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Sean Tyla - Rhythm Of The Swing 1983

Artist: Sean Tyla & The Rythm
Album: Rhythm Of The Swing
Label: RCA/Instant Music Records
Catalog#: ZL 28533
Manufactured and Printed in West Germany
Line Music GmbH
Released: 1983
Genre: AOR, Rock, Pop/Rock
Total Time: 00:39:39

Sean Tyla (born John Michael Kenneth Tyler, 3 August 1947, Barlow, North Yorkshire) is an English rock guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter, sometimes known as the “Godfather of Boogie”. Best known for his work with Ducks Deluxe and Tyla Gang, he has also played with Help Yourself, Joan Jett, and Deke Leonard, and appeared solo.
Tyla embarked on a solo career, encouraged by Roger Daltrey who allowed him use of The Who’s Rampart Studio. He recorded in California with Mike Nesmith and signed a five album deal with Polydor, although he only released three albums. The first album, Just Popped Out, was recorded with assistance from many musicians, including several former bandmates such as Nick Garvey, Micky Groome, Malcolm Morley, Tim Roper and Pete Thomas. Just Popped Out included Tyla's first US hit single, "Breakfast In Marin", which also became a top ten single in Germany in 1980, but the single had to be withdrawn after Tyla was sued “for supposedly plagiarising the title from a play.”
Tyla guested on Joan Jett's eponymous 1980 album, re-released as Bad Reputation in 1981, and I Love Rock 'n' Roll in 1981.
Tyla's second solo album, Redneck In Babylon (1981), was critically less acclaimed than the first, and used a smaller band comprising Tyla, Paul Simmons, Gerald Moffett, Micky Groome, John Earle, Carlene Carter and Rebop Kwaku Baah whilst his third album Rhythm Of The Swing was released in 1983.

 • Tracklist:

01. The Revolution 04:02
02. Goodnight Pretty Baby 04:22
03. I Must Be Love 03:53
04. Heartaches In Harmony (Venice Or Venus) 04:04
05. In The Blood 04:17
06. Berlin Story 03:29
07. Running On Empty 04:04
08. Rhythm Of The Swing 03:44
09. Angels 03:49
10. Tropical Love 03:50

Sean Tyla - Vocals, Guitars
Paul Simmons - Drums
Micky Groome - Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Steve Broughton - Keyboards

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