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Michel Pagliaro - Pag Live (1973 RCA) 

Artist: Michel Pagliaro
Album: Pagliaro Live
Label: RCA Victor
Catalog#: KXL2-5000

Released: 1973
Country: Canada
Genre: Pop Rock/Rock
Duration: 01:08:13

Michel Armand Guy Pagliaro (born 9 November 1948 Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from Montreal. Pagliaro was nominated for a 1975 Juno Award as male vocalist of the year. He is often referred to as simply Pagliaro or Pag. Although he writes and records predominantly in French, Pagliaro has released material in English.
Pagliaro's first nationally charted hit was his 1970 single "Give Us One More Chance". Other significant hits in English include "Lovin' You Ain't Easy" (1971), "Rainshowers" (1972), "Some Sing Some Dance" (1972), and "What The Hell I Got" (1975). Pagliaro was the first Canadian artist to score top 40 hits on both the anglophone and francophone pop charts in Canada.
At the Juno Awards of 1975, Pagliaro was nominated for the Male Vocalist of the Year award. His song "J'entends frapper", a major hit in Quebec, was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2010. (wikipedia)

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  Side One:
A1. Intro: Presentation: Yves Sauve 1:47
a J'ai Marche Pour Une Nation 3:50
b Mama River 5:04
A2 Fou De Toi 3:05
A3 Rainshowers 5:32
 • Side Two:
B1. Faut Tout Donner 3:38
B2 Pour Toi, Pour Toi
   a A T'Aimer
   b M'Lady 6:50
B3 Revolution 3:10
B4 Mon Coeur 6:14
 • Side Three: 
C1. Miss Ann 3:00
C2 Some Sing, Some Dance 3:20
C3 Ring-Ring 861-???? 4:05
C4 Lovin' You Ain't Easy 3:35
C5 Histoire D'Amour (Avec Nanette) 2:49
 • Side Four:
D1 Jam Aux Fruits 6:31
D2 J'Entends Frapper 7:27

Jack Geisinger - Bass
Hovaness Hagopian - Guitar
Les Rockers - Performer (Avec)
George Lagios - Piano, Organ
Billy Workman - Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Harmony Vocals
Michel Pagliaro - Vocals, Guitar
Derek Kendriks* - Drums

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