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Tears - S/T 1979 Backstreet/MCA Records

Artist: Tears
Album: Selftitle
Label: Backstreet/MCA Records
Catalog#:: MCA 3172

Released: 1979
Country: Oakton, Virginia
Genre: Rock, Pop-rock
Total Time: 00:33:45

TEARS разрешились лишь одним альбомом чистого мелодичного рока, близкого к поп-течению конца 70-х годов. Музыка пытается быть как бы отражением ранних ROLLING STONES, но на самом деле это типичный поп конца семидесятых с небольшими рок-обертонами, повёрнутыми в сторону REO SPEEDWAGON и им подобным. Пирсон, как и Мик Джаггер, преисполнен некого чванства, что в смысле одежды, что в вокальном стиле, а в некоторых местах он вылитый Кевин Кронин. Гитарист Эрик Картрайт было раньше в группе BUX. Слезы, вероятно, исчезли (высохли, похоже) так же быстро, как и пришли, и только Эрик Картрайт, как правильно подмечено, взялся за воплощение музыки нового десятилетия вместе с группой FOGHAT.

This one came to my attention due to the fact guitarist Alan Adkins and singer Charles Woods Pearson had been members of Charlie and the Pep Boys who managed to release one mildly entertaining album before falling apart. With the addition of former Bux guitarist Erik Cartwright the late 1970s found the pair continuing their musical collaboration in the band Tears.
Signed by MCA's Backstreet subsidiary, the cover of 1979's cleverly titled "Tears" would have you think 'faceless 1970s AOR' and to an extent that was an apt description. Co-produced by John Stronach and J. Stevens Soles the album (and their personal looks - purple jacket, skinny ties) were clearly crafted to appeal to late-1970s AOR-oriented radio. With all three members contributing to the writing chores originality certainly wasn't a prime ingredient or concern. Instead imagine a mixture featuring a big helping of Kevin Cronin and REO Speedwagon-styled rock moves ('My My She Lies'), a touch of Eric Carmen and the Raspberries-styled pop, and a touch of new wave jitter ('Urban Girl') and you'd have a feel for the set. That description wasn't meant as a slam since the mixture was actually far better than what anyone would have expected and several of the songs were actually quite good. Woods Pearson had a nice and commercial voice and the trio exhibited a knack for crafting catchy hooks (check out 'Cool Your Jets'). 'Laziest Boy', 'My Temptation' and the surprisingly funky 'Horizontal Boogie' were nice if mindless rockers that would have sounded good on top-40 radio. Too bad the whole album wasn't as enjoyable.

  • Side One:
1. More Than a Miracle (Alan Adkins) - 3:07
2. My My She Lies (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 4:09
3. Laziest Boy (Erik Cartwright - Charles Woods Pearson) - 3:38
4. Urban Girl (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 3:13
5. My Temptation (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 4:17
 • Side Two:
1. I Cover the Waterfront (Alan Adkins) - 3:19 
2. Sittin' Pretty (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 2:42
3. Cool Your Jets (Erik Cartwright - Charles Woods Pearson) -4:14
4. Horizontal Boogie (Alan Adkins - Charles Woods Pearson) - 5:01

Tears were:
Charles Woods Pearson - Vocals
Alan Adkins - Vocals, Guitar
Erik Cartwright - Guitar, Vocals

Supporting musicians:
Bobbye Hall - Percussion
Wornell Jones - Bass
Ian Wallace - Keyboards

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