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Stanley Steamer - St (1973 Jolly Rogers)

ArtistStanley Steamer
Album: Selftitled
Label: Jolly Rogers Records
Manufactured By MGM Records
Catalog#: JR-5002
Country: US
Releasd: 1973
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock
Duration: 00:37:07

This LP, (never released on CD) was barely released even on vinyl (1973). Talk about signing with the wrong company..!! (Jolly Rogers Records aka: Kenny Rogers) STANLEY STEAMER was a ROCKIN band with hints of dramatic production similar to the before mentioned groups, plus a little hint of Ambrosia & Jesus Christ Superstar thrown in there perhaps even a bit of the Elton John album "Friends" as well. Can you imagine a Band so solid & versatile that It could bring the house down, rock style, then turn on a dime with the sweetest orchestration you ever dreamed of, all with incredibly serious, i venture to say even dark lyrics..?
 This band Pivots on the voice of Holly Vaughn. A singer I had never heard of & now wished I had LONG ago. Holly is capable of belting it out Janis style & can breath sweetness in a verse so soft you could cry. It is SO very clear this girl has been singing A LOT before this album was recorded, the professionalism of ALL the musicians on this record is astounding. I blame the fact that nobody knows who this band is on the Jolly Rogers recording company. Because if this band had signed with a better label, we would all know who they are today & there would have been many more albums to their credit. Fortunately for me, I have just digitally re-mixed a copy for my own use.

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  Side One:
A1. Rainbows on My Face (Part I and II) 05:26
A2. A B Sharp Fantasy (If I Concede to Love You) 02:26
A3. Rain and the Blue Sky 02:38
A4. Desperation, I Love You 03:46
A5. So Do I (Carol of a Fool) 04:58
 • Side Two:
B1. Three Humours of Man 17:53

Bob Dill - Trumpet
Robert Eagle - Guitar
Tony Finocchiaro - Sax (Tenor)
Warren Hartman - Harpsichord, Piano, Vocals (Background)
Jim McCurdy - Drums
Craig Sergel - Trombone
Fred Shaughnessy - Bass, Vocals (Background)
Larry Smith - Vocals (Background)
Holly Vaughn - Vocals

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