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Renee - Reaching For The Sky (1980 CNR Records)

Artist: Renée
Album: Reaching For The Sky
Label: CNR Records
Catalog#: 660.083
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1980
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop
Total: Time: 00:36:00

Во главе проекта ''Renée'' стоял гитарист Rene Nodelijk (в 1967г. играл в группе «Six Young Riders» вместе с Robbie van Leeuwen из «Shocking Blue» и Henk Smitskamp из «Livin' Blues») , этакий голландский Хэнк Марвин, в разное время чуть ли не с начала 60х возглавлявший несколько составов, таких как: «Rene & Allogators», «Black Albinos», «Willy & The Giants» и других. Они перепевали, хотя в реалиях скорее "перегитаривали" инструменталки Shadows и других, тогда известных групп с неким местным голлландским колоритом. 
В 1977 году, уверовав в вокальные таланты своей второй жены Anja Exterkate (Nodelijk) c бассистом Huub van Straaten`ом и барабанщиком John Meyer`ом, Rene Nodelijk создал группу «Renee» (так в этмо названии трансформировалось его имя). В 1978 на лейбле CNR у группы вышел первый, одноименный альбом. Поменялся состав группы и лишь через два года, в 1980 на голландском лейбле ALOI Records появился на свет второй, самый мощный альбом команды из страны тюльпанов «Reaching For The Sky», из которого несколько синглов долгое время штурмовали местные хит-парады. Позже «Renee» стали склоняться в сторону диско, что не всем понравилось публике, и в 1982 г. после выпуска последнего альбома «The Future None Can See» они окончательно развалились, а Anja занялась сольной карьерой. 

In 1959 René and his Alligators was set up by René Nodelijk, one of Holland’s best guitarists according to many music lovers. The band changed many music style from instrumental to vocal and from rock n’ roll, via Beatles, Mersey beat, middle of the road to funk and in 1977 René change the band’s name to Renée and go back to good old rock and roll. But this time around they would focus on vocals and play less instrumental music. In 1980 the band released “Reaching for the Sky” on CNR Records and produced by Burt Ruiter. The album in 1982 re-released with different cover from ALOI Records (A Label Of Integrity), which was the first title to be released on the first Linn label.
‘Jimmy’ was the first track from the album ‘Reaching for the sky’ to be released. The reviews were laudatory and the single stayed in the charts for a month and a half, but sadly enough didn’t reach very high. The next track to be released was ‘Come closer’. This record reached the 3rd place on the play list of the Dutch radio stations. Over 45,000 copies were sold, which is quite a lot for a small country like the Netherlands. In the Benelux top 50 it ranked 19th place. ’Sad man’ was released as the third single from Renée’s 1980 album ‘Reaching for the sky’. The single was promoted for a couple of weeks, but then the record company’s attention went towards the Stars on 45 project, which eventually became an international hit.

  • Side I:
A1. Dry Your Tears 03:12
A2. Lay Me Down 03:53
A3. Sad Man 03:27
A4. Just One Look 03:36
A5. It's Absurd 03:19
  • Side II:
B1. Jimmy 04:31
B2. Come Closer 04:10
B3. Change Your Style 03:18
B4. Reaching For The Sky 03:15
B5. Stranded Lady 03:15

   All songs published by Hirschland Music/ The Company June 1980 
   Recording Studio: Dutch Music Centre, Baarn, Holland 
   Manufactured under licence of CNR, Holland.
   Re-mastered and made entirely in the UK by
   ALOI Records, a division of Linn Products Ltd.

Acoustic Guitar – Ronnie Meyes* (tracks: A3)
Bass – Jan Hollestelle
Composed By, Written-By – Anja Nodelijk, Rene Nodelijk
Design, Art Direction – Rens Benerink
Drums – Ab Tamboer
Electric Guitar – Rene Nodelijk
Engineer – Okkie Huysdens
Executive Producer – Frits Hirschland
Keyboards – Okkie Huysdens
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Jons Pistoor (tracks: A4, A5)
Percussion – Eddie Conard (tracks: A1, A3, B4), Jos Hermeler (tracks: B2)
Photography By – Govert De Roos
Producer – Bert Ruiter
Saxophone (Alto) – Tom Barlage (tracks: A3) 
Vocals – Anja Nodelijk

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Crystal Syphon - Family Evil 1967-68 (2012 Roaratorio)

Band: Crystal Syphon
Album: Family Evil 1967-68
Label: Roaratorio
Catalog: CarbonDist ROAR25
Country: US
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Total Time: 00:47:05

В середине 60-х в калифорнийском городке Merced братья Сандерс, находившиеся под большим влиянием музыки Beatles и Byrds, организовали группу The Morlochs. После ряда изменений в составе в 1966 году группа сменила название на Crystal Syphon и переехала в Сан Франциско. Здесь они стали заметной частью местной психоделической сцены, выступая рядом с The New Tweedy Brothers и Quicksilver Messenger Service. Несколько крупных лейблов выразили серьезную заинтересованность в подписании Crystal Syphon, однако музыканты настаивали на полной творческой независимости, что не устраивало лейблы. В начале 70-х группа распалась, так и не выпустив ни одного альбома, ее участники разбрелись по другим проектам. Только в 2012 году Roaratorio выпустили LP Crystal Syphon, куда вошли их студийные демо записи 67-68 годов и записи выступлений в Fillmore West.

Obscure suburban California band that admirably showcases the best of what San Fran psych has to offer. Minor key songs with tight-yet-twirling fuzz breaks. Sweet & sad 4 part vocal harmonies that make it seem like everyone is on quaaludes. Trippy but heartfelt lyrics (they're rather John Sebastian-y) that remind why hippiedom might've ever seemed a good idea in the first place. Band gigged around small towns, Fresno, Oakland, & made it to the Fillmore. Their sincerity & work ethics made their music less goofy than some far more famous bands, but that same unwillingness to leave school & their parents houses long enough to get a label deal kept 'em in the small time.

Crystal Syphon, one of the greatest "lost" groups of the West Coast psych scene, came together in Merced, California in 1965. Originally a Beatles / Byrds-influenced unit called the Morlochs, they soon shed their original moniker and moved in a more psychedelic direction, becoming a fixture on the ballroom circuit from 1966-1970. Although their music may nod in the direction of the New Tweedy Brothers and Quicksilver Messenger Service at times, it's imbued throughout with a distinctive sound that arose from practicing up to six nights a week. The band entertained offers from various labels during their existence, but as they insisted on complete artistic control and ownership of their music, no deals were struck.
Now, some 44 years after its creation, Roaratorio is proud to make the music of Crystal Syphon available for the first time ever. Drawn from studio tracks, rehearsal tapes and a live recording from the Fillmore West, Family Evil is released in an edition of 500 copies, with cover art by Norman Orr and extensive historical liner notes in an old-style "tip-on" jacket.
8/10 : "...unlike many of the scene's almost-rans, Crystal Syphon had great songs on their side, borrowing the best moves from primitivist garage energy, adding the glass-spun guitars and the warp and weft harmonies of The Byrds, and then dosing further with just the right amount of psychedelics. Particularly staggering are several longer cuts, like "Fuzzy And Jose" and the live "Winter Is Cold," where the quintet stretch the songs with sinuous organ and needlepoint guitar solos that are period-piece perfect." - Jon Dale, Uncut

  • Side A:
1. Marcy Your Eyes 03:36
2. Paradise 03:08
3. Have ore of Everything 02:52
4. Try Something Different 03:42
5. Fuzzy and Jose 07:33
  • Side B:
1. Are You Dead Yet 02:17
2. In My Mind 02:43
3. Family Evil 05:41
4. Fails to Shine 05:46
5. Winter Is Cold 07:01

Jim Sanders, Tom Salles - Vocal, Guitar
Jeff Sanders, Dave Sprinkel - Vocals, Organ, Percussion
Bob Greenlee - Bass guitar
Andy Daniel, Marvin Greenlee - Drums

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Ronnie Barron - Blue Delicacies (1979 Sunshine Records SPD-1023)

Band: Ronnie Barron
Album: Blue Delicacies
Label: Sunshine Records
Catalog#: SPD-1023
Release: 1979
Country: US
Genre: Rock, Soul, Blues
Total Time: 00:40:32

This album generally has a jazzy, stand up bass feel to it which does distinguish it a bit but aside from that, there's not much to speak of here. Rick Vito is listed as joining in on background vocals on the opening piano chunking bounce of "Trick bag" but I wouldn't say he stands out much if at all. "Worried life blues" is a piano pounding track with much horn puffing going on and it does have good swing but it's weak hook is not a standout. "Big chief" is a horn featured bossa nova with strong piano too (again). "Singing in my soul" is a dragging stroll with gospel type howling vocals, "Doing something wrong" is a piano led boogie woogie, "Lights out" is a fast piano plinking pulser, "Hey now baby" is a funk-ish horn puffing piano roller, "Happy tears" is a yowling stroll with the by now over familiar piano/horns arrangements. "Pink champagne" is a light shuffle and "River's invitation" has a slight bossa nova feel though this time with more horns. As said though, aside from sounding of yesterday in a novelty sense, it's doubtful you'll enjoy much here to make it memorable in any real sense.

  • Tracklist:

01. Trick Bag (Earl King) 04:45
02. Worried Life Blues (Larry Taylor & Fito de la Parra) 04:13
03. Big Chief (Earl King) 02:41
04. Singing in My Soul (L. Johnson) 03:11
05. Doing Something Wrong (Larry Taylor & Fito de la Parra) 03:03
06. Lights Out (David & Rebennack) 01:52
07. Hey Now Baby (Roy Byrd & Terry) 03:46
08. Happy Tears (Eddie Bocage & H. Smith) 04:21
09. Pink Champagne (Joe Liggins) 04:07
10. River's Invitation (Percy Mayfield) 08:02

                          Producers : Fito De La Parra & Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor - Bass
Ronnie Barron - Vocals, Piano
Fito de la Parra - Congas, Clave
Jim Gordon, Jerry Jumonville, Clifford Solomon - Saxophone
Jim Thompson, Collins Tilton - Saxophone
Rick Vito, Rebecca Burnes, Chambers Brothers & Rick Vito - Back Vocal
Lee Thornburg - Trumpet
Skip Weisser - Trombone
Harry Ravian - Drums
Kim J. Barron - Vocal on track 9
Big John Thomassie - Congas on track 3

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Child - Child 1976 (2012 Guitar Archeology)

Band: Child
Album: Child (Unreleased)
Original Release: August 18, 1976
Recorded at the Music Farm
Label: Guitar Archeology
Release: March 8, 2012
Country: USA, Seattle
Genre: Pop/Rock
Total Time: 00:46:00

Об этой американской группе из Сиэтла информации совсем не много. Была сформирована в 1969 году, музыканты несколько лет играли в местных клубах, прежде чем в 1977 году записали дебютный одноимённый альбом (ныне коллекционную редкость) в местном отделении Ariel Records. После выхода релиза группа приобрела локальный успех и выпустила ещё несколько синглов, прежде чем распалась в 1981 году. Участники занялись сессионной работой, эпизодически присоединяясь к другим местным группам, таким как "Cooltones", "The Tim Turner Band" и "The Mick Flynn Band". Совсем недавно, 8 марта 2012 года лейбл Guitar Archeology раскопал в архивах и выпустил ещё один одноименный альбом группы Child. На нем одинадцать, ранее не издававшихся трека. Ну чтож, это только порадовало поклонников группы и просто любителей хорошего, старого рока.

Very little information about this obscure Seattle outfit, which consisted of Lance Baumgartel, Mick Flynn, Tim Turner and John O'Connor. The band formed in 1969 and spent quite a few years playing the club circuit before finally issuing their self-titled LP on Seattle label, Ariel Records. The band enjoyed local success and issued a few singles before dissolving in 1981. Members went on to production and session work, as well as some sporadic musical activities with bands like Cooltones, The Tim Turner Band and The Mick Flynn Band. Most recently, March 8, 2012 Label Guitar Archeology unearthed in the archives and released another album titled Child. It eleven previously unreleased tracks. Well, it is just pleased fans and fans of good old rock.

  • Tracklist:

01. On My Way 03:57
02. Kinky Message 04:18
03. Better Day 03:37
04. The Wish 03:34
05. A Change Is Gonna Come 06:15
06. Baby Don't Make It So Hard On Me 04:46
07. Be With Me 05:03
08. Rock and Stroll 05:05
09. Gotta Get a Message to You 03:54
10. True Blue 02:21
11. Something New 03:50

                          Remastered bv Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering
                          Engineers by Tim Rock, Frank Farmer
                          Thanks to: Jim Wald, John Strawn, Mike Foley, Rabbit, Jose

Mick Flynn - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Randle - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Harmonica
Tim Turner - Guitar, Vocals
Lance Baumgartel - Bass
John O'Connor - Drums, Vocals
Other musicians:
Les Clinldngbeard - Tenor and Baritone Sax,
Martin Lund - Soprano Sax,
Theresa Thomas and Kelly Harland - Background Vocals,
Caribbean Steel Drum Band, Photo - Marsha Burns

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I Don't Care - Ask Anyone 1976 Buddah/Kama Sutra Records

Artist: I Don't Care
Album: Ask Anyone
© & Ⓟ Buddah/Kama Sutra Records
Catalog#: KSBS 2617
Released: 1976
Country: US
Genre: Pop/Rock, Blues Rock, Jazz-Rock
Format: LP-rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Cover: HD Full Scan
Total Time:00:35:57

Абсолютно ужасная обложка помогла этой неизвестной кратковременной американской группе сделать их единственный альбом не привлекающим никакого и ничьёго внимания. На самом же деле, на нём есть некоторые достаточно вкусные и драйвовые вещицы, при прослушивании которых на ум живо приходят команды типа Edgar Winter's White Trash. Следует также отметить исполнение кавера на песню Джими Хендрикса "Fire" ещё одним гитаристом-камикадзе, коим является Frank Pellino. В общем, это альбом-курьез 70-х, всего 20 копий которого было продано, причём половина из них куплена самими участниками группы и их подругами. Но тогда, им, вероятно, было всё равно, что ныне этот альбом не сыскать днём с огнём.

Absolutely dreadful sleeve art helped consign this bar band's LP one-shot to the cut-out bins. Actually, there's some fairly tasty, horn-driven R&B tucked inside the grooves. Edgar Winter's White Trash springs to mind on several songs. There's also a cover of Jimi Hendrix' "Fire" displaying kamikaze guitar by one Frank Pellino (no, not Marino). This '70s curio probably sold a grand total of 20 copies with half that number going to the band members and their girlfriends. But then, they probably don't care anyway.
                                                                                                                       - Peter Kurtz

  • Side One:
A1. Fire 03:46
A2. Talkin' To You People  04:17
A3. Find Your Garden  04:06
A4. Appreciate  04:12
A5. Pack And Electric Blues  04:19
 • Side Two:
B1. Call It What  05:34
B2. Gone Away 05:54
B3. I Think Of You 01:54
B4. The Answer 09:13

Doug Thomas - Lead Vocals
Frank Pellino - Guitar, Piano, Vocals on "Fire"
Gary Boggess - Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Clavinet, Piano
Tim Graziano - Bass
Jose Ortiz - Drums, Vocals on "Gone Away"
Paul McDonald - Sax, Oboe, Flute
Peter Knapp - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals on "Packard Electric Blues"
Frank Bonzie - Vocals on "I Think Of You"

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Noir Animal - Pourriture Noble EP 2012 Kizmiaz Records

ArtistNoir Animal
Album: Pourriture Noble EP
Label: Kizmiaz Records
Catalog#: Kz 018
Released: 01 Nov. 2012
Country: France
Style: Rock, Punk-Rock, Garage
Total Time: 00:31:27

Странный панк-блюзовый EP альбом от французского одиночки и энтузиаста, выпущенный Kizmiaz Records в конце 2012 года. И пускай на первый взгляд Вам мерещатся тени Тома Вэйтса, ближе к четвертой песне Вы поймете, как жестоко ошибались... Пока что, по скромным меркам, тянет на открытие 2013 года.
Вы тоже пытаетесь угадать, каким по стилю будет новый альбом талантливого бородача Бенджамина Неро? Когда то он открыл слушателям "Belone Quartet" в стиле дарк-поп и фольклорную группу "The Healthy Boy". На этом диске вы услышите музыку в стиле блюз-рок-кабаре, вы ощутите запах бурбона, услышите это рычание и дикие ритмы. Нельзя при этом не вспомнить непотопляемого Тома Уэйтса… Итак, до следующих метаморфоз этого замечательного исполнителя! Что это будет - карибская музыка в стиле зук или милитари-рэггей?

You also try to guess what will be the next musical style by the talented Chameleon bearded Benjamin Nérot... It had discovered the Nantais within the dark pop Belone Quartet project and followed with interest the beautiful folk mutation known as The Healthy Boy. On this EP nicely named rot Noble, it is a blues-rock trend cabaret, while deviance and déglingue, engaged today. And the animal is decidedly clever: you almost feel the smell of bourbon to listen to these gutturales belching and these wild rhythms provided by a science that is consumed by the use of loops. Impossible to not think about Tom Waits, the inevitable wear- resistant reference of its kind, without that at any time the parentage is for all annoying. Pending the next metamorphosis (room zouk? military reggae?), one enjoys with great pleasure this rot of first choice.


01. Barking 04:18
02. Dark Dreams 06:00
03. Muscleman 06:26
04. The Doo Wop 04:07
05. The House Down The Hill 05:28
06. The Things We Let Go Away 05:05

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Artist: Charlie & The Pep Boys
Album: Daddy's Girl
Label: A&M Records
Catalog#: SP-4563
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Year: 1976
Style: Southern/Pub Rock
Total Time: 00:36:12

The first song ”Daddy’s Girl” shows the band trying to sound like the Rolling Stones, especially in the vocal style. The exception is that they add a saxophone to their rock and roll style. It is an energetic first track, where you can almost see the high leg kicks and over exaggerated emotional expressions. A drum lick and spacey guitar effect start off Right as Rain. This follows suit as another rocking song, but it lacks the energy in the title track. Even its whining guitar solo cannot pick up the flatness and lack of energy of the vocals. ”Still Thinking About You” has a light island-feel. It is easy listening 70’s rock, more Air Supply than the Stones. ”Seven Come Eleven” features the sax again prominently in the beginning. Then the song bounces into a strong pop song through its guitar hook, and light Jagger-esq vocals. Unfortunately the Sax makes the song too light jazzy for my taste and ruins the otherwise good song. ”Give Me More” is back to the southern bluesy rock formula in the first two tracks with wailing guitars, and a tinkling piano.

Give Her Up” starts Side B with a dirty pub rock-pop song. But the song blossoms into a good pop song with the repetitive title, and fun melody. ”Walk Out” is a choppy song, the musical pieces don’t feel like they fit together completely at first, but they come together in something of a psychedelic bridge into the chorus. ”Despair” starts off with a near dance groove, but the guitars come in mimicking a steel drum, creating the island sound again. The song remains bouncy, but the vocals accent comes off somewhat silly. It is a very upbeat song for a depressing subject like despair. ”Lara” is not the typical about-a-girl-ballad that most albums from the 70’s aimed for. It has more character, and depth than a sad story of longing for an unattainable girl. This song poses the storyteller as being comfortable, because he is actually with Lara. ”The Storm Has Passed” is a swaying, waltzing paced song. This is the slow-dance ballad on the album, full of soul and gospel style vocals and a church organ. This is a Gospel Blues Ballad.

Side One:
A1. Daddy's Girl - 3:17
A2. Right as Rain - 3:19
A3. Still Thiniing About You 4:10
A4. Seven Come Eleven 4:02
A5. Give Me More 3:28
Side Two:
B1. Give Her Up 3:26
B2. Walk Out 4:02
B3. Dispair 3:14
B4. Lara 3:20
B5. The Storm Has Passed 4:16

   Producer: Nils Lofgren
   Engineer: Bob Dawson
   Album Rating (1-10): 6.5

Rolf Hanson - Bass
Lefty Potomac - Keyboards
Michael Stern - Lead Guitar
Charles Woods Pearson - Lead Vocals
Alan Adkins - Rhythm Guitar, Vocal
Michael Shear - Saxophone
Michael Zack - Drums
Craig Ryan - Trumpet

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среда, 20 февраля 2013 г.

Tears - S/T 1979 Backstreet/MCA Records

Artist: Tears
Album: Selftitle
Label: Backstreet/MCA Records
Catalog#:: MCA 3172

Released: 1979
Country: Oakton, Virginia
Genre: Rock, Pop-rock
Total Time: 00:33:45

TEARS разрешились лишь одним альбомом чистого мелодичного рока, близкого к поп-течению конца 70-х годов. Музыка пытается быть как бы отражением ранних ROLLING STONES, но на самом деле это типичный поп конца семидесятых с небольшими рок-обертонами, повёрнутыми в сторону REO SPEEDWAGON и им подобным. Пирсон, как и Мик Джаггер, преисполнен некого чванства, что в смысле одежды, что в вокальном стиле, а в некоторых местах он вылитый Кевин Кронин. Гитарист Эрик Картрайт было раньше в группе BUX. Слезы, вероятно, исчезли (высохли, похоже) так же быстро, как и пришли, и только Эрик Картрайт, как правильно подмечено, взялся за воплощение музыки нового десятилетия вместе с группой FOGHAT.

This one came to my attention due to the fact guitarist Alan Adkins and singer Charles Woods Pearson had been members of Charlie and the Pep Boys who managed to release one mildly entertaining album before falling apart. With the addition of former Bux guitarist Erik Cartwright the late 1970s found the pair continuing their musical collaboration in the band Tears.
Signed by MCA's Backstreet subsidiary, the cover of 1979's cleverly titled "Tears" would have you think 'faceless 1970s AOR' and to an extent that was an apt description. Co-produced by John Stronach and J. Stevens Soles the album (and their personal looks - purple jacket, skinny ties) were clearly crafted to appeal to late-1970s AOR-oriented radio. With all three members contributing to the writing chores originality certainly wasn't a prime ingredient or concern. Instead imagine a mixture featuring a big helping of Kevin Cronin and REO Speedwagon-styled rock moves ('My My She Lies'), a touch of Eric Carmen and the Raspberries-styled pop, and a touch of new wave jitter ('Urban Girl') and you'd have a feel for the set. That description wasn't meant as a slam since the mixture was actually far better than what anyone would have expected and several of the songs were actually quite good. Woods Pearson had a nice and commercial voice and the trio exhibited a knack for crafting catchy hooks (check out 'Cool Your Jets'). 'Laziest Boy', 'My Temptation' and the surprisingly funky 'Horizontal Boogie' were nice if mindless rockers that would have sounded good on top-40 radio. Too bad the whole album wasn't as enjoyable.

  • Side One:
1. More Than a Miracle (Alan Adkins) - 3:07
2. My My She Lies (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 4:09
3. Laziest Boy (Erik Cartwright - Charles Woods Pearson) - 3:38
4. Urban Girl (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 3:13
5. My Temptation (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 4:17
 • Side Two:
1. I Cover the Waterfront (Alan Adkins) - 3:19 
2. Sittin' Pretty (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 2:42
3. Cool Your Jets (Erik Cartwright - Charles Woods Pearson) -4:14
4. Horizontal Boogie (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 5:01

Tears were:
Charles Woods Pearson - Vocals
Alan Adkins - Vocals, Guitar
Erik Cartwright - Guitar, Vocals

Supporting musicians:
Bobbye Hall - Percussion
Wornell Jones - Bass
Ian Wallace - Keyboards

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Carolyne Mas - Live! 1992 SPV Records

Artist: Carolyne Mas
Album: Live!
Ⓟ & © 1992 SPV Records
Catalog#: 086-88642

Made in Germany
Genre: Pop, Rock
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
Cover: JPG, 600 dpi - Full Scan
Total Time: 01:34:49

The double "LIVE!" CD, from Carolyne's second German tour, is released on SPV Records "as a ploy by my manager to replace 'MAS HYSTERIA,' which was not yet available on CD." It includes a new 18-minute "SITTIN' IN THE DARK," and a 10-minute version of James Brown's "IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S WORLD."
The German edition of the fashion magazine ELLE features pictures of Carolyne (see the PHOTOS section of the website) and writes: "Original, straightforward, powerful and without calculated slickness, her bond with the audience is just right. Jumping and stomping with a monstrous intensity, and an even more monstrous voice, she stormed across the stage during her last tour, throwing herself on the boards in the heat of rock'n'roll without once gasping for air."
For her next studio album, there is talk of Carolyne working again with "MODERN DREAMS" producers John Astley--but his price is high and Carolyne would have to go to England for the recording. Instead she invites two New York musicians she knows to come to Germany and help produce the album along with Am Deich Studio producer Clive Gray: Charlton Pettus and Milton Sutton, who have also worked with Sinead O'Connor and Aimee Mann. Charlton would later go on to work with Phil Ramone, Hillary Duff, and "Tears For Fears."

                         Official Site: www.carolynemas.com

 • Disc One:
01. Hold On 2:57
02. Stay True 4:47
03. All For You 4:00
04. Love Is Black 2:57
05. Standing In The Light 4:27
06. Sittin' In The Dark 18:05
07. That Swing Thing 5:18  
 • Disc Two:
01. So Hard To Be True 5:03
02. Thomas Dunsons Revenge 5:56
03. He's So Cool 2:38
04. Second Hand Apologie 4:56
05. Duck And Cover 4:11
06. Reconsider My Love 2:49
07. Red Lights 3:43
08. Running From The High Life 4:30
09. It's A Man's Man's World 10:34
10. Tender 6:03

    Producer, Mixed By, Engineer – Clive Gray

Josh Abbey - Bass
Randy Watson - Keyboards
Steve Cochran - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Carolyne Mas - Lead Vocals, Guitar
John Scarpulla - Saxophone
Phil Cimino - Drums

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понедельник, 18 февраля 2013 г.

Alex Taylor - Voodoo In Me (1989 King Snake Records)

Artist: Alex Taylor
Album: Voodoo In Me

Label: King Snake Records
Catalog#: KS 015
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1989
Genre: Blues Rock, Rhythm & Blues
Total Time: 00:37:09

New England’s celebrated Taylor family included (most famously) James, as well as Livingston, Kate and (the lesser heard from) Alex. Out of the four, Alex’s voice was best-suited to sing the blues, and he went on to craft at least two defining statements of the early 70’s. He also mentored his brother James at a crucial time in the younger musician’s life, the two forming a short-lived band called the Fabulous Corsairs when James had dropped out of high school. Although the Taylor family traveled, they maintained their New England roots by summering in Martha’s Vineyard. Alex played the local circuit and eventually gained the attention of Phil Walden’s Capricorn Label from Macon, Georgia, which had just broken through on a national level in 1971 with the Allman Brothers Band. The young musician became a great friend to the Allmans, opening many of the band’s concerts and “borrowing” several of them on his two best albums: With Friends and Neighbors and the following year’s Dinnertime. Guests included Jaimoe on drums and Chuck Leavell on keyboards as well as the great King Curtis on saxophone just before his death. Ironically, although Taylor’s roots were New England, he is most associated with Southern rock because of this early 70’s work. After that he continued to release albums only occasionally, his final statement being Voodoo in Me from 1989.

  • Track Listing:

01. Voodoo In You 3:18
02. He Will Break Your Heart 4:18
03. Tequila Quicksand 3:11
04. Catch Me When I Fall 4:00
05. Smokin' At The Gas Pump 3:00
06. Vanessa 3:04
07. Graveyard Dogs 3:22
08. You Got A Way With Me 3:21
09. Time On The Inside 4:23
10. North Carolina 4:19

Alex Taylor and James Taylor - Vocals
Ron Prince, Yvonne Jackson, Ralph Kinsey, Kenneth Kinsey - Back Vocals
Lawson 'Buzz' Montsinger, Bill Samuel, Noble 'Thin Man' Watts - Saxophone
Gregg Allman - Keyboards
Bryan Bassett, Ernie Lancaster, Dru Lombar - Guitar
Jim Shepley, Tommy Talton - Guitar
Denny Best, Jim Payne - Drums
Bob Greenlee - Bass
Donald Kinsey - Guitar, Vackground vocals
Lucky Peterson - Keyboards, Background vocals
Sylvestor Polk - Trumpet
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone - Harmonica

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Alex Taylor - Dinnertime 1972 Capricorn Records -CPN-0101

Artist: Alex Taylor
Album: Dinnertime
Label: Capricorn Records
Catalog: CPN-0101
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1972
Country: US
Genre: Blues Rock, Southern Rock
Total Time: 00:38:15

Alex Taylor's blues throat couldn't be more unlike his singing siblings, James, Kate and Livingston. As faraway from a sensitive singer/songwriter as could be, Taylor gives the blues treatment to classics like Howlin' Wolf's "Who's Been Talkin'" as well as to songs by contemporary writing greats, from Randy Newman ("Let's Burn Down the Cornfield") to Bob Dylan ("From a Buick Six"), as well as by lesser-knowns like Jesse Winchester ("Payday"). With searing guitars and evocative organ at work, the record serves as a sampler of what was going on at Muscle Shoals and Ardent Studios in the early '70s and captures the Memphis soul sound of the era. This is his second recording for Capricorn, remastered and reissued in 1999.
                                                                                                         - Denise Sullivan

   Producer: Johnny Sandlin
   Recording Engineer: Steve Smith/Johnny Sandlin
   Remixing: Johnny Sandlin/Jeff Willens/Richard Rosebrough/Danny Tuberville
   Photography: Barry Feinstein/Tom Wilkes
   Executive Supervisor: Phil Wald

  • Track Listing:

A1. Change Your Sexy Ways (Alex Taylor, Chuck Leavell, Jim Nalls) 7:07 
A2. Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield (Randy Newman) 4:25 
A3. Comin’ Back to You (Scott Boyer) 4:15 
A4. Four Days Gone (Stephen Stills) 3:56 
B1. Payday (Jesse Winchester) 4:53 
B2. Who’s Been Talking? (Howlin’ Wolf) 4:45 
B3. Who Will the Next Fool Be? (Charlie Rich) 4:50 
B4. From a Buick Six (Bob Dylan) 4:54

Alex Taylor – Vocals
Scott Boyer – Guitar, Background vocals
Chuck Leavell – Piano, Keyboards, Vibaphone
Paul Hornsby – Organ, Keyboards
Johnny Sandlin – Bass, Moog Synthesizer
Wayne Perkins – Bass, Guitar, Slide guitar
Background Vocals: Charles Chalmers, Sandra Chalmers, Ginger Holladay,
Mary Holladay, Donna Rhodes, Sandra Rhodes, Temple Riser, Steve Smith
John Hughey – Steel Guitar
Jaimoe – Percussion, Conga, Timbales
Jim Nalls – Guitar
Charlie Hayward – Bass
Bill Stewart – Drums
Roger Hawkins – Percussion, Conga, Tambourine
Lou Mullenix – Percussion, Timbales
Earl Sims – Percussion

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