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Lewis Furey - Lewis Furey (1975) 2001

Artist: Lewis Furey
Album: Selftitled
Label: A&M Records
Catalog#: PCCY-10053
Series: Audio Master Plus Series,
A&M Pop & Rock Classics 50
Released: 21 Jan 1990 (Japan)
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, New Wave, Power Pop
Duration: 00:30:38

Born to French and American parents, Furey was a classical violinist before he turned to the Euro-pop, art-cabaret music that led him first to film composing and then to acting and directing. After private violin studies as a child, he debuted with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra at the age of eleven as a soloist in a youth concert. He then studied at the Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec from 1961 to 1965, and from 1964 to 1967 at The Juilliard School in New York City.
In the early seventies, he began turning his attention to writing and singing pop music and released three albums: Lewis Furey (1974), The Humours of Lewis Furey (1976) and The Sky Is Falling (1978). His music has been described by music critic Christian Gros as possessing “a voice that is at the same time cold and passionate, acid humour, sumptuous arrangements, [and an] atmosphere mid-way between Kurt Weill and Lou Reed.”
Among the films to benefit from Furey’s slippery rhythms and witty harmonies was Carle’s L’Ange et la femme (1977), in which Furey also appeared opposite Laure. That year, Laure made her singing debut at one of Furey’s concerts in Toronto. They subsequently performed together in a revue staged by Furey to great acclaim in Paris, and later brought the show to Montreal. Furey also produced Laure’s first LP, Alibis (1978), which featured several of his songs, including “J’ai une chanson,” which was a hit for Laure in Quebec.

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01. Hustler's Tango 02:44
02. Last Night 03:09
03. The Waltz 02:25
04. Cleanup Time 02:40
05. Louise 03:41
06. Kinda Shy 02:51
07. Lewis Is Crazy 03:02
08. Closing the Door 04:10
09. Caught You 02:29
10. Love Comes 03:27

Nick Blagona - Mixing
Tim Curry, Cat Stevens - Voices
Lewis Furey - Arranger, Composer, Piano, Violin, Vocals
Jeff Layton - Banjo, Mandolin
Barry Lazarowitz - Drums
John Lissauer - Arranger, Orchestration, Producer
John Miller - Guitar (Bass)
Jon Miller - Bass
Estelle St. Croix -

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