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NZTC - New Zealand Trading Company (1970 Vinyl-Rip)

Artist: New Zealand Trading Company
Album: New Zealand Trading Company
Label: Memphis Records
Catalog#: MS-1001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 01 Sep 1970
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Duration: 00:32:03

The songwriting credit B. Kennedy has long been a mystery on the New Zealand Trading Company album - until now. This letter to Chris Bourke solves the mystery: "My Name is Barry Kennedy. I was a dancer in the Original My Fair Lady co to tour NZ.
The leading lady was Patricia Moore ( Eliza ), Maurice Moore's wife. Maurice and I became the best of friends and after the NZ tour were at a party one night and I told him I had booked to sail to the UK. Surprisingly he replied 'I'll come too'.
"Fast forward. Maurice got a job in the Bahamas. I worked in The Windmill Theatre in London. We were always writing songs together and that's where we started . Eventually I joined Maurice to write original songs for the band. Thomas was a brilliant composer and musician.
"We hung out a lot. One song in particular 'Little Old man' may have been recorded by him at some time but I am not sure.
"Jorge Casas has a copy of the NZTC singing that song I believe. I was with he and Maurice a few weeks back in London. Jorge has lots of history as does Maurice. It was a magic time and a great honour to be with Thomas and the band. We toured across American - I cant remember how many times." - Chris Bourke

The New Zealand Trading Company album was released in the US in 1970, but only a few copies made it to New Zealand. On the back of the album the musicians stand beside the Mississippi River, resplendent in flared trousers and heavy sideburns. To get to Memphis, the members of the band took long, strange journeys.
The LP’s dark cover gives away few details. On the front, the band is brooding, barely visible. The back just lists the song titles, the composers, the producer, engineer and the address of the record company. The New Zealand Trading Company album came out on the Memphis label, a short-lived firm with its own studio down the road from the one in which Dusty Springfield sang of her preacher man and Elvis of suspicious minds. - read more

 • Side One:
A1. Oh What A Day (written-by - Alberto Carrion) - 2:45
A2. Jam And Anti-Freeze (written-by - B. Kennedy, T. Kini) - 4:11
A3. Nine To Five (written-by - B. Kennedy, M. Moore, T. Kini) - 2:17
A4. Hey Jude (written-by - John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 8:18
  Side Two:
B1. Winnifred Jelicode (written-by - B. Kennedy, M. Moore) - 3:47
B2. Ruo Moko (written-by - T. Kini) - 2:45
B3. Could Be (written-by - M. Moore, T. Kini) - 3:45
B4. The Prisoner (written-by - B. Kennedy, T. Kini) - 3:10
B5. Total Stranger (written-by - Alberto Carrion) - 4:28

      Re-mixed at Universal Recoding Studio, Memphis Tennessee.
      Artwork (Cover Photo) - Renee Koopman
      Engineer: Steve Stepanian
      Producer by N. Rosenburg

Maurice Moore - Keyboards
Thomas Kini - Electric Bass
Alberto Carrion - Piano, Vocals
Gonchi Sifre - Sax
Jorge Casas - Guitar
Kawana Waitere - Vocals, Piano
Lynn Alvarez - Vocals
Jessica Marciel - Singer
Neville Turner, Gonchi Sifre - Drums
Eddie Nuku - Bass

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