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Jona Byron - Extinct Hearts (bonus edition) 2009 Popboomerang

Artist/Band: Jona Byron
Album: Extinct Hearts (bonus edition)
Ⓟ & © 2009 Popboomerang Records
A 16 track Digital Bonus Edition of the album
including rare tracks and alternative mixes
was Released
Nov, 26, 2010.
Country: Australia
Genre: Roots, Indie, Folk, Power-folk

Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbps
Total Time: 01:24:28

Дебютный альбом Йона Байрона ‘Extinct Hearts' является новаторским. Он охватывает последние несколько лет музыкальных поисков Байрона, а также может рассматриваться как своеобразный музыкальный дневник.
Сингл ‘Beautiful Bird' своей утонченностью напоминает позднего Элиота Смита; она хорошо продумана и потрясает вокальной партией. ‘Extinct Hearts' демонстрирует гипнотический пульс баса и плотные гитары. Композиция ‘Glass Jaws' открывается тонкой акустикой и банджо, это захватывающая мелодия с тяжелым басом и яркими образами. ‘Arm Yourself' звучит как средневековая песня Леонарда Коэна вкупе с виолончелью. Кавер на классическую песню Боа Дилана ‘The Times They Are A Changing' заметно отходит от оригинала, создавая современную постапокалиптическую антивоенную песню.
'Extinct Hearts' - огромный шаг вперед для Байрона, который пребывал в тени слишком долго.

Jona Byron’s beautiful debut album ‘Extinct Hearts’ is a seminal piece of work. The tracks cover the last few years of Jona’s musical and human journey, from broken relationships and personal battles. ‘Hearts’ oozes longevity and a deep emotional core, while also acting as a musical journal of an era often full of hardship.
The single ‘Beautiful Bird’ conjures delicate moments of the late Elliot Smith and paints a story of mental illness and a lovers fading hope while resting on well-crafted melodies and stunning vocals. The angsty title opener ‘Extinct Hearts’ rides on a hypnotic pulse of bass, organ and dense guitars, and acts as a warning, as Byron reflects on a world gone mad. ‘Glass Jaws’ opens with subtle acoustics and banjo yet blooms into a powerful acoustic tour de force, with it’s catchy melody, strong bass (played by Edmondo Ammendola of Augie March) and evocative imagery. The devastating ‘Arm Yourself’ rolls like a medieval Leonard Cohen song complete with haunting cello work by Francesca Mountfort, while the cover of the classic Bob Dylan song ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ is a beautiful departure from the original and works more as a contemporary apocalyptic anti-war song.
The mini album was produced by Jona himself in various houses, studios and locations across Melbourne, with producer Myles Mumford (Lamplight, Kate Vigo) stepping in for some minimal production at Atlantis Sound. ‘Extinct Hearts’ is a giant leap for an artist who has been behind the curtain for much too long.


01. Extinct Hearts 04:20
02. Joan Of Arc 04:50
03. Beautiful Bird 04:29
04. Glass Jaws 04:59
05. Arm Yourself 05:12
06. Duck Shooting 06:00
07. The Times They Are A Changin' 07:32
08. Visions (bonus track) 05:43
09. In Our Eyes of Tiny Lives (bonus track) 06:47
10. Plunging In (bonus track) 03:42
11. The Harder Ships of The World (bonus track) 04:46
12. The Land Where You Come From (bonus track) 05:34
13. Glass Jaws (single version) 04:55
14. Beautiful Bird (naked mix) 04:27
15. All My Days Are Mad (live bonus track) 06:46
16. Extinct Hearts (alt brood mix) 04:18

  Recorded and mixed by Jona Byron in a variety of locations
  Additional production by
Myles Mumford at Atlantis Sound 
  and additional drum tracks recorded by
Stuart Seear at JMC Audio
  Mastered by
Adam Dempsey at ‘Jack The Bear’s’ Deluxe Mastering
  Design by Andrea Herrmann: www.skewnet.com and Jona.
  All songs written by
Jona Byron except
  ‘The Times They Are A Changin’ by
Bob Dylan
  'The Harder Ships of The World' by
Keren Ann
   Produced by
Jona Byron

Jona Byron - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Piano, Organ, Bass, Keys, Contrabass, Percussion
Francesca Mountfort - Cellos on ‘Beautiful Bird’ and ‘Arm Yourself’
Edmondo Ammendola - Bass on ‘Extinct Hearts’ and ‘Glass Jaws’
Tiana Morrison - Backing vocals on ‘Arm Yourself’
Kat Winduss - Backing vocals on ‘Extinct Hearts’
John Paul Hougaz - Melodica on ‘Duck Shooting
Peter Uhlenbruch - Flutes on ‘Beautiful Bird’
Dale G Thomas - Drums and Percussion

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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