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Podipto - Homemade (1973 Green Records)

Artist: Podipto
Album: Homemade
Label: Minnesota Green Records
Catalog#: CHS-7304
Rlease: 1973
Genre: Country-rock
Total Time: 00:28:55

"This record was made for a number of reasons; basically to get seme new stuff for people to hear and to give them a chance to hear the new band. We made it as inexpensively as we could, recording in Ron's living room for the instrumental tracks and in Chet and Clarence's house for the vocals.
A TEAC 3340 4 - Channel was used for the recording, using a SON! MX - 12 6 Channel mixer. For playback and monitors we used a Fisher 301 through 2 Pioneer CS - 99 speakers. Headphones were not used except for mixing.
The microphones used were Shure S M 58's for all the Vocals, Shure 585 S A's for the guitars and S M 58's for the piano and bass. For the bass drum we used a Sony ECH - 18 electret condenser and an Electrovoice 1750 Cardioid for the single overhead mic,
Bass and Lead are on one side with rhythm and piano on the other. The Drums are i evenly distributed on both sides, as are the vocals.
Fender amps were used for all the instruments. Leads were done through Princeton and Vibrolux Amps. Bass was done through a Dual Showman Reverb. Rhythm used Princeton and Super Reverb amps, and Piano was played through a Twin Reverb. All amps are equipped with Lansing Speakers.
All guitars used on the record are Fenders too, with the exception rf John's acoustic, which is a Crown. Dan uses a Telecaster with Erickson benders on the B & G strings, and a Stratocaster. His steel was handmade in Gonvik at Erickson Steel Guitar Company. John's electric is a Telecaster, too. Ron plays a Pi-Bass exclusively. Karen's piano is a Univox, and Chet's drums'are a cross-breed, father Ludwig and mother Rogers.
The album took about 60 hours and about 7 quarts of bourbon to make, with around 8 hours spent in the master mix. Special thanks to John Calder and Audio Tech Studios, Minneapolis for their assistance with the mastering."
                                                                                                                                 - Podipto

Side 1 Time: 14:26
01. Livin' in the Country 02:07
02. When the Sun Fades 02:13
03. You Say You Lost a Friend 02:03
04. Lilacs and Tumbleweed 03:20
05. Play That Song Again- D. Lund 1:55
06. Pisces Lady 02:23
Side 2 Time: 14:29
01. Northern Minnesota 02:05
02. Sunshine Day 02:54
03. We Had Ways of Knowing 02:55
04. Black-Eyed Suzy 03:12
05. Got A Feelin' 03:03

   Produced by Podipto Minnesota Green Records
   Recorded and Mixed by Hedlund.

Dan Lund - Lead Guitar, Pedal Steal, Fiddle
John Collins - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ron Kelley - Bass, Vocals
Karen Lund - Piano, Vocals
Chester Ellingson - Drums

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  1. Okay so how did the reverb get on the album? You mention everything in the making of the record except for that amazing sounding reverb.