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Tyla Gang - Stereo Tactics (2013 Ball & Chain)

Artist: Tyla Gang
Album: Stereo Tactics
Label: Ball & Chain Records
Catalog#: BOR-BACCD20-13001
Released: 18 Mar. 2013
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Pub Rock
Total Length: 41:22:00

Following the breakup of Ducks Deluxe, Sean Tyla formed "Tyla Gang" initially with guitarist Bruce Irvine, bassist Brian "Kid" Turrington and drummer Mike Desmarais, Turrington and Desmarais having played together in The Winkies.
Their first single "Styrofoam" / "Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie" (1976) was the fourth record released on Stiff Records, although the single was a one off deal with Stiff, not a long term contract. Tyla also produced Stiff's eighth single Plummet Airlines’ "Silver Shirt" / "This Is The World". Although unsigned, the Gang attracted critical attention and played two Peel Sessions in 1977 (30 May and 4 October). They eventually signed a contract with the Californinan based Beserkley label in 1977 and released their first album, Yachtless in 1978, which received very good reviews, but no chart success. Part way through recording their next album Moonproof, Turrington left and Whaley joined to finish the album, and this line-up record a Peel Session on 9 August 1978. Richard Treece, another former member of Help Yourself also joined, before Beserkley's UK operation went bankrupt in 1979, and Tyla disbanded the Gang shortly after.
In 2010 the Tyla Gang reformed in their original line-up, touring Sweden during the fall. In 2013, they added John McCoy of Gillan and Mammoth fame to replace original member, Brian Turrington who had taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. The Gang have released two albums since their reformation, 2010's "Rewired", a compilation of lost studio and live recordings and as of March 18th 2013, a new studio album, "Stereo Tactics".
 • Tracklist:

01. Blood On The Radio 04:25
02. Hard Road Rocker 03:10
03. That's Rock 'n' Roll 04:56
04. Deadhorse Run 04:01
05. Breed 03:16
06. Long Road Home 02:54
07. Integrity 06:18
08. Runaway 02:43
09. Chinee Moon 03:19
10. Lock and Load 02:57
11. Shining Star 03:26

Mike Desmarais - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Bruce Irvine - Group Member, Guitar
Kid Turrington - Bass, Group Member, Vocals
Sean Tyla - Group Member, Vocals
Ken Whaley - Bass

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