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The Highwaymen - One More Time! (1964)

Artist: The Highwaymen
Album: One More Time!
Label: United Artists Records
Catalog#: UAL 3323
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1964
Country: US
Genre: Folk, Folk Revival
Duration: 00:27:53

The Highwaymen's next-to-last album for United Artists is notable for its version of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier," which was released as a single two years before Donovan and Glen Campbell enjoyed modest success with the song. Aside from that bit of social consciousness, One More Time! is business as usual for The Highwaymen, with a mixture of traditional and ethnic songs well-played and well-sung. The Highwaymen and their commercial folk brethren were quickly becoming obsolete at this time, supplanted by political folk artists and, eventually, folk-rock. One More Time!, viewed in the context of the music of 1964, is harmless entertainment a couple of years out of step with the times. - Greg Adams

 • Side One:
A1. Universal Soldier - 02:30
A2. Work Of The Weavers - 02:06
A3. The Lady Bug & Centipede - 01:50
A4. Ayaman Ibo Lele - 01:44
A5. Abilene - 04:41
A6. So Fare Ye Well - 02:36
 • Side Two:
B1. La Bamba - 02:36
B2. The First Time - 02:26
B3. Sourwood Mountain - 01:46
B4. Shabbat Shalom - 01:35
B5. Poor Old Man - 02:01
B6. Midnight Train - 01:44

Lead Vocals, Tenor Vocals – Dave Fisher
Baritone Vocals – Chan Daniels
Bass Vocals – Steve Butts
Tenor Vocals – Bob Burnett, Steve Trott

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Tyla Gang - Rewired (2010)

Artist: Tyla Gang
Album: Rewired
Label: Freud-Jungle Full
Catalog#: FREUDCD 106
Format: 2 CD Set
Released: 2010
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Duration: 01:45:07

2010 two CD collection featuring a disc of unreleased 1977/78 studio sessions and a bonus live album. In 1977, former Ducks Deluxe frontman Sean Tyla's new project The Tyla Gang found an outlet with the newly-formed Stiff Records. The Tyla Gang line-up featured Bruce Irvine on guitar and Mike Desmarai on drums; Peter O'Sullivan, Brian Turrington, and early Ducks member Ken Whaley variously handled the bass duties. European tours and TV and radio performances built the band up to be one of the premier touring bands of the age. -Jungle..

 •  DISC 1  ‘Lost 3RD Album’ Studio & Radio Sessions
01. On The Street Tyla Gang - 3:14
02. Don't Turn Your Radio On - 3:24
03. Styrofoam - 1:57
04. Dust On The Needle - 4:33
05. No Roses - 3:56
06. It's Gonna Rain - 3:08
07. Spanish Streets - 3:07
08. Moonlight Ambulance - 3:41
09. Jungle Of Love - 3:40
10. Bar Du Telephon - 5:03
11. Amsterdam Dog - 4:20
12. Chasing The Dragon - 3:37
13. Out On The Run - 3:46
14. Whaleback Boogie - 3:48
15. Moonlight Ambulance - 3:37
 •  DISC 2  Live at Vin De Boogie
01. Styrofoam (Devore) - 2:08
02. Speedball Morning - 3:22
03. Lost Angels - 3:42
04. I Don't Want Your Love - 3:49
05. Suicide Jockey/The Young Lords - 7:04
06. Cannons Of The Boogie Night - 3:22
07. Fireball - 4:10
08. Gonna Take Me Away - 4:53
09. Pool Hall Punks - 3:06
10. Walkin' The Dog - 5:07
11. Hurricane - 6:00
12. Whizz Kids - 3:33

       Producer by Gary Phillips, Tyla Gang
      Distributor: Infinity Entertainment Gr.

Mike Desmarais - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Kid Turrington - Bass, Vocals
Sean Tyla - Vocals
Bruce Irvine - Guitar
Ken Whaley - Bass

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Doug Riley - Foxy Lady (1970 Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Doug Riley
Album: Foxy Lady (Original Soundtrack)
Label: GRT Records
Catalog#: 9230-1009
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1970
Genre: Funk, Stage & Screen
Duration: 00:30:49

Canadian jazz musician Doug Riley scored this early exploitation picture by Ivan 'Ghostbusters' Reitman. Hard to find even in Canada, it's worth a dig. While most of the music is forgettable loungey incidental music, there are a couple of good groovy numbers, particularly the painfully short 'Savin' Grace' (a wicked little raucous wah drums feature, like a Bare Knuckles out-take) and a smooth easy groover on the flip.

 • Side One:
A1. Overture - 05:05
A2. To be part of you (vocal - Rhonda Silver) - 02:55
A3. Leander's Theme - 01:31
A4. Savin' Grace - 01:12
A5. Vanderfox Foundation - 00:55
A6. Hero's theme - 01:53
 • Side Two:
B1. Ridin' A Daydream (vocal - Terry Black) - 02:05
B2. Love Theme - 02:53
B3. C'mon Baby (be with me tonight) (vocal - House Of Commons) - 02:25
B4. Police Anthem - 00:51
B5. Birth - 01:08
B6. Boutique - 02:53
B7. Hero Finale (vocal - Terry Black) - 03:17

         Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios
         Music produced and arranged by Doug Riley
         Executive Producer - Ivan Reitman

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Jo Mama - J Is For Jump (1971)

Artist: Jo Mama
Album: J Is For Jump
Label: Atlantic Records
Catalog#: SD 8288
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk Rock, Blues
Duration: 00:40:43

 • Side One:
A1. Keep On Truckin’ (Danny Kortchmar) - 5:13
A2. Back On The Street Again (Danny Kortchmar) - 3:06
A3. Smack Water Jack (Carole King / Gerry Goffin) - 2:41
A4. If I Had A Billion Dollars (Danny Kortchmar) - 3:35
A5. My Long Time (Danny Kortchmar) - 2:20
A6. When The Lights Are Way Down Low (Mac Rabenack) - 2:35
 • Side Two:
B1. Love Is Blind (Danny Kortchmar) - 3:46
B2. 3 A.M. In L.A. (Danny Kortchmar) - 6:10
B3. Sweet And Slow (A. Dublin / H. Warren) - 2:48
B4. Have You Ever Been To Pittsburgh (D. Simon) - 3:40
B5. Sho’Bout To Drive Me Wild - 3:09
(A. Robinson / J. Hill / M. Rabenack / F. King)

     Producers by Tom Dowd & Albhy Galuten

Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar - guitar, conga, vocals
Charles Larkey - bass
Joel Bishop O’Brien - drums, vibes
Ralph Schuckett - keyboards, vocals
Abigale Haness, Carole King - backing vocals (guest)

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Archie James Cavanaugh - Black And White Raven (1980)

Artist: Archie James Cavanaugh
Album: Black And White Raven
Label: A&M, Cavanaugh
Catalog#: BWR-LP-002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1980
Genre: Funk / Soul
Duration: 00:36:09

 • Side One:
A1. Take It Easy (Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:28
A2. Make Me Belive (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:45
A3. Just Being Friends (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:20
A4. It's Our Love (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:41
A5. Light Unto The World (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:49
 • Side Two:
B1. Foolin' (Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:25
B2. Living Without You (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:11
B3. Jail Cell Door (Warren Price & Archie Cavanaugh) - 03:44
B4. High Rise (Archie Cavanaugh) - 02:57
B5. Stay With Me (Melinda Cavanaugh & Archie Cavanaugh) - 04:46

      Executive Producer by Archie Cavanaugh
      Recording & 1st Mix Producer by Tony Bellamy
      Second Mix Producer by Archie Cavanaugh
      Post Production : Dave Perry
      Arrangement: Tony Bellamy & Archie Cavanaugh
      Horn Arrangement on "Light Unto The World",

    "High Rise" & "Take It Easy": Dave Perry
      Orchestration: Tony Bellamy
      Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Pacific West Recorders, Redmond, WA
      Engineer: Tim Rock
      Remix Engineer: Dave Perry

Tony Bellamy - Guitars & Percussion, Background vocals
Dave Perry - Guitars, Percussion, Background vocals
Pete Depoe - Drums & Percussion
Kenny Day - Organ, Synthesizer, Rhodes & Clavinet, Background vocals
Tag Henning - Bass
Mark Williams - Trombone
Don Smith - Trumpet
Jim Pepper - Sax, Flute
Grant Reeves, Mitchell Riley - Alto & Tenor Sax
Michael Spiro, Tony Bellamy - Congas & Cobasa
Archie Cavanaugh - Vocals, Percussion, Background vocals
Charley Lee - Drums

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Jo Mama - O Sole Mio (1970 Atlantic)

Artist: Jo Mama
Album: O Sole Mio
Label: Atlantic Records
Catalog#: SD 8269
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Pop, Rock, Funk/Soul
Duration: 00:48:57

The members of Jo Mama were well established in the LA music scene when this LP came out. Guitarist Danny Kootch (aka Danny Kortchmar, who started out with James Taylor & Original The Flying Machine) and drummer Walt O'Brien were together in the King Bees. Organist Ralph Schuckett had played in the acid psych groups Clear Light and Peanut Butter Conspiracy, while Charles Larkey was in The City with his then wife Carol King, along with Kootch. When this JO Mama LP debuted in 1970, Larkey was dating singer Abigale Haness (aka Gayle Haness), who takes lead vocals here. If you're looking for a terrific vibe, JO Mama certainly embodies it with this album of West Coast pop rock, a la The Band, as well as some jazzy tunes. Selections are: Machine Gun Kelly; Midnight Rider; Searching High, Searching Low; Lighten Up, Tighten Up; Venga Venga; Sailing; Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis song); The Sky Is Falling; The Word Is Goodbye; Check Out This Gorilla; Cotton Eyed Joe; Love’ll Get You High. Additional musicians include: Bob Williams; Michael Dubkin; Ollie Mitchell; & Mayo Tiana. This debut album was produced by Peter Asher, and is an Original 1970 pressing on ATLANTIC RECORDS (8269). Peter Asher is best known as half of Peter & Gordon, and older brother of model Jane Asher, longtime girlfriend of Paul McCartney. After JO Mama, Abigale Haness (with Danny Kootch) did lots of sessions, including Carly Simon, James Taylor and on Bill Wyman's Monkey Grip album. She was also the featured voice of Janet Weiss in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". If you like Edie Brickell or Suzanne Vega, then you should check out Abigale Haness.

 • Side One:
A1. Machine Gun Kelly - 03:27
A2. Midnight Rider - 04:20
A3. Searching High, Searching Low - 03:46
A4. Lighten Up, Tighten Up - 03:24
A5. Venga Venga - 03:39
A6. Sailing - 05:31
 • Side Two:
B1. Great Balls Of Fire - 02:40
B2. The Sky Is Falling - 03:30
B3. The Word Is Goodbye - 04:29
B4. Check Out This Gorilla - 03:55
B5. Cotton Eyed Joe - 03:45
B6. Love'll Get You High - 05:50

      Producer by Peter Asher 

Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar - guitar, conga, vocals
Charles Larkey - bass
Joel Bishop O’Brien - drums, vibes
Ralph Schuckett - keyboards, vocals
Abigale Haness - vocals

Bob Williams - trumpet
Michael Dubkin - saxophone
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Mayo Tiana - trombone

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Peter Gallway - On The Bandstand (1978 Vivid Sound)

Artist: Peter Gallway
Title: On The Bandstand
-Premium Edition (6 Bonus Tracks)
Label: Vivid Sound
Catalog#: RATCD-4265
Released: 8 May, 2007
Format: Mini LP Sleeve
Country: Japan
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 01:03:07

Born and raised in New York City, Peter Gallway cut his musical teeth at a time which fostered the talents of the Lovin’ Spoonful, James Taylor, Richie Havens and Laura Nyro. Recording just out of high school with his group The Strangers, he eventually made three albums for the Warner/Reprise label, the first of which was with the highly acclaimed Fifth Avenue Band. His following two solo outings written and recorded in Los Angeles, Ohio Knox and Peter Gallway, led to extensive touring across the United States and Japan.
After five years in Southern California Peter re-located to the state of Maine where he based his touring band, honed his recording skills, and continued to write and eventually produce projects for other artists. 1978 and 1979 saw the release of On the Bandstand for the Vividsound label of Tokyo and Tokyo to Kokomo, an Imagination/Rounder release in the United States.
The 1980’s brought the increased popularity of his band and tours of Japan. His song Sunday Basketball was featured in the film Hoopla for the Basketball Hall Of Fame and he was voted Best Songwriter at the Maine Music Awards. He further collaborated on three acclaimed works of musical theater through the Maine Festival of the Arts and through the Portland Stage Company by way of The National Endowment for the Arts. His sixth album Proof was released through Fishtraks in 1985. Meanwhile his list of production credits was growing to include multiple projects with Devonsquare, Aztec Two-Step, Cormac McCarthy, Tom Pirozzoli, and more.
In 1988 Peter moved back to New York City and produced Cliff Eberhardt, Christine Lavin, Japan’s Bread and Butter and Hawaii’s Kalapana. A second Fifth Avenue Band collection Really was recorded in 1990 and released on the Pony Canyon label of Tokyo and greater involvement with US recording companies led to an A&R consultancy with Shanachie Entertainment. Meanwhile he produced and recorded another collection of his own music Small Good Thing, released through the Gadfly label in 1994. Other projects of that period included Jim Infantino Live, Jabbering Trout, Devonsquare, and sessions with the legendary Laura Nyro. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on the critically acclaimed Astor Place Recordings project Time and Love: the Music of Laura Nyro featuring Rosanne Cash, Jane Siberry, Jill Sobule and Patty Larkin.1998 brought the release of his own live anthology A Night In Time followed by 1999’s autobiographical Redemption, both on the Gadfly label. These were accompanied by the second conceptual collection for Astor Place, the Grammy nominated Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the 60’s featuring Chrissie Hynde, Marshall Crenshaw and Suzanne Vega.

 • Tracklist:

01. Sunday Basketball - 02:59
02. I Had A Friend - 03:36
03. I'd Give It All To You - 03:40
04. Liz - 03:32
05. They Went That-A Way - 03:44
06. On The Bandstand - 04:43
07. No Other Words - 05:05
08. The Make Believe Mambo - 04:29
09. Table For Two - 03:14
10. Sally B. And Me - 02:58
  Bonus Track:
11. Tokyo To Kokomo - 05:12
12. Tropical Dandy (For Haruomi Hosono) - 03:44
13. Loco Banana - 04:01
14. Creole Cul-De-Sac - 04:22
15. State Street - 04:06
16. Fallin' Out Of Love - 03:14

      Produced by Peter Gallway
      Executive Producer by Don Rubin An Imagination Record
      Recorded at Triton Productions, Brighton, Massachussetts
      Engineered by Michael Golub

Guitars - Denny Williams, David Landau, Will MacFarlane,
Larry John McNally, Mark Wainer, Paul Rishell
Keyboards - Jon Hardy, Kevin De Simone, Harry King, David Case, Murry Weinstock
Steel Drum Guitar - John Moses
Bass - Rob Roy, Dave Conrad, James Libbey, Neil Stubenhaus
Drums - Steve Johnson, Tom Blackwell, Jeff Teague, Ron Lapointe, Perry Morin
Percussion - Marshall Rosenberg
Horns - Tom Hamilton
Saxophone - Billy Novick, Steve Fazio
Flute - Jimmy Biggins, Michael Golub
Harmonica - Mike Turk
Chorus - Rob Roy, Steve Johnson. Niki Aukema, Larry John McNally,
Tom Blackwell, Andrea Re, Jane Simms, Heidi Metzger,
Michael Golub, Diana Mae Munch, Murry Weinstock, Eliot Osborn

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The Fifth Avenue Band - Fifth Avenue Band (1969)

Artist: Fifth Avenue Band
Album: The Fifth Avenue Band
Label: Reprise Records
Catalog#: RS 6369
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:35:34

 • Side One:
A1. Fast Freight - 03:39
A2. One Way Or The Other - 02:26
A3. Good Lady Of Toronto - 04:02
A4. Eden Rock - 02:29
A5. Country Time Rhymes - 03:44
 • Side Two:
B1. Nice Folks - 02:26
B2. Cockeyed Shame - 02:46
B3. Faithful Be Fair - 04:08
B4. In Hollywood - 03:27
B5. Angel - 03:35

     Recorded at Sun West Recording Studios, Hollywood, and Mirasound, New York.
     Producer by Erik Jacobsen, Jerry Yester, Zal Yanovsky
     Art Direction – Ed Thrasher

Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals – Peter Gallway
Bass, Flute – Jerry Burnham
Drums – Peter Heywood
Keyboards – Murray Weinstock
Lead Guitar, Bass – Kenny Altman
Lead Vocals – Jon Lind

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Ohio Knox - Ohio Knox (1971)

Artist: Ohio Knox
Album: Ohio Knox
Label: Reprise Records
Catalog#: RS 6435

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Classic Rock
Duration: 00:34:27

 • Side One:
A1. Taking It Easy - 03:16
A2. Land Of Music - 02:35
A3. That Lady - 02:30
A4. Calamity Jane - 02:45
A5. There Comes A Time - 02:26
A6. Give Me John Ford - 04:55
 • Side Two:
B1. Baby Sox Knox - 03:50
B2. Pound Or My Dog Dad For Robert Downey (A Prince) - 03:00
B3. No Sleep For The Wicked - 02:17
B4. Abigail Archer - 03:00
B5. North Country Laura - 04:45

      Recorded mostly live at Increase Records'
      farm studio, Los Angeles (Cyrus' House)
      All songs written by Peter Gallway
      Pudlished by Grand National Songs (ASCAP)
      Produced by John Hoeny and Peter Gallway
      for R. J. Cavallo Productions Ltd.
      Engineering by John Haeny

Peter Gallway - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Paul Harris - Keyboards
Ray Neapolitan - Fender and Acoustic Bass
Dallas Taylor - Drums
Lynn Blessing - Vibraphone, Background Vocals
Russ Kunkel - Conductor, Congas

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Peter Gallway - Peter Gallway (1972)

Artist: Peter Gallway
Album: Peter Gallway
Label: Reprise Records
Catalog#: MS 2078
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk Rock
Duration: 00:40:56

 • Side One:
A1. Watch Yourself - 02:54
A2. Decidedly Fun - 03:50
A3. Twelve Day Lover - 03:29
A4. My Sweetheart Was My Friend - 03:36
A5. Running, Walking, Kicking The Ball - 03:19
A6. The Good Lady Of Toronto - 04:14
 • Side Two:
B1. Moonsong - 03:07
B2. . Come Forever Now, My Son - 02:54
B3. Come On In - 03:52
B4. Harmony Grits - 03:40
B5. You - 02:39
B6. Mr Mercybones Jones - 03:16

      Record Company – Warner Bros. Records
      Producer by Peter Gallway 

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Peter Gallway
Piano – Paul Harris, Peter Gallway
Lead Guitar – John Scholle
Bass – Kenny Altman
Congas – Danny Kortchmar
Drums – John Seiter

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Dallas County - Dallas County (1970 Enterprise)

Artist: Dallas County
Album: Dallas County
Label: Enterprise
Catalog#: ENS-1011
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Brass-rock
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Duration: 00:30:04

 • Side One:
A1. The Toll - 03:00
A2. Mad Dog - 02:03
A3. Small Vacation - 02:31
A4. Roads - 02:58
A5. Reflections - 03:50
 • Side Two:
B1. If We Try - 03:47
B2. Love's Not Hard To Find - 03:10
B3. Blowing In The Wind - 03:32
B4. She Didn't Say Just Why - 02:11
B5. It Shall Pass - 03:00

      Producer & Engineer by Don Nix
      Mastered at Mastercraft
      Pressed by Presswell
      Engineer by Bob Pickering

Ramsey Horton - Keyboards
Ray Windt - Percussions
Ken Pugh - Guitar
Ernie Chapman & Vic Fouquet - Bass Horns
Galen Jeeter - First Trumpet
Byron Parks - Second Trumpet
Jim Jeeter - Reeds
Ron Sprouse - Trombone
Sammy Jaramilla - Vocals

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Elkin Fowler - ...And Then Came (1969 Columbia)

Artist: Elkin Fowler
Album: ...And Then Came Bubba
Label: Columbia
Catalog: CS 9971
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Duration: 00:35:21

Prior to releasing this album, Elkin “Bubba” Fowler had been involved with The Avant-Garde a psychedelic pop group he formed with Chuck Woolery. Avante-Garde had chart success most notably with the 1968 hit “Naturally Stoned”. The duo released a couple of more singles before disbanding, Woolery became a country artist who released several singles for Warner Brothers and Epic Records, which failed to chart. He eventually became a succesful game show host, while Fowler embarked on a solo as a folk singer. In 1969 Fowler teamed up with Bob Dylan’s producer Bob Johnston releasing “… And Then Came Bubba” an album of rock, blues, folk and orchestrated pop that, thanks to Johnston’s production, comes off sounding like Dylan on several of the tracks. The Dylan connection was further evident in Fowler’s involvement as a back-up musician on subsequent albums by Dylan and Leonard Cohen. - Jack Dominilla

 • Side One:
A1. Listen Big City - 2:58
A2. Louise (My Cajun Woman) - 4:00
A3. Joli Girl - 2:32
A4. Sociological Bind - 3:53
A5. Next Year This Time - 5:05
 • Side Two:
B1. The Pounding Status Quo - 3:09
B2. Lament - #1 - 2:20
B3. The Messenger of Life - 3:06
B4. Yellow Beads - 2:50
B5. On Tomorrow - 3:36
B6. Jenny Love - 2:29

      Producer by Bob Johnston

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                                                                 • Thanks to EW