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Elkin Fowler - ...And Then Came (1969 Columbia)

Artist: Elkin Fowler
Album: ...And Then Came Bubba
Label: Columbia
Catalog: CS 9971
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Duration: 00:35:21

Prior to releasing this album, Elkin “Bubba” Fowler had been involved with The Avant-Garde a psychedelic pop group he formed with Chuck Woolery. Avante-Garde had chart success most notably with the 1968 hit “Naturally Stoned”. The duo released a couple of more singles before disbanding, Woolery became a country artist who released several singles for Warner Brothers and Epic Records, which failed to chart. He eventually became a succesful game show host, while Fowler embarked on a solo as a folk singer. In 1969 Fowler teamed up with Bob Dylan’s producer Bob Johnston releasing “… And Then Came Bubba” an album of rock, blues, folk and orchestrated pop that, thanks to Johnston’s production, comes off sounding like Dylan on several of the tracks. The Dylan connection was further evident in Fowler’s involvement as a back-up musician on subsequent albums by Dylan and Leonard Cohen. - Jack Dominilla

 • Side One:
A1. Listen Big City - 2:58
A2. Louise (My Cajun Woman) - 4:00
A3. Joli Girl - 2:32
A4. Sociological Bind - 3:53
A5. Next Year This Time - 5:05
 • Side Two:
B1. The Pounding Status Quo - 3:09
B2. Lament - #1 - 2:20
B3. The Messenger of Life - 3:06
B4. Yellow Beads - 2:50
B5. On Tomorrow - 3:36
B6. Jenny Love - 2:29

      Producer by Bob Johnston

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