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Arjuna - La Montagna Sacra (1999 Flyagaric! Records)

Artist/Band: Arjuna
Album: La Montagna Sacra
Label: Flyagaric! Records
Catalog#: 001
Country: Italy
Released: 1999
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock, Psychedelic
Total time: 00:41:20

Отличная итальянская ретро-проговая команда, которая явилась продолжением проекта Amanita. Флейтист Андреа Монетти сотоварищи цитируют влияние таких групп, как East Of Eden, High Tide, Gnidrolog, Traffic и Grave Train, и ясно видно, почему. Отличный импровизационный симфопрог с развёрнутыми соло флейты и саксофона, быстрыми клавишными (электрическое пианино, синтезатор и "Хаммонд"-орган), заметной гитарой и страстным мужским вокалом на итальянском языке в рамках длинных композиций. Местами они могут напоминать Jethro Tull (шикарное взаимодействие флейты и гитары), местами Alusa Fallax, а временами уходят в спейс-рок с задумчивым саксофоном. Есть и пасторальные композиции с акустической гитарой и флейтой в духе Celeste или Errata Corrige, а также более тяжёлые, забойные номера с давлеющей хард-проговой гитарой, которые напоминают о величии предыдущего проекта музыкантов, Amanita, хотя здесь намного больше саксофона. В общем, музыканты живут скорее прошлым, чем будущим. Разве это не прекрасно? Отличный олдскульный прогрессив-рок без новомодных веяний. Highly Recommended!!!! Кстати, звучание CD немного мутноватое (особенно это заметно в фоновом клавишном звучании), но это прослушиванию нисколько не мешает.

There are albums that you fall in love immediately: the charm of the cover, love at first sight for the / la bel / singer in the photo, the cover artist of a particular favorite.
The Arjuna struck me thanks. Open the booklet: a universe of names that melt in the lovers of the first progressive indescribable emotions and fires have never been lost. East Of Eden and Gravy Train, Junipher Greene and Gnidrolog, Focus and Steel Mill, Traffic and High Tide, so on and so forth. Names dating back to the late '60s, the period of turmoil that will lead to the birth of that rock that years later will be called progressive.
It is a sextet of Bologna, led by the eccentric fiatista Andrea Monetti, collaborator of the first jazz rockers German Embryo and Amon Duul II, then in steady Finisterre and zuffantiana Of Wax. With him, the guitarist / vocalist Nick Le Rose, the couple rhythmic Salvatore Turkish and Massimiliano Iannotta, Joseph Turkish sitar and guitars, Godfrey Fioravanti to analog keyboards. Already in 1997, the first incarnation of the band (Amanita) made his debut with Mellow.
"La Montagna Sacra" is an album full of sound "vintage": how to work Standarte and London Underground, The Sign Of Command and other artists of the stable Black Widow, the album seems to be spilling out their 60s / '70, from the significant psychedelic cover. The sound is deliberately directed, producing mellow and full of feeling just as they did in the past, probably with incisions in real time. 
The sound is dominated by wind instruments (flute and sax) of Monetti, so in the intriguing opener "Lost in the void," a song lysergic long and dilated, full of memories of Hosanna and Audience.
The band alternates robust and rhythmic classics "trip". "A song for Timothy" is a sweet and dreamy ballad, the title track is a plunge into mysticism late sixties, complete with a duet between flute and sitar. The mysterious "Mushrooms", declared homage to a probable source of inspiration "natural", traveling on a carpet of hammond and spells of guitars and flutes.
It is up to "Save your reality" the task of hitting with power: it is a piece varied, with hard passages in the style of Atomic Rooster or the same Sir Lord Baltimore, safe "icons" of the sextet felsineo. The pressing of the same stuff "And all of a sudden fall", where the band shakes off the torpor previous: intense acid guitars challenge the vibrant flute monettiano in a growing and smoky.
The "Tulliani" iron will have more of a jolt to listen to the perky flute, intriguing even the choice rhythmic, relaxed and laid, with frequent inserts percussion, guitars prefer to enchant more than roar, keyboards (piano and hammond, some occasional touch of synth) embroider a dreamy outline.
Two years later Monetti will appear with the band of Ku, then it will be with Finisterre, the House Of Wax and then with the Alhambra. A nice spot for the use and consumption of "nostalgic" but not without interest to lovers of progressive rock less "challenging" and more contaminated by psychedelia.


01. Perso Nel Vuoto 11:14
02. A Song For Timothy 04:12  
03. Salva La Tua Realta 07:19  
04. La Montagna Sacra 04:25  
05. E Cadere D'Improvviso 14:12  
06. Mushrooms 05:32

Massimiliano Iannotta - Bass
Andrea Monetti R.* - Concert Flute, Alto Saxophone, Flute (Bamboo)
Salvatore Turco - Drums, Percussion
Goffredo Fioravanti - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ (Hammond), Keyboards
Giuseppe Turco - Sitar, Electric Guitar (tracks: 4, 6)
Vincenzo Nick Le Rose - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

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