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Jo Mama - O Sole Mio (1970 Atlantic)

Artist: Jo Mama
Album: O Sole Mio
Label: Atlantic Records
Catalog#: SD 8269
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Pop, Rock, Funk/Soul
Duration: 00:48:57

The members of Jo Mama were well established in the LA music scene when this LP came out. Guitarist Danny Kootch (aka Danny Kortchmar, who started out with James Taylor & Original The Flying Machine) and drummer Walt O'Brien were together in the King Bees. Organist Ralph Schuckett had played in the acid psych groups Clear Light and Peanut Butter Conspiracy, while Charles Larkey was in The City with his then wife Carol King, along with Kootch. When this JO Mama LP debuted in 1970, Larkey was dating singer Abigale Haness (aka Gayle Haness), who takes lead vocals here. If you're looking for a terrific vibe, JO Mama certainly embodies it with this album of West Coast pop rock, a la The Band, as well as some jazzy tunes. Selections are: Machine Gun Kelly; Midnight Rider; Searching High, Searching Low; Lighten Up, Tighten Up; Venga Venga; Sailing; Great Balls Of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis song); The Sky Is Falling; The Word Is Goodbye; Check Out This Gorilla; Cotton Eyed Joe; Love’ll Get You High. Additional musicians include: Bob Williams; Michael Dubkin; Ollie Mitchell; & Mayo Tiana. This debut album was produced by Peter Asher, and is an Original 1970 pressing on ATLANTIC RECORDS (8269). Peter Asher is best known as half of Peter & Gordon, and older brother of model Jane Asher, longtime girlfriend of Paul McCartney. After JO Mama, Abigale Haness (with Danny Kootch) did lots of sessions, including Carly Simon, James Taylor and on Bill Wyman's Monkey Grip album. She was also the featured voice of Janet Weiss in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". If you like Edie Brickell or Suzanne Vega, then you should check out Abigale Haness.

 • Side One:
A1. Machine Gun Kelly - 03:27
A2. Midnight Rider - 04:20
A3. Searching High, Searching Low - 03:46
A4. Lighten Up, Tighten Up - 03:24
A5. Venga Venga - 03:39
A6. Sailing - 05:31
 • Side Two:
B1. Great Balls Of Fire - 02:40
B2. The Sky Is Falling - 03:30
B3. The Word Is Goodbye - 04:29
B4. Check Out This Gorilla - 03:55
B5. Cotton Eyed Joe - 03:45
B6. Love'll Get You High - 05:50

      Producer by Peter Asher 

Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar - guitar, conga, vocals
Charles Larkey - bass
Joel Bishop O’Brien - drums, vibes
Ralph Schuckett - keyboards, vocals
Abigale Haness - vocals

Bob Williams - trumpet
Michael Dubkin - saxophone
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Mayo Tiana - trombone

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