album, Playback, issued in the name of the Appletree Theatre.
After John Boylan moved to California, Terence stayed in New York, returned to college, and played with classmates Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. With them, he cut a solo LP, Alias Boona in 1969, the title referring to his nickname. He then moved to California, working again with his brother. After a few years he was signed to Asylum Records, and recorded his self-titled second album in 1977. Like his previous record, this was well received by critics but was never more than a cult success. However, Boylan did enjoy some success as a songwriter when Iain Matthews turned his song "Shake It" into a top five hit.
Following a third album, Suzy, Boylan has principally involved himself with songwriting and soundtrack work, and his own record label and publishing company, Spinnaker Records.
At the age of 9, Boylan sent a letter to the U.S. National Institutes of Health requesting a $10 "grant" to build a rocket ship. The peer review panel was so impressed with the young boy's initiative that they each contributed money to total $10 to send to Boylan. He has since been a big supporter of science, science education, and medical research. He is executive director of the John Boylan Medical Research Foundation which supports research and international scientist exchange fellowships and serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Desert Island Biological Lab. Boylan has also supported children's educational programs at the Center for Scientific Review at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. (en.wikipedia)

            •  Terence Boylan Website

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1 Subterranean Homesick Blues 03:08
Written By – Bob Dylan 
A2. Don't Blame It On Your Wife 02:35
A3. This Old Town 02:55
A4. Bring The Whole Family 02:25
A5. Who Do I Think I Am 01:55
A6. Glasses 02:40
 • Side Two:
B1 Deep In The Middle 02:38
B2. Hey Hanna 02:53
B3. No Second Time 02:45
B4. County Fair 02:25
B5. Bare Road Of Sand 02:35
B6. What A Way To Go 02:45
Bass – Walter Becker
Drums – Darius Davenport, Herb Lovelle, Jimmy Johnson
Guitar – Terry Boylan, Walter Becker
Organ, Piano – Don Fagen
Producer – Terence Boylan
Vocals – Terry Boylan

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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Bond - ST (1975 Columbia, CBS) 

Artist: Bond
Title: ST
Label: Columbia/CBS

Catalog#: ES 90301
Format: Vinyl LP Album
Released: 1975
Country: Ontario, Canada
Genre: Pop/Rock
Duration: 00:36:32

Originally named "Common Bond" the band name was reduced to Bond in 1970, shortly after Pickering, Ontario native John Roles joined the band as the bass player. Soon after, the lead guitar player Barry Cobus suggested that Roles take over lead guitar (as that was actually his main instrument) and Cobus became their manager.
They did the usual Southern Ontario club circuit with a focus on British rock and a few original tunes. Their line-up changed over the years, but the most successful was Dunn, Roles, Hamilton, Trenholm, and MacDougall. Eventually, they signed with CBS in 1974 and in 1975 released their Bob Gallo produced eponymous debut album which was recorded at Manta Sound. The lead-off single "Dancin' (On A Saturday Night)", was a surprise hit that made the Top-20 in Canada. They did an Eastern Canadian tour with The Stampeders and a short lived cross Canada tour. And yet, the record unfortunately left many radio programmers with the image that Bond was a bubblegum act and follow-up singles, including "When You're Up, You're Up", were virtually ignored.
Gerry Mosby and Kim Hunt left in 1977 and were replaced by John Jones and Colin Walker respectively. They released one more song called “I Can’t Help It” for CBS in 1978 which failed to chart. CBS dropped Bond’s recording deal, but John Jones was retained by CBS Songs where he recorded a demo called “Everyday and Everynight” with Klaatu’s Dee Long and Terry Draper. Producer Terry Brown heard the demo and had Jones signed to ATV Publishing. After backing Eddie Schwartz on his demo for “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” Schwartz was signed to ATV and Jones was dropped. John Jones would then join Gary O’Connor’s solo band.
Meanwhile, Bond had several major line-up changes after losing their own deal, with Bill Dunn the only remaining original member. The band finally called it quits in 1979.
Roles left in 1976 and would go on to play and record with Chilliwack and Jerry Doucette in the '80's; MacDougall went on to play with Crowbar and King Biscuit Boy from 1981 to 1989. His current band is Groove Corporation out of Hamilton; Kim Hunt left Bond to co-found Zon; Gerry Mosby went on to be in Dillinger, The Hunt, Rhinegold and The Ian Thomas Band; Chris Livingston joined The Payola$; Jim Lamarche was a solo artist on A & M Records before becoming a successful studio engineer in Toronto; John Jones went on to be co-owner of ESP Recording Studio in Buttonville with Dee Long (ex-Klaatu). The duo moved to England to work at George Martin’s AIR Studio in England for 7 years. He would also work with Duran Duran and Celine Dion for whom he won a Grammy Award. He now resides in California doing production work.

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1 Dancin' (On A Saturday Night) 02:55
A2 I Love The Things You Do 02:50
A3 Hold On 02:32
A4 We Are Not Free 04:22
A5 Mardi Gras 02:48
 • Side Two:
B1 When You're Up, You're Up 02:52
B2 I'm A Lonely Man 02:56
B3 Don't You Love To Dance 03:06
B4 Gallo's Dreams: Sitting Here 06:46
B5 Come On Home 04:00

    - Produced by Bob Gallo
   Engineer. Rick Capreol (Ricky Recordo)
   Assistant Engineer: Gary Gray
   Recorded at: Mania Sound Studios, Captain Audio.
   Equipment: Rick and Rocky

    - Special Thanks: 
   Bruce Pcnnycook - clarinet (When You're Up, You're Up),
   tenor and baritone sax (I Love The Tilings You Do}.
   Bob Gallo assorted percussion.
   Album cover design by Allan O'Mana forSlic Bros.

Bill Dunn - Vocals, Harmony vocal, Bass
Ted Trenholm - Vocals, Keyboards
Barry Cobus - Lead Guitar
John Roles - Bass; Switched to Lead & Acoustic Guitar
Alex MacDougall - Lead, Rhythm, Slide Guitar
Jeff Hamilton - Drums, Vocals, Percussion

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


Shooter - Shooter (1975 GRT Records) 

Artist: Shooter
Album: Self Titled
Label: GRT Records
Catalog#: 9230-1059
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1975
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, Rock & Roll
Duration: 00:33:41

Shooter was initially known as The Greaseball Boogie Band, a covers band playing hits from the '50s. Formed in 1970, most of the members had roots in other Toronto area bands, each enjoying various degrees of relative local success.
They developed a following and landed a deal with GRT Records in '73, releasing a self-titled double album of covers that saw their version of Gene Vincent's "Be Bop A Lula" make a minor dent in the Toronto charts. This helped earn them a Juno nomination a year later for most promising group, tho they lost out to Rush. Still, they toured nationally with The Guess Who, Sha Na Na, and even Roxy Music, with their biggest show being at Toronto's Ontario Place, in front of 15,000 people.
Label boss Ross Reynolds took them back to the studios for a follow-up album, recording a cover of Leo Sayer's "Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)." It was at this point the band and Reynolds both realized an image change was needed, as the agreed new direction of the music wasn't going to fit the '50s greaser gimmick they had going. They changed their name to Shooter Revue, then shortened it to just Shooter, dabbling in a couple of new gimmicks before they settled on a Dirty '30s gangster image, complete with real guns as props and showing up in a mid '30s sedan.
Several personnel changes also happened around this time, and by the time the album was in the can, the lineup was now Duncan White on vocals, Ray Harrison on organ and piano, sax player Wayne Mills, guitarist John Bride, Norm Wellbanks on bass, and drummer Sonnie Bernardi (who played with Harrison in a version of Crowbar), with Pamela Marsh providing backup vocals.
Produced by Ralph Murphy at Eastern Sound Studio, their self-titled debut album under their new name was released in the spring of '75. Not one song was written by a band member, and along with a boogied-down "Long Tall Glasses" as the first single (just prior to Sayer's own version hitting the Canadian airwaves) b/w the unreleased "Hole In My Soul," it also included another Leo Sayer cover, "Train," as well as Neil Sedaka's "Standing On The Inside," which became the band's third single. Other noteable cuts included a groovy cover of Jackie Lynton's "Jack The Toad," "Rock on Rockette" (penned by Murphy and Perry Cane), and a pair of songs by Roger Cook - "Beautiful Memories" and "Please Get My Name Right."
"Long Tall Glasses" reached #6 on CHUM FM's chart, while "Train" made it to #23, and "Standing On The Inside" failed to chart. Along with cameos by half a dozen other singers, some who'd briefly been official members during the band's image transition period, including Laurie Hood (Sugar Shoppe, the record also featured original drummer Dave Breckels, and Peter Hodgeson and Tom Fyer on bass, who'd all been replaced during the time in the studios.
While working on a follow-up album, they released the single "Hard Times" in '76, which failed to make it past #83 on the charts, then re-released "Train" as a single, which failed to chart at all. By this point GRT was in serious financial trouble, and after the label's demise, they moved over to Casino Records. With a revised lineup that featured Joe Ress as the new keyboardist, Lance Wright replacing Bernardi on drums, and JP Bedard on guitars, they released a pair of singles - "Cherokee Queen" in '78, and "Flows Like A River" early the next year, both to little fanfare.
Casino closed its doors and the album they were working on, tentatively titled RELOADED, was never released. And after a few more personnel changes, by 1980 the band called it quits, and everyone went on to other projects, became session players, or got out of the business all together.
                                             - With notes from Don Edwards, Christine Garner, Jaimie Vernon

-------- ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ --------
  Side One:
A1. Everybody Loves A Drinking Man 02:29
A2. Train 03:45
A3. Morning Glory 02:28
A4. Beautiful Memories 03:40
A5. Jack The Toad 04:19
 • Side Two:
B1. Long Tall Glases (I Can Dance) 03:53
B2. Standing On The Inside 03:19
B3. Please Get My Name Right 02:39
B4. Rock On Rockette 02:19
B5. Blue Highway 03:37

    Manufactured By – GRT Of Canada Ltd.
    Distributed By – GRT Of Canada Ltd.

Norm Wellbanks - Bass
Duncan "King Grease" White - Vocals
John Bride - Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele
Ray Harrison - Keyboards
Sonnie Bernardi - Drums, Percussion
Wayne Mills - Saxophone, Synth

-----  ☆☆☆ -----