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Brian Elliot - Brian Elliot (1978)

Artist: Brian Elliot
Album: Brian Elliot
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#: BSK 3148
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:33:20

 • Side One:
A1. Let's Just Live Together - 03:47
A2. Summer Nights In Hollywood - 03:10
A3. Queen Of Clowns (One For Lily T.) - 03:58
A4. Room To Grow - 03:27
A5. Tickets To Rio - 02:47
  Side Two:
B1. The First Time - 02:56
B2. Seventeen Goin' On Twenty-One - 02:36
B3. Old Nueva Laredo - 03:49
B4. Last Vegas Wedding - 03:03
B5. One Last Night Together - 03:44

      Produced by Erik Jacobsen & Brian Elliot for Sweet Reliable Productions
      Engineers - Lee Herschberg, Lloyd Clifft & Reed Stanley

Guitar: Larry Carlton, Fred Tackett, Lee Ritenour, Jay Graydon & Steve Beckmeier
Bass: David Hungate, Wilton Felder & Bob Glaub
Keyboards: Brian Elliot
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, James Gadson & Gary Ferguson
Vibes: Victor Feldman
Marimba: Julius Wechter
Background vocals: Sherry Fox, Sue Richmann, Valerie Carter,
Dyanne Chandler, The Jones Sisters & The Waters
(Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Luther Waters)
Horns: Anthony Terran, Julius Wechter, William B. Peterson,
David Wells, Lew McCreary, William Perkins,
Steve Madaio & Seawind Horns (Jerry Hey, Larry Williams & Kim Hutchcroft)
Miscellanous Percussion & Hand Claps: John Rhyss
Arrangement by Jimmie Haskell & Brian Elliot

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