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Butler - Butler (1981 Vertigo Records)

Artist: Butler
Album: Butler
Label: Vertigo Records
Catalog#: 3307
Released: 1981
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, Melodic Rock
Duration: 00:36:45

Группа Butler образовалась на самом деле в 1976 г., выступая в те годы на одной сцене с Max Webster и Rush. В альбоме не все треки одинаковы хороши, есть и проходной материал, но кое-что приятное и необычное парни всё же наваяли. А какая обложка! Ухвачена сама суть наступившей эпохи...
Квинтет был назван по фамилии гитариста и вокалиста Пола Батлера (Paul Butler). Другие музыканты - Derek O’Neil (гитара), Peter Fredette (бас-гитара, ведущий вокалист), John Findlay (клавишные) и Steve Hollingsworth (ударные). После распада квинтета некоторые его музыканты играли в весьма именитых составах: Пол - в Pepper Tree, а Питер Фредетт - с Kim Mitchell, Pat Travers, Gowan и Ian Thomas.

Man, not much info on this hard rocking Canadian band I'm afraid. We do know guitarist Paul Butler spent a period in Maritime hopefuls Pepper Tree which included Brian Macleod (Chilliwack/ Headpins) at one point. Lead vocalist and bassist Peter Fredette would become Kim Mitchell's right hand man up to the present as well as work with Pat Travers, Gowan and Ian Thomas among others in the echelon of Canadian rock. Butler the band formed around 1976 and strangely enough included at one time British bassist Glyn Havard formerly of Jade Warrior. Signed to the same management team as Rush, Butler toured heavily throughout Canada on the club circuit and opening shows for Max Webster and naturally Rush before scoring their contract with Vertigo.
Musically, Butler's only album for the most part is a pretty good example of classic Canadian rock in the tradition of Teaze and Moxy. Opening with the fiery 'Down and Out', Butler set the tone, rocking the listeners' world with no BS. A fine tune and the albums first single, released as a 12' inch for those who care. 'Without Me' follows the same fast paced direction with a few pompy bits thrown in for good measure and I can't help but love 'The Prisoner' with it's Beatles like chorus. Good stuff! The quirky but irresistible 'Just Say No' kicks off side two although I think the material from here after suffers just a little. The hooks aren't as memorable and there's a bit more new wave influence than need be. These guys were at their best when they rocked and should have left the skinny tie influence at home and out of the mix.
I wonder how much push Vertigo gave Butler? I had never heard of the band until a few years ago and having spent a good part of 1983 in Canada, I don't ever recall coming across this record in the shops. I am happy to be a proud owner of the LP now of course, despite its minor flaws but I am curious what might have happened to Paul Butler?

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  Side One:
A1. Down And Out 03:07
A2. Without Me 02:21
A3. The Prisoner 03:12
A4. Media Man 03:06
A5. All Caught Up 04:05
A6. Now 02:51
 • Side Two:
B1. Just Say No 02:40
B2. Welcome In My World 02:52
B3. I'm Alive 03:18
B4. Into My Life 03:11
B5. I Can't Hide It 03:05
B6. Endgame 02:51

Paul Butler - guitar, vocals
Peter Fredette - bass, lead vocals
Steve Hollingsworth - drums, percussion
John Findlay - keyboards
Derek O'Neil - guitar

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