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NRBQ - Workshop 1973 Kama Sutra

Artist/Band: NRBQ
Album: Workshop
Label: Kama Sutra  Records
Catalog#: KSBS 2065
Original US Pressing

Release: 1973
Genre: Rock, Pop/Rock, Folk
Format: FLAC (m3u+Log)
Cover: HQ Artwork
Total Time: 00:32:36

NRBQ - группа образовалась в Майами, где случайно встретились уроженцы Кентукки Т. Адамс и С. Фергюсон и выходец из Бронкса Дж. Спампинато. На одном из выступлений их заметил Слим Харпо и порекомендовал группу в нью-йоркский клуб «Сцена». Концерты NRBQ получили положительные рецензии в музыкальный прессе, и вскоре группа подписала контракт с фирмой Columbia. Первый альбом практически никто не заметил, поскольку его выход совпал с началом конца The Beatles, а второй, записанный с Карлом Перкинсом, мало кто понял.
Записав еще два диска на фирме Kama Sutra, NRBQ на четыре года прервали студийную работу. В это время Фергюсон и Гэдлер покинули группу, что стало причиной целого ряда изменений состава. В 1977 году музыканты сумели открыть собственную фирму грамзаписи Red Rooster, на которой записали довольно сильный альбом «All Hopped Up». Была сделана еще одна попытка перебраться на солидную фирму, но она не увенчалась успехом, и в конце концов NRBQ обосновалась на фирме средней руки Bearsville.
Все эти события не могли не повлиять на музыку группы, и к началу 80-х вместо творцов уникального сплава рокабилли, кантри, поп, джаз и арт-рока перед поклонниками предстала совершенно иная группа, в музыке которой преобладали главным образом танцевальные элементы. И все же, несмотря на отсутствие хит-синглов и сравнительную холодность прессы, в середине 70-х NRBQ была действительно одной из самых сильных групп, когда-либо работавших в ритм-энд-блюзе...

What makes this one stand out is the band line up. Tom Staley is still on drums but this is the first NRBQ record to contain not only Big Al's great guitar work but also his lead vocals. The combination of talent here is unbelievable. A great mix of original songs and covers, this is a great album to start your NRBQ collection.
Originally titled Age of Aquariums, Workshop became the first album to feature what is considered by many to be the "classic quartet" version of NRBQ. This incarnation incorporated the talents of bandleader Terry Adams (keyboard/coronet/trumpet), Joey Spampinato (bass/guitar/sax/vocals), Al Anderson (guitar/vocals), and, in his final studio appearance with the band, Tom Staley (drums). Although they had been performing with an evolving makeshift horn section -- which could (and often would) include coronet/trumpet player Terry Adams and saxophonist Joey Spampinato -- this disc also debuts the semi-permanent Whole Wheat Horn section, consisting of Terry's brother Donn Adams on trombone and Keith Spring on sax. The shift in personnel served the 'Q well, as Workshop was lauded and raved about by enthusiasts as well as pop music critics. Producer Eddie Kramer was able to further enhance the band's practically indefinable style, ranging from the undeniable Paul McCartney-influenced Spampinato rocker "Deaf, Dumb and Blind" to the understated grace and complex rhythmic syncopation of Terry Adams' "Miss Moses." Another Spampinato gem is the organic pop ballad "Mona." Instrumentally, the track is notable for Terry's accordion accents, as well as the conspicuous absence of drums. In addition to the copious originals, the guys revived the C&W-tinged "Blues Stay Away From Me," which had actually been recorded for inclusion on their previous long-player, Scraps. Likewise, their second stab at Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry's "Come On If You're Comin'" reinforced the popularity of the track, which became a performance and enthusiast favorite. A similar fate would befall the 'Q's unofficial anthem -- the down-home rockabilly rave-up "RC Cola & a Moon Pie." Sadly, Workshop was never reprinted, although several notable compilations such as RC Cola & a Moon Pie (1986) have included key tracks.
                                                                                                     ~ Lindsay Planer (allmusic)

  • Side One:
A1. C'mon If You're Comin' 03:25
(Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry)
A2. RC Cola and a Moon Pie (Terry Adams) 03:32
A3. Blues Stay Away from Me 02:18
(Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore, Henry Glover, Wayne Raney)
A4. Mona (Joey Spampinato) 02:50
A5. Just to Hold My Hand (Dan Robey, Paul Perryman) 02:19
A6. Get That Gasoline Blues (Terry Adams, C. Craig) 03:16
  • Side Two:
B1. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (Joey Spampinato) 02:29
B2. Miss Moses (Terry Adams) 01:08
B3. I Got a Little Secret (Joey Spampinato) 02:41
B4. Hearts of Stone (Rudy Jackson) 02:47
B5. Misunderstanding (Terry Adams) 03:10
B6. Four Million B.C. (Terry Adams) 02:42

Joseph Spampinato - Vocals, Bass, Mandolin
Tom "The Time Bomb" Staley - Drums
Terry Adams - Vocals, Piano
Al Anderson - Vocals, Guitar

The Wheatland Horns:
Donn Adams - Trombone, Lower Brass
Terry Adams - Trumpet
Joseph Spampinato - C-Melody Sax
Dominick Placco - Jazz Bugle (tacet)
Keith Spring - Tenor Saxophone (tracks 5, 7, 10)

Also musician:
Kenny Sheehan - rhythm guitar (track 9)
Steve Shook - guitar (track 11)

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