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Gene Cotton - In The Gray Of The Morning (1973)

Artist: Gene Cotton
Album: In The Gray Of The Morning
Label: Myrrh
Catalog#: MST 6517 LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1973
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:27:44

After a couple mellow Impact recordings, folksinger Gene Cotton increased his hair length some and emerged with a heavier more serious artistic sound. In The Gray Of The Morning starts things off with a take on The Moody Blues’ ‘Question’, a phrase from which inspired the album title. Originals like ‘Apathy’, ‘American Indian Blues’, ‘Opry House Blues’, ‘Lessons Of History’, along with Dylan’s ‘When The Ship Comes In’ are toned down as far as the Christian message is concerned, though the beautiful acoustic track ‘Blessed’ is pretty straightforward. Shifts from gentle folk and wispy Al Stewart-ish melodic piano-accompanied light rock, to stately folk-rock and rowdier rockers with a Larry Norman attitude. Some attractive use of mellotron in spots. An independent Nashville production that was also released on Myrrh records (MST 6517). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

 • Side One:
A1. Question (Haywood) - 2:49
A2. Apathy (Charlie Crino) - 3:02
A3. American Indian Blues (Jerry Wasley) - 2:19
A4. Blessed (Bill Hughes) - 2:41
A5. Opry House Blues (Gene Cotton) - 2:36
  Side Two:
B1. Lean On One Another (Gene Cotton) - 3:30
B2. We Are Alone (Charlie Crino) - 2:20
B3. Lessons Of History (Gene Cotton) - 3:05
B4. When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan) - 3:14
B5. Help You Smile (Charlie Crino) - 2:01

      Recorded at Clements Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
      Produced by Charlie Tallent

Gene Cotton - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Billy Sanford - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Pete Wade - Acoustic Guitar
Weldon Myrick - Steel Guitar, conductor of Emmons Synphonic
Beegie Cruser - Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ
Charlie Crino - Grand Piano
Jack Williams, Joe Allen, Jerry Wasley - Bass
Kenny Buttrey - Drums
Jerry Carrigan - Drums, Congas

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