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Wadsworth Mansion - Self Titled (1971 Sussex Records)

Artist: Wadsworth Mansion
Album: Self Titled
Company: Sussex Records
Catalog: SXBS-7008
Year: 1971
Genre: Pop/Rock
Total Time: 00:33:47

Led by siblings Mike and Steve Jablecki and former Tangerine Zoo rhythm guitarist Wayne Gagnon (see separate entry), Wadsworth Mansion (the name came from a well known local landmark), was the epitamy of the one-shot wonder. Formed in Providence, Rhode Island (a well known rock oasis), the quartet survived long enough to record a single self-titled album in 1971.
Issued by the small Sussex label, "Wadsworth Mansion" contained minimal information other than band members names, producers, song titles and a pair of blurred group photo. Largely written by Steve, material such as "Long Haired Brown Eyed Girl", "Michigan Harry Slaughter" and "I Like It" seldom offered more than anonymous boogie and conventional rockers. Lacking a strong singer or unique sound, the album wasn't exactly one of the year's most earth shattering efforts. Among the isolated highlights was the fluke top-10 single "Sweet Mary" b/w "What's On Tonight". Backed by a extensive touring schedule opening for a slew of acts including Edgar Winter, the set charted, though peaking at #218 it wasn't a commercial blockbluster (ha!) .

                        Side One:  
A1. Long Haired Brown Eyed Girl (Leo Genereux) 03:34
A2. Queenie Row (Steve Jablecki - John Poole) 02:54
A3. City Gardner (Steve Jablecki) 03:13
A4. She Said She Would (Wayne Gagnon) 03:00
A5. Sweet Mary (Steve Jablecki) 03:07
 • Side Two:
B1. I Like It (Steve Jablecki - Leo Genereux) 04:43
B2. Michigan Harry Slaughter (Steve Jablecki) 03:05
B3. Let It Shine (Steve Jablecki - Mike Jablecki) 04:00
B4. Goodbye (Steve Jablecki) 03:03
B5. Havin' Such a Good Time (John Poole - Steve Jablecki) 02:57

Wayne Gagnon - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Jablecki - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Steve Jablecki - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
John Poole - Vocals, Bass

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