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Tyla Gang - Yachtless 1977 (2006 Air Mail Archive)

Artist: Tyla Gang
Album: Yachtless
Label: Air Mail Archive
Catalog#: AIRAC-1285

Comes in a CD-sized papersleeve 
album replica, with obi-strip and
insert of notes mostly in Japanese.
Release Date: 15 Nov 2006
Release Country: Japan
Genre: Rock, Pop
Total Time: 00:57:04

Tyla Gang were born inside Sean Tyla’s head in late 1975. Having led the legendary pioneers of British pub-rock, Ducks Deluxe from obscurity to mini-stardom in three years, he sought a new challenge. He craved to conceive a far more aggressive and decibel defying outfit with which to assault the public ear. Various line-ups were tried and tested, demos made but nothing seemed to gell. Though money was tight, Tyla turned down offers to produce the Sex Pistol’s studio debut and augment a fledgling Motorhead, such was his determination to realise his goal. Almost a year after the Ducks final concert at London’s 100 Club in June 1975, the finite Tyla Gang line-up appeared. Tyla on vocals and guitars, Canadian axe man, Bruce Irvine on Lead guitar and ex-Winkies, Michael Desmarais on drums and Brian ‘Kid’ Turrington on Bass guitar. For further information on Sean and the Gang, please visit: http://www.tylagang.com and www.myspace.com

 • Tracklist:

01. Hurricane 03:17
02. Dust On The Needle 04:36
03. On The Street 02:57
04. New York Sun 03:16
05. Speedball Morning 03:03
06. Don't Shift A Gear 03:02
07. Lost Angels 03:44
08. The Young Lords 03:19
09. Whizz Kids 03:30
10. Don't Turn Your Radio On 03:45
Bonus Tracks:
11. Amsterdam 03:30
12. Cannons Of The Boogie Night 3:28
13. Suicide Jockey 04:52
14. Styrofoam 02:39
15. It's Only Rock And Roll 04:29
16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie 03:31

Michael Desmarais - Drums
Bruce Irvine - Guitar
Deke Leonard - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter O'Sullivan - Bass
Brian Turrington - Bass
Sean Tyla - Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Tyla Gang - Primary Artist

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