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Various - The Scotty Story - Minnesota's Legendary '60s Rock Label! 1993 Arf! Arf! Records

Artist/Band: Various
The Scotty Story
- Minnesota's Legendary '60s Rock Label!
Ⓟ & © 1993 Arf! Arf! Records
Catalog#: AA-043
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Format: FLAC (tracks+cue+log)
Total Time: 01:17:36

Ретроспектива, состоящая из 30 треков, представляет оригинальные мастер-записи. Включает Electras, Scotsmen, White Lightning, Litter и множество ранее не издававшихся записей. Тот, кто хочет окунуться в панк 60-х, не найдет ничего лучше этого!

30 track retrospective of 4-star Minnesota label from the original mastertapes! Includes the Electras, Scotsmen, White Lightning, Litter plus lots of unreleased material! Comes with 24 page booklet packed full of photos and in-depth info. For anyone into '60s Punk, it doesn't get any better than this.

Based in Minnesota, the small, independent Scotty company recorded some worthwhile garage rock in the '60s, with Warren Kendrick acting both as producer and songwriter for many of the acts on his label. While you couldn't say this is an essential release if you're not a garage fan, this is a decent, 30-cut compilation of released and unreleased material from Scotty and its affiliated labels. The Electras in particular have an appealing snarl, best showcased on "Dirty Old Man" and the original, molten-hot version of "Action Woman" (covered by another of Kendrick's acts, the Litter, whose version appears on the Pebbles series). The 11 Electras' tracks are the most interesting portion of this anthology, but most of the rest of it's reasonably satisfying fuzz-Farfisa garage pop by the Scotsmen, the Victors, the Second Edition, Hope, the Paisleys, and White Lightning, sometimes with pop and/or psychedelic edges. The Scotsmen's "Beer Bust Blues" is frat rock at its grossest; fans of the Litter (by far the most famous group on this compilation) will find a previously unreleased cover of "Hey Joe," as well as a 7 Up commercial. ~Richie Unterberger
  • The Electras
01. Dirty Old Man 02:43  
02. Soul Searchin' 02:44  
03. This Week Children 02:19  
04. Action Woman 02:29  
05. I'm Not Talkin' 02:25  
06. Pregnant Pig 01:49  
07. 'Bout My Love 01:59  
08. You Love 01:35  
09. Summertime 03:38  
10. Won't Take No For An Answer 02:54
 The Scotsmen
11. Beer Bust Blues 03:00  
12. Scotch Mist 02:00  
13. Froggie 03:30
  • The Victors
14. Midnight Hour 03:34  
15. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 02:44  
16. One More Time 02:26  
17. Mister You're A Better Man Than I 03:36  
18. Little Girl 02:32  
  • The Litter
19. Hey Joe 04:07  
20. 7 UP Commercial 00:58  
  • White Lightning 
21. William 02:03  
22. Of Paupers 02:34  
23. (Under The Screaming Double) Eagle 03:55 
  • The Second Edition
24. To Keep You 02:41  
  • Hope
25. Of Times You Can See 03:25  
26. Greenhouse 01:45  
  • The Paisleys 
27. Something's Missing 02:56  
  • The Electras
28. Courage To Cry 1:52  
  • The Scotsmen 
29. Scotch Mist II 02:50  
30. Beer Bust Blues - Excerpt 00:25

All music transferred from original analog mastertapes except tracks 7 & 12,
which were transferred from a vinyl source.

Compilation Producer – Erik Lindgren
Design – Jim Oldsberg
Mastered By (Cd Premastering) – Jonathan Wyner

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Jona Byron - Red Tide EP, 2011 SoundZoo Recodings

Artist/Band: Jona Byron
Album: Red Tide, EP

Ⓟ & © 2011 SoundZoo Recodings
Additional overdubs made by J. Byron
and friends in Berlin during 2011
Mixed and mastered in Berlin by Soundzoo
Country: Australia
Genre: Roots, Indie, Folk, Power-folk

Total Time: 00:36:53

«Red Tide is an EP featuring tracks from a long standing album project, Skala, which is an album I wrote and recorded during my visit to Iceland in July - September, 2010. I basically locked myself away in friend Svavar Knutur’s cabin/holiday house in the remote north of Iceland for the best part of three months and got to work.
During my time in Iceland I took time to explore the magnificent yet barren country and became transformed by it's wonder; both in it's people and places. I traveled to different towns with Svavar, playing shows with him and sharing stories with some of the warmest human beings I have ever come across.»
                                                                                                                              - J.Byron

01. Changing of the Hours 05:31
02. Red Tide 05:10
03. Guardians 05:36
04. Refuge 04:36
05. Dead Horse 05:30
06. Eidolon 04:31

Jona Byron - All Instruments and voices
Leni Rice - Violins on 'Red Tide'
Jesse Kappelhoff - Cellos on 'Red Tide' and 'Eidolon'
Paul Burger - Upright bass
Martin Rye - Percussion, Drums

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Jona Byron - Extinct Hearts (bonus edition) 2009 Popboomerang

Artist/Band: Jona Byron
Album: Extinct Hearts (bonus edition)
Ⓟ & © 2009 Popboomerang Records
A 16 track Digital Bonus Edition of the album
including rare tracks and alternative mixes
was Released
Nov, 26, 2010.
Country: Australia
Genre: Roots, Indie, Folk, Power-folk

Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbps
Total Time: 01:24:28

Дебютный альбом Йона Байрона ‘Extinct Hearts' является новаторским. Он охватывает последние несколько лет музыкальных поисков Байрона, а также может рассматриваться как своеобразный музыкальный дневник.
Сингл ‘Beautiful Bird' своей утонченностью напоминает позднего Элиота Смита; она хорошо продумана и потрясает вокальной партией. ‘Extinct Hearts' демонстрирует гипнотический пульс баса и плотные гитары. Композиция ‘Glass Jaws' открывается тонкой акустикой и банджо, это захватывающая мелодия с тяжелым басом и яркими образами. ‘Arm Yourself' звучит как средневековая песня Леонарда Коэна вкупе с виолончелью. Кавер на классическую песню Боа Дилана ‘The Times They Are A Changing' заметно отходит от оригинала, создавая современную постапокалиптическую антивоенную песню.
'Extinct Hearts' - огромный шаг вперед для Байрона, который пребывал в тени слишком долго.

Jona Byron’s beautiful debut album ‘Extinct Hearts’ is a seminal piece of work. The tracks cover the last few years of Jona’s musical and human journey, from broken relationships and personal battles. ‘Hearts’ oozes longevity and a deep emotional core, while also acting as a musical journal of an era often full of hardship.
The single ‘Beautiful Bird’ conjures delicate moments of the late Elliot Smith and paints a story of mental illness and a lovers fading hope while resting on well-crafted melodies and stunning vocals. The angsty title opener ‘Extinct Hearts’ rides on a hypnotic pulse of bass, organ and dense guitars, and acts as a warning, as Byron reflects on a world gone mad. ‘Glass Jaws’ opens with subtle acoustics and banjo yet blooms into a powerful acoustic tour de force, with it’s catchy melody, strong bass (played by Edmondo Ammendola of Augie March) and evocative imagery. The devastating ‘Arm Yourself’ rolls like a medieval Leonard Cohen song complete with haunting cello work by Francesca Mountfort, while the cover of the classic Bob Dylan song ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ is a beautiful departure from the original and works more as a contemporary apocalyptic anti-war song.
The mini album was produced by Jona himself in various houses, studios and locations across Melbourne, with producer Myles Mumford (Lamplight, Kate Vigo) stepping in for some minimal production at Atlantis Sound. ‘Extinct Hearts’ is a giant leap for an artist who has been behind the curtain for much too long.


01. Extinct Hearts 04:20
02. Joan Of Arc 04:50
03. Beautiful Bird 04:29
04. Glass Jaws 04:59
05. Arm Yourself 05:12
06. Duck Shooting 06:00
07. The Times They Are A Changin' 07:32
08. Visions (bonus track) 05:43
09. In Our Eyes of Tiny Lives (bonus track) 06:47
10. Plunging In (bonus track) 03:42
11. The Harder Ships of The World (bonus track) 04:46
12. The Land Where You Come From (bonus track) 05:34
13. Glass Jaws (single version) 04:55
14. Beautiful Bird (naked mix) 04:27
15. All My Days Are Mad (live bonus track) 06:46
16. Extinct Hearts (alt brood mix) 04:18

  Recorded and mixed by Jona Byron in a variety of locations
  Additional production by
Myles Mumford at Atlantis Sound 
  and additional drum tracks recorded by
Stuart Seear at JMC Audio
  Mastered by
Adam Dempsey at ‘Jack The Bear’s’ Deluxe Mastering
  Design by Andrea Herrmann: www.skewnet.com and Jona.
  All songs written by
Jona Byron except
  ‘The Times They Are A Changin’ by
Bob Dylan
  'The Harder Ships of The World' by
Keren Ann
   Produced by
Jona Byron

Jona Byron - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Piano, Organ, Bass, Keys, Contrabass, Percussion
Francesca Mountfort - Cellos on ‘Beautiful Bird’ and ‘Arm Yourself’
Edmondo Ammendola - Bass on ‘Extinct Hearts’ and ‘Glass Jaws’
Tiana Morrison - Backing vocals on ‘Arm Yourself’
Kat Winduss - Backing vocals on ‘Extinct Hearts’
John Paul Hougaz - Melodica on ‘Duck Shooting
Peter Uhlenbruch - Flutes on ‘Beautiful Bird’
Dale G Thomas - Drums and Percussion

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Bryan Estepa - All the Bells and Whistles (2006 Popboomerang #032)

Artist/Band: Bryan Estepa
Album: All the Bells and Whistles
Ⓟ & © 2006 Popboomerang Records

Catalog #: 032
Country: Australia
Genre: Pop-Rock
Total Time: 00:42:34

All The Bells & Whistles album by Bryan Estepa was released Sep 05, 2006 on the CD Baby label. Bryan Estepa's fate as a singer-songwriter was set even before he was old enough to pick up a dusty acoustic. "I can remember my mum and uncles singing and playing Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel tunes when I was young," says Estepa All The Bells & Whistles music CDs. "Even at that age of 7, pop music made a whole lot of sense to me."
A fixture on Sydney's indie circuit since the mid-'90s, Estepa's honed his songwriting in numerous bands, from power-pop upstarts Swivel (1998-2000) to psych-poppers Hazey Jane (2004-2005) All The Bells & Whistles songs. It was during a stint working in the States, rediscovering classics by Elliott Smith and Whiskeytown, that Bryan found a renewed love for his acoustic guitar and returned home to branch out on his own All The Bells & Whistles album. Performing under the alias Adeline, he released the pocket gem "Start Again" in 2003, to positive reviews and regular airplay on Sydney and East Coast US college radio All The Bells & Whistles CD music.


01. By the Window 03:47
02. Your Best Night 03:52
03. Western Tale 06:00
04. Come Around 04:07
05. Sunshine 03:35
06. Right Now 02:57
07. Cards & Am Radio 04:20
08. Open Letter 05:13
09. Falling Through 03:50
10. Room Next to You 04:53

Michael Carpenter - Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Bryan Estepa - Bass, Composer, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Brian Crouch - Organ (Hammond), Piano, Wurlitzer

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Erik Voeks - Sandbox (1993 Rockville Records)

Artist/Band: Erik Voeks
Album: Sandbox

Ⓟ & © 1993 Rockville Records
Catalog#: ROCK 6130-2
Country: Australia/USA
Format: FLAC (11 tracks+.cue+log)
Genre: Rock, World, & Country
Duration: 00:38:34

Released a couple of 45’s on Bus Stop records in the early 90’s. Released a CD on Rockville called "Sandbox". Played a few shows. Released a Xmas 45 on Parasol Records. Played a few shows. Recorded some home demos. Played with a few friends as The Octopus Frontier. Recorded some more home demos. Might play a few more shows in the future. That’s about it really. -Erik Voeks From what little information exists out there, Erik Voeks is originally from Australia. He moved to the states and eventually ended up in St. Louis, Missouri around the time Sandbox was released. Sandbox, was released in 1993 and, from that same CD inlay, the musicians who took part in the recording are - Jay Bennett (guitar solo track 7 & 8), Patrick Hawley (drums, Percussion), Nick Rudd (anti-percussion), Steve Scariano (bass), Adam Schmitt (guitar, bass, backing vocals, keyboards) and of course Erik Voeks (vocals, guitar,keyboards). This classic was released on now defunct Rockville Records, a small arm of the Dutch East India/Homestead label. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.
Following a few singles released on Parasol records, mid-westerner Erik Voeks unleashed this pop masterpiece in 1993. Lost in the power-pop resurgence of the early '90s (Matthew Sweet, Gin Blossoms, et al), this Adam Schmitt-produced wonder certainly deserved a better fate. Beautifully produced tunes with crashing guitars wrap themselves around witty, sarcastic, ironic, bittersweet lyrics. Features Wilco's Jay Bennett and fellow mid-westerner Nick Rudd.


01. My Dentist 03:30
02. Finger Painted Cat 02:31
03. Hannah 03:00
04. Oh My Darlin' 03:32
05. The Symmetry 02:46
06. Let Go Now 04:11
07. Desiree And I 03:00
08. Compass 04:11
09. Rhymes With Train 04:19
10. Maissie 03:45
11. Unwind 07:02

Jay Bennett - Guitar Solo (track 7 & 8)
Patrick Hawley - Drums, Percussion
Nick Rudd - Anti-Percussion
Steve Scariano - Bass
Adam Schmitt - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Erik Voeks - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

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Various - Treacle Toffee World: The Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969 (2008 RPM retrodisc)

Artist/Band: Various
Title: Treacle Toffee World
Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969
Ⓟ & © 2008 RPM retrodisc
Catalog#: Retro 843
Released: 27 Oct 2008
Country: UK
Format: FLAC (track+.cue+log)
Genre: Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Total Time: 00:49:40

18-track CD from the vaults of Apple Publishing featuring 2 previously unreleased recordings by The Iveys was released on October 27, 2008 on the RPM retrodisc (Cherry Red) label (Retro 843) and on November 18, 2008 in the U.S.A. The cover features an Apple on a stick wrapped in red cellophane.
This CD is for completists only and does not hold up as well as the previous two discs in this series. It also includes an essay by "Those Were The Days" author Stefan Granados, as well as rare photos and memorabilia from the days of Apple Publishing in 1967-1969.

Fire was a trio that started in 1966 as Friday's Chyld, led by songwriter David Lambert (vocals/keyboards/guitar). The other members were Dick Dufall (bass/vocals), and Bob Voice (drums/vocals). The name change came in 1967 when they were signed by Decca Records. The lead-off track on the CD is a re-recording of their first single for Decca, 'Father's Name Is Dad'. The re-recording happened as a result of Paul McCartney hearing the song and deciding it could be improved. After comparing this to the original single version, it sounds as though the vocals were redone. Also, Lambert doubled his guitar parts (they were also brought up an octave). With its catchy guitar hook, this is easily the best track on the entire CD which justifies its placement as the first track here. The B-side of the first Fire single is also the title track of the CD, 'Treacle Toffee World', and is another guitar riff driven song. 'Will I Find Love?' was supposed to be Fire's 2nd single for Decca, but it was rejected despite the extra production that was put into it. The final track by Fire on this collection, 'Spare A Copper', is about begging for spare change to buy something to eat. For more information, check out the Fire myspace page.
Sands (1966-1967) are represented by the song 'Listen To The Sky' which was the B-side of their only single, the Bee Gees composed 'Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator'. In my opinion, this is the 2nd best track on the CD. The song features excellent drumming & guitar playing, and can be considered as an example of early heavy metal, with its ending gun & guitar battle; the guitar playing sounding like the airplane, much like on Pete Ham's song, 'I've Been There Once Before' on the "94 Baker Street" CD. This song was published by Apple probably due to an agreement made by Robert Stigwood who at one time almost became Beatles' manager Brian Epstein's business partner.
Grapefruit are back with more demos and an alternate version of one of their album tracks. 'Trying To Make It To Monday' is a strong pop song that had hit potential, but unfortunately got bumped for 'Dear Delilah'. Luckily, it survived on an EMI acetate. 'Fall Of The Castle' a demo intended for other artists to record. It never got picked up, justifiably so, as it's not a very good song. 'This Little Man' was a track that appeared on Grapefruit's "Around Grapefruit" album in 1969. Appearing here is a superior, alternate version, previously unreleased.
Rawlings & Huckstep are a songwriting team appearing on their first and only Apple Publishing CD. They submitted a demo tape in 1968 at the Apple Boutique, which was passed upstairs to Apple Publishing. 'Forgive And Forget', an enjoyable lightweight pop song, was the best of their songs, but it was never recorded by anyone. Their other two songs, 'Even The Sunshine's Cold' and 'Thinking Pictures' are pretty much forgettable.
Gallagher & Lyle return with one more song. 'Goodbye Mozart', an acoustic guitar-based demo, is not bad, but not one of their best songs either. This one survived on an Apple acetate.
The Iveys are back with 2 more Apple Publishing demos that were never properly recorded for Apple Records. ' Bittersweet Adieu' is a song featuring Ron Griffiths singing about life on the road playing in a band, and all the decisions that need to be made about life. The guitar solo features some tasteful, distorted lead playing from Pete Ham. *Ron's explanation of the song: "This was meant to be autobiographical. At that time, we were still in the market to be signed or at least have someone show an interest in our material, as Ray Davies did. We used to support a very good and successful Scottish band called Marmalade at their residency at the Marquee Club. Their lead guitar player, Junior Campbell, liked us and took us into a studio to record the song (as he had picked it out of a batch he thought had potential on a visit to 7 Park Avenue)." 'How Does It Feel' is a previously unheard song featuring Tommy Evans with Ron and Pete helping out on backing vocals. It is a typical love song with a bouncy feel throughout and a simple melodic guitar solo. The sound quality of this demo is not as good as the other tracks; it sounds like multiple overdubs were applied by bouncing the tape back and forth, thus degrading the fidelity with each tape copy. This track appeared on one of the many demo tapes that were submitted to Apple in early 1968.
Denis Couldry is back with both sides of his 2nd single for Decca Records. 'Penny For The Wind' is the A-side, sung with a heavy accent. It's a sing-along type of English pyschedelic fairytale. 'Tea And Toast, Mr. Watson?' is one of the more enjoyable tracks on the CD and features some stinging guitar playing by Chris Spedding and is often regarded as a classic pyschedelic track, and a great, underated flip side.
23rd Turnoff contributes their demo of 'Another Vincent Van Gogh' which was written by Liverpool's Jimmy Campbell. This song ended up with Apple Publishing as a result of Campbell playing some songs on acoustic guitar to Terry Doran, which resulted in him buying the contract for this song. This is one of the weaker songs in this collection.
Legay contributes 'Fantastic Story Of A Steam Driven Banana', which was the B-side to their flop single, 'No One'. This is not a bad song and grows on you after repeated listenings. It's a piano-based tune that is typical of the pyschedelic pop songs of the late '60s. It was written by Robin Pizer who made an agreement with Mike Berry to publish the song with Apple right before Berry left to work for Sparta Publishing. ~ Tom Brennan


01. Fire - Father's Name Is Dad
(remake of 1st single, original version released on Decca, March 1968)

02. Sands - Listen To The Sky
(B-side of only single, issued late 1967)

03. Grapefruit - Trying To Make It To Monday
(demo, sourced from EMIdisc acetate, proposed 1st single Late 1967)

04. Rawlings and Huckstep - Forgive And Forget
(home studio demo 1968)

05. Gallagher & Lyle - Goodbye Mozart
(demo, sourced from Apple Custom acetate 1968 or 1969)

06. Fire - Spare A Copper
(recording for Decca Records 1968)

07. Rawlings and Huckstep - Even The Sun Shines Cold
(home studio, demo 1968)

08. The Iveys - Bittersweet Adieu (demo, Spring 1968)
09. Denis Couldry - Tea And Toast, Mr. Watson?
(B-side of "Penny For The Wind", May 31, 1968)

10. Fire - Treacle Toffee World
(B-side of "Father's Name Is Dad", released on Decca, March 1968)

11. Grapefruit - Fall Of The Castle (demo for other artists)
12. Denis Couldry - Penny For The Wind
(single released May 31, 1968 on Decca 1968)

13. 23rd Turnoff - Another Vincent Van Gogh (demo, 1968)
14. Rawlings and Huckstep - Thinking Pictures
(home studio demo, 1968)

15. The Iveys - How Does It Feel
(home studio demo Fall 1967-Spring 1968)

16. Fire - Will I Find Love
(proposed 2nd single, Summer 1968)

17. Legay - Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana
(B-side to "No One" 1968)

18. Grapefruit - This Little Man
(alternate version to "Around Grapefruit" LP, 1968)

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Various - Do You Dream? UK Pop And Psychedelia 1965-1970 (2010 From The Angel Air Catalogue)

Artist/Band: Various
Title: Do You Dream?
- UK Pop & Psychedelia 1965-1970
Ⓟ & © 2010 Angel Air Records
Catalog#: SJPCD331
Released: Aug. 10, 2010
Made in EU
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Prog Rock
Total Time:

Compiled by Stefan Granados (Shindig) with trades drawn from the ever expanding UK "heritage" Angel Air label who since their inception in 1997. have developed a catalogue of much sort after original recordings from the 60's to 21st Century with new additions for this compilation supplied courtesy of Phillip Goodhand-Toit (CIRCUS) and Mike Hurst (DOUBLE FEATURE).
This release focus on tracks drawn from the classic popular music years 1965 to 1970 and the album opens with "Walkin.Walkin" n freak beat classic written and produced by Mike Hurst in 1965, moves to The TREACLE from Hull featuring one MICK RONSON who recorded in 1965 "Stop Get A Hold Of Yourself and finally to ATOMIC ROOSTER'S original demo of their anthem "Devils Answer" recorded in 1970. Classic tacks from a Classic Label.

Since its inception in 1997, Peter Purnell's Angel Air Records, based out of Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, has specialized in a catalog of often rare and all but lost releases from the 1960s, giving each the full reissue treatment with extensive documentation and input plus participation from the original artists, making each Angel Air release truly something special. This set, which features classic but seldom-heard tracks recorded between 1965 and 1970 by bands like the Treacle, the Rats, Circus, Andromeda, Family, and Atomic Rooster, among others, functions as a sort of sampler of the full-length sets Angel Air has released by these artists, but it also works as an interesting glimpse of an era in rock history that is now gone forever -- but not forgotten, thanks to collections like this one. ~ Steve Leggett

Among its irrepressible stream of half-forgotten rock dreamers, Angel Air has built a sturdy catalogue of lesser-known psych and 60s pop, from which this 21-track collection compiled by Stefan Granados is drawn. Some names will be familiar: Atomic Rooster are represented by their Devil’s Answer demo and The Family with The Weaver’s Answer from their Family Entertainment peak. Others might be hazily recalled from Peel shows and the late 60s club circuit.
Psych devotees will revel in the Misunderstood-style lysergic symphonies of Andromeda, who rose out of The Attack around 1969, or lesser-known Deram-Immediate outfit The Outer Limits, who nod at the Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow with Epitaph Of A Non- Entity. Also present in their period finery are the likes of Ice, Affinity (tackling I Am The Walrus), Procol Harum refugees Freedom, Jess Roden-fronted The Alan Bown! with a feisty horns-dominated treatment of All Along The Watchtower (before Hendrix) and later solo artist Philip Goodhand-Tait with his Stormsville Shakers then Circus (the fragile title track a Peel fave).
Particularly intriguing are Mick Ronson’s pre-Spiders psych forays with The Treacle and The Rats, whose Eleanor Rigbyinfluenced The Rise & Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone is a minor classic, Ronno steering his Les Paul into the cosmos over reversed drumming.


01. Favourite Sons "Walkin' Walkin'" 1965
02. Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers "Number One" 1966
03. The Treacle "Stop Get A Hold Of Yourself"1965
04. Outer Limits "Any Day Now" 1966
05. ICE "Ice Man" (radio session) 1967
06. Outer Limits "Epitaph For A Non Entity" 1967
07. Double Feature "Come On Babe" 1967
08. Freedom "Where Will You Be Tonight" 1968
09. The Rats "The Rise And Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone" 1966
10. Circus "Do You Dream" 1967
11. Freedom "Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You" 1968
12. ICE "Walk On The Water"1967
13. The Alan Bown "All Along The Watchtower" 1968
14. Affinity "Night Flight" 1970
15. Andromeda "The Day Of The Change" 1969
16. Affinity "I Am The Walrus" 1970
17. Phil Cordell "Red Lady" 1969
18. Family "Weavers Answer" 1970
19. Ancient Grease "Time To Die" 1970
20. Andromeda "Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down" 1969
21. Atomic Rooster "Devil's Answer" (original demo) 1970

Affinity Ancient Grease Andromeda Atomic Rooster,
The Alan Bown
Circus Phil Cordell Double Feature,
Favourite Sons Freedom,
Philip Goodhand-Tait & the Stormsville Shakers,
Outer Limits The Rats The Treacle.

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Smile - All Roads Lead To The Shore (2011 December/Altafonte)

Artist/Band: Smile
Album: All Roads Lead to the Shore
Label: DECEMBER Records, Madrid
Licensor: Altafonte Music Distribution S.L.

Released: 2011
Country: Spain
Genre: Indie, Folk/Rock
Total Time: 00:48:13

Инди-группа Smile предпочитает в своём творчестве серфинг-рок и фолк-рок. Коллектив образовался в 1996 г. в живописном испанском муниципалитете Гечо в Испании, входящем в провинцию Бискайя в составе автономного сообщества Страны Басков, на берегу Бискайского залива. Отсюда и склонность к серфинг-року и игра в стиле акустического трио Crosby, Stills & Nash. Но окончательное формирование квартета, как ни странно, завершилось только в 2005 г., когда он записал свой первый студийный альбом "Painting the sun one color", изданный с некоторым запозданием в 2007 г. Альбом включает десять весёлых и оптимистичных треков с явным влиянием американской музыкальной традиции, в частности калифорнийского саунда конца шестидесятых и семидесятых годов (на ум приходят сравнения с Neil Young, Jayhawks и другими из того же ряда). В качестве эталона для испанской сцены подошла также разновидность серфинг-рока, который исполнял такой признаный в мире мастер, как Jack Johnson. Так что культурный обмен шёл полным ходом. В состав группы входили John Franks (ведущий вокал, акустическая гитара), Ferdy Breton (бас), Javi Gonzalez (ударные), Pit Idoyaga (гитара, вокал), Josu Aguinaga (гитара, банджо, вокал).
Первый трек диска "All Roads Lead to the Shore", вышедшего в 2011 г., "All he needs" выполнен в жанре кантри-фолк-рока, напоминающем то, что временами делал Bob Dylan. В то же время "Island Paradise", "Tell my babe", "Sunset Melancholy" - это рок-песни в стилистике 70-х годов. По ходу звучания альбома стилистика видоизменяется как минимум семь раз. "Let go" имеет в своей основе рок-н-ролл. Сингл "Do As I Want" навевает реминисценции с Jack Johnson. В "Carry On" и "No. 1" музыканты снова возвращаются к фолк-року. Однако такое разнообразие стилевых интерпретаций демонстрирует не столько влияние американской музыки 60-х - 70-х гг., но и весьма высокую требовательность к трекам, их эксклюзивное качество, добротность лирики и мелодий, от фантастической интерпретации Джоном мужского вокала до великолепного аккомпанемента инструментальной группы, высококачественной игры (потому что нигде нет ничего похожего), особенно солирующей гитары в рок-темах. В этом новом альбоме весьма очевидна эволюция команды к более электрическому року, но без отказа от оригинального серфинг-рока. Эта эволюция подчёркивает амбиции группы, стремящейся достичь чего-то большего, выйти за пределы стиля.

"Smile" is a folk rock surf Getxo born around 1996 as the style acoustic trio Crosby, Stills & Nash. With its final formation as a quartet in 2005 and recorded his first album Painting the sun one color, published in 2007 by Rock Indiana with ten tracks clear cheerful and optimistic American influence and inspired by the California of the late sixties and seventy (Neil Young, Jayhawks, ...). Thus, and as a reference of Spanish surf scene, share music and waves with other international artists such as Jack Johnson.The band consists of John Franks (voice), Pit Idoyaga (guitar) ex Blonde, Josu Aginaga (guitar), Ferdy Breton (bass) and Javi Gonzalez (drums).The discThe second album "Smile", "All roads lead to the shore" (2011) contains varying influence issues. The first track "All he needs" is a country folk sound theme, which reaches even remember the sound of Bob Dylan at times. However, the songs "Island Paradise", "Tell my babe", "Sunset Melancholy" are rock songs seventies. We seem to have changed disk, and it happens several times in the album. "Let go" has a base of rock & roll. The single "Do As I Want" is a song reminiscent of Jack Johnson. In Carry on and "No. 1" back folk.The variety of styles within the disc would be grouped under the concept of the influence of American music of the sixties and seventies, but all topics stand out for their exquisite quality, worked lyrics and melodies, from the fantastic interpretation of John until the great accompaniments Instrumental band, highlighting (because there was no sounded like), the brilliant guitar solos of rock themes.In this new album there is a clear evolution towards more electric rock, but without ever leaving the surf folk origin of the band. This evolution highlights the group's ambition to reach beyond.


01. All He Needs 03:29
02. Island Paradise 03:43
03. Let Go 03:27
04. Do As I Want 03:29
05. Carry On 03:23
06. Tell My Babe 04:56
07. № 1 04:28
08. Nothing More 03:52
09. Sweetest Scene 04:11
10. Sunset Melancholy 03:13
11. Time To Go 05:48
12. Every Time 04:13

John Franks - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ferdy Breton - Bass
Javi Gonzalez - Drums
Pit Idoyaga - Guitars, Vocals
Josu Aguinaga - Guitars, Banjo, Vocals

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Smile - Painting The Sun One Colour (2007 Rock Indiana)

Artist/Band: Smile
Album: Painting The Sun One Colour
Label: Rock Indiana Records
Released: 2007
Country: Getxo, Spain
Genre: Pop/Rock, Alternative
Total Time: 00:42:13

SMILE was born in Getxo (Vizcaya) and the style acoustic trio Crosby, Stills and Nash with songs written by the English surfer and artist, John Franks ... With its final formation, and meets SMILE as a quartet in 2005 and recorded his first album, which was released in 2007 by Rock Indiana ten own songs, cheerful and positive American influence reminiscent of California 70 (Neil Young , Lovin 'Spoonful ...) .. So as a group devote themselves indispensable in the Spanish surf scene, and share music and waves with the likes of Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter.
With this album and its single "Happy People" begin to make themselves known at national level and come to share the stage with artists such as Wilco, The Waterboys, The Sunday Drivers, Bart Davenport ..... In late 2009, they recorded their second album SMILE "All Roads Lead to the Shore", to be published in mid-2010. This new album is an evolution in the style of the group, has a distinctly rock sound incorporating a second guitarist to be five members in the band, and he collaborated with musicians like Jonny Kaplan (The Lazy Stars) and Neal Casal (Ryan guitarist Adams and one of his main influences) ... The leap in quality in compositions and sound recording is notorious, the twelve songs that compose it are really impressive and varied. The influences have played an important role in the disk, we can find it reminiscent of a Tom Petty initiation and vigorous, bright melodies to soft rock of the Jayhawks, the sensitivity of Ray Lamontagne or placidity shirt from Jack Johnson. His first single "Do as I want" is becoming the "watchword" recognizable and direct group are absolute hits for critics and audiences.


01. Meditation 03:30
02. Friday Night 03:45
03. Happy People 03:14
04. Close Your Eyes 04:26
05. Spotlight 05:57
06. Beautiful Morning 03:21
07. Flow 05:06
08. Lets Get Away 03:43
09. Summer Of 92 04:25
10. Guiding Star 04:42

John Franks - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ferdy Breton - Bass
Javi Gonzalez - Drums
Pit Idoyaga - Guitars, Vocals
Josu Aguinaga - Guitars, Banjo, Vocals

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четверг, 25 апреля 2013 г.

Arjuna - La Montagna Sacra (1999 Flyagaric! Records)

Artist/Band: Arjuna
Album: La Montagna Sacra
Label: Flyagaric! Records
Catalog#: 001
Country: Italy
Released: 1999
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock, Psychedelic
Total time: 00:41:20

Отличная итальянская ретро-проговая команда, которая явилась продолжением проекта Amanita. Флейтист Андреа Монетти сотоварищи цитируют влияние таких групп, как East Of Eden, High Tide, Gnidrolog, Traffic и Grave Train, и ясно видно, почему. Отличный импровизационный симфопрог с развёрнутыми соло флейты и саксофона, быстрыми клавишными (электрическое пианино, синтезатор и "Хаммонд"-орган), заметной гитарой и страстным мужским вокалом на итальянском языке в рамках длинных композиций. Местами они могут напоминать Jethro Tull (шикарное взаимодействие флейты и гитары), местами Alusa Fallax, а временами уходят в спейс-рок с задумчивым саксофоном. Есть и пасторальные композиции с акустической гитарой и флейтой в духе Celeste или Errata Corrige, а также более тяжёлые, забойные номера с давлеющей хард-проговой гитарой, которые напоминают о величии предыдущего проекта музыкантов, Amanita, хотя здесь намного больше саксофона. В общем, музыканты живут скорее прошлым, чем будущим. Разве это не прекрасно? Отличный олдскульный прогрессив-рок без новомодных веяний. Highly Recommended!!!! Кстати, звучание CD немного мутноватое (особенно это заметно в фоновом клавишном звучании), но это прослушиванию нисколько не мешает.

There are albums that you fall in love immediately: the charm of the cover, love at first sight for the / la bel / singer in the photo, the cover artist of a particular favorite.
The Arjuna struck me thanks. Open the booklet: a universe of names that melt in the lovers of the first progressive indescribable emotions and fires have never been lost. East Of Eden and Gravy Train, Junipher Greene and Gnidrolog, Focus and Steel Mill, Traffic and High Tide, so on and so forth. Names dating back to the late '60s, the period of turmoil that will lead to the birth of that rock that years later will be called progressive.
It is a sextet of Bologna, led by the eccentric fiatista Andrea Monetti, collaborator of the first jazz rockers German Embryo and Amon Duul II, then in steady Finisterre and zuffantiana Of Wax. With him, the guitarist / vocalist Nick Le Rose, the couple rhythmic Salvatore Turkish and Massimiliano Iannotta, Joseph Turkish sitar and guitars, Godfrey Fioravanti to analog keyboards. Already in 1997, the first incarnation of the band (Amanita) made his debut with Mellow.
"La Montagna Sacra" is an album full of sound "vintage": how to work Standarte and London Underground, The Sign Of Command and other artists of the stable Black Widow, the album seems to be spilling out their 60s / '70, from the significant psychedelic cover. The sound is deliberately directed, producing mellow and full of feeling just as they did in the past, probably with incisions in real time. 
The sound is dominated by wind instruments (flute and sax) of Monetti, so in the intriguing opener "Lost in the void," a song lysergic long and dilated, full of memories of Hosanna and Audience.
The band alternates robust and rhythmic classics "trip". "A song for Timothy" is a sweet and dreamy ballad, the title track is a plunge into mysticism late sixties, complete with a duet between flute and sitar. The mysterious "Mushrooms", declared homage to a probable source of inspiration "natural", traveling on a carpet of hammond and spells of guitars and flutes.
It is up to "Save your reality" the task of hitting with power: it is a piece varied, with hard passages in the style of Atomic Rooster or the same Sir Lord Baltimore, safe "icons" of the sextet felsineo. The pressing of the same stuff "And all of a sudden fall", where the band shakes off the torpor previous: intense acid guitars challenge the vibrant flute monettiano in a growing and smoky.
The "Tulliani" iron will have more of a jolt to listen to the perky flute, intriguing even the choice rhythmic, relaxed and laid, with frequent inserts percussion, guitars prefer to enchant more than roar, keyboards (piano and hammond, some occasional touch of synth) embroider a dreamy outline.
Two years later Monetti will appear with the band of Ku, then it will be with Finisterre, the House Of Wax and then with the Alhambra. A nice spot for the use and consumption of "nostalgic" but not without interest to lovers of progressive rock less "challenging" and more contaminated by psychedelia.


01. Perso Nel Vuoto 11:14
02. A Song For Timothy 04:12  
03. Salva La Tua Realta 07:19  
04. La Montagna Sacra 04:25  
05. E Cadere D'Improvviso 14:12  
06. Mushrooms 05:32

Massimiliano Iannotta - Bass
Andrea Monetti R.* - Concert Flute, Alto Saxophone, Flute (Bamboo)
Salvatore Turco - Drums, Percussion
Goffredo Fioravanti - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ (Hammond), Keyboards
Giuseppe Turco - Sitar, Electric Guitar (tracks: 4, 6)
Vincenzo Nick Le Rose - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

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