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Various - The Scotty Story - Minnesota's Legendary '60s Rock Label! 1993 Arf! Arf! Records

Artist/Band: Various
The Scotty Story
- Minnesota's Legendary '60s Rock Label!
Ⓟ & © 1993 Arf! Arf! Records
Catalog#: AA-043
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Format: FLAC (tracks+cue+log)
Total Time: 01:17:36

Ретроспектива, состоящая из 30 треков, представляет оригинальные мастер-записи. Включает Electras, Scotsmen, White Lightning, Litter и множество ранее не издававшихся записей. Тот, кто хочет окунуться в панк 60-х, не найдет ничего лучше этого!

30 track retrospective of 4-star Minnesota label from the original mastertapes! Includes the Electras, Scotsmen, White Lightning, Litter plus lots of unreleased material! Comes with 24 page booklet packed full of photos and in-depth info. For anyone into '60s Punk, it doesn't get any better than this.

Based in Minnesota, the small, independent Scotty company recorded some worthwhile garage rock in the '60s, with Warren Kendrick acting both as producer and songwriter for many of the acts on his label. While you couldn't say this is an essential release if you're not a garage fan, this is a decent, 30-cut compilation of released and unreleased material from Scotty and its affiliated labels. The Electras in particular have an appealing snarl, best showcased on "Dirty Old Man" and the original, molten-hot version of "Action Woman" (covered by another of Kendrick's acts, the Litter, whose version appears on the Pebbles series). The 11 Electras' tracks are the most interesting portion of this anthology, but most of the rest of it's reasonably satisfying fuzz-Farfisa garage pop by the Scotsmen, the Victors, the Second Edition, Hope, the Paisleys, and White Lightning, sometimes with pop and/or psychedelic edges. The Scotsmen's "Beer Bust Blues" is frat rock at its grossest; fans of the Litter (by far the most famous group on this compilation) will find a previously unreleased cover of "Hey Joe," as well as a 7 Up commercial. ~Richie Unterberger
  • The Electras
01. Dirty Old Man 02:43  
02. Soul Searchin' 02:44  
03. This Week Children 02:19  
04. Action Woman 02:29  
05. I'm Not Talkin' 02:25  
06. Pregnant Pig 01:49  
07. 'Bout My Love 01:59  
08. You Love 01:35  
09. Summertime 03:38  
10. Won't Take No For An Answer 02:54
 The Scotsmen
11. Beer Bust Blues 03:00  
12. Scotch Mist 02:00  
13. Froggie 03:30
  • The Victors
14. Midnight Hour 03:34  
15. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 02:44  
16. One More Time 02:26  
17. Mister You're A Better Man Than I 03:36  
18. Little Girl 02:32  
  • The Litter
19. Hey Joe 04:07  
20. 7 UP Commercial 00:58  
  • White Lightning 
21. William 02:03  
22. Of Paupers 02:34  
23. (Under The Screaming Double) Eagle 03:55 
  • The Second Edition
24. To Keep You 02:41  
  • Hope
25. Of Times You Can See 03:25  
26. Greenhouse 01:45  
  • The Paisleys 
27. Something's Missing 02:56  
  • The Electras
28. Courage To Cry 1:52  
  • The Scotsmen 
29. Scotch Mist II 02:50  
30. Beer Bust Blues - Excerpt 00:25

All music transferred from original analog mastertapes except tracks 7 & 12,
which were transferred from a vinyl source.

Compilation Producer – Erik Lindgren
Design – Jim Oldsberg
Mastered By (Cd Premastering) – Jonathan Wyner

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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