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Ducks Deluxe, Tyla Gang - All Too Much & Blow Me Out (2006 Compilation)

Artist: Ducks Deluxe, Tyla Gang
Album: All Too Much & Blow Me Out
Label: Skydog/Jungle Records
Catalog#: FREUDCD 088
Release date: Nov. 14, 2006
Genre: Rock, Pop/Rock, Pub Rock
Duration: 01:08:21

Two rare releases available on one disc. Ducks Deluxe were one of the finest of the Pub Rock bands in England during the '70s and the line-up featured future Motors members Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster, future Rumour guitarist Martin Belmont and Tyla Gang leader Sean Tyla. All Too Much consists of Ducks Deluxe's final recordings after their two-album stint with RCA and is just as strong as anything they recorded for that label, although only Tyla and Belmont remain from the original line-up. The additional album here, Blow You Out, features rare recordings by Ducks singer Sean Tyla and his post-Deluxe band, Tyla Gang. 21 tracks in total. Jungle. 2006.
Releases like this twofer of Sean Tyla’s two Skydog albums help reveal the pub-rock scene’s overlaps. A central figure in Dave Robinson and Jake Riviera’s Islington-based Hope & Anchor situation, Tyla played in Duck’s Deluxe with future Motors Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster, and covered I Fought The Law before Strummer and co. He also hung out with Brinsley Schwartz, signed to Stiff and wound up The Damned on the ferry to the Mont De Marson festival. All Too Much, a collection of Tyla’s Ducks Deluxe work, has a real deja vu feeling. These songs epitomise the spit’n’sawdust of R&B: Something’s Going On and Rock & Roll For Every Boy & Girl have the appealing swagger of a living-the-life attitude. After Ducks Deluxe split, Tyla formed the Tyla Gang and signed to the American Beserkely label. The humour vanished, and the music took on a more mid-Atlantic feel. It’s still worth cranking up the first half of the disc, though. Also included is Tyla’s Speedball Jive, previously available on Skydog’s Punks From The Underground compilation. Though it’s now something of a cliche, the 45rpm single-styling of this CD encapsulates these songs’ feel pretty damn well.


Ducks Deluxe All Too Much
01. Something's Going On 03:03
02. Amsterdam Dog 03:29
03. Jumpin' In The Fire 03:52
04. Here Comes The Night 02:55
05. Rock 'n' Roll For Every Boy And Girl 03:22
06. Cannons Of The Boogie Night 04:23
07. I Fought The Law 02:46
08. Moonlight 02:22
09. Something's Going On (Alt. version) 03:12  
  The Speedballs 
10. Speedball Jive 01:43  
  Tyla Gang Blow You Out!
11. Suicide Jockey 04:52
12. Cannons Of The Boogie Night 03:27
13. Paris Boogie 03:29
14. Hold On To My Love 02:57
15. Styrofoam 02:38
16. Whizz Kids 03:21
17. Speedball Morning 03:02
18. Only Rock 'n' Roll 04:28
19. Keep From Movin' On 02:08
20. Cannons Of The Boogie Night (Alt. version) 03:31
21. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie 03:21

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