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Crazy 8's - Law and Order (20th Anniversary Edition) 2004 Secret Sound

Artist: Crazy 8s
Album: Law and Order

(20th Anniversary Edition)
Label: Secret Sound Recordings
Catalog Number: 8001
Release: 9.7.2004
Country: USA
Genre: Rock & Pop
Playing Time: 01:04:40

Crazy 8's have released the 20th Anniversary edition of one of the top selling independent releases from the Pacific Northwest, Law and Order. Comprised of six tracks from the original 1984 release with six re-recordings of the same tracks from 1992 sessions as well as the timely inclusion of Ridin' On The Campaign Trail (recorded in 1989) and a fabulous 16 page collectors booklet, the 20th Anniversary edition of Law and Order is a must for fans of CRAZY 8's. The original recording in 1984 sold 20,000 units; the band released four other titles and toured for a dozen years before packing it in. The 8's mixed jazz, reggae and rock into a musical stew with high energy, horn driven arrangements that was not easily categorized but captured legions of fans.

 • Tracklist:

01. Law and Order 5:26
02. Johnny Q 4:07
03. Count Your Money 4:41
04. Jump Rock 3:28
05. Rude Boys Don't Win 4:14
06. Fine Tunin' 3:36
07. You're O.K., I'm O.K. 04:58
08. Don't You Really Wanna Know? 4:21
09. Johnny Q 4:32
10. Law and Order 5:57
11. Count Your Money 5:50
12. Rude Boys Don't Win 5:08
13. Fine Tunin' 6:07
14. Don't You Really Wanna Know? 6:59
15. Ridin' Down the Campaign Trail 3:13

    Tracks 1- 8 from the original 1984 recording of this album.
Tracks 9-15 from the 1992 re-recording of this album. 

Wanaka - Vocals, Guitar, Cymbals, Back vocals
Todd Duncan - Vocals, Harp, Alto saxophone, Back vocals
Todd Wad - Vocals, Alto saxophone
Tim Tubb - Vocals, Trombone
Casey Sheer - Vocals, Keyboards
Dique Paree - Guitar
Danny Schauffler - Flute, Soprano, Tenor & Baritone Sax, Synthesizer, Back vocals
Rhythmus Negroidious, Rick Washington - Drums
Carl "The Truth" Smith - Congas, Timbales, Percussion, Back vocals
Doggapotamus Singers, Francesco Attolini, Gretchen Schauffler - Back vocals
Druid Fluid, Marcia Baker, Sue, Marlon McClain, Sandy - Back vocals
Ronman - Alto Saxophone, Keyboards
J, Joe Jr. Johnson - Tenor Saxophone
Mark Chervin, Lewis Livermore - Trumpet
Corpus Kirkus - Trombone
Ron "Papa" Regan - Keyboards
Mala Noche Jones - Guiro
Truth - Percussion

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  1. Очень даже.. Люблю с медью. И мелодии вполне..

    1. Очень рад, что тебе понравился альбом.
      Жаль на нём нет двух треков, которые были на оригинальном LP 1984 года.
      A4 Jump Rock 3:28
      B3 You're O.K., I'm O.K. 4:58

  2. Добавил два трека, которых не хватало на этом издании.
    Jump Rock 3:28
    You're O.K., I'm O.K. 4:58

    Большая благодарность arseniy! (newshotfan)