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Christopher Milk - (EP 1971) & (Single 1973)

Artist: Christopher Milk (EP)
Album: EP + Single
Label: United Artists Records
Catalog#: SP 66

Christopher Milk (Single)
Label: Warner Bros./Reprise Records
Catalog#: REP 1164
Printed in USA
Released: 1971 / 1973
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Glam

Format: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:19:16

Affectionately referred to as "THE U.A. E.P.", this is where the recorded career of Christopher Milk properly begins. Co-produced by JOHN MENDELSOHN and JOHN GUESS (who would apparently go on to a fruitful producing/mixing career in the field of country music), there are many who consider this their finest moment.
The packaging was beyond deluxe, featuring a gatefold sleeve (featuring fine photography from NORMAN SEEFF), a mini-poster (replete with glowing words of praise from RICHARD CROMELIN and BEN EDMONDS), and an inner sleeve featuring photos and factoids on the then-current version of the band.
Ever since the birth of Christopher Milk in the dorms of UCLA at least two years prior, there were personnel changes aplenty. In fact, even by the time that this E.P. was released, drummer TRES FELTMAN was being replaced (by GEORGE DRAGOTTA, pictured above and in the accompanying photo) and MR. TWISTER was unceremoniously being shown the door. DONNIE ALVARADO would also come to part ways with the band before their next recorded effort, "Some People Will Drink Anything".

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  Side One:
A1. Hey, Heavyweight! (4:26)
(R. Oswald/J. Mendelsohn)
Ralph Oswald: Piano, xylophone, vocal; Donnie Alvarado: Guitar, vocal;
John Mendelsohn: Lead vocal; Kirk Henry: Bass, vocal; Tres Feltman: Drums
Produced by John Mendelsohn

A2. There's a Broken Heart For Every Rock & Roll Star on Laurel Canyon... (2:36) 
(R. Oswald/J.Mendelsohn)
Ralph Oswald: Electric guitar, saxophone, piano, lead vocal;
Kirk Henry: Bass, vocal; Donnie Alvarado: Acoustic guitar;
John Mendelsohn: Snare drum, vocal; Tres Feltman: Drums
Produced by John Guess

 • Side Two:
B1. Basket Case (R. Oswald/J. Mendelsohn) (3:44) 
Ralph Oswald: Acoustic guitar, second lead vocal, harmonica;
Kirk Henry: Bass, vocal;
John Mendelsohn: Lead vocal, drums; Stephen Ferguson: Piano
Produced by John Mendelsohn

B2. To You He's Just A Cop But To Me He's Mr. Right (3:16)
(also listed as (To You He's) Just A Cop) (J. Mendelsohn)
Ralph Oswald: Guitar, banjo, vocal; Kirk Henry: Bass, vocal;
Donnie Alvarado: Guitar (solo), vocal;
John Mendelsohn: Lead vocal; Tres Feltman: Drums
Produced by John Guess

 • Single:
01. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (Terry Reid) 02:58
02. I Want to Hold Your Hand (Lennon - McCartney) 02:22

Donnie Alvarado - Guitar, Vocals
Kiddo - Bass, Vocals
John Mendelsohn - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Mr. Twister - Vocals
Ralph Oswald - Guitar, Saxophone
G. Whizz - Drums

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